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Found 3 results

  1. This is an example of the thought process one can use to reach a conclusion with knowledge we already have, but did not think to consider. It just takes some time and patience. If the brain can store massive quantities of data, why do most people not consciously recall it all? Its because people do not try. All you need is spare time, and recognition of an almost order of operations of logic. In this example I start by asking a question that most would think has no definite objective answer. Then I keep going through a self-critical process of proposals based on reflections and the knowledge it brings to the foreground that I already had but did not know I had. So to simplify. 1. 'unknowable' question 2. reflection 2.a knowledge from reflection 2.b applying the knowledge into the equation 2.c rule it out if it doesn't objectively answer anything 3. repeat 2 til it does objectively answer something 4. add this into the equation permanently 5 repeat 2-5 as needed til the first question is answerable. 6. The answer and its objectively true within the assumptions that 'the world is real'.
  2. what the title says, basically. i'm running low on harddrive space, and i have a whole new year ahead of me to get more music in. and since i have a bit of money to spend now, i'm thinking about getting an additional external harddrive. the plan is, i've had my WD 1TB drive for roughly a year now, and it's starting to get full (hell, basically is). so i'm planning to get a harddrive that's a step up in storage size, i.e. 2TB. when getting it, i'll copy everything on my old drive into it, so i then have 2 copies of all my stuff. by doing that, i can let my old drive rest as a backup drive, and use the remaining roughly 1 TB of space on my new drive for this coming year. i think it's a solid way to go through with, but if you have any better idea yourself, feel free to tell me. anyway, here comes the problem; i don't know what drive to get. i've been looking at several different drives, and looked at reviews of drives failing to work properly, or dying early, so i'm struck with a bit of paranoia, you could say. i've looked at Seagate, Western Digital, and Verbatim drives, respectively. so far i seem to have my eyes on the WD My Book drive that's at 2 TB. i was earlier set on the 2 TB Elements drive, but i've heard bad things about it (though my current drive is a 1TB Elements drive and it has worked perfectly upon constant usage. even my brother's drive, which he has misused quite a bit, is working properly). so basically, i'm looking at either a WD My Book drive, a Seagate drive, or a Verbatim drive, but i can't decide which one's the best to use (i might have to mention, i plan to use the drive mostly for streaming audio, so it'll be used quite a bit. my current one is of the same idea). any help is greatly appreciated.