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Found 10 results

  1. Are you a picky eater? I am. I don't like trying anything new, I'll usually pull apart my pizzas leaving only the things I like on them (usually being like two things.. lol) and when I'm eating over at a friend's house for dinner and I don't like the food it becomes really awkward for me.
  2. The title basically says it What did you have for dinner? I went to KFC and ate me some good ole chicken, macaroni, potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, chocolate pudding, and peach cobbler. :3
  3. Well, as the title says. What are you eating tonight? Elizabeak is murdered...I'm having chicken wings.
  4. Well? Personally, I usually eat alone in my room. I'll eat with friends if they stay the weekend with me, the only time I eat with family is when we go out somewhere. How about you all?
  5. We are eating simple. Frozen Pizza. with added cheddar cheese. I'm having Pepsi. She is having iced Tea. and I am the chef tonight.
  6. Since my Dad has used to own an Italian restaurant and I have some pretty awesome cooks in my family I got exposed to a lot of great foods many of which most people haven't heard of. Mufaletta: A popular specialty sandwich in New Orleans and the most popular lunch at my Dad's former restaurant. It is two pieces of round Italian flat bread with ham, salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and a special olive spread served with home made fries and your choice of soup or salad. Pastina: Italian for little pasta it is an Italian chicken soup dish, my grandmother made hers with fresh vegetables and added a little tomato sauce for a nice zesty flavor. Pinalada (not to be confused with the Mexican cocktail Pina Colada): This is an Italian desert where you have these small cookies and nuts drenched in honey with a consistency almost like a gooey peanut brittle. Chocolate Meatballs: No they are not literally meatball covered in chocolate, they are actually these small chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and walnuts topped with a vanilla icing. Biscotti's: Italian hard cookies with nuts that are often dunked in coffee Cucidada's: An Italian cookie that is basically like a fig newton except way way better. Tiramisu: Italian for "pick me up" it is a sweet desert whose main ingredients consist of mariscapone cheese, chocolate chips and espresso. It is often served in cake form but is sometimes served in a glass bowl. Gelatto: Italian ice cream, imagine the best ice cream you have ever had and multiply it 10 times and that is how good Gellato is and I mean the real deal. Canadedi: It is a traditional Italian pastry served around Easter time it is a soft cookie with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top with a hard boiled egg in the middle. Tres Leches: A mexican cake that is almost like a very creamy sponge cake with 3 different layers of cream and often also contain strawberries. I tried it at a coworkers baby shower and it wasn't too bad. Pao Hu: Chinese for "hot burning pork" it is sauted pork served in a spicy peanut sauce with chopped red peppers and peanuts. It is my favorite dish at my favorite Chinese restaurant.
  7. What is your favorite place to eat at and food to eat? Mine is going to lizards thicket on tuesday and getting fried chicken livers. During the week i live on fast food though i know its bad for me just don't have the time to be that picky about what i eat.
  8. Just wanted to show you the best hot dog ever, ate it while listening to Boys Noize's Mixmag DJ Mix
  9. Post your Lego creations here (also bionicle creations and what not) I'll put the heroica map I made in a second. Bird's eye view: Sides: I didn't have enough of the same color blocks to make it neat... :/
  10. Welcome back! I can't belive you decided to stick around for YET ANOTHER sleep-inducing exciting question! But this time, I think you'll really have to think. What WAS in Mom's mystery meat, anyway....?