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Found 5 results

  1. We sometimes hear about overrated directors and actors who make grandiose films that instead become laughing-stocks, such as Michael Bay, M Night Shyamalan, and J J Abrams. If you want to create an intentionally overrated film, who would you hire to make your film as delightfully cheesy as possible? Also, please tell us who should compose the film's soundtracks! Thank you, and have some Baysplosions.
  2. So like, who is this Denny Lu guy? Is he a new director for season 5 of MLP:FiM?
  3. What would the MLP movie be like if your favorite director directed it? My favorite director is Quentin Tarintino, so there would be lots of over the top dialouge, cursing, and violence. Twilight Sparkle would use her magic to be a total bad ass, Rarity would use her boquet is a drug front, AJ would be apart of the Mafia, Pinkie would be the crazy one, Fluttershy would be the mare out for revenge, and Rainbow Dash would be the athlete on speed... This sort of perversion pleases me.
  4. I recently re watched "Secret Of Nimh" and I realized how truly dark and twisted the whole movie was. It was really shocking to see. I looked up the Director and found that he had made other movies that basically defined my childhood. All Dogs Go to Heaven- Fall of Man, and finally the ascension of Christ The Land Before Time- 5 orphans journey through hell to Heaven I re-watched all of those, and was shocked to see all the stuff I missed. "All Dogs Go To Heaven" is a huge play off the fall of man. I decided to try to find what I missed from these said movies. Also all these movies were directed by Don Bluth. (Spoilered in case someone hasn't seen the movie.) All Dogs Go to Heaven Land Before Time Don Bluth was one of the greatest writers/directors of all time. He really knew how to hide very dark messages inside his movies. What is your favorite Don Bluth movie?
  5. So, I searched for it, but it turns out that to my surprise, there is no Cristopher Nolan thread here. So, I took the liberty of creating this thread. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite filmmakers out there. He is actually quite new. His first full length featare film was "Memento", and he made that in 2000. He is making a new film, "Interstellar" in 2014!!!! ...... Because it's the thread these Forums deserve.......but not the one it needs right now...... .....Just a quote, doesn't necessarily mean anything, Lol.... Lets get this show on the road!!!! :-D