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Found 9 results

  1. After watching S8 E13 "The Mean 6" and noticing Chrysalis excluding Starlight from her little science experiment, It made me think about something interesting... What would a Discorded Starlight be like? I've always thought Starlight was a very interesting character to add to MLP. Ever since the Cutie Map episodes I thought it was funny that a character like her would even be in a show like MLP. She's definitely got a mix of issues going on. To me, she seems to be a sociopath to a degree with a bit of narcissism also. She sometimes does questionable things to accomplish/get something she wants without thinking through how it will affect others. Sociopaths can have a conscience but it usually is weaker than a normal person. They tend to put themselves and/or their needs above others. The narcissism seems to be a big part of her problems. What she says when she is exposed in The Cutie Map says a lot about this. It highlights her inflated view of her magic abilities and how she thinks lesser of the "townspeople." Discorded Starlight would be probably be like Fluttershy,in a way, but less shy. She would be anxious and always overly concerned with how whatever she does would affect others or how it would make others feel. I also think she would be somewhat like an overprotective parent in a way, being worried to the point of being annoying. So what do you guys think? EDIT: I wasn't thinking a lot in my original response. I was thinking more along the lines of "Old Starlight" from the village. She currently has made big changes, but still occasionally lapses again with her plans, like thinking mind control is a good idea, or leading dangerous creatures back to where they were led away from. Seeing how she is currently, she would probably seem depressed, lethargic, and disinterested if discorded now.
  2. So this is my first fanfic that's ever been posted, and it revolves around a universe with my oc and the Discorded Doctor. If you like it, you can find it on the WattPad app, found on Android and iPhone, and follow me on @KeithTheMultifan14. I hope y'all enjoy The Discorded Misadventures of The Discorded Doctor.txt
  3. Oh Celestia, at least one of the Doctors is happy, too bad it's not the nice one. Again I went overtime... but I reserve that right. Losing track of time is one of the many joys of art. Even if that time is a little over two hours. As always enjoy.
  4. I think this is apple jacks best. that left to right guilty look was just classic. "I guess you bring out the worst in us spike." I mean her lying about cutting up tom, just lying for no reason what so ever. I honestly thought it was the best apple jack ever.
  5. Okay, so I was researching things about Chaos for a story I want to write about Discord... you know, Chaos Theory, Chaos in greek mythology, and all that. As I was finding more and more stuff, I found this... pseudo religious book I believe is the correct way to call it. It is called the Principia Discordia, and talks about "Discordianism" a "religion" if you can call it that, that endorses the belief that Chaos is the only thing real and therefore everything that makes sense or is serious is totally unreal. It "worships" Eris (or Discordia, the ancient goddess of Chaos) It has this weird "rules" like that everything is related to the number 5 in any way or form (using stupid and nonsensical explanations like, the number 1 is related to the number 5 because 1 + 4 = 5) and that a way to show your devotion to chaos is to eat a hot dog on Fridays... anyway the more I read it, the more it looked like it was written by Discord himself... if he were real that is. The pages don't even make sense, some are written, some are just collages of old newspapers clippings, or crudely drawn stick figures, stamps... it makes no sense at all... the pages are even numbered with several number zeroes in front for no apparent reason. The more I read it, the more Discord's words came to my mind "What fun is there in making sense?" Just take a look and see for yourselves. Here are some links: ONLINE PDF DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK (Mediafire) PrincipiaDiscordia.pdf
  6. Can you guys think of any ponies or other creatures in Equestria that could actually benefit from the effects of being discorded?
  7. Hey guys! I was wondering if some of you wanted to critique a piece done by me. If you like any of my art work, I'll gladly let you know I'm doing commissions. Inbox me for info on that. Alright everypony, let the critiquing begin~! Go easy, ~Silver.
  8. Welcome to 'Your Discorded Self'!!! The idea of this is farly simple. As most people know, when you are discorded, you become the complete oppisite of who you really are. So I ask: Who IS you when you are discorded? What bad things would happen if you were discorded? What GOOD things would happen if you were discorded? Do the good thing make up for the bad things? Would becoming discorded be a good thing to you? P.S: If I should add more questions or answers, tell me what I should add. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who I am when I'm discorded is a brute. I would be the worst video game player in the world, I would love to ruin your day, and I would burp in your face all day, every day! And yet, there would still be some good things to me being discorded. I would have table manners, be able to swim incredibly fast, be built since I exercise every day, and I would be not afraid to share my opinon off-line! In the end though, being discorded would be the end of me.
  9. In the series, the ponies get discorded and they turn on each other. Basically they turned the opposite of their true selves. If you were discorded, how do you think you would act like? How would you feel about it?