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Found 271 results

  1. I know the show ended ages ago, but it still hits hard to this day. The finale captured so many emotions and was so heartfelt and emotional. It feels kind of empty and incomplete after finishing all the episodes. To any of you who are feeling the same way, how are you dealing with it?
  2. I want to get an overall feel for how much people like/dislike every season of Friendship is Magic and assessing which season is the most popular and which is the least. To test the waters, I thought I'd just do Season 1 to see if I want to do the rest.
  3. To be honest you guys, I'm just curious as to what you guys feel are YOUR favorite things about the show! For example my favorite things about the show are, the art style, and Rainbow Dash.
  4. Note: this is a problem with OCs or self inserts having a 7th element, this in no way presents any form of opinion about characters that are already in the show possibly representing an element. The Problem: A Lot of people hate the idea of the 7th Element of harmony, including myself but there is a good reason for this. First off, the main problem (like most things) is the way it’s presented. When people put it in their fanfictions they make it so their OC has it and already it hurts because it feels like wish fulfillment, it feels un-creative because they could not have made him special in a different way rather than making them one of the heroes. Honestly when there is a story when a OC is the 7th Element and they are equally important it makes me feel like it’s a special snowflake or like a self-insert, giving them an excuse to befriend the mane six. Another bad way to present this idea is to make the 7th Element have special properties like having powers besides the rainbow death laser, this includes special weapons and magic that can be used independently. Even if you make the ability only work when being with all the elements it still is terrible because the other elements don’t have separate abilities that they can use. You see what I mean? IT NEEDS BALANCE Even if none of these things happen (which is unlikely) it still hurts me because it makes me feel like they are forcing the mane six to befriend this character, no matter their personality which makes me feel like no matter what, no matter what you do it will always feel like wish fulfillment because the 7th Element was built from the temple of self-inserts that don’t reflect on their flaws. The name of the 7th Element also greatly hurts the idea; there are 2 reasons why this will definitely be hard thing to overcome. The first reason is originality, I remember reading a fanfiction that had the element of hope and while this is fine at first it started to get repetitive as i switched to a different fanfiction only to find another story that also had the element of hope. This is the problem, originality of names and how the author uses those names to make a story. The second problem is that the functionality is the same; Hero gets the 7th Element of harmony; Hero defeats nightmare moon with little to no changes in the timeline; Hero either finds out his Element has different properties or the rest is just the Hero befriending the mane 6 or solving problems in a more crass way but ultimately still having the same timeline. These are just the stories types that I can name off the top of my head. Even if none of these things happen (which is unlikely) it still hurts me because it makes me feel like they are forcing the mane six to befriend this character, no matter their personality which makes me feel despite changes you make or what you do it will always feel like wish fulfillment because the 7th Element was built from the temple of self-inserts that don’t reflect on their flaws. How I think people can fix this cliche: One of the ideas I had was to make it an artificial Element, the reason for this is to explain why it is different if you decide to make it have special properties, it also makes it have different possibilities as to where the hero gets their Element. Another reason for this is that there are quite a bunch of possibilities that sprout from this one change, maybe a villain made this element and it’s evil so the hero is forced to kinda have a permanent enemy, maybe Equestrians see it as a monstrosity since it mimics the elements and if someone can make similar elements and give it to everyone then everyone in Equestria is armed and that type of power can corrupt people’s morals. Another interesting you can do is to make your Element faulty, so conflicts are not easily resolved and the element is not a safe net for the character if something were to go awry then the hero has a real reason to be worried. A more universal way to approach this is to have the characters know that there is no 7th element and due to some uncertain circumstances are now against each other but have the same goals, kinda like superheroes and the government in a weird way. Look I suggested a lot of things but the bottom line is that if you create an Element, BE CREATIVE. This is not hard people, the whole point of fanfics is to show someone various ideas that differentiate from the show but are for fans. Change it up, maybe use cliches as a support beam to subvert the reader’s expectations so they are surprised and the story sticks out to the reader. Remember, BE CREATIVE -Bloco100 P.s sorry if the format is weird, this is the first time I’m approaching a problem and I’m not quite an expert at it yet… but at least I tried and please don’t be afraid to voice your opinions on the matter. I don’t expect this to have many views but if someone does visit wherever I post this then please comment your opinion, I like seeing that I made any sort of impact on people or the world.
  5. Today while I was browsing through EQD, I came across this post of a new movie. It will air on July 7th on the Discovery Family channel during the Indepedence Day weekend at 11:30AM. Clearly a-fill-in for the current hiatus of Season 8. Feel free to discuss anything regarding this movie. I think there's a chance human Twilight may return to have a big role in the film.
  6. I did hate her in seasons 1-2. In the newer episodes, she’s just annoying to me since she acts like an overly exited toddler. Does anyone here feel the same way?
  7. Alright, here we go again. A theory I’ve come up with from too much overthinking the episode and listening to “This Day Aria” on repeat is that Queen Chrysalis is not as evil as the episode makes her out to be. This theory is based on a lot of personal interpretations from the actual song and some of the things in the episode. I would like to start by saying; we know only that Chrysalis intended to invade Equestria to feed her subjects, the changelings. This is an act of survival, and an act of selflessness because she was actually in the front line and the one at risk through the entire episode. We see that she only wants her race to survive, since she clearly says that they needed to feed on love, and seeing how they hungers for it, they must’ve been starving. In the song, I feel that Chrysalis is not only singing against the real Cadence at the time, but also against herself. Her part of the lyrics can easily be interpreted to contain two actual opinions on the matter. She sings that she have been looking forward to “this day” since she was small, a thing we can interpret as that she’s not only doing this to feed on love, but also because she have a personal dream of marriage, as is often the dream of a princess, the title you have before becoming a queen. She sings that she wants him to be all hers as well as she want them to be together. This would seem like she actually wish for love, but have no other means to get it other than through her evil means. She is a rather awkward species, and we see that she’s the only true intelligent being amongst the changelings we meet. “Finally the moment has arrived For me to be one lucky bride” This was what triggered my initial thoughts on this theory, she actually sings this. That she’s going to be a lucky bride. This is what I see as the proof of her dreaming about marriage since she was small, since she was an innocent little princess. I believe that she have been brought up to have the evil opinion she have, since all princesses must’ve had parents. I think she was taught to be evil and therefore proceeds to fulfill her wishes through the only means she have been taught. As we see, she doesn’t harm the mane six when she captures them, she actually didn’t wish to hurt anypony, she just wanted to have love. All she did was trap what was standing in her way of the love she thought she could gain by fake means. I presume that if one were to give Chrysalis real love, if someone loved her for who she was and “fed” her natural love, she would have no reason to be evil, since the only reason she was evil to begin with was to acquire love for herself and the other changelings. She ends her son with “Mine, all mine” another thing that can easily be interpreted as her wish to have the source of love all for herself, and the reason she acts as evil as she does could be from jealousy towards the couple who felt immeasurable love for each other. If Chrysalis was to find love of her own, I personally think she would have no further reason to act as she did in this episode and she would retreat to being a more tolerable pony/changeling.
  8. So recently Entertainment Weekly tossed up this little gem, which is basically Equestria Girls... if it was with real life girls. Watch the entire thing here and then cry tell me your opinion! Yikes. So what are your thoughts on our new teen, blonde pony human friends? And as a bonus question which do you prefer; Technicolor humans or live action? I vote pony all the way!
  9. So, i have seen this strange term being used many, many times, but there's something i have found curious. Some bronies complain about this term sounding awkward, useless and therefore it should not be used in any case, while others like to use it, some times abuse it to the point it can be annoying at times. What's your point of view about this?
  10. In essence: are there more girl ponies than boy ponies? I feel like the show almost made a point early on to show that there were definitely male ponies, with the two pegasi who take Twilight to Ponyville and Big Mac being the most obvious examples. Still I think we almost certainly see more gals than guys over the course of the show, in fact I'd be interested to know the exact ratio. It raises some fun questions about gender roles and such in Equestria; even just now it's made me realise they never really did a 'boys are better than girls' plot with the CMCs or something. Which I would consider a very common premise for shows like FiM. Thoughts?
  11. Personally, I think that Molestia is simply awful and the DWM supporters should be heard, but other people are shrieking garbage about how "IT'S NOT RAPE" and "SHE'S JUST FLIRTY" Ugh. Clock in your opinions while I draw DWM art.
  12. Anyone in school right now is probably experiencing some level of confusion, whether it’s dealing with online school or social distancing rules in actual school buildings. Whatever it is, it’s probably stressful, so that’s why I created this thread to talk about it. So, for those of you in school during 2020, how has it been for you so far? Are you stressed, anxious, or scared? Are you actually excited or looking forward to something? Feel free to discuss it all here! Might as well lay down a few rules before anyone starts: - If you need homework help, there’s already a separate thread for that. Talking about, for example, how homework is different for you now is completely fine. - If you want to vent, go ahead, but please do not discuss anything overly political or toxic. You are welcome to share your feelings, but let’s not start any fights! - Obviously the virus will be a big discussion topic in this thread, but like the above rule says, nothing too political is allowed or anything that would start a big fight. Just be mindful of each other and everything should be fine Now that all the rules are out of the way, feel free to share all your thoughts and experiences about the new year. It’ll definitely be different, but I believe in all of you! Good luck to all students this year!!
  13. I just want to know why a lot of bronies like her (not that I don't). We rarely see her and the only major appearances she has made are in Nightmare Night and When the Sweetie Belle Toils, and we barely know her character unlike the mane 6. So leave your thoughts down below because I'm actually curious about this.
  14. How does Photo Finish have a German accent if there is no German-like place in Equestria?
  15. This could apply to anything from how magic works, the history of Equestria, to even just life in general for ponies. There's a number of things in the show that I personally wish had been more elaborated on, namely the era of Celestia and Luna's original reign and the time before Celestia took the mantle of raising the sun. I also think it's quite strange that only one chosen pony is responsible for raising the sun which drastically affects the entire world. I feel like some interesting stories could have come from tensions between other races and ponies this way. Obviously as kid's show first and foremost it has the privilege of being able to just introduce new elements as it pleases for whatever story they want to tell, but when it goes on as long as MLP:FiM you end up raising a lot of questions. Of course showing less can be more but some questions, for me at least, when left unanswered just feel unsatisfying even if you can come up with a good headcanon to alleviate that. I'm curious if anyone else agrees or disagrees with me and what there reasons are, and maybe hear some good headcanons while we're at it.
  16. What kind of gaming do you do? (Genres, MMO, Casual, Esports, Etc.) What's going on in gaming that sparks your interest? Xbox or Playstation? Better yet, console or PC? What game(s) have you been playing recently? You trying to find someone to play with? Some of your all time favorite games, moments in gaming, and etc. Free to reminisce, discuss, and meet gamers!
  17. Obviously sometimes mystery is better than knowing the exact origins of everything but I would really like to hear if anyone's got interesting theories on Discord's origins. Discord is easily my favourite villain (albeit reformed) And I think it's a shame that many of the other villains have moments where we see what made them what they are like with Starlight, Luna, even the reference to Tirek's need to please his father is more than we ever got about Discord. Personally, I can't even actually think about what might have led to Discord. The show seems to just act like he's a fundamental necessity of the world. I do think it would be interesting if he wasn't always the lord of chaos however, and he gained the powers through some crazy means (maybe even reluctantly?) So if anyone would like to share please do so! <3
  18. I was just curious how open other bronies are about their brony-ness. Do you walk around proudly displaying it or is it on a strictly need-to-know basis? Personally I'm completely open about it. I'm wearing a Princess Luna shirt from WeLoveFine right now (it was a gift from my little sister. She's so sweet. ). I don't randomly bring it up or try to shove the show down other people's throats or anything, but I'm not afraid to say I like it if it comes up or someone asks. How about you all?
  19. Hey everypony! So I've really been enjoying watching Littlest Pet shop after MLP. It's really intersting and funny. I love how they use some of the same voices from MLP for LPS. It's pretty cool. But why I'm really posting this is to talk about Blythe's style! I mean, it's like amazing! Just look: I wish I could find more pics, but they are limited. These are the only ones with different outfits. Hmm. Maybe I should draw her outfits! I'll try toi get into that.....ANYWAYS. If you are familiar with or watch LPS, you know what I mean, right? Blythe style is amazing!
  20. Welcome to a new installment of "Makes Sense and Doesn't" On this picture we have a ponified Starfire, and I am having a polarized opinion on her ponification. Why it makes sense for Star to be an alicorn? Well, because she is a princess of Tamaran, that's why Why it doesn't? My logic dictates: "In Equestria, if you are a pony with a functioning horn, you can do all kinds of magic with it." When it comes to Star, it only makes sense for her to sport a horn to ...and that's pretty much it. In her world she can only do that (apart from any other physical stuff). In Equestria she would have to be able to do more as an alicorn: move objects, cast spells, etc. That isn't really her thing now, is it? I believe there's somepony else whose schtick that would be: a certain friend of Star's. Which is why I personally see her more like a pegasus. She would still be able to throw starbolts with her hooves. It would just be an unusual (for Equestrian standards) magic, but much more plausible. Disclaimer: alicorn Star still looks cute :3
  21. I first learned of the brony community years ago when a good friend of mine told me he liked mlp after making some vague mentions of it in the past. The first thing he did was send me the Upheaval Breaking Point fanfic and said that it was really good. So just out of curiosity, I listened to the first few chapters and found myself, oddly enough, enjoying the story. Soon after, I found myself actually watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and discovered that I liked the show. Is it weird that I sincerely enjoyed upheaval? How many others like or have listened to this? Thanks- Frostbyte Here a reference....
  22. Fear. Fear is a natural (and healthy) emotion that we feel whenever we think we're in some form of danger. Unfortunately, some fears have a way of evolving into a phobia; an anxiety disorder in which you develop an irrational and persistent fear of an object or situation. ... But let me stop talking about this like it's an essay. Since all of us have our fears, i was wondering if any of you guys and gals have any phobias. I should make it clear, though; I'm speaking specifically of phobias; not a mild fear. If you've spoken to me enough here, than you probably know what my phobia is: Lilapsophobia. I;E, the irrational fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. I'll just give you my brief story about this. I'll be honest; I never liked storms when I was very young, and I would definitely say I was afraid of them. I wouldn't call it a phobia back then, though, due to the fact that it was basically just a childhood fear of mine. I won't lie; I don't mind thunderstorms too much now... or at least, I would be saying that. While I'm not afraid of standard thunderstorms anymore, my fear of them seemed to evolved somehow. Instead of me being afraid of thunderstorms, now I'm afraid of what they can become. This is the point where I discuss how this affects my life... There is not a single day in summer that I'm not anticipating the absolute worst case scenario. Not. One. It could be a sunny day without a single cloud in the sky, and I would still be thinking about what might happen later. Not only this, but it has significantly affected how I travel during summertime. I'm always paranoid about leaving my house, to the point where I pretty much never go anywhere in summer. The storms aren't the only reason I strongly dislike summer (bugs, heat, noise...), but it's one of the aspects that contributes the most. In short, summertime is an absolutely miserable experience for me, thanks to my lilapsophobia. I know how stupid this is to, but I just can't control it! Every single damn time a thunderstorm rolls through, my heart starts racing for the first few minutes, I start listening to my music louder, I'm not as wiling to speak to people... it's just a mess. Granted, I'll usually calm down within 10 minutes (unless it's a severe storm), but that doesn't stop the cycle from repeating. Oh, and don't even get me started on how I act when there's an actual tornado watch (or worse, warning) issued. Anyways... with my little tirade out of the way, do you suffer from any Phobias? If so, what is it of, and how does it affect your life? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  23. Now i know theres a lot of discussion out there between referring to people on the forums as pony folk or people folk. Dont be afraid to express why you favor one vs the other by posing a comment. I know that some hate it when people use 'everypony' when they are posting and some use it all the time. What do all you think?
  24. (I'm not sure if there's already a thread like this, but eh) I feel like some people today misunderstand what the military is about, and this goes for any branch (Army,Marines,Etc.) Here's an example of what I mean: A few months ago I had to go to the doctors for a check-up. My doctor who was going to do my check up came into the room and apparently one of the other nurses told her that I have enlisted into the Navy. Before she even starts with the actual procedure. She seems to be a bit mad with me and starts ranting on about how it's a terrible idea and that all I'm going to be doing is mopping the deck 24/7. Which is not true because when you enlist, you go to MEPS and they assign you a job that you choose for (based on your ASVAB scores). Then she says that I'm going to end up being poor, college is better, etc. This frustrated me at the time because just imagine having to make a decent decision in enlisting in the military that could help better you life, then have it crushed by someone that has no experience in the military telling you what you should do with your life. Another thing that happened was when i told my friends about me enlisting. Then they told me that the Navy is "useless". idk if that's just me overthinking all this, but what do you all think about the topic of others misunderstanding the military?
  25. If you could switch bodies with anyone or anything what would it be? I curious to see what you guys say. Edit: to be specific, it can me permanent or temporary