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Found 8 results

  1. I am sure this already happened to you, you find something in your food/drink, something really disgusting. It might be hairs, plastic, or even insects. Well, I've been unlucky enough to find a bunch of insects in my food. And I found an insect in my chocolate snack just right now, that's why I'm writing this lol. Sorry for my grammar, it feels terrible tonight. o_O -One day, my sister found a butterfly in a salad pack. Not so bad, now read below. -Well, when I was younger, there was a guy beside me, eating his lunch. And well, he opened a bear paws snack, and there was dozens of flies in it. I mean hundreds, seriously, it was full of flies, it was really terrible. -Two years later, I think, there was this girl drinking in a juice box. And when she took her sandwhich to take a bite... well, a cockroach jumped off the straw. Everyone started screaming, but it was funny this time. Imagine if she kept drinking. -There was this time when I was eating a chocolate snack and I ate half a spider. -One of my friend was eating a Maywest (some kind of pastry) once, and well... there was no creaming left in it, because there was a huge spider nest in it. -One day I was eating a snack, took a bite and swallowed, and what I found in here... was white peanut butter, freaking white peanut butter. No insects but still disgusting. Well, now it's your turn, I bet someone here found worse than everythig above. And if you are courageous enough, read this:
  2. Title. So. What is it? Mine is anything that flies.
  3. Personally experienced: 1. My own vomit. I had food poisoning and all I could do was watch as the food and stomach acid came out.. So GROSS! 2. Found a long piece of hair in my sub sandwich and I accidentally swallowed it. 3. I was at work trimming a dog' nails when he decided to "go" all over the place.. And on me -_- 4. My brother threw up all of his McDonalds in the car because he went on a roller coaster after he ate it. 5. My bird threw up. Yes, they can do that. 6. Purposely cut my tendon and bled all over. 7. Had a sinus infection and coughed up yellow stuff. Seen: 1.Pieces of hair in a public bathroom sink. (I find it absolutely disgusting when hair is on a sink). 2. A spoon on the public bathroom floor with pudding on it. (More like a WTF moment). 3. Cyst draining. 4. Old man dancing in a diaper, and nothing else..
  4. A collection of 4 games that might just have the weirdest stuff on the internet. There've been tons of Let's Play on this. I really can't explain what is it about but apparently, some people took their entire time just to make this disturbing yet interesting stuff.
  5. an unpleseant game and see whats the most disgusting thing you ever eat ill start i remember i ate pork guts one time but those werent well cooked and some parts were bleeding.. lets brohoof the most disgusting you find
  6. Okay, so, what you do is, you say any random combination of food, and then the next poster says whether or not they would eat it, then say their own combination. Example: Generic User: Cabbage Yoghurt Generic User 2: Ew no. Fish custard Generic User 3: Meh, I'm bored, I'll try it. Carrot spaghetti Satsuma pie
  7. Started off as a silly little Rarity drawing for practice, needed something for Rarity to be angry at. This is the only time I will ever draw this goddamn thing. May vector later. Sorry about how dirty this looks. All the erasers around here are horrible.
  8. You think I'd just take your comment in like *that*, badman? Well I ain't goin' down without a fight! How do you like them apples?