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Found 7 results

  1. who hear wants to see a tree of disharmony? it could be in the underworld and have its own evil version of the mane 6. please post thoughts.
  2. Discord is known as the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. But Harmony is always a balance between two (or more) extremes, one of these extremes in the show being Chaos. So the opposite of Chaos, Order, would be the other extreme. I think, either Discord has two personalities, like Jekyll and Hide, one being Chaos, one being Order, or there is another spirit which holds the power of Order. What do you think of this?
  3. This is just something I just realized about the villains. While reviewing each episode with villains in it, I realized something about the villains and how they relate to EACH of the Mane 6. Let me show you what I mean. Gonna separate these by colors so you don't get mixed up. You all remember Nightmare Moon, correct? Well, you might also remember how she attempted to break apart the Mane 6 by putting each of them through trials which would test their representations to each of the Elements... ... but here's where it starts getting interesting. You know Twilight Sparkle - the beloved "main" character of the Mane 6, and how she uses her magic to the best of her ability - whether it be from a simple spell to a magical outburst. Now, take into account of her Element - Magic. Now, compare Twilight to Nightmare Moon. What do you see? What you get is a rather ominous and uncanny polar opposite of Nightmare Moon when comparing Twilight to her. Nightmare Moon - the very essence of dark magic and a total master of it - is a rather accurate counterpart to Twilight, a gifted unicorn with a very special talent for "good" magic. To put it simply, NMM is the counterpart of Twilight Sparkle, when not speaking of friendship. Now we have Discord, the chaos-loving draconequus who almost managed to shroud Equestria in a proverbial cloud of disharmony. But for the sake of this topic, let's take into account of his personality. For one, he loves nonsense, and two, he loves to play games, albeit somewhat cruel. In this regard, he enjoys a good time, but on his own, twisted terms - and he loves to taunt other ponies, as seen when he masterfully managed to toy with each of the Mane 6. From this, he laughs at other ponies, not with them. Let's single out one word from the paragraph I wrote above this one: laughter. Who represents the Element of Laughter? That's right, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie, the pony who loves to make people laugh, wants to have a good time, but could never bring herself to make fun of other ponies and derive pleasure from it. This is the "dark side" to Pinkie Pie's element, as showcased in Discord, albeit a bit more defined, I guess you could say. ​Finally, we have the Queen Chrysalis. She's the head of a rather vicious race who wanted to take over Equestria for their own accord, by taking on the form of Princess Celestia's niece who was about to get married. What makes this case special, however, was that her plan was almost flawless. "Cadence", who was really the Queen, managed to manipulate the entire kingdom into believing that she was the real Cadence when it was not really so. Through deception did she manage to get close enough to Shining Armor and feed off his love for Cadence (whom he thought was the actual Cadence), and even manage to fool Celestia when Twilight blurted out that this wasn't the real Cadence (to which "Cadence" faked tears in order to persuade everypony to get on her side and to turn against Twilight) - and it was this very deception were the Changeling race very close to successfully invading Canterlot, and soon, all of Equestria. Deception. It's a relatively common word in our vocabulary, so what makes it special? All it is is simply "lying to get what you want" while perhaps messing with another person (even if they do not feel it). But, think of an antonym of "deception", or better yet, think of an antonym for "lie". And what's that? Truth! And who represents "the truth" in regards to the Elements? None other than Applejack! Here we see the Queen being portrayed as a rather sinister being who masterfully manages to carry out her plan through a huge and well-crafted lie. In this case, we also see the glaring contrast between Applejack's Element of Honesty and what the Queen so "dearly" represents - deception. So, now you may know how the whole "villain" thing stacks up in the show. The Queen took a form that was a lie to invade Equestria, Discord loved laughing at (not with) other ponies, and Nightmare Moon was the master of dark magic. Each arch-villain so far has either been the polar opposite of one of the Elements or Harmony, or a very twisted and warped version of one of them. Ergo, based on this reasoning, we may safely conclude that one of the villains will represent twisted/polar opposite versions of Generosity, Loyalty, and Kindness.
  4. ~Click for the national anthem of chaos, itself~ Bandwagon time, everypony! And a special thanks to Resolution, the leader of the CMC Army. Discord has stolen the basics for your topic layout. Do hope you don't mind~ Well now, it would appear we have some Trixie fans, some time lords, some zebras, and now, an adorable CMC army forming. Those are all nice, but what I offer you is something these silly little clubs cannot. What I offer you is something outside of Celestia's reign, and the very edge of Feldy's reign itself. What I offer you is the joker's card; where wit, fun and humor dominate, not silly ponies and their regulations and rules. As you all know, I've had this line in my signature since day one of my being here: "Forget Celestia and her Friendship Reign, come have some real fun with Discord on the Nonsense Train~" Well, kiddies, the train is scheduled to derail, so it's now or never! Which way do you choose? -The way of swag, the way of wit, the way of class, the way of Discord? -Or do you wish to continue to preach harmony and peace with your fellow ponies? All those who have chosen the way of chaos, then respond to this thread saying you're in, and join me together as we appreciate, and carry on in the name of Discord. No signature alteration is required, though doing so anyway earns you brownie points. From this day forth, we hereby pronounce our wit and humor across this fair board, to forever lighten the atmosphere with jokes, pranks, reaction images and custom-made media alike, whichever medium of which you choose to use; though we shall never cross too far, and descend to the levels of our lesser troll brethren. Oh, and, of course, to...
  5. Hey everypony! You may or may not know this but....generally I suck at drawing visual art. However, i was working on ideas for my next fanfic The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption when I though it would be awesome to create a concept for what the Element of Power (opposite of the Element of Magic) looked like. So i drew this: And then I thought it would be pretty cool to make it into a poster/ad/i don't even know for the whole fanfic, using the Power vs. Magic idea as a theme. With this i pretty much said 'screw it' and used stuff from a lot of sources, including Generalzoi's Pony Creator >.< However I did add further customizations to the design I got from Pony Creator. It seems like it wouldn't take a lot of time...but believe me it did. Especially with my inexperience and program choice. I used MS Paint, Game Maker 8, and Microsoft Powerpoint. Yes I know that my program choice is bad and I should feel bad.
  6. I'm so scared to post this...but it won't get out of my mind until I do. Here goes. So a guy made a thread saying he was leaving MLP, and I replied to it. I should have known better. The fact that he had only ten posts to begin with, and was starting a topic about it instead of just disappearing, should have told me that something was amiss. Right after my reply, I watched the Discord episodes for the first time. Well, leave it to MLP to show me how wrong I had been. I realized that by responding to mock the guy's stated reasons for "leaving," I was just playing into a disjointed debate that would only get bigger. I was wrong. Anyone who supported that post has my blessing--no, my plea--to unhoof it. And to anyone reading this I also ask for your help. If you have ever felt sick of the debates about what it means to be an MLP fan or whatever, if you're tired of seeing all these divisions between a bunch of people who love a show based on harmony and friendship, there's hope. I have found my answer. The answer is to not argue about it! Don't get me wrong, differences over the show itself, video games, toilet paper up or down and such are fine. But about the community itself...have you ever wished we could all just take a break from those discussions? I may be new here, but seven years of forum battles have taught me that they don't go anywhere and they don't leave me feeling any better. I said a few things about that before, but it was hypocritical, because I gave in to my itchy fingers and added my own words of "wisdom" to those topics anyway. And every time, it just left me feeling...gray. Like the ponies. So this is my promise. As long as I am a part of MLP, I will never bring discord (lowercase) into a thread about the community or the fandom again. Grimdark writers, Trixie fans, critics, cloppers...from now on you are just other fans to me, and I embrace all of you. I will not argue about the My Little Pony fandom itself, or slice it up to fit my own values, ever again. *extremely red face* So, er...that's just me. If it sounds good to you, you can do it too. I am sealing my vow with the word "harmony" in my sig; so can you. It's not a command, because that would be wrong and I have no right. It's just the most genuine advice that I've ever offered online. There's a thin line between advice of this sort and backseat modding, and I hope I haven't crossed it because this is so important to me. If one person who read it understands me, it's all been worth it in my mind. So I'll stop preaching now. But my promise still stands. And it's not all about me, it doesn't just have to be my promise. I'm willing to share it.
  7. There has been alot of buzz about the released photos of Trixie. Some speculation refers to the Elements Of Disharmony. If you don't know its basically the opposite of the Elements Of Harmony So anyways, If there are six elements of harmony then there probably will be six elements of disharmony. So lets hear your ideas about: 1.The names of the ponies that are basically opposites of the Mane six that represent the elements 2. What their element of disharmony is 3. If you have Original art on the subject, share! Creativity is awesome! Remember one has been done for you (trixie) Post opinions of the elements of disharmony as well! Have fun Im so excited to hear your ideas and opinions