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Found 23 results

  1. What are some songs that you hate or dislike but everyone else seems to like for some reason? I don't like Oasis' "Wonderwall". There's just something about it I don't like. I think it's the vocals. Same thing with a lot of British bands around that era is also why I don't like Blur's "Song 2". I also don't like Bohemian Rhapsody. Overplayed to death and the lyrics don't make sense.
  2. Simply put... This topic is all about "The Cape"... Probably by far the greatest piece of garb or article of clothing ever made. The cape is also known as a cloak sometimes "royal robes". The Mexican poncho could also be a cape too, I guess? I think we'll only count the ones that either are draped over the shoulders like military personnel or Italian Renaissance men, or draped around the shoulders down the back. Let's begin... What are your thoughts on capes? Do you like capes? Do you dislike Capes? Would you like to see the cape maybe make a fashion statement come back and or could be worn daily in public like the good old noble days of lore and not just as an accessory to a child and some adult Halloween costumes? Is it a heroes best quality of do you go for "The Incredible's" clause of "NO CAPES"... Something I find ridiculous if Batman didn't have his wings, he'd look like a pointy ninja if you look at it? For me... Personally, every time I see one in film or on TV; usually worn by noble counts and royal lords of epic lands and medieval worlds, mighty warriors of the sword and shield and swashbuckling heroes. On the backs of dastardly leaders and honorable leaders and the ladies and gentlemen of the late Victorian ages and most often in films and cinema's greatest heroes and villains. One thing was certain... The cape is freaking bad ass. See them flap in the air as the dark avenger stands vigilant high over the city he protects or the watchful guardian angel floating high above the Earth with his great red wings or giving an Imperial Lord a dark and menacing, cold appearance that strikes fear in the souls of men as he moves about the halls of his galactic imperial fortress, or the daring hero as he dashes dashingly down the stone halls and corridors of a dark gloomy dungeon on a quest of thwarting a great and terrible evil and restoring hope to a heart who's hope is slowly fading from as she fears her situation is growing ever closer to darkness with fear and despair. Also I love to wear them because they always made heroes and villains look so awesome and when I'd throw one on and see for myself. I must agree, the cape does give one a certainly agreeable appearance doesn't it I mean it just seems so fashionable and good looking. I wouldn't mind seeing them become just another article of clothing people wore as they went about their daily lives. Sure people don't do that... But every year on the 31st of October I see people let loose their "cape love" they do it's just not the norm for people to wear them like out in daylight every day like someone throwing on a raincoat or a jacket. So if you have anything that you'd like to add or take away from this discussion? Feel free to... I'd love to read what you all think about this, because I'm generally curious. I really hope this catches on... because, I know people really do like capes, they just keep it deep down inside until the 31st of October comes around to unleash their cape love on the world. This has been SuperBrony87... Do you like capes... I like capes... capes, cloaks and robes it's all good. the longer, the flappier, the better, the badasser. Thanks for reading! BTW on a side note... NBC once debuted a show The Cape where the titular Hero character uses his cape as a tool to fight crime. Think of that when next time you "anti-capes" and "NO CAPES" out there who say the cape is useless and pointless. To that note, I say, yes it is useless but that cause it's true and only purpose is making the hero look good... That's the cape's only purpose... Truly, it's "cape awesome".
  3. I had this question for some time now. There seem to be a fair amount of people that dislike music that The Living Tombstone makes. I was wondering why this is. Personally, I really enjoy his music, so I don't really know why people think he makes bad music
  4. Everyone has a liking and a hatred to their school. Like, I love to see my friends, and see my favorite teachers, and sometimes the assemblies, events. And our school is not AS strict as most schools. Some schools don't allow many things. My one friend said at her old school, no one was allowed to wear make up, wear fingernail polish, fake nails, and many more thats not make up related. I dont really wear much make up or wear fingernail polish, but that's strict. Anyways, like my school allows gum, I pods, phones when teachers are not teaching, and many more. But, we ALL have ONE thing or two that we hate a lot. Like, I hate the fact that out P.D.A is outrageous this year. We cannot even hug family or friends....really? And we can only hold hands. It will be an automatic detention. And many other strict crap. I also hate my Principal, he is NO help at all and annoying. Some of the teachers are just too....OMG strict. I do hate a lot of people at my school, and also the homework as well What is ONE thing, maybe two, three or more that you hate about your school? Many people have at least ONE thing. Dont try and say that your school is perfect, this is not what this thread is about.
  5. Perhaps I am alone in this, yet again, but I honestly cannot stand the Cake Twins: Pumpkin and Pound Cake. I'm sure they are rather accurate portrayals of how babies in real life act, so I guess they got that right...? But that's also why I dislike them greatly, as well as kinda don't mind Flurry Heart that much: they act like actual babies, and I truly dislike / kinda hate babies / toddlers irl. Will I still prefer to not watch Flurry episodes? of course, but she's not NEARLY as bad as the twins. But I'm sure like pretty much everywhere else, I'm alone in this / will be yelled at for even thinking of insulting newborns
  6. Seeing as there is a thread about foods you dislike that everyone else likes - lets make one about drinks. So as the title asks, what drinks do you dislike that everyone else likes? ______________ - Dr. Pepper I don't know how you Americans can like this stuff. Blegh. - Orange Fanta - Sunkist - Flavoured Water really popular in my school and I have no clue why - Aloe Vera also really popular in my school - Pepsi Max - Mountain Dew - White Wine I'll drink red wine anyday but white? NO. And that's it. From what I can think of. You guys?
  7. Personally, as a vegetarian, you can image I don't like meat...which includes bacon...please don't kill me. Meat Onions Tomatoes Pickles Sunflower Seeds Mushrooms Eggs Any type of chips Burritos Can't think of anymore. I generally love candy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits, so... How about you all?
  8. Ive seen favorite ponies and pony fanclubs,but what I haven’t seem is a least favorite pony thread! Im not saying to hate on these ponies they are good in their own ways. Like for example, my least favorite is Fluttershy (im sorry if I offended you fluttershy fans) dont hate on them just say why you dont like them as much as you like your favorite ponies! Have fun!
  9. Ok i was going to post this on the Unpopular opinions thread but i think this needs its own thread because i want people to see this and give some feedback as to why this is so common. My Input: SO many people...and i mean SOOOO many people dislike and or hate "rap" music, which in all honesty i don't get, BUT to each his own ya know? but the part that bothers me is when people say it isn't real music, or it takes no skill, that's bologna. Rap music indeed requires skill and just as much skill as any other form of vocal.....talent...usage..thingy, i would know, i write the stuff, and not the lame BS 1 word per 10 seconds kinda rap, when trying write rap with even a modest level of speed, having the words sound good, rhyme without sounding generic, sound catchy, deep at times, unusual etc etc, is not a walk in the park by any means. And not to flip the script on other forms and styles of music, but i don't see how any song writing for any other style, (Rock, ballads, R&b, Blues, even screamo) are any more skillful, they do take a different level of vocal skill to Sound good(sometimes), but not everyone sounds good rapping either, and alot of the skill in rap is like i said, writing it, writing songs is of course also a huge skill thing as well, but there is no discernible difference in skill needed when you compare writing both song songs and rap. I really don't see why people say it doesn't require skill, the beats for rap can SOMETIMES be Basic poop, and ALOT of rappers are also Poop, But the thing is, most people dislike -->Hip-hop<--, not rap, -->hip-hop<-- has changed and its subject has become dull, Repetitive and i will say to some degree skill-less. Shee rap itself is the entire style of how you put words together and say them. Not a subject or theme, its a very broad word and encompasses ALOT. Example: You may say you dislike haiku's or limericks, but you wouldn't say you dislike Poetry in general, because that is way to broad a thing to dislike. and there is always SOME piece of poetry someone likes. Another thing is i have heard rap IN non-rap songs, eg. a rock song or so with a small snippet of rap in it, yep people who supposedly dislike rap like those songs....da fuu?. SO peeps who read this, if yall really just don't like words said in a rhythmic fashion....then do what yall do, but yea that what be in my head, so please.....discuss.
  10. does anypony here doesn't like katara from avatar the last airbender? Please tell me i'm not the only one who detest this girl
  11. There are some things that people do when they make OCs that a lot of people hate. What OC features do you hate?
  12. Ok so I have a serious problem. I just submitted a fanfic I worked really hard on, and within the first TWENTY MINUTES of submission a whole bunch of people were punching the dislike button and tossing it into their "Bad fanfics" and "Edgy" and "Disgusting" folders. Yet I put absolutely no NSFW content within the story and I wrote it well like I did with my other fanfics. Yes, 6 dislikes in under an hour...WTF?? :-o Is this normal? Has the fandom suddenly turned on me because I wrote a fanfic about a skateboard-loving teen ending up in Equestria? Are we bronies becoming just as judgemental as our haters? Please help me out guys I honestly don't know what to do anymore and my confidence and motivation to continue this fanfic is slipping away like sand through my fingers. Here it is if you wanna read it: [link]
  13. What are some episodes that at first you didn't like/care much about, but after re-watching them or after some time you started to enjoy a lot more? These are mine: - Suited For Success/Sweet And Elite. I wasn't the biggest fan of Rarity back then (I still liked her though, there wasn't really much to dislike), but after rewatching old episodes I started appreciating her character and her episodes a lot more, and now both episodes are among my favorites and Rarity is my favorite pony. - The Equestria Girls movie (yeah, not an episode but whatever). I despised this movie at first, but thanks to the other movies I started to enjoy it more, and now I like it, it's not even my least favorite movie of the franchise anymore (that would be LoE) and I like them all. - Tanks For The Memories.... well, I still dislike this episode, but Rainbow's solo is simply too awesome for me not to eventually start to love it, and I did. - Scare Master, at first I thought it was decent and not remarkable, but now I think that even though it has its flaws it's pretty great.
  14. I tend to be much more reserved in disliking Youtube videos than liking them. For creative works (music, animation, etc.) I avoid disliking very small videos (100 views or less) because I know how disheartening receiving dislikes can be for someone just starting out. I don't mind disliking videos of creative works with more views; the more the views, the less hesitant I am to give a video a dislike if I don't like it. I don't have a problem with disliking opinion videos that I disagree with, though.
  15. I gotta ask, Seriously, Why exactly do so many people dislike Rarity so much and say that she's their least favorite pony? And why exactly do so many people like Rainbow Dash so much and say that she's their favorite pony? Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy I can easily understand why people like but Rainbow Dash? Really? She's alot more selfish and obnoxious than Rarity if you ask me...She's a conceited show-off and mostly seems to only think and care about herself alot of the time...She's definitely my least favorite out of the mane 6...Why exactly do people like her? (Don't hurt/kill me for saying that please RD fans) But at least Rarity shows acts of generosity sometimes and does things for other ponies like making dresses etc...What exactly do people have against her?
  16. Did anyone else watch Pinkie Pride and not enjoy it nearly as much as 95% of bronies? All I ever see are great things about this episode. Great guest star. Great moral. Great jokes. Great Pinkie Pie Characterization. Great Songs. Etc. I on the other hand disliked this episode. I can literally count how many episodes I disliked on one hand. There are certainly some meh episodes, but they were mostly still enjoyable. I liked Princess Spike more than Pinkie Pride, but maybe that was because Cadence (best princess) was in it. I rarely truly dislike an episode of this show. So you can imagine my suprise when one of my arguably least favorite episodes was loved by so many. I think it was a combination of high expectations, hype, my least favorite pony (at the time at least), and over all ridiculouses of the episode. I saw NOTHING but good things about this episode before I watched it. So I watched it expecting to be wowed like the 1969 lunar landing, and I was dissapointed. Pinkie Pie was even more nonsensical in this episode. The guest VA was like a rule 63 Pinkie (and not the good kind). I dont even remember the moral. The jokes weren't clever, they were childish slapstick. Pinkie's Friends abandoned her first chance, and RD had the nerve to tell Pinkie to her face she wasnt good enough. I had MMC déjà vu with all those songs, Pinkie's eye swirl realization was definately the weakest (oh no RD's not laughing at our cringeworthy competition, noooo). Cheese Sandwich gave up his most cherished possesion like he was lending Pinkie a 1$ to buy gum at the check-out. Do I need to say more? Why do people like this episode? Do you like Pinkie Pride? Tell me what you think in the comm... Oh wait not Youtube. Put a post below about what you thought of Pinkie Pride, whether you liked it, disliked it, or it was meh, as well as what you thought of my points if you are so inclined.
  17. So Andrea recently tweeted this. So Libman wants to use the G3 Pinkie as a pinata, so does this mean she also hates G3 (like most of us)?
  18. Foods you like that everyone dislikes? Inspired by the thread foods you dislike that everyone likes. - I like horse meat, many seem to dislike that. It's accepted in my country, it's not toxic like in some countries. Although I notice a lot of people dislike it on the internet. - Whale meat, like minke whale, tastes very good but it's not that popular though. - Mushrooms, many dislike mushrooms I love mushrooms. - Merikurat, it's a fish and it doesn't have the looks but tastes awesome. I opened one up and I found a paltus inside it. That's all I can think of at the moment, so how about you? Prepare for Merikurat!
  19. With the second Equestria Girls movie coming up I just wondered who else has this view on the spinoff? I don't care for the idea of it in general, but I find it interesting to see what the writers/animators do, since it is the same people working on it. I also found it funny that the VAs didn't even know they were working on a movie until later. To be clear, I dislike, but DON'T hate the first one, as I've seen worse shows, but I've seen a lot better. I just see it for what it is- another product line for Hasbro to sell. MLP is their IP to do with as they please, so whatever. Things I dislike about E.G. Humanized yet still weird colors- plus they look kinda awkward. I definitely like the ponies better. They are younger than in MLP (the fact that they are older than high school in MLP is a big reason why I like the normal show) The shoe/boot things they wear- for whatever reason I just HATE those. (I hate any kind of long socks/stocking things in general) The high school scene (I like the normal show because it doesn't have to do with any of that) The fact that it's just another Hasbro Bright Idea™ money-grab. "Lets make them peoplez now to get moar moniez!!!" You may have noticed that this particular aspect particularly bugs me. Kind of like a pesky mosquito (Hasbro's meddling) you just cant get rid of. Anyways, back to you guys. If you dislike it- do you watch out of curiosity anyways? I'll probably watch the second one online later on.
  20. My favorite pony has to be Pinkie Pie, absolutely. Everything about her just being in an episode, makes it a ton brighter! I love how she is always happily and bubbly, and she reminds me of myself most of the time. Now here's the con about my favorite character. You see, as much as I love Pinkie's silliness, there are times where I wish she could be serious about a situation. Of course, Pinkie will be I have no say. Lol What about you?
  21. Although it's halfway through the season, this is something I'd like to try for the remaining episodes. Immediately after it airs, make a poll to try and capture the top reason why an episode isn't liked as much or what detracted from the episode the most. So we'll start with today's Simple Ways. If you had just ONE top reason as to why you disliked the episode or thought was a flaw of the episode, which was it?
  22. There were only a few episodes prior to Season 4 that I did not like, and I didn't dislike them to this extent. Is there anyone else very disappointed with this season so far? First let me start off by saying that I've noticed over years and years of cartoon watching, that it's rare for a cartoon to keep up its originality, fun, and creativity. Usually, season 3 or 4 is a cartoons stopping point. I didn't think MLP could go down this road, and in fact, I thought making Twilight a princess was absolutely brilliant. It was nothing like I had seen in other cartoons, I thought that this meant the show could take on a whole new life and avoid getting predictably stale, by introducing a whole new aspect and reality to the show's universe of experiences. So, of course, my first disappointment came with the premiere, when I quickly realized that they were completely disregarding her ascension to being princess. Instead of this being a positive, uplifting experience, the characters were all complaining and whining over something that they quite frankly had no reason to be upset over. I felt that this was some sort of nod to the raging bronies in an attempt to curb their unnecessary debates, but I realized that this episode was written long before any brony knew MMC was coming. Perhaps Meghan was just on a similar wavelength? Regardless, I couldn't keep track of what was happening in the premiere. I just couldn't keep up. Call it what you want, but I watched every episode up until this point with no issues, and I even watched the premiere dozens of times afterwards. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't delude myself into believing that any of the characters were actually there, actually saying this dialogue, or actually acting like this supposed storyline was really happening. I'll break down my concerns with this season into a few categories to make it more simple: The Directing The directing in this season is all out of whack, in my opinion. I'm notcing a lot of camera angles from weird, diagonal points of view which create a nauseating experience. I perceive a huge emphasis on empty space in certain shots, and the movement and placement of the characters is completely unnatural and all around random. Example: Rainbow Dash falls face flat on the ground at Twilight's library, Fluttershy's head pops in from the left, leaves, Pinkie pops in from the top, leaves; it all makes for a disorienting experience that was not present in the show before this point. Several times in Daring Don't the entirety of the mane six will just pop up from the ground together, it seems rather lazily done. The Emotion, Meaningfulness, and Premise MLP was a one of a kind experience for me, in that it was one of the few things I'd ever seen that made me emotional. I loved the characters, the stories were heartfelt, and the lessons were truly meaningful and I could apply them to my own life. Yet, these five episodes have felt devoid of anything of the sort. The characters are all completely out of character in each episode, all displaying an overwhelming amount of hostility and annoyance at each other, for no good reason. They toss around the word "friendship" without any reasoning behind it, and it seems as if they're all just saying their "memorable lines" just to make you think, "Yep, it's still the same old characters." without actually providing any substance. MLP was very unique in that it featured characters and storylines that were female oriented, and portrayed female characters in ways not often seen in normal media. It took the real, emotional female spirit filled with warmth, heart, and a certain kind of strength that no other form of media had ever expressed to me. It really helped me become aware of the female reality and everything it has to offer, and I became genuinely interested and happy learning about it. This is no longer present. I cannot stress enough that Season 4 seems made with bronies in mind, and if not that, then at least adults in general. You can tell that the focus is on "action adventure" stories, and even aside from that, the characters themselves are all acting rather "boyish" in my opinion with their mannerisms and behavior. It just doesn't seem natural anymore, and the entire concept that made this show brilliant just feels like it's been brushed aside in favor of more predictable storytelling. The characters all seem like they're men now with the way they're portrayed, or at the very least, female characters as portrayed in typical male-oriented media. The Animation and Voicing This isn't really a big game changer, but obviously when major aspects of a show like this fall apart, other aspects follow suit. The animation style seems rather off this season, in ways I have not seen before. The characters' movements seem rather jerky at times, and I cannot stand that new lighting effect (Canterlot Stained Glass Window hallway, end of Daring Don't in the sunset). The characters are for some reason making rather obnoxious, ugly looking faces (mane six in Castle Mane-ia, Ms. Harshwhinny and RD in Flight to the Finish) that detracts from the appealing beauty and charm they once had. It's a small gripe, but it does add to the overall dissatisfaction. I can't entirely blame the voice actors, moreso I blame the voice directing and script itself, but I get really annoyed listening to the characters. It's like they're all speaking in the most annoying fashion possible purposely. Again, just another small gripe. The Music Like the animation and voicing, the music seems very bland and dull. One huge example is the Nightmare Moon transformation scene, where I felt like I was being treated to the most mundane, boring song ever. The song "Hearts Strong As Horses" not only has very convoluted sounding lyrics, but the background beats and rhythm seems uninspired and unenthusiastic sounding, not to mention the song seeming like it doesn't even need to be happening in the first place. Like I said before, these aspects all follow one another, like a big row of dominos. If one falls, they all fall, the way I see it. Now, on to my final, and largest gripe: The Discarding of The Elements of Harmony I cannot stress enough how incredibly moronic this is. The EoH were not just their Kamehameha Necklaces or their Blast The Baddy Beams, they symbolized their bond of friendship, in essence, they WERE them. Nightmare Moon destroyed the EoH in FiM Pt 2, they represent the EoH's spirits, and they embodied them. They did not just pick them up from the dollar store. It seemed to me like the writers think they're doing something smart by getting rid of them (again, I got "pleasing the raging bronies" vibes), and were not putting any consideration into what they were doing. Also, the Tree of Harmony is just out of nowhere and makes no sense. This show is called "Friendship is Magic", and Twilight has the nerve to say, "It's our friendship, and it's more important and more powerful than any magic." Excuse me? Friendship IS magic. They ARE the EoH. They are one and the same. Don't take my word for it, just look at MMC. Their destinies, their cutie marks were changed by Twilight's spell, as were their elements, because they are one. They even went through all of this in that episode, using the power of their friendship to return them to their true destinies, and to restore their elements, because they're one in the same. Then again, they disregarded her positive ascension to princess from MMC, so it's natural to assume they'd disreard that as well. That's not to say that they won't have some sort of solution in the S4 finale, but it still wouldn't justify it. Now, it's only five episodes in, but no other season had five awful episodes, and no episodes I disliked before I ever disliked in this fashion. This season may get better, somehow, but I strongly doubt it. The following episodes that have been revealed so far do not sound promising. Jim Miller is Co-Director starting with this season (I think he was involved in the movie too, but I loved that), Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen are now Co-Executive Producers, Chris Bartleman (sp) left the team, as did James Wootton (sp), and there are a bunch of new writers with not that much under their belts. I think all of those factors are partly responsible for this season's outcome. Also, many (if not all) cartoons I've seen go downhill after their big movie premiere, because they seem to crack under their pressure. Plus, the natural fate of losing inspiration and creativity with a show's fourth or fifth season is also an undeniable factor, one that I could have seen being avoided if they had transformed and expanded the show with Twilight's ascension to princess. I have more details I could say in greater length, but these are all of my general thoughts on Season 4 so far. That being said, I refuse to quit the show, and I'll watch it through to the end (plus I already bought the Season Pass on iTunes...).
  23. Yeah... You probably guessed by the title this was going to be about my family... Ok, today I went to my cousins birthday party... My uncle owns a pool and rented two bounce houses... I really don't enjoy going to family things... I find my cousins very annoying. (mostly because they really can't do anything wrong...) It's like my mom takes me there, so I can see how she expects me to act. I try to fit in with my family, but no matter how hard I try, I always get overlooked. The people in my family are BIG sport fans... Every one of them does a sport of some kind. I don't like sports at all... I find football to be really barbaric and just plain dumb, and I find basketball to be boring... Wrestling was the only sport I was involved in and I had a pretty good record last year, but I just don't want to do it anymore... They expect me to be in sports and love them, but honestly I just don't... I don't think they understand that my real passion is music... I could care less about sports teams... I really don't like my extended family... Any help I can get would be great, but until then... Dusty S.