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Found 18 results

  1. A new month means a new song! This is my first crack at DnB.
  2. Made another mix, this time aiming for a more chill mood. Check it>> 00:00 Alfiux - Vilniux (Hay Tea Remix) 02:35 Hay Tea - Daydream (VIP) 05:04 Sky Runner - Running of the Leaves 08:17 Sky Runner - Nightmare Night 11:07 Hay Tea - Hush Now 12:36 Hay Tea - Hush Now (Risen Remix) 14:59 Sky Runner - Heartstrings 18:28 Hay Tea - Shades of Pink (VIP) 21:39 Faulty, Age of Vinyl, Hay Tea - Reverse Rain (VIP) 23:49 Filly in the Box - into the Rain (Sky Runner Remix) 27:29 Hay Tea - For A Change 30:35 Nevermourn & RoomVR - Dawning Light 34:18 Hay Tea - Waiting Room 37:38 Silly Ditzy - Through The Clouds (Risen Remix) 41:08 bank pain - Tea Leaves 46:27 DJT & NeverLastStanding - Citadel 49:50 Ponylution - Falling in Sky 52:28 Filly in the Box - Still Blind (Sky Runner Remix) 55:24 Sky Runner - Stargazer
  3. Heya, just wanted to share a quick pony drum and bass/neurofunk mix I made. Featuring artists like Tripon and Hay Tea, with more! I usually make SFM animations on my main channel, but I decided to change things up a little bit on an alternate channel. Also looking for feedback about the transitions/track selection/flow of the mix. Thanks alot
  4. Hey guys! I just released a new remix of "Fall Apart" by FritzyBeat & Exiark! I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a sound that I truly enjoyed for this remix, and I hope you enjoy it too! owo ~~~ ~~~ --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : --- Music by Exiark: Vocals and Lyrics by FritzyBeat Buy the Album: (Exiark's Bandcamp!) Buy the song: (Exiark's Bandcamp) Art by GSphere:
  5. This is my first DnB track and was really fun to make I hope you guys like it! I am aware of a slight mixing mess up near the end which is fixed in the MP3 download of the song ---- Feedback would be awesome as I hope to continue making more DnB stuff ----
  6. Ay up fellahs, I've finished my new EP. Mixed bag of genres. Would be honoured if you could give me a listen/some feedback. And if you really love it, subscribe!! I never stop writing music. (psst...i don't know how to embed YT...if anyone could help I would be grateful!!!)
  7. a thought i had a few days ago: try to make a drum 'n bass track in MIDI. did it work out? kind of! the actual dnb thing doesn't begin until later on in this track. it's more of a tempo-changing track now that i think about it. :U i think it turned out well, at any rate.
  8. It took me some time to make this and to decide what to make the art work, the actual fluttershy is not mine i just modified it to look different
  9. Coconeru allowed me to do a remix of one of his tracks, Divided We Stand. This happened. Really looking for some feedback, how did I do?
  10. Another track I made during free time in Music Tech. It's supposed to be based on the underground place in "A Dog and Pony Show". Don't know if I pulled that off well, but whatever. Hope you enjoy de track! :3
  11. I wrote this song based on the Friendship is Witchcraft series! It's about Applebloom suspecting Sweetie Bell is a robot (: Thanks a bunch to Firebolt for the artwork!
  12. A song I made that's inspired by the "Apocalypse" which hasn't freakin' happened! So HA! Anyways, here's a download: Hope y'all are enjoying not being dead!
  13. ZANDER


    Finally finished this. This is my first attempt ever at any form of drum and bass or dubstep or really whatever you would consider this. Hope you guys like it!
  14. A song I made as a sort of "debut" song on the "record label" I'm "signed" to. Yes, I am totally using those quotation marks properly. So, Grammar Nazis, whatchagunnado? X3
  15. Hai everypony, I have started this topic because I need some help. I am a huge fan of Drum 'n Bass and I really want to be able to create my own because my head is exploding with ideas. Here's the problem; I have absolutely no clue where to start... I know of some software other producers like TheLivingTombstone, Alex S. etc. use, but I don't know the details. A friend and I are thinking of some sort of rock/metal mixed with some nice heavy bassline DnB. He knows how to play guitar, but I know nothing of making electronic music whatsoever. Could you please give me some tips as to where I could start? Here, have a cider for any stuff you guys can come up with
  16. I uploaded this as a bit of a teaser for my new album, "restart". It's a liquid dnb-type song that I had fun with. (hey, I had fun with it, just like everything else I do! )
  17. That's right. A new song. I've been working on this for the past couple of weeks whenever I had free time in Music Tech. So yeah. I made it in Reason, which is why I called it "one good reason". You can download it on Soundcloud if ya feels like it:
  18. I made this song for *ahem* craps and chuckles (as opposed to s**ts and giggles. ) Anyways, yeah. It's a short stupid little drum n' bass song that I did for fun.