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Found 63 results

  1. I couldn't find any topic like this, for some reason, so sorry if it's been done before Anyhow, this is mine: Does anypony else have a calendar for this year?
  2. Alright, for all you popcorn connoisseurs out there; I have a simple question. In order to get your popcorn to prime condition for nomming, how long do you cook it in your microwave/oven/cauldron/etc.? Vote in the poll and post below! I personally use 1:41 minutes most of the time. 1:40 generally cooks popcorn well without leaving a lot of kernels or burning it, but I tend to cook popcorn at night and I don't want to wake everyone else up with the beeping of the microwave, so I add another second so I can stop the microwave early without losing time.
  3. Very important topic, do you have a beard or if you don't have a beard do you like beards? I have a beard, reddish viking beard that I'm growing towards infinity.
  4. I figure I might as well start a strange thread. you even eat breakfast? I myself don't, probably not a good thing. Haven't eaten breakfast for several years now and I'm 19. Didn't really affect my ability to function at school. Of course I do have bacon, eggs, and toast every now and again. I probably would have eaten breakfast if I had a extra time in the mornings before school, but I'm about to head off to college, so this may or may not continue.
  5. Lets say you get a random phone call at the middle of the night, you try to ignore the ringing phone, but the caller wont stop calling. It's not a number you know or have seen before. Finally, you give up and pick up the phone. In a frantic and panicked voice you hear, "It's (name of OC/fav. pony). Yes, the pony. I know it's weird, but I don't have much time. I need you to walk down the street and you'll see what looks like a puddle in the ground. You need to jump into it and---" You suddenly get cut off. what do you do?
  6. Since there is a thread for cartoon crushes, I have decided to make a thread for video game crushes. Oh god why the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Anyway, post and vidya game characters you have a crush on.
  7. Well? I'm 15 but when I was younger and I misbehaved, I would get beaten with a belt. Nowadays, I get screamed at when I misbehave. I'm a goody-two-shoes, so I never got beaten much. I get good grades in school and I usually keep my mouth shut, mostly due to my shyness. How about you all?
  8. I searched for this and ended up with no result so I'm assuming this thread doesn't exist yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pretty simply question really. Do you or don't you wear glasses? If you do, why? I do wear glasses myself and my reason is that I'm far sighted. So how about all of you lovely forum members?
  9. I'm leading towards Twi having OCD, Pinkie having Depression, and Fluttershy *maybe* having Aspergers what are your thoughts?
  10. Hiya! I want to become a part of staff and become a part of helping what is becoming one of my most favorite sites ever! I clicked the thingy under the report button and filled out the thing but I haven't gotten any response back. D: Who wouldn't want me to help them? Just kidding! XD (I still do want to be staff though).
  11. Vendi

    Daring Do

    I was trying out a new technique and I made this picture of Daring Do. Could have been worse.
  12. Mine are Sony "MDRXB200L's" They couldn't pick a simpler name, it was too hard for them.
  13. The title says it all, what do you do? The forum stole my cookie.... what the buck?
  14. The rules are simple! If the above three avatars were trapped in a dungeon, who would you save? Feel free to even say why! To make things more interesting you can even say how you save them! As the OP, there are of course no avatars above me! So to start, I'll give you two avatars to go along with mine! 1. (My current avatar) 2. 3. (Counting this post, when the third person posts, they get to choose between my avatar, the below users avatar, and avatar number 3 in my post) Remember that this is just the OP post. The rest of the game will be played normally meaning you'll look at the above three users avatars and see which of them you'd save. You don't need to post images like I did.
  15. If you're a closet brony, that is. How do you keep your brony status hidden from the outside world? I'm not officially a closet brony, but I don't shout it to the world and I'm trying to make most of my family forget. In other words, I'm in the doorway. I usually have any and all MLP-related site tabs in a different browser window so I can click away if I hear someone coming. I keep my volume down and/or headphones in at all costs, and if I here the slightest noise the episode is usually paused, the laptop closed, the headphones off, and the book open for the next fifteen minutes. ...Okay, that last bit was an exaggeration. But I still try to be very careful. My pony merchandise (if I ever get any) would be hidden away in my junk drawer, which nopony ever opens. And I try to keep excuses at the ready, but I'm not good at coming up with them other than "Oh, I'm just looking at gifts for my little sister" or "Mom, my sister wants to watch My Little Pony on Netflix, is that okay?" And those aren't always bought. What about you? How do you keep that closet door shut?
  16. You refresh the page, and suddenly, you're logged in as the person above you! What do you do? Hopefully no one too powerful posts in here... Since there's no one above me, I would do nothing!
  17. This is a game I just thought of, and I thought it would be fun. What you do is post something similar to this: Poster 1: A buff guy with a leather jacket walks up to you. What do you do? And then the next guy would say, Poster 2: Shit my pants and run. Then he would also post a new 'what do you do' question. So, come up with a certain scenario, and ask what do you do/what would you do. Then the next guy answers, and comes up with another scenario. Repeat. Okay, I'll start off. A lazer gun is randomly spawned in your pocket. What do you do?
  18. Ahh, Frozen. The tale of how a girl named Elsa with magical ice powers isolates herself from her sister Anna, who ventures to get her back with the help of the iceman Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and the ever wacky Olaf. Sometimes, it bewilders me how popular the movie has become, to the point where it has reached the status of a franchise. It is that exact popularity which serves as the reason why I detest this movie and everything about it, everything except its message of course. Now don't get me wrong. Were this movie a lot more subtle and a whole lot less in-your-face, I might've been able to respect its presence. Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way, and now I wonder when this will end. The films, the franchise, the frenzy among girls to buy Elsa and Anna dresses. Heck, even the naming of newborns after the characters themselves! And now, with a short being shown before the Cinderella remake and a sequel on the way, I wonder how I will survive this. How I will be able to put up with Frozen being constantly shoved in my face at every corner. Why am I writing this rant? Well, it's quite simple. On St. Patrick's Day, my hometown of Ballincollig held a contest to see how many Elsas they could fit into one place. The record was set at 771. Posters for the event were put up everywhere, and even a local barbershop had a mural painted on its windows dedicated to the event. Wondering for the life of me how Frozen had anything to do with St Patrick's Day, I decided enough was enough and that I needed to blow off some steam on this matter. Obviously, I had to go and march in the parade in Cork City, but knowing that coming back there to get a Shamrock Shake, I'd probably run into an Elsa at every corner was a nightmare for me. Anyway, I have had quite enough of this Frozen mania. I hope it blows over before the sequel is released and I pray to God for the souls of the next generation who will no doubt be inundated with songs from maybe the next three or four sequels, merchandise that will fill their kid's rooms to the rafters and a general takeover of internet culture by Frozen. Suddenly I know how an anti-brony feels, and by God, it's not a good thing in the slightest.
  19. Do you think spiders are cute ? or do you like them in any other way. Personally I think they are kinda cute looking. I dont like the way they move but apart from that I do kinda like spider's (And I think we can all agree that we do not like the poisonous kind.) How could you think that that is not cute Post away my friends.
  20. Me? I prefer Xbox 360 for my gaming. But that's probably because I don't have a computer yet. XD So what about you guys? What platform do you like to game on?
  21. A little thought what if spike was not a dragon and was changed into a pony what would his cutie mark be what color would he be. Would he be a Pegasus or a unicorn or maybe an earth pony this is an interesting thought i had...
  22. I am looking for a series of... 18, maybe 15 people to help me out on this. My friend and I are doing a massive project in which we cover songs that he finds inspirational, and "Do They Know it's Christmas" is one of them. I will require a sample of your singing, so please record something and send me a link to where I can listen to it. Thank you. -Arcticfrost933
  23. I was wondering if anyone else played the amazing game "Osu!" on the computer. If so, what's your favourite beatmaps? How good are ya'? What's the hardest beatmap you can legitimately beat? What's your favourite game type? What's your accuracy? Do you use a mouse or a different device? Any other questions that I can't think to ask right now? Personally, my favourite beatmap (which is also the hardest beatmap I can play without mods) would be this: My accuracy is 86.70% on standard Osu! mode, and 89.(some decimal, I forget)% in Taiko mode. I don't like catch the beat. Taiko > Standard... My best Taiko performance would probably be beating this: I almost full combo'd it.. but no, I had to go and miss 3 on the last section. Probably the most bittersweet victory of gaming history for me. I think I'm pretty good... I mean, for as little I play, I think I'm okay at the game.
  24. Anyways,here it comes a random (aka Sir Cracklefruit) and Lyra Heartstrings shipfic. Why? Because they're bound to each other... It was a nice morning on Sir Cracklefruit's moonhouse.It was a bit ordered,and with a lot of Pringles,with a sign who said "NOT SHARE >:C".Anyways,Sir Cacklefruit was waking up,and opening the door,when,suddenly,a smiling green pony appeared in front of him. The pony simply stared at Sir Cracklefruit.Then,he poked the pony with her hands,and that caused a response from the pony's part.... H...h...h...aaands!!!! The pony then jumped over Sir Cracklefruit's body,and hugged his hands.Sir Cracklefruit didn't knew how to respond,and just laughed awkardly,and proceeded to ask to that pony what was she doing there. Hello,mynameisLyraHeartstrings,andIdefinetlyloveyourhands!!! She hugged again the hands,and Sir Cracklefruit stared at the mad pony.He didn't knew why,but felt the urge of rubbing her head,and he...liked it,he liked that feeling,and it seemed that Lyra liked it too,as she purred at the mere touch of his hands. The next thing that he made was to try to give Lyra a single pringle,and to see how she would react. OMG,THAT'S A PRINGLE!!! Lyra ate the pringle instantly,and he tried to give her some more,and she ended full of pringles.Then,she started to walk on circles and rested her head over Sir Cracklefruit's belly.He,of course,smiled,and rubbed her head before sleeping too... Of course,they started to meet each other,fell in loved,and,guess what? They made sofas <3 THE END