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Found 148 results

  1. I am curious about how users use the emoticons. Can anyone tell me different ones as I only know the and the .? Thanks for the tips in advance. I will move the Master topic to another section and I will make a new post about it. So you will no longer be able to comment about that character in this post.
  2. Title: Slice of Life Air Date: June 13. 2015 Written By: MA Larson Synopsis: As Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity battle a monster, the rest of Ponyville rushes to make it to a wedding on time. U R NOT E
  3. Hello. I have decided to try my hand at fanfiction again. It's been awhile. I thought it would be fun to do a MST3K fic again. Presenting Doctor and Ditzy’s Science Theater! Staring...The Doctor and Ditzy Doo! You can find it here. Today's story is The Moon's Wrath by Dolphy Blue Drake Synopsis: Small Dragons, Big Hearts: Unity is Power: S1E01—In a world where every pony is a dragon, every dragon is a pony, and all genders are reversed, even the most well-known stories of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can turn out far differently. Join Nightfall Sheen and Wishful Legend—the counterparts to Twilight Sparkle and Spike—to find out just how much of a difference swapping genders and race really makes, even in the story that started it all. Chapter 32 is done. Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 If you have a fanfic recommendation, comments, or criticisms please leave a comment or PM. Please NO clop or fanfiction with extreme violence. I am not going to do those at all. I doing a more family friendly series and it is going to be relatively clean. Besides everyone else does them. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. ALL ROLES FOR EPISODE 1 HAVE BEEN FILLED. THIS CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. What This Project Is. Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy is a planned 12-episode crossover radio drama / audio play between Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. What sets this version of Doctor Whooves apart from others is the fact that the Doctor in this story is not, in fact, the same doctor as from Doctor Who. He is instead someone who met The Doctor as a foal, and through an unfortunate string of events, winds up absorbing several of the Doctor's traits and memories. These include a longer life span and regeneration. He then becomes the Doctor's living legacy in this other universe. The story will follow the second incarnation of The Legacy Doctor, as he is called, as he works to figure out who he is, and whether or not he truly wants to be the Doctor of the MLP universe. Alongside him are, of course, his companions. In this case, they are Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, and on occasion, Derpy Hooves. As of the writing of this casting call, the scripts for Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are all written, and an outline for the whole series has already been written up. What I Am Needing. As things are, I am capable of handling the assembly of the episodes, the writing of the scripts, and maybe even to a lesser extent episode artwork (Although I would rather someone more skilled than I take on that job.) I also have the capacity to voice several of the characters in the series, including the main villain and some of the side characters in individual episodes. However, I cannot do every conceivable voice under the sun. As such, this post is written so I can see about getting voice actors on board for this project. There are three documents I will link to, and each one contains a list of characters, their personalities, voice types, and audition lines. The first document contains a list of the main cast members, the second document the supporting and secondary cast members, and document three has a list of voices for episode 1 only. MAIN CAST ROLES SUPPORTING AND SECONDARY CAST ROLES EPISODE 1 ROLES Audition Guidelines. Feel free to audition for as many characters as you want. Please supply each character audition in a separate .wav file containing however many takes of each of the audition lines as you feel is appropriate. Supply a different file for each character you are auditioning for. This will make it easier on my end for organizing the auditions. Send your Auditions to Alternatively, you can submit your auditions at the Casting Call Club website here: Link to CCC Audition Page. Additionally... Here is a link to the Public Discord Server for discussing this project and keeping up-to-date with announcements and other specific progress. If you are chosen for a part, then you Must be willing and able to use the Discord messaging app, as that is how I am keeping in communication with all members of the team. THE CURRENT DEADLINE IS THE 9TH OF SEPTEMBER!
  5. I honestly don't believe in ships, until the episode Slice of Life came. Not only did doctor and Derpy look cute together but in a way it made sense. So I saw that they're was fan clubs for some ships but I couldn't find a Derpy ship Doctor Hooves fan club so I made one.
  6. - [ ] This might not be the best fan fiction you will ever read, but I hope you enjoy anyways! On a partly cloudy day outside of Ponyville, I walked by the stream for a decent spot to sit and sketch. I found a nice patch of miss under a tree and sat and reach to my satchel to get my sketch pad out. There was all of a sudden a strange noise on the other side of the tree I was sitting under. Something was appearing from nothing?! This was so strange and I stepped back a few hooves. Then there was in its place a large blue box. How peculiar! Then a stallion stepped out of the box and looked to observe his surroundings. One of the first things he saw was me and I looked straight into his emerald green eyes. "Oh hello there! What might your name be?" He inquired of me. I stood there for a second like an idiot but then I shook my head. "Um, my name is Lunarpalette! And you? I smiled sweetly, lifted a eyebrow slightly, and tilted my head a bit. "My name is the Doctor. Nice to met you Lunarpalette. You know where I can get a treat around here? I've had a real craving for something sweet lately." He asked raising his hoof to his stomach. " Sure! If you want I can take you to Surgarcube corner. It's the best place in town for an excellent treat!" I said putting my sketchbook away I got up and started towards Sugarcube Corner. He seemed nice enough so I wasn't worried about my safety, but I did need to know what that box is. "Um, Doctor? May I ask you what that blue box you stepped out of back there is? I've never seen anything like it and I'm kinda curious." "The TARDIS? Yeah, it is a sight to behold if you are new to it. Her name, TARDIS, stands for Time-And-Relative-Dimension-In-Space. But you might understand that better as a time traveling spaceship." He explained. I just walked looking at him with my mouth agape. This was something that was wonderful to me. "Your telling me you are from the feature?! Um, sorry, probably shouldn't say that to loud. That's amazing. Since you are not from here you probably don't have any money on you. I can take care of your treat in that case. Speaking of sugary goodness, here we are! Sugarcube Corner!" I announced pointing the shop out with my hoof. That's the end of the first section! If you liked it give it a brohoof and leave a comment if you want it to continue! If there is any suggestions you may have as well they are more than welcome. See you next time ????
  7. Eternal Nature as: The Doctor Lunarpalette as: Derpy Hooves Hiya there! This is Derpy with a Ask The Doctor and Derpy thread! Here you can ask us any questions you may have about us! So go ahead and ask away!
  8. So, basically, I've heard there's an Earth stallion with an hourglass for his cutie mark named Time Turner. Some people think that his name and cutie mark mean he's a time traveller and write fanfics about him being a pony Doctor who goes by the alias "Doctor Whooves". And, as an extension to that, some people ship him with Derpy or believe they are related because they believe his last name is actually "Whooves" and Derpy's last name is Hooves, which sound alike. So, I have a few questions. 1. Is Time Turner ever seen actually travelling in time? 2. Is his name really Doctor Whooves in anything that could be called canon and if not, who was the first person to call him "Doctor Whooves"? 3. Has there been any canon evidence that he's married/related to Derpy?
  9. Hey, guys, I just posted my most recent story: Ponies Protecting Ponies. The premise is pretty simple: a select few background characters are members of a secret organization acting behind-the-scenes, and this story explores their involvment with Nightmare Moon's return in the first two episodes. Originally I was going to do an episode-like format with each chapter parodying a different episode from the show, but just after writing up the first two I had around thirty thousand words, and I realized that I had something much bigger on my hands. I may still treat this like a pilot or a movie that spawns a TV series kind of thing, but I'm waiting to see how reception goes first. So far I've only got the first chapter up, but the next (and much larger) chapter should be out before too long. If you want more information on what this story is about and the concept behind it, feel free to check out my blog page about it; bit of a long read though. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Some new art to finish off your labor day weekend. I hope you all enjoy! <3 Direct link:
  11. We are happy to announce that part two of our Doctor Whooves audio drama is now up. The Return of Sister Of Mine (Bloody Misaki) - The villian has been reveilded and it is up to the Doctor to not only save all the ponies who were a victim of Sister Of Mine's attack but to save his companion as well. Will the Doctor make the ultimate sacrafice to accomplish both? We welcome your comments. Enjoy!
  12. We have a YouTube channel called Equine Productions that features the collaborative talents of many individuals to produce a program called Doctor Whooves: The Next Regeneration (DWTNR). The Doctor is a blend of the characteristics of the 9th and the 12th doctors from Doctor Who and his companion is similar to Clara from that series. These two time travelers will have the opportunity to meet up with the mane 6 and others from time to time in this series. We are excited to share with you our latest episode called DWTNR - Bloody Misaki. The following is a brief synopsis of this episode: Desperate for a break from their non-stop adventuring, Clover convinces a reluctant Doctor to take her to the Ponyville Spa. But where the Doctor goes, trouble and adventure are sure to follow - and sometimes, too, old enemies with new faces. Clover's spa day is cut short when she and the Doctor are compelled to investigate a case that has the Star Centuries baffled. But the stakes run to an all-time high when the Doctor's plans to capture the culprit backfire and Clover is taken hostage. The link to this episode is found below: We look forward to your comments. Enjoy!! Sachi Shina and MajiO
  13. So this is my first fanfic that's ever been posted, and it revolves around a universe with my oc and the Discorded Doctor. If you like it, you can find it on the WattPad app, found on Android and iPhone, and follow me on @KeithTheMultifan14. I hope y'all enjoy The Discorded Misadventures of The Discorded Doctor.txt
  14. So my sister let me try out her fancy pants art tablet and I made this. Now I want a tablet.
  15. Hey everypony! I've heard a lot of trash talk about episode 100 lately and was wondering if someone could explain to me why they dislike it so much. Personally, I liked it. Secret agent Bon Bon was adorable, and don't even get me started on how much I fangirled over Doctor Whooves. If I disliked anything, it was Vinyl and Octavia's rampage through town, but I really liked the song. So why didn't you like the episode?
  16. Just an idea I had, since both characters are voiced by Peter New. I guess it's a voice actor joke? Anyways, I'm not exactly great at making show-accurate vectors, so I'm looking for your feedback. This one is half traced-half non traced (if that makes sense), but are there any tips you guys can offer to make it look more like in the show? Also, I know he doesn't have his cutie mark, and that that portion of his leg doesn't have the stroke. I'll fix those up in the final draft. EDIT: Ah, forgot to click "Attach This File". Lemme try again.
  17. Hey brony singers, good news! I am going to need male singers for a song parody from the musical "Wicked," called "What Is This Feeling?" This will be my last parody song and it is connected to the Dr.Marehorror timeline, but it will not be in the crossover musical. I already have a singer for Dr.Marehorror and the Doctor so I am going to do that series next in SFM style once the SFM makers agree to me directing them soon. I have the instrumental attached after the description, if anyone can fix the bug issues at the beginning of the song please inform me in a message/pm. I'll paste the lyrics below for the bronies so that you won't have to be emailed or to be given a pm to know the lyrics. Here are the lyrics: Our dear Doctor, you are just too good! How do you stand it? I don't think I could! She's a terror! She's a tartar! We don't mean to show a bias, But oh Doctor you're a martyr! Poor the Doctor forced to fight With someone so disgusting-I-fied. We just want to tell you, We're all on your side! We share your… Loathing, Unadulterated loathing For her face, her voice, her clothing. Let's just say, We loathe it all! Every little trait, However small, Makes our very flesh Begin to crawl... (I can't paste this lyrics but the singers are supposed to sing 'loathing' two times and 'so strong,' once. Also loathing three times again and 'loathing you...' once. I will of course send a video example of this song as well.) Loathing, Unadulterated loathing Here is the video example of the song: Rules and other info: Remove background noise from your recorder/mic as much as possible (must be decent quality.) I will need decent singers for this song. I may accept from 5-10 winners. I will send you my email in a pm if you are one of the winners. DEADLINE is the 20th of February. Please audition if you are willing to participate in the song, I will not risk drop-outs for further delays. Your audition must be in a compatible mp3 format ONLY! NO other formats are allowed. Only one entry per person. You will get a mention in the description of the parody song, IF you win! I think that should be all. Update 11/02/16: Guys, I really need singers for this because my voice actors are currently working on this song and I don't want them to waste effort on this. If more than one person can please offer their singing voice before the 20th, I will choose the winners. Goodluck everyone! Here is the instrumental: Wicked - What is this feeling karaoke.mp3
  18. Unfortunately for those who wanted to audition in the future, I have no further reason to open this topic for more days as my previous voice actor for Summer Star has come back and she will be willing to do the voice for her. If anyone can lock this topic please do. If I want anymore topics locked or deleted (personally I'd prefer deleted) you might stumble upon another one of my topics and will find a message like this. Please do not delete/lock any topics if they do NOT have these messages. Thanks in advance. Summer Star Voice Example.mp3
  19. So, I have decided to bring back Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel once the studios gets their act together...but I will also need more voice actresses. I plan to bring back the series with more exciting episodes so that I can make sure I have a cast for my audio shorts as well. I also need co-writers, so send me your email in a pm if you're interested to join. We'll probably write together in Google Docs and discuss ideas on the side of the page even if it is slow. I mostly need background mares and ocs for my future episodes, I already have a voice actor for the Daleks and Cyberponies. If I need another male voice actor, I'll let you all know. I will probably only need one or two co-writers for each episode, it depends on how much you all know about Dr.Who. Voice actors I need (warning: spoilers below!) : Lyra Vinyl Octavia Bon Bon Derpy Golden Burning Star (oc) Mare (oc) I would go for fanon canon for most of these background ponies, and I have a set voice for Burning Star but I'll ask the voice actress first who I got the inspiration from, for her voice. Mare still needs to be talked about and I haven't got a set voice for her yet, since I still haven't heard from her voice actress recently, So if anyone wants to voice her, send me your skype in a pm and I'll add you so that we can provide a voice for her. Mic rules: Please have your mic for at least from little to no background noise. If you're auditioning guys, send your audition(s) in mp3 format. No ZIPS or any other format are allowed! Oh, yes! Also I want artists too, experts who do digital art. I may accept traditional art when I need it, but not right now. Send me some examples of your artwork below, and if I think they are good tell me your email in a pm, and please join if you are not busy. That goes for the voice actresses too. I will also need singers as well. This should be all for now, if I think of anything else I will add the details here. Goodluck getting a role, everyone!
  20. This week while waiting of other craft bits to turn up in the post, i decided to have a go at making pony sculptures using polymer clays. First one turned out ok so was asked by a mate to make a Doctor Whooves. So here he is.
  21. Hi, everyone, theMareBrony here. On my last topic was about me wanting some cover art for a certain fanfiction I screwed up cause I don't know how to cope with MLP Forums. Anyway, a moderator over at decided that it was best for me to share this story in a google doc file if I want feedback before I publish it so I hope it doesn't break any of the MLP Forum rules (sounds weird, I know.) Here is the link: I think the biggest flaw for the chapter of this fanfiction is that it didn't exactly flow as I thought it would in my head and I started to make the Master a little out of character, I wanted him to enter the TARDIS and see that the Doctor only just got a new companion. Maybe the Doctor tries to kick him out or something? I don't know but I want ideas to run for at least 1,000 words. Golden and Derpy were his last companions which is why the Master said "companions." The storyline of this fanfiction is that Lyra gets angry over the two fighting for freedom or conquering, however she accidently makes a spell that switches the time lords around. If you haven't seen my request for cover art, go over there to see the references of those characters. I only cope with scripts which is why I'm struggling with this story right now. If anyone can give me advice or ideas for this fanfiction, please let me know. Thanks in advance. (Don't give me too spoilery ideas though.)
  22. I'm putting it up here, just in case Also, Mare and the Master's TARDIS Adventures is cancelled for the time being.
  23. WARNING: This post contains minor spoilers for those reading outside of MLP Forums or for those who aren't interested in partaking in my new project: "Mare and the Master's TARDIS Adventures!" Basically, what this project is about is the Master from the original TV Series called "Doctor Who." He is the Doctor's rival trying to take over the universe but he unexpectedly takes a new companion on board, a pony named just "Mare;" who is a mysterious blue unicorn from Canterlot. Mare won't really try to stop the Master from doing bad things unless if it is really necessary. This series comes from another perceptive from my old audio play series called Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel. It won't need the title "Doctor Whooves" at the beginning because he's not a main character. This will need a different intro, but I'm having a hard time trying to find the fanmade intro that someone made for the Master. If someone can find any videos, please link them to me in the comment section. If anyone has seen my previous threads, then you'll know the drill. But for the new comers, continue to scroll down! What I need: Audio Editors (MOST IMPORTANT!) Artists and auditions (for a couple of characters only.) Characters I need: Bullet and the Master Also art must be in digital, no traditional please. Please do not trace other artwork unless if given permission from bases only! Your auditions must be in mp3 format and they must be sent to me at! Also I do want as much background noise removed as possible! Well, just found out that I can't attach files. Oh well, I'll make a video and link you all to the Master's voice. I do want a deep voice for Bullet but he will sound like a responsible guard. Goodluck!
  24. Hi everyone, it has come to a final decision that since I cannot get princess voice actors for the Maniac Whooves audio play series I decided to make a triple crossover series called Doctor Whooves: A series of Unfortunate Events instead. I promise you this will be my last decision unless I can not get the production team that I need. I realize that making this will be a lot harder than I thought because I cannot write the character properly who is going to play Count Olaf as the villain of the series, so if any of you Doctor Whooves and A series of Unfortunate events writer experts would like to join in the production team that would be great. I also need a few females who might be interested to voice act in this project, here are the characters that I need: Mrs Cake Rara Lyra Heartstrings (for voice acting backup) I need permanent audio editors that can overlap audio clips evenly so that people can hear the audio in high quality, and I also need artists. This might be helpful for my future projects. Goodluck getting in the production team! I need some people for each category in a week time since time is running out for Summer.
  25. Hi everyone, I need new writers for Marella a Disney parody short and Maniac Whooves: The New Rival. I need new ideas and lots of twists for these new audio plays. Marella will be a three parter short while Maniac Whooves: The New Rival will have ten episodes so that I can make other audio play series. If you're interested, send me a pm and we can talk. I will probably need your email if you're going to be co-writer for the scripts. Thank you. Update: Writers wanted for Maniac Whooves are closed, but I still want writers for Marella. I decided to rewrite a novel that some people may be fond of and it is dark but I won't reveal anything yet, I am getting quite good at it and I will watch the movie so I will probably not want extra writers for this new series I have in mind. I apologize for changing my mind but I think this will be my final decision cause I want to make a concept easier for me and everyone else.