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Found 26 results

  1. When i used to be a kid, between the ages 3-7 i was going to my pediatrician alot of times because i was always sick with something, especially during winter. I was pretty much getting used to it and i was always fascinated with the instruments that the doctor had (especially the stethoscope) and he always gave some sweets at the end. Only thing i didn't like was getting a shot, but even that i got used to. What about you guys? Did you liked going to the doctor, did you not, or something inbetween?
  2. I know it's a weird topic, but this just really interests me. Did you ever had the chance (probably in your childhood) to use the stethoscope to listen to your insides? I know that alot of pediatricians do that, because it takes the fear and mystery away from the examination. I for one never had the courage to ask my Doctor/Pediatrician. I was very shy to ask and even when he offered me at one point, i didn't want to, eventhough i wanted to do it. I guess i just felt very odd about it infront of other grown ups. What is your story? Something similar, or something different?
  3. So, as probably many of you have noticed by now, is that my hypnotizing Lamia OC, is also a Doctor. He is a Doctor, because i also wanted him to be like a productive pony instead of just being a normal hypnotizing lamiapone like other lamiapones are and he is a doctor because i myself have an interest in Medicine and even owning a stethoscope, which is like the symbol for a modern Doctor. But there have also been some people who asked me "Mesme, why don't become a Doctor? You obviously have a knowledge in this kinda field and you would probably do good." Well, it's true that i have a certain knowledge in that field and i have learned how to make steth checkups, there are just alot of things that you have to take into consideration. First of all, becoming a Doctor takes years of hard studying and you have to sacrifice alot of your private time to achieve this goal. The thing is, i don't really like the thought of sacrificing this time and i feel like this would at somepoint lead to a breakdown by me, because the studying becomes way too much and i don't want to lose my friends because of it. The other thing is, even if i do become a Doctor, it's not going to be an easy Job/Life. I thought to maybe be a cardiologist or maybe a pediatrician. Cardiologist, because the heart interests me the most and pediatrician because i can imagine working with kids could be fulfilling. But what if i have a very ill patient, whose life is on the line? As a cardiologist, you face that alot, because the heart is the most important organ and deadly sick children would be even harder, because it would probably break my heart way too much and i would just feel incredibly helpless that i can't prevent it. Basically, while it could be fun in theory, i think it would eat me up after awhile because i just care too much for these people. Hope i didn't put you guys down too much, but i felt like i had to say this.
  4. Hello everyone. The Doctor issssss in. Tell the good Doctor anything. Ask about myself, about any sickness, about my job or if you need a diagnosisssss. Anything isssss okay. Come near. The good Doctor won't hurt you.
  5. thanks to @StormBlaze for this great and funny picture. Rainbow Dash is fearless and has no problems facing anybody. But when the yearly checkup comes around that every wonderbolt has to take, she kinda dreads it because she dosen't like it when ponies touch her. Doctor Mesme who was her new Doctor was getting ready to use his stethoscope. "Let'sssssss check that heart of yourssssss." Rainbow was already grinding her teeth and when the cold piece touched her skin "YIKES." Rainbow was making a loud yelp. Mesme was a bit confused by Rainbows over the top reaction, as her heart was beating loud and fast in his ears. Just a silly idea i had, after i watched Ponyville Confidential again recently.
  6. RD: Hehe...s-stop it Mesme. T-That tickles. Me: Hehe, it's over soon. if you behave, you'll get a nice lollipop in the end. RD: S-Stop Patronizing me... Just a silly idea i had. Yes, i am turning 27 in 9 days. Yes, i obviously play doctor with my plushies. No, i don't have any regret, eventhough i probably should.
  7. Hello, i am Dr. Messsssme. I cure all of your sicknesssssses, from little knee scrapesssssss, very annoying flusssssss, or if you jussssssst come for a routine checkup. Come to me and you get a Lollipop at the end. So yeah, i also have some interest in Medicine, so Mesme also is a Doctor from time to time. Thank you to Crecious for this wonderful pic.
  8. Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show in T.V. history. It is quite possibly up there with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as one of the greatest shows of all time. Please post your Who speculations on the next episode or just whatever you want to say.To get us started, I've decided to make a poll of: Who is the best Doctor?This is a debate which has been raging for years between the Who fans. Who is the best Doctor?Did David Tennant's playful yet serious personality strike it lucky with you? Is there a special place in your heart for Tom Baker? Or is Matt Smith the right one for the part?I am very eager to hear about all your reasons why each doctor is the best.Please do not just say: "DAVID TENNANT COS HES KEWL" If you are going to make a contribution, make sure your reason is legitimate and not stupid.Okay, let's begin...My Favourite is David Tennant, as he manages to be a playful and happy Doctor, as well as being serious. I also feel that the Time War was explored into a little more detail with him, and he told us about the gruesome details. He is also the most social Doctor. A lot of the other Doctors were very quiet or enigmatic. David Tennant excellently portrayed a Doctor who knows how to walk the talk.I look forward to your contributions.
  9. So, are you on any medications? Also, have you ever been admitted to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation? I have been admitted to the psychiatric unit for suicidal thoughts and self injury. I have been on: Zoloft (Currently taking) Prozac BuSpar Lyrica Xanax Abilify (Currently taking) Propranolol (Currently taking) Hydroxyzine (Currently taking) Ativan Citalopram Klonopin Respirdal
  10. Were you afraid of flu shots? When I was little, I used to dread going to the doctor because of them. One time when I was about to get one, I tried to run out of the building but my mom caught me at the front door. Tell me your story below.
  11. I was in class again today toying with the Idea of Fluttershy also being a medic, As she is best pony (for me) I figured we could use the connection. lol but I sketched this picture, I didn't finish all the shading or the hair but I think it's cute anyway lol. Please let me know if you guys like it or hate it or if I should throw my pencil away. Because I have so little experience with digital art, I don't do it often despite having a tablet, I would like to know if you think it's worth converting, butter pony is better with color.
  12. So, if you already know me.. you know that i joined the fandom thanks to the Rainbow Factory fanfic.. i decided to drawn for the first time my background... so here it is.. my ponysona, doctor electron volt, at the Cloudsdale weather corporation
  13. I finished watching Series 1 and 2, and I am happy to know this exists, and also happy to finally watch it! I love his (the Doctor) attitude, he always seems to know what to do no matter what the situation. I love the way he talks and acts towards others. One minute he is mad, the next he is as calm as ever. It's hilarious. As for the companion(s), they are awesome. They get to travel with the Doctor and have some fun adventures through space and time. ...I am jealous. The TARDIS on the other hand as cool looking! I love the blue box look. This is what makes it different from other spaceships: it actually looks like something human-made! The episodes are of quality and seem to follow everything accurately (according to my past classes in high school)! Everything about this is awesome! Plus, good writing! I really don't know what else to say, others could probably explain it better than I can!
  14. Some blindbag, putty, paint and plasticard fun! Am quite a fan of the Dr Whooves Adventures audio series, so thought this would be appropriate to make for the 50th anniversary of Dr Who tonight!
  15. Ummmm, it's Doctor Whooves, white, on fire.... Super Doctor Whooves? I don't even know, I just thought of it, drew it, and I am now confused... hope you enjoy..?
  16. Hehe, Doctor Whooves, the deer! I don't kow if you saw, but I posted a topic of Derpy the deer, so, I made Doctor Whooves the deer! Ok, let the critiquing begin!
  17. HEHEHEHEHEHEH Its done! Hehe, nothing much x3. This took me a very short time to draw. Future PMV. Guess the song also ;3. I will start animating this when I get more skills, and when I get either Fire Alpaca or GIMP. Anything I should work on? Critique. BROHOOF! This is Ditzy Doo and Doctor Whooves *Also known as Derpy hooves* And were it says what DW is talking, its blurry, it says 'And it was not your fault but mine' Its blurry ;3;
  18. Here is my doctorate. And here's a picture of me.
  19. Here you go, Tom. You've got your wish. Hello I am Doctor XFizzle. Feel free to ask me anything blah blah wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey vashta nerada blah blah. Give me your best shot humans
  20. I have heard rumors that David Tennant was going to be having a speaking role in a future episode of MLP:FiM as Doctor Whooves. Is this true, or is it just a rumor? I know I would literally lose all semblance of self control if I found out it were true. And on a similar topic, which famous actor/actress would you like to see make a guest appearance on the show?
  21. Which is your favorite Doctor? Mine is David Tennant. I love Matt Smith and Chris Eccleston but Tennant is pure gold. Just everything about his take on the character is amazing!
  22. Aight so now that season 2 of MLP is about to wrap up, Californication season 5 just ended and I don't know when Justified season 4 starts, I need a new show to get into over the next few months and I figured alot of you ponies rave about it so I decided to start watching Doctor Who. However I had no idea the show had been running since the 60's and had like 30 seasons. It seems like most people like the series reboot or whatever that started in 2005 (the 9th/10th doctor?). Should I start there? Or is the old-ass series worth watching also? Help me out yo!
  23. I saw that someponies have a "ask" threads and im me so why not?