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Found 11 results

  1. So this is actually a bit odd to be writing now since I just got finished taking a swallow tablet to prevent myself from catching the flu hopefully. However before then i'll be honest that i've never swallowed any tablets or pills before, and really i only swallowed the one i did after stuffing it in ice cream and accidentally chewing it in two.(that thing tastes disgusting.. ) I've never taken any actual pills though, and before i swallowed the tablet less then 24 hours ago i had never swallowed any medicine. Normally i just take liquids or chew-able tablets. I don't know why exactly, but i just felt like my throat doesn't wanna open when i try to swallowed tablets, or medicine of any kind really. Maybe i just lack practice, but anyways. I can't be the only one who has or had trouble taking swallow pills and tablets before, can i? I'm not even sure if i could take a pill if i had to, i might just choke on it, or it'd never go down. I know i'll have to get use to it eventually as most medicine is that way, but i find it kinda difficult personally, its actually a bit embarrassing in a way. I may be making progress to taking swallow medicine, but anyways.. Enough rambling. I just want to get to the point and ask the simple question in the title of whether anybody else has had trouble taking swallow tablets or pills? I feel like the majority hasn't, but i'd hope i'm not alone here ;p, or i'll feel kinda awkward.(Don't make me feel awkward and alone . ) Ahem. yeah that's about it, so feel free to begin discussing and stuff, Have a good day y'all!
  2. Personally I don't think the term matters. It's just a random buzzword just to patronize works made by younger audiences, despite the fact that it a work shouldn't be judged by who the intended demographic is, as a work is good, then it's fine by me.
  3. Welp... I thought about a vacuum somewhere along the lines as I was cleaning my room. Then suddenly I started singing this...
  4. I'm guessing this is just another bug with IPB but since I don't see a thread about it yet, I'll bring it to public attention. At the moment, I can't see anyone's "stats" tab on their profile, and apparently I'm not the first person this has happened to. Is this something that could potentially be resolved?
  5. Does anybody else on here LOVE Skelanimals? I sure do. :3 I'm fact I'm FINALLY getting one! And not just any ild Skelanimal. The Skelanimals WOLF. Jae. The one my best freind and I designed!!! :DDDDDD
  6. Hi guys, I hope I'm putting this in the right spot. I have been making an abridged series, and I thought you might like to see it or something. The idea behind this series is, I wanted to make something short and simple. There are a lot of high quality pony parodies out there, but I thought to myself, "Maybe people just want a short, quick laugh, and frequent updates". Those other parodies out there are great and all, but I personally find them too long and too long between episodes. I wanted to make something short and simple, and, you wouldn't have to know anything about MLP FIM to understand. I was inspired mostly by the early Yugioh TAS episodes and Code Ment/None Piece. Most of all, I wanted a pony parody series that could be enjoyed by both bronies and haters, or even at least those people who are indifferent to MLP. I'm not sure if I have succeeded in that, but if you know any haters, feel free to try this series on them. I would really like to know what they think. Apart from that UFP is just a short silly thing I made one day, and then decided to continue on with. Even though it's not the most popular series out there, I have a lot of fun making it, and I hope you all have fun watching it too. wacarb (I'M BEING STUPID AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!)
  7. This is a thread where I will keep all my art. If you have any ideas not related to OC's, I'd be more then happy to draw them ALICORNS: UNICORNS: PEGASI: PONIES: PONYFIED: NON-PONY: Please tell me what you think, and which is your favorite
  8. Recently there has been quite a fervor over Disney acquiring Lucasfilms, and the natural direction to take such a conversation is towards speculations of Disney acquiring Hasbro (and MLP within that). For me personally, I don't believe Hasbro would sell out any time soon. Think about it; what's the draw for Hasbro? In all of the years that they've been in business, they've attained their most popular show ever just two years ago - they still have years of projected growth and earnings before things begin to level off. But follow me on a journey. I'd like to pose a theoretical ending to this story. The year is 2017. After seven years of growth, the MLP franchise has hit it's peak, and is slowly settling down. Hasbro is looking to sell. They have many options, and each one will be highly lucrative. In fact, even the "lesser" offers will be incredibly appealing. It's only a matter of time until the power shifts, the administration changes, and the fans suddenly become disconnected from the "powers at be" and must adjust to the new ones. Rules will change, and misunderstandings will occur. It's just part of the transition. But what if, say, we bought the MLP franchise? What if a fandom collective bought the rights to the very show they follow so closely? It would be incredible. Where would our limits end? We could create the show ourselves. If there's a new trend in the fandom, we could make it canon. If someone writes a fanfic that spreads like wildfire, we can throw in references to it. Best of all: as long as we own the rights to the show, restrictions on fanworks would disappear. Nobody has to worry about infringing on copyright laws, nobody has to censor their YouTube uploads, and the artists that create the epic paintings that sit on our walls and the adorable plushies that adorn our bedrooms could sell their works without fear of lawsuits. It would be the first open source story to grace screens across the globe. Will there be any restrictions? Of course. There must be. For example, we should leave the episode drafting to a select few, and simply give them influences - since the mystique and "newness" of every new episode is what gives the show it's "draw". If everyone knew what the episodes would contain, they wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch. And if someone suddenly starts making their millions off of a franchise that wasn't started by them, it wouldn't quite sit right with me. The solution? Well, we would need a way to continue funding the essentials of the franchise - so why not hire on the artist's creative genius? But aside from keeping the core show creation afloat, there would be little need to monitor the fandom's actions. It would spark unbounded imagination! If millions of dedicated fans suddenly received a sky with no limits, we'd see a creativity unparalleled by anything else. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade the current staff for anyone on planet Earth. In fact, I'd rather they keep MLP safely in their hands for right now. But when the time comes and they want to retire from the business, I believe that there are countless minds who have the talent to pick up their legacy where they left off. I would buy the MLP franchise. Would you? *EDIT: Apparently there's some misunderstandings as to what I said, so I'll break it down into very simple sentences. No, I don't think we could ever feasibly buy MLP. No, we shouldn't suddenly hand total writing control over to the fandom. I agree with you, it would quickly turn into the world's largest collection of shipping stories. Ownership would be an issue, although there are legal frameworks that one can set up before hand to level the playing field. I'm saying that we keep the old staff (if possible), and simply let them throw in little references here and there. (NOT shipping.) The only real difference in mechanics would be how fan works are handled. The show would be written the same way, animated the same way, etc., but perhaps we'd see more head nods from the dev team. This was only an idea I had for fun...that probably won't need to stress over it...
  9. null123456

    Sucky day power!

    Here's pretty much my entire day. - Go to school - Get bullied at school - Have asshole knock me off chair - Injure tail bone - Get laughed at - Lock myself in the bathroom and cry - Log on forums and listen to music - Feel the pain of injured tail bone Yup.
  10. Have any of you ever seen the forum/facebook game where someone posts as their topic/ status something like: "comment on this status and I'll tell you a truth."? This is a variation. You tell a truth about the person above you, whether it be something postive, negative, personality, or anything that you think about that person. Since no one's above me, I think the banner up there ^ should really lose a couple pounds (:
  11. So I was thinking of ponies today (I dont do much else) when I thought, why do I like this show so much? I mean I know it's a good show, and I know all the reasons for why it's good. But I was wondering why I, and so many others in the Brony community obsess over it so much. There are so many other good shows I like to watch, but I don't follow them the way I follow MLP. Just the fact that I go on this forum site partially proves my point that I have an obsession for the show. So I was wondering if any of you could give your thoughts on why MLP sucks people in to a greater degree than anything else I know of. I personally can't come up with any reason.