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Found 39 results

  1. Do you like dogs or do you not like dogs? I personally don't like dogs because I find them annoying.
  2. Just another random question by me. If you had to have a dog and a cat, or if you already have one or both of these animals, have another, which breed would the cat be and which one would the dog me? For the dog, I'd say Shiba Inu, and for the cat, American Bobtail. How about everyone else?
  3. I had this idea from the MLP Movie trailer, in which Party Favor's despair over his crushed balloon friend makes him look like a howling wolf, and by extension, a dog. So, if Party Favor were a dog, which breed do you think he would belong to? Alsatian, Husky, or Retriever?
  4. If Wiona the dog in the EQG shorts goes through the portal to the pony world would she become a dragon since Spike turns into a dog when he goes through the mirror?
  5. My Dog has passed away from me today, after spending 13 years of my life with her. It was very painful, but i know she dosen't feel anymore pain where she is now. Goodbye Trixie. I will miss you.
  6. Parappa the Rapper tries body building in this hit for the whole family. Just make sure you don't fall for the smooth voiced bloke.
  7. Hello everybody I don't know if this has happened to you, but this seems to happen quite often to me where I will be walking my dogs minding my own business and another person either walking one dog or 2 will automatically assume that my dogs and their dog(s) should mix and mingle and be the best of friends so they end up trying to shove their dog(s) in my dogs face and I get an attitude from them every time I avoid them which I really don't care I was always taught you don't shove dogs at each other that is how fights break out, but its just soooo annoying to me so has anybody else had this problem before? please do tell your story.
  8. A sketch of my Dog Ewok. I am drawing this for my aunts Birthday card she loves my dog
  9. Got bored and did an oil styled digital painting of my dog. Thanks for all the brohoofs. Thinking of playing around and doing one of my chihuahua also.
  10. I also have anew Deviantart Okay since I don't have much time, I'm going to be quick: NEW OC!! Not much is known about him, his design isn't even finale yet, all I know is that he is male, a chub, and super gay. ^^ That right up there is the speedpaint, but wait! -gasp- THAT MEANS I HAVE A NEW YOUTUBE!!! There you will find mostly art and animation, BUT mostly art haha. BUT THATS NOT ALL! ^^ I ALSO HAVE A NEW DEVIANTART!!!! There you will find all my artwork. Yeah, yeah, this is mostly advertising BUT IM SUPER EXCITED TO START OUT FRESH AND I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL LIKE THIS AND SPREAD THE NEWS!! Yes, yes, I may have rushed the icon a little BUT I STILL LIKE IT!!!! Expect more from me tomorrow!!!! Hopefully if I'm not busy haha
  11. This is actually the first time I have ever drawn an anthropomorphic character in front view. I typically draw in 3Q view. Zoe Trent from Littlest Pet Shop.
  12. Hey guys! It's been a really long while since I posted in this blog in particular, but I need some advice. Several days ago, my mom saved a pug from getting euthanized at 10 AM the next evening. They were going to euthanize her for no apparent reason, because no one came and took her in. Mom felt sorry for Roxy (that's her name), and now she lives over here temporarily since we are moving into an apartment soon. Now here's the problem. As of two days ago, let's just say my cat, Sophie, isn't taking this so well. We had a dog in the house before, but I am afraid this has blossomed her deep distaste for dogs since all the dog did was try to "play" with her. Anyways, the first time Sophie saw Roxy, she immediately hissed at her and started growling. I know this is typical cat behavior, but i'm worried for my cat. Sophie hasn't came out of my room since, because Roxy keeps chasing her and barking. I literally realized that today when I noticed her food bowl hasn't been touched, so I literally had to bring in her food bowl in my room. As I speak, she is still eating and I gave her the food 10 minutes ago. She hasn't purred or looked me in the eye since, and i'm afraid my cat may be upset or depressed about there being another dog in the house since she is used to all the attention since our previous dog, Maggie, left. She won't even let me cradle her like a baby as usual! Is she mad at me, and will she adjust to the fact of there being another animal in the house. We have a bird too, but she doesn't mind her because she's in a cage.
  13. I made a new fursona since I haven't connected to my old one in a lonnnngggg time I absolutely adore my new baby <3 meet Pip Pip! Pip is a mix of bernese mountain dog, fox, and eastern dragon the little thing on her collar is a lock made out of opal - pip gets it name for making little "pip pip" noises - unreasonably unreasonable - never content
  14. I love dogs. Let's talk about dogs. What's your favorite breed/s of dog and why? My favorite for a long time, until recently, was the Italian greyhound. The only thing that really bugged me about iggys was that they have short hair, and I prefer dogs with long hair. Then I discovered the long-haired whippet. Look at how beautiful and majestic they are. They're like more regal miniature borzois. In general, I like sighthounds, especially iggys, whippets and greyhounds. I like their personalities, I like their rooing. I love the fact that they're so sight-stimulated. Most dogs don't see a lot of the things we do but sighthounds do. Sight is one of our main forms of interaction with the world, but for dogs, it's usually sound and smell. But with sighthounds, you get a dog that can understand that aspect about human life, and I feel like that makes for a deep, rich connection with them. But the long-haired whippets are by far the most attractive, so it gets them an extra point :3 I'd also heard that they have more gentle personalities than smooth whippets, so even more points! I also like cocker spaniels. I have one and she's so awesome. I love her. I like spaniels in general as well. They're always happy and they wanna please you. Spaniels are great. I also love Cavaliers and Springer Spaniels. I guess we can do the inverse question, too, if people wanna answer it. What's your least favorite breed of dog and why? I like dogs so much, I don't really think I have a least favorite. Just ones I'd be less likely to own. Which I think is totally fair. You need to get a dog that you understand, that fits with your lifestyle and that's gonna gel with you. But that doesn't mean I don't like them. If there's one I can say I don't really care much for, it's the vizsla. I used to work at a dog daycare center. Of course, there were nice, well-behaved dogs and annoying little shits of all types. There was just this one vizsla, however, in particular that I did not like. He always wanted to jump on everyone and he was extremely mouthy. He bruised my arm with his bite on multiple occasions. I'm lucky he never drew blood. I know it's not fair to judge all dogs of a breed based on the behavior of just one, but the experience just kinda soured me on vizslas. Though I think if I met a nice vizsla in the future, my opinion would probably change. Anyway, favorite breeds, least favorite breeds, go.
  15. I love dogs. They're awesome. They can be happy, energetic, smart, loyal, and kind. So, I'm asking everyone here, If you like dogs, what are your favorite dog breeds? Here are my favorite breeds: German Shephard (Number 1 fav) Siberian Husky Labrador Shiba Inu
  16. Hilarity ensues when I have my dog play catch while wearing a Fluffle Puff costume!
  17. Just a quick drawing I did of my new Furry OC, called Aercio. He's a Doberman, have 22 years old and works in the German Army. He have two scars, one in the mouth, and the other one in the eye(he's blind of this eye). I don't have a history for him yet, and this is the only drawing I have for him..... for now of course. I'll do a drawing reference, but not now.
  18. I really liked Spike as a dog. He was friggin adorable. Lps isn't as good as ponies but dayum I love me some Zoe.
  19. Wagging tails Growling Whining Stretching (for dogs) Purring (for cats)
  20. i draw ponies all the time so i thought I'd try canines for a change to spice things up!
  21. Enterplay has recently launched their first set of Dog Tags (picture below). I went in search to find some and was surprised to find many. They retail for about $3, and come with 1 Dog Tag, 1 Decal, and 1 Tattoo set. The tags are double sided with a cutie mark, or symbol on one side and a pony on the other (in most cases, there are a few which have two symbols on each side). Also there are a few rare metallic ones, which can be found much easier if you buy a 2 Pack, but I've never seen those before. Just wanted to hear yall's opinion on these little guys. As for the ones I purchased I got Twilight and Cadence and Shinning Armor (not that Cadence and Shinning share one dog tag). They are pretty nice and have a good weight to them. Their chain is nice and strong, but a bit small, I failed at slipping it over my head and it became a metal headband. But thats not a problem with the product, just my big egghead :/ The price seems a bit steep, $3 for one piece of metal, but then again you are getting a nice decal, a tattoo set, and a chain that goes with the dog tag. So I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Also one more thing, some of the dog tags have that clear film on them (kinda like new electronics have, the kind that are fun to peel off). But for some reason, even though my Cadence and Shinning had some of the film on the back of their tag, my Twilight had no film whatsoever. Strange but not a problem. Also one more note, the tags have a very nice smooth texture to them and seem very durable. I have mine on my set of keys, and for a bit now there have been no scratches on it, so wearing it around your neck, yeah it will last a good wile. What are your thoughts?
  22. Hello again! This time I've drawed Winona, the faithful dog of the apple family. Like I said in the Discord Sketch, this is my first time drawing a dog. Her face is like a wolf, because I draw wolves. Yeh yeh. Any critique is accept.
  23. Well, I've been away from this blog for a while. Sorry about that, but it's hard for me to come up with things to write sometimes. But now, I feel I've found something that merits writing about, and it is this: I have a new puppy. On it's own, this is big news for me, but I don't really have a whole lot to write about it. However, I started this blog talking about the death of my dog, and I feel like this is sort of a continuation, or perhaps a resolution, of that. The sadness I felt when I lost my dog was crushing, but it's now balanced by the joy that this new dog has brought me. It's times like these when I reflect on all that circle of life stuff, and how, as I once rather pretentiously said, life begets death, and death begets life. I guess you could say my last dog had to die for this one to take it's place. Of course, no dog could ever really replace him, and he'll always have a special place in my heart, but the empty spot in our family has been filled again now, and that's something. On the subject of things coming full circle, today marks a full year on this site for me. I owe a lot to this place, and I'm thankful for all the wonderful people I've met. If it weren't for this site, I never would have met my beloved Ichirin no Hana, my girlfriend who I'm deeply in love with. Not to mention the other close friends I've made here, and all the great times I've had. So... thanks everybody. It's been wonderful, and I look forward to another great year. I'll try to write another entry before too long. Maybe even in the next day or two. But we'll have to see how it goes.
  24. Hello. I recently got a new puppy, and I wanna show her off Her name is Sophie and she's a chihuahua/ Shih Tzu mix. She can fit into the palm of my hand. She's so tiny and adorable!