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Found 24 results

  1. Do you like dogs or do you not like dogs? I personally don't like dogs because I find them annoying.
  2. The age old question: Which pet is better? Dogs or cats? Personally, I think cats suit me more than dogs. Do I hate dogs? NO! Would I completely refuse to own one? NO! I may feel more connected to cats but that doesn't mean dogs are bad. Same thing with all animals. I'm tired of people going to war online with the "dogs vs cats" thing. ITS STUPID AND RIDICULOUS!!! No animal should suffer because YOU think they should and because YOU think one is superior to the other. Get off your high horse! Trust me, I understand why some people would hate one or the other. Both have flaws but they both have wonderful things about them too! They are both living thing of this world. Treat them BOTH as such even if you like one more for personal reasons. Sorry for the rant. I'm curious, do any of you agree or disagree with me? Which is your favorite (dogs or cats)?
  3. I had a dog once, well my brother did. She was a small puppy, and she died of parvo. She was 4 months old, I think. So before you go all "well you just don't have any experiance with dogs" on me, I just wanted to let you know. So anyways, ever since I was small I've hated dogs. I thought they were loud and annoying, and I still do, because they are. I remember I used to be scared of dogs a lot when I was little. I mean FFS they're not even that cute. I'm walking home from school, a dog sees me and it starts barking at me really loud and it's annoying. I mean don't these things have an off switch or something? Shit... But whenever a cat sees me it runs away, and that makes me sad I'm obviously more of a cat person. Too bad my parents won't let me have one -.- I like how cats are quiet, and they're cute. If there's one breed of dog I truly hate, it's pitbulls. They're ugly, they have the most horrid sounding bark and everyone in my flipping neighborhood has one. So does anyone else not like dogs?
  4. I just saw a post relating to dogs and this popped up in my mind So what do you like better, cats or dogs? Personally, I like Cats better but I like both of them alot
  5. To me, it seems to be that way, since women do tend to be a lot more caring than men do. And to most dogs, women are not seen as much of a threat compared to men. And this website also seems to confirm this fact too:
  6. So due to Capper, an anthro cat, basically being canon, I was wondering what he would think and feel about non-antho cats, like Opal, and how his species evolved into such a way as to become more human-like. I would assume there might also be anthro dogs as well and how they possibly evolved to go away from how we perceive dogs in their universe, like Winona. How is it that these two creature are very similar and yet very different when they are so close and how did one become so anthro, because, I’m assuming, it too at least a millennium for cats to evolve into such a way for Capper to be the way he is.
  7. What are some funny things your pets have done? It doesn't have to be a current pet you have now... but past pets as well. :3 My previous cat we had in Maine saw the cellar door open. He ventured down there, and all of a sudden comes charging up as the door closed. My mom heard the thump of his head, opened the door... and charged right out. He was never the same again. Just a simple "psst" would send him flying about five feet into the air. He also did something we called "crow-hopping" where he would jump from one spot, to another spot and another spot. My current cat has also done a few worthy things. One time, she jumped onto her cat tower and knocked it over. This sent her charging around the corner at abut 50 miles per hour. XD
  8. One of the most majestic domesticated creatures in the world IMO. They seem to love the outdoors. Would love to own one someday. I'd take 'em hiking with me every day
  9. I also have anew Deviantart Okay since I don't have much time, I'm going to be quick: NEW OC!! Not much is known about him, his design isn't even finale yet, all I know is that he is male, a chub, and super gay. ^^ That right up there is the speedpaint, but wait! -gasp- THAT MEANS I HAVE A NEW YOUTUBE!!! There you will find mostly art and animation, BUT mostly art haha. BUT THATS NOT ALL! ^^ I ALSO HAVE A NEW DEVIANTART!!!! There you will find all my artwork. Yeah, yeah, this is mostly advertising BUT IM SUPER EXCITED TO START OUT FRESH AND I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL LIKE THIS AND SPREAD THE NEWS!! Yes, yes, I may have rushed the icon a little BUT I STILL LIKE IT!!!! Expect more from me tomorrow!!!! Hopefully if I'm not busy haha
  10. Well just a shot in the dark, who or which cannon in pony and none-pony has the best color schemes? Also a reason why would be loved and this is open to any race to mane six to background and etc in post and love an such! Derpy: The bright yellow hair, gold hued eyes to the dark gray coat just hits a note! Princess Sunbutt: White to rainbow mane and tail and the touch of gold in the crown and etc just adds a touch! Rarity: The royal shade of purple and white coat just screams fashion!
  11. So, here's some good news! (Continuing from my previous post), that we managed to find a home for Roxy the Pug, and Sophie the Cat has come back out of her shell! When I came home from school, Sophie came out immediately and started purring, and let me hold her like a baby again! c: I asked mom what happened to Roxy, and she told me we found a home for her. She was really happy to go home with them. She said when Roxy left, Sophie watched her leave out the window, as if to say; "Muahahaha this house is MINE now!" Thanks everyone for the advice you gave me! I'm not a pet expert, despite being around pets that came and gone all my life. haha Seriously! You guys were really helpful!
  12. OK. So I was just thinking this. If MLP Characters were Dogs. It would be amazing. Ok so here is my list. Applejack: Collie(Like Winona). Rarity: Poodle. Twilight Sparkle: ? Rainbow Dash: German Shepherd(Because they are loyal). Pinkie Pie: Daschund? Fluttershy: Golden Retriever. Celestia: Springer Spaniel. Got any Ideas?
  13. I love dogs. They're awesome. They can be happy, energetic, smart, loyal, and kind. So, I'm asking everyone here, If you like dogs, what are your favorite dog breeds? Here are my favorite breeds: German Shephard (Number 1 fav) Siberian Husky Labrador Shiba Inu
  14. So something came into my line of vision recently. There is currently a lawsuit battle going on between Blue Buffalo and Purina, the one a well known maker of dog/cat food, and the other a known name among the high end price wise dog/cat food lovers. Now I have two cats and a hedgehog who all eat Blue Buffalo, and this thus I am waiting to see how this battle will end. But it got me thinking about how everyone treats their pets differently. So I thought it'd be a fun discussion about how we spoil our pets and things we may avoid in the abundance that is the pet care market. List where they sleep, what they eat, do they have toys, what do you give for treats, and how close is that pet to you. Are there any pets you wish you had? Are there any beloved pets you miss? This topic isn't just what pet you have, explain how you care it, because how we care for our pets says a lot about us, and a lot about how much they mean to us. Some may say my two cats (and hedgehog) are spoiled rotten. They get Blue Buffalo food, have their own bedroom, a plethora of toys, and a lot of attention. I don't see them as spoiled though. Their "bedroom" is area behind a tiny closet in our front entryway. It's big enough for a desk to fit in (it's about 4' by 6' room). My husband and I have no use for that area because it's just so inconvenient as a storage space, so I decided to put my cats' litterbox, bed, and water in there. Their litter doesn't permeate the house, I can lock them in if there are guests or we are doing something where they could get in the way or hurt, and because the one has attacked my husband's feet at night since he was a kitten, a convenient way to allow us some peace and quiet at night. My hedgehog has a large clear plastic bin for a cage, not very fancy but he does have a smaller one above it that he climb through a tube to get to. I feed them all Blue Buffalo because I know what my husbands' parents feed the farm cats, and believe me, they are not very healthy looking. They do not grow very big and their poop stinks to high heaven and they are constantly eating (they are free fed, yet they all look immensely skinny and don't hunt). \ Toys...they have lots of toys, but most I get for free or extremely discounted prices. I have so many because they tend to go through them slowly but surely (for the plush ones) and I tend to step on and break their plastic jingle balls, which one of them loves to play with (he even picks them up in his mouth, carries it to a higher part of the room, drops it and chases it with glee). So, most of the toys I get are backups. My hedgehog has 3 small stuffed animals (all deer), that he's had since he was a baby. His cage has to be "just so" or he will dig under his fleece liner and tear the place apart. His stuffed animals have very specific places or he will throw a fit. He also has an area with fleece scraps he plays in and has a big salt lick horse dish as a wheel, which I made myself (it's super quiet). I let him sleep on me during the day when I am doing homework or reading at home, and sometimes I let him chase the cats. They don't want anything to do with my hedgehog and he knows it. When I let him run around, he beelines for the cats, chasing them around until they leave the room I am watching him in ( I don't want him getting hurt or behind anything). So yeah, they are a bit spoiled. But not in a rich way. We are humble people, but I see my pets as my children and friends. One cat even calls me "mama" (it's really adorable). My husband doesn't see it that way, but every animal I ever had, I have cherished immensely. These are the first pets in my life that are all my own, I am wholly and fully responsible for their well-being and want to see them all live long, happy lives. I used to have a wolf-husky named Velcro when I was a kid. I loved that dog, and I was the only one he really liked, but when I went into foster care, he was put down by the DNR because he was 3/4 wolf. I miss him to this day. I also had a rescue hamster when I was a kid. He was 2 when we got him, but he lived 3 more years (that's super old for a hamster). All I remember was that he bit my sister a lot...
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering, we have a favorite animated cat section, but what about dogs? No matter what, there's a cartoon logic to include a talking dog somewhere, so I'm wondering if you guys have any favorite animated dogs to share! My all time without a doubt favorite has to be Droopy! This is the best dog thanks to his very toned down and serious attitude when it comes to just about anything, his ability to outwit any villain by making them loose their mind thanks to his random appearance everywhere, and his signature quote: "I'm so happy." XD Honorable mentions: Zoe Trent from littlest pet shop. Jake the dog from adventure time. Scooby doo from scooby doo. Spike the dog from Equestria Girls
  16. "In major cities around the world, it is commonplace to see abandoned dogs and cats on the street. Two college students, Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzman, decided to raise awareness of the plight of homeless pups in Chile with a creative approach. The duo tied balloons to street dogs with phrases such as, “hug me,” “play with me” and “don’t leave me.” The heart warming video shows what a mix of creativity and compassion can do to engage strangers and spread a bit of kindness." Source: I think this is a great initiative. Look how happy are those doggies! Even if they change one dog's life, it's still better than nothing. Single people can do small changes, but a great change is always a sum of many small changes as such.
  17. Delete this one please and this was a accdeint extra post.
  18. This is my first drawing of a pony. I think I need to work on the back legs a bit. But what do you guys think? Also I don't have a name for the pony what should I call him? did a quick little change to him I think the back legs improved a bit and it's less messy but still gotta use a better eraser as the pencil I have has a horrible one. XD
  19. Today, I needed to get some groceries from the store. As I was about to leave the house, my dog Bobo (a toy Australian Shepard, the cutest little thing on four legs) started bouncing up and down and wagging his tail, indicating to me that he'd really like to go on this car trip with me. I happily obliged, and we took off for the store. As I'm driving, I glance over and see him curl up in a little ball on the passenger seat and go to sleep. It's at this moment, that I think to myself: Does he know that I'm driving this car? Does it occur to him in his tiny little mind that the human being next to him is actually controlling the vehicle? Or does he think it's just moving by itself? This question has been nagging at the back of my mind for the entire day, and I'd like to get some answers/opinions from you guys. Do you think dogs register in their brains that humans are controlling cars? When they look outside, and see a car hurtling down the street, do they think to themselves, "A human is driving that.", or do they just not even think about it?
  21. Here's how you play: Search for your favorite show/movie/game and type "yaoi" beside it. Don't search "My Little Pony" or else you'll regret it. Just an FYI.
  22. I got the camcorder I wanted for Christmas I recorded mom and the dogs in the front yard. Mom is such a hard worker and aren't out dogs adorable?
  23. These are all of different people's dogs. I did these when I was 19-20ish. Taki Bubba Jag Baby Cheif
  24. So I visited some kind of convention for everything equine (beasts, equipment, vans...), accompanied by my mother. We saw horses and ponies on sale, watched shows; and I doodled ponies based on the real animals. I'll be uploading the resulting sketches tomorrow, and photos ASAP. For now, to cut it short, I'll put everything in stat format. ART STATS - all was drawn in MLP style 2 sketches on the road (subway and shuttle) 3 "IRL behavior" doodles 1 attempt at a donkey head FOOD STATS - for two Lunch = 1 sandwich + 1 chicken salad + 2 bottles of orange energy drink Snack = 2 hotdogs + 2 donuts + 1 waffle (for me) Sweets = 2 cotton candies EVENT STATS 2 half-hour-long waits (for the shuttle between sub station and convention) 2.5 additional hours spent on rides (subway + shuttle) At least 100 animals seen (horses and ponies, at least 6 dogs on various duties, 2 donkeys, 1 goat) At least 8 horses+ponies+donkey pet (4 heads scratched, 2 foreheads kissed and/or nuzzled) 2 bites on the right hand (by a normal-sized horse, then a dwarf donkey) * Tonsa gifts, including 3 donkey-plush key rings 1 hotdog almost stolen by... a dog ~3 shows attended (2 boring dressage shows, 1 acrobatics session) (*) I don't think they meant to hurt because otherwise, considering the animals' strength, they would've caused bleeding instead of a mere dent on the skin and a 1cm-long bruise. That's it for now, everypony. Stand by for sketches tomorrow, and hopefully photos later.