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Found 18 results

  1. Hew guys, you know the big, and adorable McFlurry doll? I've looked for one in my closest Toys R Us, but it didn't seemed to be there. It is getting sold out?
  2. Another day, another entry, hmm? Well, that's what it seems like to me. How've I been? Oh, I've been alright. Staying up 'till 3AM working on assignments, getting into fights with chatroom "friends", and all that good stuff. Do I get a break? Yeah, sometimes. The cover for today was originally going to be a picture featuring a before and after photo of my collection since being a brony, but I'm going to leave that for October 15th, and for those who read "Grand Theft Applejack", will know that's my anniversary. Go me! You can expect a photo of the collection on that day. Anyway, today's story is about pony mane styling. Now let me get this off my chest, I have a high respect for whoever can style hair. Sure, I don't like it when people touch my hair, but for those talented folks who can whip up something amazing with nothing more than a couple of combs and a pair of scissors, I tip my stat-track fedora for you guys. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! What's the first thing you do when you buy a brushable Pony doll? Criticize the bad packaging, seriously! Hasbro is the only big company who still can't pack their crap! Ahem, I'm getting off topic. The second thing you do when you buy a brushable? Hide it from your par- I mean, style the mane, probably. For those who hold pride in their collections, you're willing to go the extra mile to make sure your pony dolls are looking their best for your neighboring haters and disapproving fathers. I try to be the most "collective" brony a brony can be, (collecting merch, t-shirts, bedwear, stickers...) so I make sure my ponies are ready for the gala. The catch is that I can't style hair for crap. But I don't give up! And being oblivious, I of course turned to Youtube, your daily dose of bad memes, commentary channels and, in my suggestions, terrible pony-tubers. (WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE? UGH! They move ponies around a camera and make bad puns! UUGH! the mane styles are nice though.) So I embarked on a journey to find the most informative, english-speaking, gentlecolt who could teach me his ways of conditioner. I found him about two minutes later. Turns out, it's like real hair with the exception of large clumps of glue stuck in both the mane and tail. Knowing me, I don't have a glue remover, so I just try to cut out what I can without leaving the mane maimed (they don't grow back). One of my biggest fails this year has to be in this moment; the moment where I'm scrambling around the house looking for the tiniest rubber bands man-kind has ever conceived. It took a good ten minutes, but I eventually resorted to pulling a few strings out of my dental cabinets. Y'know, I was supposed to apply these rubber-bands for braces, but I never got around to it. I guess they went toward a better use. . . pony dolls. All in all, I think the mane styles went fairly well. I had bought two ponies (both Explore Equestria standard brushables), Starlight Glimmer and Applejack, and even though I copied everything the tutorial said, I believe I can rightfully be proud. After all, spilling conditioner on an expensive laptop while trying to perform major rubber band application is a pretty challenging feat. So what did I learn from all of this? If you need hair bands for ponies, ask your doctor. Tell them it's congenital. -RealityPublishing
  3. steelhoof

    Ask Me #1

    Yeah, i figured a good way to reach out to the community as well as improve myself and my character is to let you guys ask me questions. i'll take all, and the best ones i'll make into a video. you may ask me or my newest associate, Tails Doll 2.0. feel free and ask away! Link to T.D.2:
  4. So I've noticed for a lot of people, the toys and things we are given or see as a child influence us to become who we are. For example; kid given access to video games, he or she will possibly become a gamer. So then I thought after setting that rule out, what influenced me? Thinking back to my childhood. No father because of a divorce and I had a stepdad for a while (also divorced), but he barely spent time with me. The toys I had access to were mainly my few stuffed animals and any of my brother's and sister's old video games. Being a kid things like zelda or pokemon absolutely fascinated me, and i would swing a stick around like a sword and every once in a while recieve a plushie of a pokemon. Fast forward to the stepdad's divorce, we moved into a new home. My mom was always working and my sister always wanted to hang out with her friend, but had to watch over me, secretly brought me with and I met my friend Ethan. He had at least 50 pokemon plushies and we would always play pokemon mystery dungeon with them. Weird thing though, there may have been funny or awesome moments while we played, but there were sweet ones too. Like a guy pokemon giving a flower to a girl pokemon that he likes. So that wraps up the toys and stuff I had when I was a kid, and looking at myself now, it seems those tiny little games grew into so much more. Video games turned me into a strategy master and gave me a powerful analytical skill. Pokemon plushies turned me into a somewhat girly- who am I kidding I watch a show about candy colored ponies for god sake- a tomgirl and sensitive but also protective, loving, and straightforward. So I was wondering, any toys you had as a kid influence you?
  5. I just randomly remembered this picture I saw on Lauren's twitter that I found back around when I first found out about MLP almost 6 months ago. I think it means :okiedokielokie: . I cracked up when I saw it.
  6. “Hey, Concert, wanna come round to my place after school?” Orchid Petal asked Blue Concert during a rather uninteresting spelling test. “Uh, sorry, I have a piano rehearsal then,” replied Blue Concert. Petal sighed. “How about you, Frosty?” she asked the filly on her other side. “I’m supposed to be helping my grandfather at his shop,” replied Frosted Sprinkles. Petal was just about to ask the colt in front of her, when the bell rang to end the final class of the day. “Remember to study, because we’re continuing this tomorrow!” called the teacher, as the students ran out of the classroom and through the halls. While the other students chatted and giggled, Petal was staring sullenly at the ground. Recently, her friends had been shunning her. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her father had to be away at work most of the time. It had gotten so lonely, she had begun talking to her stuffed toys. She was so solemnly focused on the bleak pathway, that she hadn’t even been looking where she was going, and ended up tripping over a stone that had gotten stuck in the path when it had been paved. She rubbed her snout, and carried on home – carefully this time. “Hello, dear. How was your day?” asked her mother, as soon as Petal entered the apartment. “Not good… Nopony wanted to talk to me,” replied Petal, slumping onto the couch. “Except for the teacher, so that she could tell me off for trying to speak to the other kids.” “That’s a shame,” replied her mother. “But I know what’ll make you happy… your dad wants to speak to you!” she added, patting Petal’s cyan mane and holding up the telephone. Petal gasped in delight, and grabbed the phone. “Hey there, Dad!” greeted Petal excitedly. On the other end of the line, her father chuckled. “How’s my little cutie-pie been?” he asked. "Uh... good!" replied Petal hesitantly. "Anyway, I can't wait until you come back today!" "Yeah... about that..." replied her father. "My boss asked me to stay two more days." "What? But Dad, you promised we were going to play soccer..." "Sorry, darling, I don't make the rules," answered her father, with a hint of remorse. "But it'll just be two more days. Okay?" "Okay..." said Petal. "Goodbye..." "See you in two days, my little pony," replied her father, and Petal sadly ended the call, before trudging over to her bedroom. "Honey, is everything okay?" asked her mother. "Oh, yeah, fine..." answered Petal, though she certainly didn't sound like it. She went into her room and closed the door. "It's just not fair!" she cried, lying next to her stuffed animals. "Why do none of my friends speak to me? Why is Daddy always away at work?" She then grabbed her stuffed tiger, and bobbed its head about as she put on a different voice. "But other ponies have responsibilities too!" She put the tiger back, and went back to using her normal voice. "Well, yes, Mr. Growl, but shouldn't they at least make some time for those that they care about?" She then grabbed her elephant toy, moved its head around as she had done with the tiger, and said in a high-pitched voice, "Why don't you ask Mommy if you can do stuff with her?" She returned to her normal voice again, and said, "Because, Miss Trunk, she's usually reading the newspaper, and that's not very fun. The writing is so tiny, you practically have to press your face against the page to read, it's filled with words I've never even heard of, and it's just... well, boring." She sighed, and held onto Sir Chimp. "It's good to know that you guys won't abandon me..." She then heard her mother calling her. "Oh, Petal, could you come and help me with something?" When Petal arrived, her mother pointed to a cupboard. "Can you help me move these boxes into the cupboard?" She picked up a box and laid it on a shelf in the cupboard. Petal took a lighter box and did the same. Within a few minutes, all of the boxes had been moved from the living room into the cupboard. "Thanks, darling! Dinner will be ready in ten minutes," her mother told her, and trotted away. Petal began to walk away, but then returned when she realised she had seen something. It appeared to be a stuffed toy made to look like a pony. It was a dark shade of grey, and had dimly-coloured patches stitched onto it. And it was very dirty, too. Just then, much to Petal's terror, a rat emerged from a hole. It sniffed the plushie, and moved closer to it... BZZZT! There had been a blinding flash of light. Petal cautiously opened an eye, and looked to see that the rat had seemingly disappeared. Lying in its place was a plushie made to look like a rat. Petal just stood there, gaping in awe at what had just occured. She could think of only one explanation for the rat disappearing and there suddenly being a rat plushie in its place. The plushie itself was the rat. A doll that turned things into other dolls? It just seemed so unbelievable. It sounded like a Poison Joke affliction. She picked the rat doll up by the tail and took it to her room. She then came back for the other doll with mysterious plushification powers, and was about to take it... but she then jumped back in realization. She looked around until she found some gloves, and put them on, so that she could touch the doll without falling victim to its powers. She took it to her room, and placed it amongst her other toys. I hope Mom doesn't come across this if she decides to clean my room... she thought to herself. It was then that she had an idea, and a grin spread across her face. One of her friends was going to spend a lot more time with her. And her stuffed toys were going to receive a new playmate. ... "Sweetie?" said Petal's mother the next day. "Yeah, Mom?" replied Petal. "I'm going out shopping for an hour. Will you be okay on your own in the meantime?" "Uh, sure Mom!" "Okay. See you later!" replied her mother, and gave her daughter a hug, then left. Petal rubbed her hooves in anticipation. This was the moment she had been waiting for. The single most perfect time for her plan to go into action. She picked up the telephone and dialled for Blue Concert. "Hey there, Concert, it's me, Petal! I was wondering, would you like to come over and play?" asked Petal. "Sure, I guess. I've finished today's practice for the recital," replied Concert. "Wonderful!" exclaimed Petal, a little more enthusiastically than you'd expect. "See you later!" "Later," replied Concert, and placed the phone down. "Mom, can I go round to Petal's?" she asked her mother. "Okay, honey, but don't be back too late," replied her mother. So Concert left, and made her way to Petal's home... unaware of what she was resigning herself to. Ten minutes later, Petal heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door to see Concert. "Hey there, Concert! Do come in," Petal told her eagerly. "So, what are we going to do?" asked Concert. "Um..." said Petal, before she put the gloves back on, and rushed into her room, coming out with the cursed plushie from the day before. "Let's play 'get the doll'!" Before Concert could comment on how she had "never played that game before", Petal threw the toy into an open cupboard. Concert shrugged, and ran into the cupboard. But no sooner was she in the small space than she heard the door slam shut behind her. "Petal?" she asked, nervously, and tried to open the door, only to discover it was locked. "A-am I supposed to find the doll to get out? Because it's here," she added, picking up the plushie... before she got a bright flash of light to the face. "What... was that?" she murmured, placing a hoof to her head. She then realised her hoof felt softer. The feeling then spread further up her leg. Much to her shock, she discovered she was able to bend it any way she wanted, and it would revert back to its straight position. What was even more horrifying was that the action caused no pain. She held a hoof to her pink mane to discover that it seemed to be fusing together. It felt to be made of the same stuff that her legs were becoming, followed by her torso. She felt a strange feeling in her flank. It felt as if her cutie mark was raising into its own shape. Funnily enough... that was exactly what was happening. There was a piece of fabric made to look like piano keys attached to her. "Petal, what's going on?! This isn't funny!" Concert wailed, and pounded on the door... well, rather, what would be considered pounding, if her hooves weren't soft and squishy. It was then that she felt her insides becoming softer. Like fluff, somehow. It felt somewhat pleasurable, but that didn't help Concert's terror at what was happening. She then noticed that the door in front of her seemed to be growing taller. Along with the rest of the room. It was at that moment that she realised that rather than her surroundings growing, she was shrinking. The adrenaline of all these changes rushed to her head, and she passed out... Concert awoke a few minutes later. She was still in the cupboard, lying down on her side, it seemed. She noticed that the door seemed to be as tall as the school building. She then remembered the previous events. Her body going through lots of changes, and one of those changes being shrinking. She made a rough estimate that she was just seven inches tall now. She tried to get up from the floor, but she couldn't move for some reason. Her limbs were still there, she could still feel them... but regardless of how hard she tried, she couldn't move. The door suddenly opened, and Petal walked in, who seemed like a giantess. Concert tried to ask what in Equestria was going on, but she couldn't speak. Petal effortlessly picked Concert up with one hoof, and took her out of the cupboard and into the bathroom, where Petal propped Concert onto a shelf under a mirror. "How do you like it? You even got to keep your cutie mark!" said Petal. In the mirror, Concert was looking at a plush doll that was made to look like a blue unicorn filly with a pink mane and tail. It had hazel eyes, and a cutie mark of piano keys. Coincidentally, that was a spot-on description of Concert's usual physical appearance. Concert was a plushie. She was in utter shock and confusion. How could this be happening? Why would her own friend cause this? To anypony else, she just looked like an ordinary doll, but she was screaming in her head. As Petal reached out to pick her up, Concert wanted to scream and cry out, "I'M NOT A STUFFED TOY!", but she still couldn't speak or move. She was just helpless to do anything as Petal carried the new plushie to her bedroom. Concert was placed in front of Petal's stuffed toys. "Now, everyone, I'd like you to meet Blue Concert!" she told them. She picked up Concert and looked at her. "Don't take this too hard," she said. "I just wanted to spend some time with you." Concert then realised. She had been neglecting her friendship. Ever since she had received her cutie mark, she had been obsessing over playing the piano. She hadn't even made an effort to speak with Petal for weeks. "Now be good and I'll change you back," said Petal. How do I reverse this? Petal thought to herself. Oh, I'll figure that out. Now's the time for fun. She then held Concert in one hoof and two of her other stuffed toys in the other. "Now, everyone, shall we play?"
  7. We don't know anything about her, but her toy came out, and she has big hair and a fondness for spikes! (Actual spikes, not the dog/dragon.) So from this box art, we know how she would look as a pony, too.
  8. NEW TRIXIE EQUESTRIA GIRLS DOLL! #bantrixieforbeingblue
  9. I'm in a plushie making kick for MLP, but I've mostly made ladies! I'd like suggestions on a stallion I should make now! I'm partial to Pegasus ponies, but I will take other suggestions!
  10. I wanted to make a section where I could easily post pictures of my plushies without bogging down my commission section here: I will be adding to this collection as I make more and more ponies! I will have them broken up into sections per ponies/non pony mlp characters/ocs, etc. Princess Celestia Applejack Fluttershy Doctor Whooves Soarin Rarity
  11. I decided this time as I'm working on a doll, I'd go ahead and give updates in my progression! And I decided to start off with Princess Celestia... mostly because I already had most of the supplies on hand (the beauty of hoarding fabric). If you have any more suggestions for characters to make (not just the ponies but others on the show) let me know!
  12. Have you ever wanted a poseable pony? Are articulated models offered by Hasbro a little, let's say honestly, lame? Heck, I sound like an advertiser, but what this guy on etsy is doing is downright awesome! He has combined two awesome things- ball jointed dolls and ponies and the result is..... Tadadadamm! BJP's or Ball Jointed Ponies Behold! You can even get an alicorn! Of course, later comes all the fun with painting, wigs, and creating your very own perfect OC, everything that ball jointed dolls are all about! click here, this guy deserves appriciation EDIT: the actual link to store
  13. Hey everypony! So I came across this doll making site where it allows you to create your own doll based on MLP, Monster High, Steampunk, and things like that. I'm gonna share all the Mane 6 and the Princesses on this thread so you guys can download them and use them for your avatars and stuff like that. So enjoy! First up are Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Luna.
  14. This is a Stuffed Rainbow Dash I sewed from a pattern I modified. It's made from flannel and felt, craft foam, thread, and hot glue. (I used Flannel due to it's low price, availability, softness, and It was pretty close tot he color I needed) The Flannel was a bit disobedient when I tried to sew it together. If I had a sewing machine, I probably would have double stitched it. Her Cutie mark is made, and will be added soon... (She didn't do the Sonic Rainboom yet
  15. So here is my OC, Trinkette... You can find her character sheet on my profile! :3 Not hard...c'mon don't be Mr. McLazyBunz Umm...I decided to do a quick little sketch of her...well I don't know if it's a sketch...well it started off as a sketch! >//< Enjoy!
  16. Here is my main OC for my profile. She represents my somewhat emptiness...I made her up. She is an character I just happened to make up... So here is Trinkette:
  17. My Little Pony - Blank Flank Pegasus by DragonSquared Studio, on Flickr Just finished this handsome fella! (click the image for a bigger view!) He's made out of minky and polyfill, with some felt and embroidered details. The owner hasn't decided on a cutie mark yet, so he's a blank flank! I designed and drafted the pattern myself, he stands about 13" tall. Thanks for looking! : )
  18. my friend made me a rarity plush as my graduation gift! on a scale from one to actual tears running down your face how jealous are you