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Found 10 results

  1. Seems The Concourse has posted an article about Donald Trump's victory. Donald Trump is starting to have second doubts about being President. Source(With Images): Now I have been critical of Donald Trump mainly because of his lack of temperment. But I need to make this admission. If Trump breaks down from being President, if he can't seem to stand it, and he decides to quit and give the job to Mike Pence, then I will feel sorry for him(And I'm not kidding about this. He looks like he's more miserable than Hillary Clinton)
  2. I have a question to ask. if California leaves the union should we worry about mlp or will it still be fine?
  3. This is my case for why all Americans, regardless of ideology, should vote for Hillary Clinton on Election Day, and not Donald Trump. I'm making this blog entry as a plea to anyone considering staying home on Election Day, or voting for someone like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. While I’ve tried to include every grievance any reasonable person would have against him, the list of his offenses is so vast, it could never be accounted for by anyone less than a full team of researchers. My friends, in 49 days, the citizens of the United States will take to the polls in an election unlike any other in American history. This isn't just some common election between two legitimate candidates, each honorably representing their party in good faith for the betterment of the American people. This isn't just a random, inconsequential election. This election is far different. This election is far more depressing and embarrassing, and unfortunately, THIS RACE IS VERY CLOSE. Do not believe those still in denial or those who haven’t been paying attention who tell you Hillary has this one in the bag, she does not! TRUMP COULD EASILY WIN. I can say with zero implied hyperbole that Tuesday November 8th 2016 will be the most important day in recent American history, and it's all because of the global, unmitigated disaster Donald Trump would be as President of the United States. The overtly extreme, nativist, racist, and xenophobic statements he's made, and the like-minded crowds he inspires, are a threat to our way of life, our reputation as an open, accepting, multicultural society, our efforts towards universal equality, our prosperity, our international alliances, and our trade partners. For all the reasons I’m about to give you, no one can afford to stay home on Election Day! For all these reasons, no one, especially swing state voters, can afford to vote for a third party candidate! This is one election where your vote truly counts! And in the least, voting for Hillary and against Trump is a way to stand united and stick it to this bigoted, white nationalist, monster! Here are the facts about Donald Trump, and I want you to think about them in the context of how you'd feel having a President who was guilty of the following: -First and foremost, Trump has stated climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese. This is by far the hottest year on record, and we just signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which Trump promises to remove us from. If we do nothing about climate change, and in fact elect a president in these important years who thinks it's fake, we will be facing the worst case scenario, flooding our coastal cities, causing trillions in damage and making refugees out of tens of millions of Americans. Anyone who states climate change is a hoax is immediately disqualified from the Presidency of the United States. -Secondly, Donald Trump spearheaded the racist birther movement against President Obama. He lied when he said he sent investigators to Hawaii. He lied when he said these investigators were discovering "amazing things". He lied again when he said a "credible source" had told him Obama birth certificate was a fake, and he lied one final time when under extreme internal political pressure, he publicly disavowed the birther conspiracy, claimed he had stopped believing in 2011, even though he regularly promoted the conspiracy in the years since then, and spread the long debunked zombie lie that the Clinton campaign had invented birtherism. He has claimed Obama doesn’t hold “western values”, in this context this means he supports Sharia Law. Anyone who questions the loyalty of the President of the United States, or thinks he has the right to demand to see the President’s papers, as if this is Apartheid era South Africa, just because of his black skin and foreign sounding name, is immediately disqualified from the Presidency of the United States. -Trump has stated he would shoot any Iranian jet out of the sky, if it made a gesture at one of our ships. The immediate consequences of this action would be a war against Iran, the collapse of the global oil industry, loss of American life, and a restart of Iran’s nuclear program. It also gives Russia the opportunity to seize the rest of Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and the Balkan Peninsula. Should that happen, that by definition is the start of World War 3 between the NATO Allies and a Russian/Iranian Alliance. I shouldn’t need to elaborate on this, but world war against Russia puts the country and the world at risk for nuclear holocaust, the implementation of the draft, and the loss of tens of millions of lives. Anyone who is willing to spark this sort of conflict is immediately disqualified from the Presidency of the United States. - Trump has said he want to ban all muslims, and fearmongers to his followers that they are one of the many enemies of the American people. He also seeks to deny sanctuary to refugees of the Syrian civil war, lying to everyone that the vetting process for refugees is somehow inadequate, even though the actual process to achieve refugee status in the US is extensive by anyone’s standards. Think about wildly false his argument is, if he thinks all 1.2 billion muslims in the world are our enemies. The President of the United States is the President of all Americans, regardless of their race, gender, or creed, not just those who look like him, and to have a candidate be so hostile to religious and racial minorities and tell his predominantly white crowd that they all are their enemies is abhorrent, un American, and immediately disqualifying from the Presidency of the United States. - I wanted to list all of Trump’s sexist comments about women, but the list is just too long, so just Google it. He has a long history of objectifying women, including his daughter, and making vulgar, sexual comments, including saying Hillary “couldn’t please her husband, so she couldn’t please America”, called Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly a “bimbo”, and saying about GOP nominee Carly Fiorina “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?” He’s also blamed rape in the military on cohabitating men with women. How can we claim to be an equal society when the supposed figurehead of American role models is the kind of guy who talks about dating his daughter, or publicly calls women pigs, gold diggers, ugly, and told a reality show contest “it must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees”. - Trump has convinced his crowds that the country is being overrun with illegal immigrants, and to counter this “threat” he intends to build a wall that by best estimates would cost up to 25 billion dollars alone. Then there’s the cost of manning the wall and providing maintenance. Outrageously, he has claimed Mexico will pay for the wall, regardless of how absurd that is, or how it would affect the Mexican economy. Despite all of his bluster, Trump recently met with the Mexican president, where he was told in no uncertain terms Mexico would never pay for the wall. Regardless, at the post meeting press conference, Trump denied any discussion about the wall and was soon after called out on that lie by the Mexican President himself. Because he was caught in his lie, Trump went on a wild tirade on that same night, in Arizona, where he went though his usual diatribe about building a wall, forcing Mexico to pay for it, and deporting all the illegals. To facilitate this nativist agenda, Trump would create a massive deportation force by tripling the number of ICE agents, increasing the cost to the American people ever higher. It would cost 114 billion additional dollars to deport every illegal immigrant in the country. Now we get in to the big money. The economic effect of removing all illegals from the country would crash the agricultural, construction, and service industries, removing between 381.5 and 623.2 billion dollars from private sector output, and remove 8.1 million individuals from the workforce. Imagine the cost increase of food when the agrilcultural sector now has to deal with the sudden loss of hundreds of thousands or millions of workers. Trump also wants to repeal DAPA and DACA, which are the two acts which allow illegal immigrant parents and children remain in the country to work and go to school. It would also negate the 14th amendment, which states that anyone born here is an American by right. At this point we’ve completely abandoned the principles this nation was founded upon and the statue of liberty was built upon, because who are we if we’ve suddenly become a nation that slams its doors to immigrants desperately struggling to feed and clothe themselves and their families? When did the Republican Party become the party that turned its back entirely on the Statue of Liberty? Who are we if we can longer abide by the poem lyrics, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Anyone who intends to shut America off from those in need is starkly un American, and immediately disqualified from the Presidency of the United States. -Donald Trump is constantly taking to Twitter to employ childish name calling towards anyone who slights him, even in the least. Many times a day he’ll do this, in an entirely unprofessional manner. He seemingly has zero self control or respect for others, or any idea how to conduct himself as an adult. How can we ever afford to have a President whose words can crash economies, shape public opinion, or start a war, always one insult away from slagging them off on Twitter? - The President of the United States is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. With that being said, Donald Trump dodged the draft for the Vietnam War five times, four student deferments behind daddy’s money, and one medical. As a draft dodger, and possessing zero shame, he insulted American prisoners of war by saying he “liked guys who weren’t captured” and that Senator John McCain wasn’t a hero, despite the 5 years of captivity he suffered. He has also gotten into a public argument with the parents of a fallen soldier who lost his life in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004, all because the parents spoke at the Democratic National Convention and happened to be muslim. He even went so far as to insinuate the mother stayed silent throughout the father’s speech because of their muslim faith. Beyond this, Trump has glorified combat injury, as if it was something cool and enviable, and not the sad, terrible, price of freedom that it is. On that note he’s also belittled the purple heart, saying he’s always wanted one, and being given one was “much easier”. How can we have this man, this horribly insensitive, tactless, ignorant, coward as the Commander-in-Chief? How can he be expected to reasonably and responsibly make life and death decisions, or absorb the grim consequences of war, or even attend the funerals of fallen soldiers if he can’t understand the gravity of it all? Because of this he is once again immediately disqualified from holding the office of the Presidency of the United States. -Trump also foolishly and short-sightedly wants to impose a 35% tariff on Mexican goods, and a 45% tariff on Chinese goods. To explain what this means for us, let’s say you want to buy a microwave manufactured in China for 100 dollars. Well because of this tariff you would now pay 145 dollars. The logic is you would instead buy an American equivalent product for less. Doing this would surely lead to China imposing tariffs of their own, as would Mexico if we did indeed impose the 35% tariff. It would spark a trade war, inflame diplomatic tensions in a time when we are doing all we can to keep the peace in the South China Sea, and do great harm to our economy. No intelligent economist supports Trump’s absurd plan. -Trump also has a habit of making broad generalizations about entire races. He sees those who don’t look like him in a very skeptical, negative light. He calls illegal immigrants “rapists, criminals, and drug dealers” and black people “poor, uneducated, and jobless”. As President of the United States, you can’t effectively, empathetically, or intelligently be the President for all Americans while categorizing entire races into one group. It’s the kind of ignorant, racist mentality that doesn’t belong in the White House in the year 2016. -Donald Trump has said he thinks the Geneva conventions are outdated, and he would order the military to employ torture tactics beyond waterboarding in order to extract information. Beyond the fact that someone who aspires to be President also aspires to be a war criminal, torture has been proven to be ineffective. Trump has also said he would target the families of known terrorists, which would only serve to make us butchers and act as a recruitment tool for even more terrorism. -Trump also ran a proven scam, which is now being litigated in court, called Trump University. Essentially, Trump hired salesmen to convince low and middle income Americans to pay large amounts of money for what was billed as a course in teaching success, but what actually amounted to an expensive seminar. The salesmen told people to take out second mortgages, and even file for disability and give that disability money to them, in exchange for being allowed to attend these seminars. Former employees of Trump U have admitted the whole thing was a scam and have spoken about how they convinced people to spend well beyond their means. -In 2013, at a time when the Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, was deciding whether or not to investigate Trump University for the fraud I just spoke of, Donald Trump gave Bondi 25k dollars towards her campaign. Shortly thereafter, the investigation was dropped. Shortly after that Trump even threw a campaign event for Bondi. Later on, the IRS caught on to this, investigated the 25k donation, and fined Trump for it. Trump is constantly alleging that Hillary is somehow participating in “pay for play” which is a buzzword for asking for donations in exchange for something they want, though this has never been proven in Hillary’s case, but here we have a proven, documented case for Trump. Trump seems to have a habit of turning things he’s guilty of and accusing his opponants of being guilty of the same thing. He did this with birtherism, he did this with his pay for play offense, he’s done it by saying Hillary doesn’t have the temperament to be president, even though he is the definition of poor temperament. - Donald Trump has bankrupted his various businesses a total of 6 times. This man wants to be put in charge of the US economy, though he doesn’t seem to realize we can never afford the recklessness and poor decision making that leads to a bankruptcy because the consequences of this would severely impact the lives of everyday Americans -Donald has also stated recently he would refuse to support a NATO ally against a Russian attack because of dissatisfaction over the current fiscal arrangement NATO has. How can we trust the country to somehow who out, out of sheer spite, would allow Eastern Europe or the Balkan Peninsula to fall into Russian hands? Containing Russia and protecting the free world from Russian oppression was the entire point of the Cold War, and Trump would throw it all away over nothing. -Just to give you yet another idea of how sadistic, immature, and ill-tempered Trump is, he has cheerlead and advocated for the violent assault of protestors at his campaign rallies. He’s even promised to pay for the assaulter’s legal fees. Someone who is supposed to be a figurehead for mature, reasoned, political discourse, and protector of the First Amendment, is saying anyone who speaks out against him should be beaten. How horrible is that? -Now, here’s some other facts about Trump. You can call this a factual lightning round. 1) He’s considered one of the least charitable billionaires on the planet, though he’s constantly lying about how generous he is. 2) He has refused to pay contractors who have done work for him, including a group of tween girl singers at some of his campaign events. 3) He’s constantly railing against illegal immigration, but regularly employs illegals to build his hotels. 4) He wants to drastically scale back or eliminate the EPA and FDA, meaning no one would be inspecting our food nor keeping our environment clean. 5) He lied about there being “thousands of muslims cheering as the towers fell” on 9/11. 6) He bragged live on cable news on 9/11/01 itself as the buildings were coming down that his building was now the tallest in Manhattan. 7) He lied about losing “hundreds of friends on 9/11”, the actual number is zero. 8) Out of spite he blacklisted the Washington Post from covering him on the campaign trail, and threatened to do the same with the New York Times. 9) He refused to attend a GOP primary debate because the moderator was recently mean to him. 10) He claims to know more about ISIS than our Generals do, yet when asked what his plan is to deal with ISIS he says he’ll ask the Generals to come up with one. 11) He says that it’s ok for him to be grossly unqualified to be President because he’ll put his Vice President in charge of both foreign and domestic policy. SO what do we need him for if his VP is doing literally everything? 12) When pressed for his medical records he produced a one page letter from a doctor with a fake title who also wasn’t employed at the facility he claimed to, and who used absurdly inappropriate terminology all throughout the letter. After being made to look like a laughingstock, Trump made a second attempt to release his records by going on the Dr. Oz show, where it was revealed his record were just another one page summary from the same quack doctor, and that the doctor lied about Trump’s height so Trump would be classified technically as overweight instead of obese. So instead of simply releasing his full medical records to the media, as an adult would do, he went on a tv show and gave us a summary. This also comes in a time where he claims Hillary is the one who is secretive and holding back information about her health, and goes back to the idea that he accuses his opponents of what he is guilty of himself. 13) Donald Trump has publicly and repeatedly praised Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin, saying he must be a strong leader because of his 82% approval rating, even though that rating is a result of direct control of the press by the Russian government, assassinations and imprisonment of political opposition leaders, and criminalization of homosexuality and religious minorities. He has also praised Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein, saying he knew how to deal with terrorists, even though Hussein employed genocide and chemical weapons attacks on his own people. Finally, he’s also praised North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, who starves, tortures and throws his own people in labor camps, and regularly executes government and military official through cruel and unusual means on the baseless accusations of sedition. 14) Though countless studies have proven there is zero link between vaccines and autism, Trump still disregards scientific fact and asserts they do. Tell your friends and family to go out and vote. Don’t just sit back, indifferent to the fate of our country, or under the false equivalence that somehow all politicians are equally bad, because there is no politician who is even in the same league as Donald Trump. I’ve heard people say they like him because he speaks his mind, well quite frankly if that’s true, what’s in his mind is horrible, and represents the darkest, most evil, lowest common denominator of humanity, and he inspires others who share the same malady of evil. These kinds of people must be defeated on November 8th. They must be shown that there is no place in the future of the United States for their kind. They must be beaten and beaten badly, so it sends a message loud and clear that we will not stand for bigotry. We will not stand for xenophobia, or sexism. We will not stand for an anti-fact, anti-intellectual, loud mouthed, birther and climate denier to stain the office once held by JFK, FDR, and Lincoln! So please go vote on Tuesday November 8th, and do your part to avert what would become one of the worst disasters in the history of our country! Our children are watching, they’re listening to what he’s saying. We can’t leave them a world shaped and destroyed by Donald Trump!
  4. A youtube video rant by yours truly on the so called options in this farce of an election.
  5. My cousin suggested that I post this poll somewhere for fun, so here it is.
  6. You wake up, & you search up on google ''My Little Pony'' only to find nothing. You are the only person on the planet who remembers MLP. Any pictures, clop, fanfics or anything to do with MLP is gone... You try to tell people about MLP but people think you are crazy MLP is vanished from existence and what do you do?
  7. I don't have anything against Donald Trump, But I decided to crack open the good ol' Photoshop today and make a very cringy image. I now present you, President Donlight Trumple. (It's pretty bad, it was meant to be!)
  8. Just a lil, quick suggestion I've been browsing the forums for a while, and a certain type of topic often pops up. The topic draws overwhelmingly positive response each time, but gets locked on sight by the mods ( for very valid reasons, to be fair ). This topics are those "Hello, I'm looking for a friend!" kind of topic. A recent example can be found here: Well, of course, there's a mega thread for this called "Finding your new best friend", but I don't think it's very user friendly. Half of the people who posted their information there are probably inactive by now, and well, looking for friends that way is kinda like picking out good watermelons at the grocery store, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but yeah. This is a recurring problem. Of course, when the mods lock the thread they say it's better suited as a 'status update' or a 'blog post', but those who view your status update are likely to already be your friends in the first place. Blog posts, yeah, sure. But they aren't viewed very often. Topics however, draw more attention, and they stay in view for a while, unlike status updates which get pushed down in the 'recent status updates' tab. Ya know, I find the lack of a section dedicated to friends amusing. You know, because these are the 'my little pony' forums. So I propose this: Create an entire section dedicated to helping users old and new alike find new friends with ease. I'm sure you could clear some of the 4 year old dead topics in the RP section to make space on the server. Edit: This example highlights another problem: The way the mods responded to this topic differs from the way the mods responded to the topic above. Don't the mods have a standard set of protocols to follow?