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Found 62 results

  1. I used to have an art thread on here but it's been so long that I can't find it anymore haha I also really improved since the last time I posted my art so I'm kinda excited to post my art here again. Here is the first piece that I wanna share
  2. I’m gonna make this dump thread for sketches of shots from the show/movie. I’ve been doodling a bit of scenes directly from the show in my own style as a way to get practice on anatomy, posing and facial expressions. Enjoy! More to come whenever I sketch something up.
  3. I forgot to add Pinkie Pie's cutie mark
  4. Wow, this blog kinda died, didn't it? I've been busy with IRL things and unfortunately have not kept up with my intended drawing schedule. So, my skill has not increased that much. I have drawn some doodles, though. There are more, but these are the ones I consider presentable. Please note, these are very rough and not intended to be finished drawings. I'll probably make one of these into a full drawing, but only later when I have improved dramatically. Anyways, here are the doodles: Inspired by random things I've seen. Enjoy!
  5. Just decided to create a big topic so I can post my doodles I do (almost) daily. I don't have my own artstyle, so it will change a lot. Also will have a lot of Jasper because she's my favorite character on the entire show.
  6. Soo, I was bored and started to doodle, but then I got really into it and I actually really like these.
  7. I tend to doodle a lot. And I'm just gonna dump all my doodles in this thread. In case you didn't know I LOVE rainbow dash. So they'll be a lot of Dashie doodles here haha. It'll be a mix of pencil, pen and/or colored pencils.
  8. Just a few doodles I did while I was in anime club the other day. Done while we watched some Death Parade put into a collage for space saving haha.
  9. iceestarz


    Dooooooodddlllleees. Have em.
  10. Here are more school doodles. This noodle arms rights activist (I was really bored that day) This conversation that Derpy really has no interest in And robot Vinyl Scratch (I accidentally took the photo in portrait and I'm too lazy to retake it) What you think?
  11. Got bored in class and ended up doodling these while my professor dragged on about boring stuff. So I watched Friendship Games twice yesterday and I gotta say. It makes me want to ponify all the shadow bolts in my own style and especially human Twilight! She's so adorable with her glasses and dorkiness! I'm so glad she was pretty much like Twilight but different enough to where you can separate them as characters
  12. So, this is what I do at school when things get too slow. And at lunch. Here is Princess Luna. Be happy. I might be able to post other drawings when I can get the camera to work. What do you think?
  13. Did some doodlin in class today. In zoology and in English. For a 3 hour class every Monday I have to say English is my favorite class this year. Everyone is so nice and my teacher is just amazing. I'm usually quiet in every class but I actually talk the most out of everyone there. Maybe I'm more talkative and chill later at night. I don't know.
  14. Some of these are more recent than others. But over three weeks this is what I've doodled in class. Well these are the good doodles. There's more but they're garbage. All done in pen except one cause that's all I usually use in class unless testing. Spoiler cause there's a lot of them.
  15. Idk, was really bored after my test in pre cal today so I doodled this stuff on the back of my little note things we made a while ago.
  16. Got some doodles out. Basically a really simple pony style I accidentally made when I was trying to purposely make horrible looking ponies. Also, the dude I drew was originally supposed to be that dude who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, but it was really dark in the class so I really had no clue what it looked like until the lights turned on. I hate hands so I gave him 8 fingers. The panda is a character from my storybook I'm writing for my painting class. We're going to make storybooks and give them to the children's hospital.
  17. Yep. Stuff. Ponies. I'll do rarity and Fluttershy later cause I didn't feel like it today at school.
  18. Some more doodles, drawings and just random stuffs from me.
  19. Just a dump dedicated to any old doodles I do when I'm bored. Picture from my phone so I had to sharpen it up a bit.
  20. I probably should be paying more attention in class, but sometimes i draw random doodles. Drew these yesterday. Any comments? Akuma from street fighter... kind of... ...and a random tiger (who for some reason got too much "human" in their facial features).
  21. Sales at Sweet Apple Acres have been going downhill lately. Ponies have been munching on carrots and forgetting all about apples! Applejack's found the solution to their problem: advertising! Rainbow Dash, happy to help a friend in need, has become the face of Sweet Apple Acres. Sales have risen considerably. On the other side of town, a young stallion walked to his local library. He planned on checking out one of those Daring Do novels his friend has been pestering him about. The wooden doors opened with the chime of a bell overhead and he poked his head in. "G'morning, Miss Sparkle! I was wondering if--" "Oh hello, Dennis! Lets keep this our little secret, hmm?" ((Wow, you made it all the way down here? Have a muffin!))
  22. Today was a slow day. So have doodles.
  23. I got really bored today with all my teachers talking about pointless things. Especially in pre cal since I already learned the lesson we're on right now last year. I feel like this school year is gonna be so chill and laid back, except the whole college stuff. Gonna register for the SAT this weekend, and then I'll register next month for the ACT. Bleh, I hate tests Probably the only doodles I'll post for awhile, cause ya know. Gotta prepare for the SAT some more and work on college essays.
  24. Lol so far this all I have doodled in class. Most of the time I've been actually doing work & my god, I actually joined a club yay me. So far my sophomore year is the only blank spot in any school activities And badum here is my half finished crappy painting for my painting class.