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Found 28 results

  1. Hello , where i can get a MLP modding for DotA 2 ? I searched ,but nothing. Someone can help me ?
  2. I usually do pony related artwork: But sometimes whilst waiting around i do other artwork, usually i give myself a set time limit which tends to result in half completed work, most of the time i give myself about 15 mins. Latest Picture: Sketches: No idea why they are sideways, ive tried rotating them and they preview fine on my PC, probably just a windows 10 issue -.- Anyone know how to fix it?
  3. Being a brony isn't a requirement. Having Dota 2 installed is. Or at least being able to do so. We are two guys who aren't new to the game but aren't that experienced either. We have played a little less than 500 hours each. So if you're an experienced player, this is probably not going to be for you. But if you are still relatively new to the game and just looking for some fun with a team to play with, feel free to reply to this post or send me a PM. Also I would like to add that if you've never really played the game but want to start doing so, feel free to join anyway. We will happily try our best to help you get started.
  4. As the title states, what is your favorite hero? (Heroes are listed here, and items are here.) ------- I think my favorite has to be Nature's Prophet. There's just so many ways you can play him. (personal preferences and wall of text here) You can play him as a pusher, buying a Shadow Blade, a Necrobook (and then leveling it up), maybe even a Desolator for the minus armor on towers or maybe a Mjollnir, Assault Cuirass or a Moon Shard (thank god for new items) to just push down towers and other buildings in seconds, leaving more room for your team or helping to win the game. You can also play him as a carry, maybe rushing a Hand Of Midas, getting some attack speed from Mjollnir or Assault Cuirass (but AC is more late game-ish) or just getting some early damage with either Desolator, Monkey King Bar, Daedalus, or Orchid Malevolence. Don't forget your Black King Bar as you'll probably get targeted by spells. You can even play him as ganker, getting an early Dagon or Solar Crest, then later on you can get Ethereal Blade (you can combine with Dagon for massive damage) or Scythe Of Vyse to disable a target of choice. He's really a hero that is quite variable and can really play any role due to his Sprout and Teleport abilities allowing him to set up kills and ganks, his Teleport (again), Nature's Call and Wrath of Nature allow him to push very fast all around the map, and pretty much all of his abilities can help him to carry his team quite well. ------- What's your favorite?
  5. I couldn't really find an active thread anywhere that really has dota discussed here, and I would like to discuss my favorite game with other people that love this game as well. What's your favorite heros? What's wrong with the meta game? What team do you think is doing well/poorly latley? Feel free to discuss anything dota related!
  6. I saw that there was a lot of guys/gals out there that like to play LoL. Just wondering if any one out there plays DotA 2 and what your favourite Hero(s), roles etc. are.
  7. A while back I was commissioned to make a few animated Dota cards. Here are all the ones with ponies in them; enjoy. Feel free to see my other work if you are interested:
  8. so i've been playing Dota2 a lot now because some friends of me play it and i was tired of LoL and HoN was just bad, according to me. But when i try to tell the differences between Dota2 and LoL my hardcore LoL friends doesnt seem to listen and still thinks Dota2 is a ripoff from LoL. so i ask ye, witch one do you prefer and why?
  9. So I really like DotA 2, but I'm not too good at it. I'd like to know if there's anyone on the forums who could give me some advice regarding DotA 2. I'd like things like: -I like ranged weapons.Who is a good ranged character? -Is there any characters with cloaking abilities? -Good items on the store for said character, but not too expensive? I learned my lesson on TF2, but I still love TF2. But really, has anyone not bought a hat?
  10. Hello guys, i hope im in the right section, if not just say something!. so, i have 12 dota2 beta keys for now and i want to give them away for free of course. just ask if someone want one. i hope i dont get any troubles because of dealing with games or something, i mean, i will give them away for free
  11. Hello everyone! So, I've recently started looking into DOTA 2, a game I never thought I would ever show any interest in. But, given my recent creed of trying not to judge things before I try them, I've found that the core concepts of DOTA are actually pretty fun to me, and so I've done a bunch of research, watched a bunch of videos (both tutorials, and game replays), and played the tutorial and a bot game. Overall, my experience has been good! But I've been incredibly nervous about hopping into a player game. I've heard that the DOTA community at large is very mixed. Sometimes you'll enter a game, and everyone will be awesome, supportive, and kind. Other times, you'll get yelled at for every little mistake you make! I'm also obviously not very good yet... Because of this, I've been wanting to maybe seek out someone, or a group of people who already play DOTA, to maybe play with them so as to acclimate to the game better, and in a friendlier, more supportive environment. In other words, would anyone be interested in playing some DOTA 2 with me? I have Skype, so I can voice chat easily with people during games! (I can also use in-game voice, though I prefer skype, so that I don't have to keep track of yet another key to press in-game!) Thanks!
  12. I thought it would be fun to have a casual Dota 2 tournament, which will be recorded/streamed. I'd like at the bare minimum 3 teams (15 players), though, if I get lucky, I'll cap out at 5 teams (25 players). This is for hardcore players or newbies! The game is free on Steam, if you'd like to participate. To sign up, just say so and post your skill level, and I'll divide up the teams accordingly. This will be scheduled once we get 3 teams, but people can join before the tournament starts. I'll form brackets after each team joins up. I hope you guys decide to join this!
  13. I ask a simple thing. Really consider who are the most OP heroes in DotA. My list of 6. 1. Riki (obv.) 2. Phantom Lancer- clones... SO MANY CLONES... 3. Drow Ranger (obv.) 4. Ursa- Oh come on. Do I have to explain this one? 5. Meepo- See Phantom Lancer. 6. Phantom Assassin- Too much damage output. 7. Keeper of the Light- What is the best way to kill off weak carries? Hmm... 8. Naga Siren- Oh my gosh.
  14. (Please excuse me for my bad English ) Hello everypony! As you know, nowadays MOBA games are very popular and there are lots of MOBA games. However, the most known ones are League of Legends, Defend of the Ancients 2 and Smite. And on the internet, there is an endless war about which one is the best: Smite, DotA 2 or LoL. So what do you think bronies? Which one do you like the most (And if there's another MOBA game that you like, please say it )? And why? But please, for God's sake, do not allow that topic to turn into a shitstorm like the other topics in the other websites, please respect to others ^_^ I would like to start off. For me, I liked Smite the most. I've played LoL for 2 years and Smite for some months, I'm 25 lvl in Smite. I've tried DotA 2, and I didn't like it. I don't know why, maybe it was too dificult for me but I couldn't have fun while playing it. But when I started playing Smite some months ago I really liked it and I'm having so much fun right now
  15. Which heroes are your favorite in DotA 2? I like using Drow Ranger, Luna, and Viper.
  16. Well, I have noticed a lack of a DotA thread. Now here's one. I, myself, play mostly Sniper, Bloodseeker, and Razor. I have played a good bit of Clinkz and Sven. My best K/D was 19/1 with Sniper. My enemies kept feeding, and couldn't gank worth a crud. That was the result. My highest amount of kills in a match was with Bloodseeker, a game that was previously my best K/D, 41/3. I have had one no death game as Razor, 12/0. I mentioned I play a little Clinkz. Pretty impressive, ult sucks. Pretty much only useful for fleeing, really. Sven is alright, his 3rd ability is miserable, but his 1st and ult combo is pretty nice.
  17. Interesting video I found today that raises a good question. Personally, I believe they should count. What are your thoughts?
  18. I've started to play dota 2 and I want to improve my skills at the game. any tips or help would be appreciated. You can find me on steam as BenCreeper.
  19. I made a group with a shitty name, its called The Legacy Of DoTA if anyone wants to join they are free to since its a public group. if anyone wants to be a mod in the group ask me via PM on the forums first please.
  20. Dota 2 thread I somewhat recently got interested in Dota 2 after getting an invite and have been playing it quite often. I am curious to whether anyone else plays Dota on the forum. I feel like there is a lot of depth to the game, and is considered to be more "item dependent" than say League of Legends, from what I've heard. Currently the game is still in closed beta, but you can sign up to get an invite at the website. But after the game gets out of Beta it will be Free to Play. All the heroes can be played and you do not have to unlock them or any other nonsense. Anyways, recently I've started playing Sven, he's a pretty fun character with a darn good stun and various buffs. The start can be a bit rough if the teammates are unreliable though.
  21. One of my steam friends decided to unload all of his Dota 2 games to me without explaining, so I thought, well if he doesnt want them anymore, who here wants one. just post your steam username so I can find you and give you one first 10 comments gets one (wish i could give more, but its all i got)
  22. THERE ARE NO KEYS LEFT! IF I GET MORE I'M GONNA EDIT THIS THREAD, ------------------------------------------ Ok, everypony, so this time let me bother you guys with me giving away 10 Dota 2 keys, these contain the full game, not a trial version, not a demo, the full game! Now, before you (for some crazy reason) think this is a scam, please take note that I had 15 keys before but already gifted most of them at an Anime Forum. So, of course the first 9 people, to asnwer to this thread with their Steam account or email (Or if you want by PM) will get the keys. Now, I don't know if Valve is gonna give me more keys (Today Febraury 6 I got 5 more after gifting more than 6 keys already) Leaving that aside, feel free to add me to my Steam to get the game, but first before asking for it, let me know who you are. My Steam: Dota 2 at Steam Store: In case you have no idea what Dota is, is basically League of Legends. that's pretty much all you need to know, well except that in Dota all characters are unlocked from the very beginning [PS: Sorry if I had some gramatical/vocabulary mistakes, I'm still kinda learning english ]
  23. im not sure if this is the correct area to post this but, Ive gotten 9 copies of dota 2 on steam that id like to give out. If someone is interested in trading a game of theirs for dota 2 then message me and we will discuss the game you would like to trade. If I like the game then ill add you and we will trade.
  24. Lil story here. I was looking at the new forum’s post a month ago, knowing I won’t post again during a while . Beside this I was still in a very good mood . Then I saw this guy, ponyworld destroyer . As a big fan of MLP (I’m in this forum after all) and an outworld destroyer lover I had a look at his profile: Like discord (goooooooood) Like Woona (very gooooooooooooooooooooood) Need to ask for an avatar ………………………………………………………………… A new avatar? A cool guy, who needs something, when I feel fine, DESTINY WOULD YOU STOP TEASING ME FOR A MOMENT ? So here it is, an alicorn version of OD, hope you’ll like it dude.
  25. Hello Bronies! This is my first topic here, I can't believe i didn't find this place sooner. Anyway, I'm holding a competition, and if you're a brony you can enter! I have 4 copies of DOTA 2 sitting around, and I feel like you bronies deserve something for all your generosity. To enter, send me a message on Steam about something nice you or another person has done as a Brony this year, and i will send a copy of DOTA 2 to the Bronies I feel have done the nicest thing. It's about time you guys got given something for all of your hard work. Anyway, add me and send a message to 'SayersGameFreak', and make sure to tell me what you've done or what someone else has done (if it's someone else then make sure to give me their username), and there might just be a copy on its way! Much love, and Merry Christmas!