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Found 4 results

  1. I honestly don't think that men face sexism and double standards like how women do. If they do, then why don't they complain about it like how woman do?
  2. Whether you were born in the most privileged part of the US, or the hellhole of Iraq, it seems to be a common sentiment that being a woman in this world is to be unlucky in some regard. Historical patriarchy has had its clear effects on women, which are still felt today. For the purpose of this essay, I'm disregarding the worst places in the world where women are truly denied the most basic of rights. Right here in my home of the US, it's commonly said that women have to fight and work twice as hard, and "play the game better", in order to be respected. Today, I'd like to explain why being male isn't always sunshine and rainbows. In this morning's newspaper, I read an opinion article by a woman who believes that Donald Trump's alleged treatment of women is completely unsurprising, and furthermore a non-issue, because "most men don't respect women." She then went on to cite the existence of strip clubs and Hooters restaurants as evidence of this. I'm not going to weigh-in on my opinions of these sorts of establishments at the moment. The point I want to focus on is specifically this woman's impression of men, and the fact that this sentiment appears very common among women. She says "most" men disrespect women. Most. By definition, "most" means, at minimum, over 50%. I wouldn't be surprised if she was implying considerably more than that--say 2/3 or 3/4. But I'll grant her the largest concession possible, and go with just over half. Over half. She believes that over half of all men disrespect women. (And keep in mind, she's not from Afghanistan, she's from California.) Could this figure really be true? Is every other man you see on the street an objectifying disrespecting, sexist scumbag? Surely not, but the actual numbers are irrelevant to the purpose of this essay. The point is that she simply feels this way in the first place. The point is that many people have this impression of men. As a desperately lonely man, I feel like the game has been rigged against me. I feel like I am constantly labeled as a villain. I feel like wherever I go, women regard me with mistrust and suspicion, and assume that I am shallow and objectify women. I feel like I have been lumped in with the bad guys without being given a chance. I greatly resent being male for this reason. Women often say that they have to fight and work twice as hard in this world in order to be thought equal to men. (Or even half as good, as you sometimes hear.) But I feel like I have to fight and work twice as hard in order to be thought a decent human being, and not a shallow, chauvinistic australopithacine. For my whole life, I've felt like no one has ever looked at me and just seen me, without looking through this pool of poison. I am only viewed through the clouded lens of prejudice created by the bad members of my sex. Any acceptance of me comes with caveats and comparisons to other men. To all women who feel like they've been dealt a bad hand, please know that the grass isn't always greener; it's dead on both sides of the fence.
  3. I have noticed for a long time that the quality of entertainment has really gone downhill and with that standards in general seem to be going right down the crapper, especially with shows geared toward children. But despite the fact that the general public has even lower expectations because of the notion that is "just a kids show" "mature" shows have gone downhill even further as fast than shows geared toward children yet nobody makes the argument that this is okay because "it is just an adults show." Thought provoking topics as baby dadies, cheating lovers, inbreeding, racist morons and much more have been common fare for daytime talk since the early 90's and possibly even longer but their ugly cousin the "reality show" started airing its ugly head sometime around the 2000's with bland, boring cliched obviously staged clones being churned out every two seconds and helping feed a celebrity infotainment culture that has been with us a long time but is continuing to grow worse as the public continues to get more and more dumbed down. Even the History Channel, the Discovery Channel and most other channels that once played host to thought provoking, shows, specials and documentaries have been affect by this "reality show" craze with fewer and fewer quality shows being aired. The video game industry has also been affected by this though thankfully not as much. I have never minded violence or sexual content but it seems like many games are simply putting it in just for the sake of having it while not paying much attention to things like gameplay, story and characterization for example. Where this is of course at its worst is in first person shooter games, in the 90's and early 2000's there were plenty of good games in this genre but now they are few and far between because developers are simply repackaging the same game over and over again with a slightly different title with the Call of Duty series. "Teen" shows have never been known for their quality but have also taken a hit. They have never been known for their quality but the teen shows in the 80's and 90's were at least tolerable but you turn on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel (Disney Channel especially) and no matter what "teen" show you turn on it is always a dumbed down bore fest of bland phony baloney Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters that are the epitome of wish fulfillment gone horribly wrong and are insulting even to two year olds. Yet despite all this nobody argues that "it is just for adults" "it is just for teens" but even a lot of bronies will argue "it is just for kids" when anyone brings up even the most glaring and obvious flaws in a cartoon geared toward children which honestly baffles me. Part of the argument is that kids shows need to be simple to not confuse them but what these people fail to understand is that there is a major difference between simple and dumbed down. Of course I will get more into those differences in my next blog post so, stay tuned.
  4. A quick youtube video on something that has been bugging me for a long time and it is how people are pressured into being "normal", think of this video as my personal screw you to that notion.