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Found 15 results

  1. HELLO everypony! I know that not all of us animators have Adobe Flash CS6, so, being the very kind person I am(don't laugh at me), I've taken it upon myself to convert ALL of the Double Rainboom Pony Puppets, plus Celestia and Luna, to the Flash 8 version! Which basically means anyone with any version of Adobe Flash can animate with them! I went through a lot of trouble downloading all of the trial versions of Adobe Flash to accomplish this, so I hope this helps some potential animators! Download them here! The puppets include: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Spike Pointy Ponies/BBBFF Style Ponies Applebloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Princess Celestia Princess Luna Derpy Hooves Lyra Heartstrings Bon Bon Vinyl Scratch Doctor Whooves Roids Rage Colgate Berry Punch That's 21 different puppets, folks. AKA a lot of time taken out of my life. x-x It was worth it, though. Enjoy! <3
  2. My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship* Introduction Good day, MLP community! We are happy to show our fan game called My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship. This is a puzzle-platform game and it is just demo-concept at this state. Game Twilight and Pinkie just comming to Ponyville when they found that town is empty! What could it be related? Solve the mystery and find how to get back all ponies to the Ponyville! Warning! In that version the game is just a demo and the plot is not fully revealed! Screenshots: About development [outdated]{This is a game, which is developing on Unity. As I said, this is a demo-concept game and it isnt a completed version. Just for now we are working as the small group of 2 persons. In future,we will add other three ponies, a lot of new interesting levels, uprade our sound collection and graphics. But we are searching for help! If you're interested in that project, you can help in development by any way! This game especially needs artists,animators, sound engineers, image editors.} Thanks a lot for all who tested this game! But I must admit, as HereComesTom said, there already exist some other games with the same idea, so we find reasonable to stop our development, and try something else. But don’t be sad, I suppose you could see my other creations in the future. Download a game To download a game you just need to click the link below(For Windows) Thank you for your attention.
  3. Github: Download: Email: Transform your bookmark in a library of content! Use to organize your inspiration or favourite content using only the bookmark of your Google Chrome. Supported sites: Devian Plus Deviantart Derpibooru SoundBook Plus SoundCloud ® Youtube FanFic Bookin Fanfiction Nyah! Fanfiction FIM Fiction Privacy Policy By using this product, you agree that you'll allow storing files in your browser to save all of your progress. This extension does not possess advertising and no information or data will be collected during use. All softwares is powered by a Website API | This extension is not affiliated or endorsed Demo Images Extension folder in bookmark English is not my native language. Please, help me with warnings about english error for email. Thanks
  4. UPDATE: GUIDE IS NOW LIVE! ~~~~~ Okay, my hands got a bit tired from writing stories (Okay, I'm just lazy), but to those who are interested in reading Fimfiction and is looking for hopes of downloading them offline, I will soon compile a detailed tutorial for you guys. This currently works for ALL Android devices. Though iOS users are free to try the tutorial, make sure that if it does work for you, please have it confirmed to me as soon as possible. Also, for PC users, it IS possible for you to read them offline. You will just need to use Chrome for this though as the Chrome Webstore has a specific app that I'll talk about when I do have the tutorial ready (can't spoil it to you. You just gotta wait.) Basically, what it does is that it'll sync all your downloads you made in your phone and from then on, you can download them from the app. If the said tutorial doesn't work for iOS, then I can guarantee you that the syncing process works ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS. If you have a secondary Android device, you can use it to act as a ‘downloader’ and your iOS device as a ‘reader’. (FOR ANDROID: SYNC HAS TO BE TURNED ON IN YOUR DEVICE'S SETTINGS), unlike other browsers who don't have such an app (EG. Firefox, Opera, Safari). More info and preview pic available here (Redirects you to my Google+): Once the tutorial is live, I will have you guys informed below, as well as on Google+, so if you happen to have one, make sure to give me a follow. Thank you.
  5. If any of you know him you probably know he did a MLP reaction video a long time ago. Since then I has been taken down. What I was wondering is if anyone on this wonderful sub had a download of it. I would really appreciate it. Please comment if you do.
  6. Hello! So in the past months I have been working on a Discord model that goes / could go with some of the pony models out there. If you have looked for discord 3D models in the last few months you may have seen some of the previous versions. First of all for those of you who hate reading: (Images are attached below) DOWNLOAD 1: DOWNLOAD 2: (I recommend download 1) For those of you who don't mind reading: The model, texture, and rig were made entirely by me in blender ( a little for the texture) it took me about 8 - 12 hours doing everything. The model has posable eyebrows/eyelids, posable mouth, individually posable fingers, and obviously a posable body and limbs etc. The file comes with various items: The model of course. Various thumbnails, backgrounds, and renders. Parts: when I created the model I made it in small parts first; I left these in incase you wanted to customise the model, or make your own. Various textures, the textures vary in resolution, there is also the blu - flu texture (and green flu) I can link you to the throne and houses as well if you want just say so. If you use it you do not have to credit me (although I would appreciate it) but I would like it if you could link me to what you made (although you don't have to) I recommend reading the READ ME file Thanks for viewing this thread! I love to hear back about things I make, either it be about it being good, it being not so good and what to improve, or just random responses.
  7. I can't be the only one who was bothered by the OST version of "Welcome to the Show" lacking the musical battle part. So I cut the missing audio from the TV release and added it to the song, you can download or listen to it here:
  8. Dunno if this has been addressed yet buuut. I recently uploaded a new has 127 downloads...37 views...and 50 plays O.o I just thought I would bring this to attention, sorry if it's already been/being looked at.
  9. This thread is for the archiving of Pony-related fan works that have been removed from Youtube, etc. by Hasbro. Currently, the entire Friendship is Witchcraft series as well as the deleted MLP Online demo are archived here. Everything is uploaded in the highest available quality. Due to the large size of some videos, downloads may be in multiple parts. A program such as the freeware 7-Zip is required to open these multi-part files. Note: I do not own any of these videos. The copyright is owned by the original creators, and, if video from FiM is used, Hasbro. The official site of Friendship is Witchcraft can be found at Master Link (Folder with All Pony Stuff) Currently Uploading: none Table of Contents: SherclopPones (Friendship is Witchcraft) FiMFlamFilosophy (The Mentally Advanced Series and Rainbow Dash Presents) Pony-related Games (MLP Online demo)
  10. Since this is a mixed topic around most gamers, I would like to talk about it. What do you guys think of DLC. I know that most gamers don't like it, but I don't mind it. Although it can be because of greed sometimes *COUGHEACOUGH*, but I honestly think that it is a way of improving a game after it has been released. Although In-Game purchases can be considered DLC, I think it is just a dev's way of making money of a free game. So, what do you think of it?
  11. I have recently finish the First Ever 360 view puppet rigs for My Little Pony! Download all of the Mane 6 (and soon the CMC) here: here is a video showing how they look while being rotated: and here are some screenshots of the Flash Files: if you enjoyed these and found them useful in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated if you would subscribe Plus, you will be updated when ever I make more awesome rigs or awesome animations! Link:
  12. A simple topic right here. What do you prefer your games on? CDs, Cartridges, or as Downloads? For me, Cartridges all the way. Those suckers are seriously extremely durable, and you really don't have to worry about them much.Worst case scenario, if it stops working, just blow into it and pop it back in. CDs are by far my least favorite, and I wish they were never introduced to gaming at all. They're so fragile, and just one small scratch ruins the game. And I take good care of my games, and they still somehow get scratches, from which I assume is simply from playing them forever. Most of my Playstation library, like Monster Rancher 2 and Spyro the Dragon don't work anymore, which is a shame. Of course, I have those odd small gamecube discs with several that I've bought used and they have tons of scratches on them, and work fine. So whatever Nintendo did there was good. Can't say the same for their wii discs though... Oh, and Downloads are great too, they never break, and you can have multiple on the console for easy access at once. The only downsides is that you can't lend them to friends, and you have to manage your data to make sure you have enough room for everything. But those are pretty minor complaints, I enjoy them. So... yeah, what do you think? Which one do you like, and which do you hate?
  13. There is this free, easy download, fast running RTS type PC game that needs to get out more. I thought that here would be a pretty good place to get the game "AirMech" out, and to get more players . The whole objective of the game is to destroy the enemy's "Fortress". It's their main base obviously, but as you progress through the match, your fortress generate troops that goes around and takes over outposts. These outposts help generate money and sometimes gives boosts. You can use the in-game money to make your own units to either defend, attack, or help conquer an outpost. The real threat are the Armechs, which is the main guy you play as! Airmechs carry around units, can fly/shoot, or walk on the ground/shoot (like a transformer). You can't hit units if they're on a different level, but there are different airmechs. The warthog Airmech can shoot ground units from Air, which is REALLY good. There are about 7 Airmechs you can buy with Kudos, which you gain after every match. Every Airmech is different, and you sometimes need a certian level to buy them. You can use the "Kudos" you've earned to upgrade your army and buy better units. You can also buy pilots for your airmech, and abilities. This game is COMPLETELY FREE, and despite how good the graphics look, it doesn't take the perfect PC to run it fast at all . My laptop doesn't have the best Graphics card, and it still runs the fastest the game can go! It's a very great game and all you ponies should try it . Ohyeah, it can also go up to 3v3 players, it supports AI's, and there's something called "Survival" mode too. Survival get's pretty crazy, trust me. Hope to see more Brony's on Airmech soon! it's still very new and in the Beta. Go to: DOWNLOAD. Make shure you create a Carbon Games acc. first, it'll give you much more of a head start in the game.
  14. After a long month or two of composing music, from the gentlest of songs to the opus that made me rife with hysterical ague in parts, I have officially released my first finished album on Bandcamp. Metyllisk Originals is a 4 disc album that composes all of my songs (barring duplicates, version changes, and vocals), the tracks of which that vary from the Classical genre to the Metal genre. Across these four discs is 73 tracks, totaling a mind boggling 8.9 hours in duration, all original songs written by me, either note by note or by keyboard input. So let me cut to the chase and give a rundown of the discs now... SKIP TO BOTTOM FOR LINK. Metyllisk Originals Disc I: Enchained - 20 tracks totaling 2:18:48 The first disc of my album, Enchained is an album focused around songs build around the sorrow and desolation and anger captivity brings, whatever may bind you. At the same time, some songs celebrate the hope of becoming free and taking away the pain and the burden you feel. The album art reflects this, by showing the empty, cold walls of a metaphorical prison, to show the expansiveness of the despair that is brought forth by being holed up and locked away. Very reminiscent of my old feelings on life, where I experienced these feelings, and was just as much a prisoner as anyone else. Metyllisk Originals Disc II: Metyl Rayns - 20 tracks totalling 1:20:53 The second disc of the album, Metyl Rayns, is much like the original picture and fanfic this was named after. The songs alternate between blazing fast and calm, in near perfect balance, and reflect the conflicting feelings of Metyllisk when his mind was going forth between a frenzied panic and a despaired calm, feelings that led to his suicide (If you haven't read Metyl Rayns, none of that will make sense). The knife symbolizes solemn emotion and hopelessness, the calm, and the locket flowing in the wind symbolizes the frenetic waltz of worry and love, separate or combined. This disc contains the song Metyl Rayns, which I consider to be one of my best because of the atmosphere it conveys and its clever use of instruments (most notably using snare drums to simulate wind). Metyllisk Originals Disc III: Machinacha - 18 tracks totaling 1:10:58 The third disc of the album, Machinacha portrays the clear balance between the aspects of the mind. Almost equally are the philosophical songs, ones that provoke thought and encourage interpretation, the emotional songs, evoking feelings of love, hope, and perhaps even despair, and the ,ysterious songs, songs telling stories whilst maintaining a veil of mystere and obfuscation as an afterthought. This is represented by the gears of the album art, to show the mystery of how my own mind works in all of its oddball complexities and simplicities. Metyllisk Originals Disc IV: Lupus De Anima - 15 tracks totaling 4:06:41 The final disc of my album, Lupus De Anima. This album is solely comprised of the fifteen movements of my greatest piece, the eponymous Lupus De Anima. Each track, if it were played together at once, would make it not only one of the most difficult organ pieces to perform, but one of the longest in history, at an unbelievable 4 hours, 6 minutes, and 41 seconds. Unfortunately, it was fraught with problems, mainly background noise. If someone would be so kind as to transcribe them to midi files, I would be extremely grateful. Nonetheless, it is just over four hours of some splendid organ music. For the last few tracks, sheet music and midi files are available on request. The album art is quite an interesting, if not Kafkaesque, expression of the true meaning of Lupus De Anima. Lupus De Anima was written to express my own personal struggles with SID (Species Identity Disorder). I was never open about it, because I realize there isn't a point in telling people stuff like that, but that also means I could never get help for it. The picture shows that I feel more like I am a wolf, trapped in a empty and vapid human shell, and that my humanity is only a mask I must don for the approval of the wooden members of a cardboard world. The picture shows that I feel that wolf soul inside of me (Hence why this is called Lupus De Anima, which means "Soul of the Wolf" or "Wolf of the Soul", the latter of which I prefer more), but I am stuck with this pretentious form plastered to me. Since I don't believe in telling every single person about my personal issues (I hate when people do that), I made Lupus De Anima to extensively pour out everything in my heart and soul about how I feel in this cage of a body. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you've gotten this far, the links are coming up real soon. First, I just want to tell you all of my music is completely free, and will stay so. Second, don't ever claim to someone you made this, because the album was released under a sharing policy of all rights reserved. Third, I don't care if you torrent this, pirate it, or do whatever kids do these days. It's free music, and I'm frankly happy for whatever downloads I get. Now, for links: Metyllisk Originals Disc I: http://kakeithewolf....riginals-disc-i Metyllisk Originals Disc II: http://kakeithewolf....iginals-disc-ii Metyllisk Originals Disc III: http://kakeithewolf....ginals-disc-iii Metyllisk Originals Disc IV: http://kakeithewolf....iginals-disc-iv Thank you for supporting my music by downloading, and have a nice day!
  15. Ever since they've been marketing them publicly in the late 70's, the best way known to buy a video games is the real, physical cartridge or disc bought from retail. The feel of buying the actual game with all of it's data, code, etc., packed into one tiny object that is really easy to store, carry around, and the like. Although, with the digital age of gaming among us, a lot of the our favorite games are only available via download on the online stores of consoles (XBOX Live Arcade, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, App Store, etc.), and on those respective online stores exclusively. While there's no possible way to store Angry Birds like we store all (and possibly most in the coming future) of our games from the past. But, in recent times, with digital downloads of programs, mostly games, becoming more and more popular, corporations have adapted to this, by allowing people to buy digital, convenient versions of games previously only available in retail, onto these online game markets. This will undoubtedly change the way we collect and store our games, if we choose digital over retail. This is an article on Nintendo 3DS Blog, mentioning that Nintendo have decided to make most retail 3DS games alternately available as a download on the 3DS' eShop: What is your opinion on this? Not just Nintendo, but most popular gaming giants that have been making this decision? Which do you prefer? The traditional feel of walking into a store, and picking up a game, buying it, and checking out? Or do you like having a copy of your favorite game with you at all times? My opinions: Retail/physical copy: It's the traditional way, the way it's been since they've sold copies of games in stores sine the late 1970's. I prefer this way because, not only would I hate too see this tradition go extinct in the coming years, but I much favor having the game, and everything with it. The box (video game box art is a wonderful thing; it can say so much about it, and sometimes can be considered art), the manual, any other miscellaneous pamphlets, and of course, the game itself. The cartridge/disc with all the memories inside, whether they are memories already had, or are just waiting to be had. Digital downloads: Yes, while it may be more convenient buying it faster online, while also getting the bonus of not having to change the cartridge/disc out every single time, no fear of losing the game itself, and the ability to have your collection right there, I still don't think it should be the dominant way of buying video games. I think the only games that should be digitally available to download, are games that are made exclusively for their respective online stores and platforms. Verdict: retail/physical copies