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Found 20 results

  1. what do you think is the biggest rivalry in geekdom? it can be rivalry between to different fandoms like star wars vs star trek, or a character rivalry like batman vs superman. personally the biggest fandom rivalry ive been a part of is thor vs hulk ( thor should always beat hulk). please post your thoughts on which rivalry is the biggest and the biggest rivalry you have been a part of.
  2. Have you ever purchased the magical,timey wimey Dr whooves plushie? If so,tell me your review. Available on Amazon.
  3. Omgomgomgomhomg! The new Doctor is being announced on Sunday 16th of July after the Wimbledon Mens Final! Oh Sweet Luna! I have so many questions! Are they going to be a woman? Or maybe some other skin tone than pasty white? Will they be old? Will they be young? Will they remember their past? Will they loose the stupid sonic sun glasses? Will they change the tardis again? Will they be ginger?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!
  4. Hello! Swivel here, I've been working on making a dr who/MLP crossover audio drama, because this fandom surely needs more of them. (not, this is pretty much for fun) Anyway, the time has come for me to be looking for talented voice actors to voice the characters as well as an editor to check over my script. Details can be found here: If you would prefer to email me your audition, please use the lines in the link, separate each character into a different file, and name the files with you name and the name of the character you're auditioning for. You can email auditions to I'm also looking for an editor, the more nitpicky the better. You can either do as requested in the casting call or simply tell me why you'd be a good editor for this project. Keep in mind, I'm not simply looking for someone to check spelling and grammar, but also story, pacing, how the dialog flows, and more. If you have any questions about this project, or think you might be able to help in some other way, feel free to post here or message me!
  5. Do you like voice acting and singing? Do you like Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog AND Doctor Who? You've come to the right place! I have a friend who is trying to create a Doctor Who and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog crossover. It will be an original musical. I had volunteered to be a voice actor, but my schedule became to busy to be of much help, so I had to drop out. The least I could do is help recruit more people to help. Voice actors/singers are needed. Also, things like this are fun, but it is also being taken seriously, so we need serious participants. I have done things like this before that completely fell apart because even just a few people weren't being professional. That being said, she seems pretty determined to do this thing, so if you can be professional this would probably be a great thing to be a part of. She has a few requirements he wanted me to tell you about, so here you go: 1) A high quality mic. This goes without saying. No background noise or echo. 2) You MUST match the voice of the specific character you have chosen as close as possible. Practice before signing up and auditioning so you know if you can do it or not. 3) A non-tight schedule. This is EXTREMELY important for any project like this to work out. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU CAN'T FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR PROMISE. Skipping out for whatever reason hinders the progress for everyone else and is just not a very cool thing to do. If you do sign up and have to drop out, it is your job to find a replacement. 4) A voice acting and singing ability range. Sorry, but just being able to do voice impersonations is not enough. You need to be able to do some real voice acting and singing. It doesn't need to be the amazing, but like I said before this project is being taken seriously so we need some serious voice actors. 5) PLEASE make sure that when you send the audition, your file(s) must be in MP3 format! She cannot accept other file types. If you have other file types, then you can find programs online that can convert your files (Always research the program before downloading. I don't want any of you to download a virus). If you are sincerely interested, comment here and I will give you the songs and lines you need to record for an audition, and refer you to the person in charge. ps: Admins, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I'm never sure if I'm in the right part of the forums.
  6. Hi everyone, there has been a video that I have posted below about wanting singers for a song called "So They Say" from Dr.Horrible's sing along-blog! This will be ponified for my animated series Dr.Marehorror's sing-along blog! I'm not sure if I'll animate this song but I'll probably use the banner instead. Here is the video: If you cannot be bothered to look it up, here is the cast that I'll need: Doctor Groupies: Lyra Heartstrings, Twinkleshine Colgate Burning Star (No singer, voice actor please. And I'll need a permanent role if you can join other projects!) Mayor Mare Summer Star (an oc that can be found here: And last but not least, Miss Cheerilie This is mostly a pegasister contest so sorry to the bronies out there! Recording rules: Microphone must be high quality Microphone must have no background noise (fans, voices, bangs, nature, etc.) If you voice a canon character it must sound similar to it from in the mlp show, I will not choose auditions that sound really off. (Make your own voice for Summer Star and Burning, I'll only find entries that are the voices I feel like using.) I only accept mp3 files as wavs are sometimes not compatible. Look up fanon voices for the background ponies that have the most commonly used voices. Sending file rules: Pm me on here and I'll send you my email! Files must be MP3 ONLY. I will not change that rule for your own sake, this is for my sake as it is the only format compatible on my WMM. ZIPS are not allowed in the competition! If you have multiple files, I will download a piece at a time and will put them on a separate folder in my documents. I cannot use ZIP files. If you plan on quitting please INFORM me, before you leave without warning; then I can make the decision to pass the role you have onto somebody else! This will make everything a lot easier for everybody. If you come back a lot later your role may have already been replaced! This has been done a dozen times and I am not putting up with it anymore! That is all I have to say, folks! If you have any questions please send me a pm but READ the post FIRST! Thank you, and if you are interested in collaborating with me with my other projects check out my forum page! There are a ton of projects you can join (depends on how many pegasisters or bronies I'll need.) Goodluck!
  7. So I drew this for a comic page I was making, and I decided to put the image itself up on its own. Hope you like.
  8. Just like the title says, could somepony please explain the plot line of Dr Who? I know there are a lot of seasons and a lot of Doctors, but I just need some basic understanding before I jump into the show. Thanks!
  9. I have a ton of merchandise for a ton of different fandoms. Most of them are my little pony but i also take interest in alot of other things. The thumbnail is just a picture of my desk. Turn around and you see a whole room full of this stuff. Should i start a shrine, i know that sounds stupid but why not. These fandoms have become a huge part of my life and many times have helped out of dark places. What do you guys think. Also here is a little challenge, comment down below if you can find mordecai from regular show.
  10. so... this is the doctor, enjoy it!
  11. So this is the first page of a comic I've got going on dA. If you're interested to see what happens in it, just click this: Thanks:)
  12. First off And now: What did you think of the new Dr Who? Where would you put it compared to the other Christmas specials? Any other thoughts?
  13. This is a pic that I was asked to draw on my deviantArt page. Hope you guys like:)
  14. Made this cos of the new Dr Who episode. Hope you like
  15. Well, here's something I drew. Sorry if it looks a little weird, but I drew this a while back.
  16. I thought it might be cool to post this thing I drew here and see what people think of it. Hope you like it.
  17. Prize art made for Xarti on DA for winning leader's pick in a past art contest for the group Samurai---7. They requested a Dr Hooves and Daring Do Halloween theme. I imagine Dr Hooves is facepalming over Daring Do's disregard for her costume's modesty. Can you imagine if someone wearing a skirt lifted their leg that way?
  18. I've just begun watching Dr.who and I am wondering whether to simply watch new episodes as they arrive, to watch all of the newest season or to continue watching S5 and continue from there.
  19. Some blindbag, putty, paint and plasticard fun! Am quite a fan of the Dr Whooves Adventures audio series, so thought this would be appropriate to make for the 50th anniversary of Dr Who tonight!
  20. I've finished the Silence Pony! I brought a couple with me to Fiesta Equestria and several people asked if I could paint them like Slenderman/Slendermane so I did. Coming up soon should be even more Dr. Who pony sculpts! :