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Found 21 results

  1. Have you ever purchased the magical,timey wimey Dr whooves plushie? If so,tell me your review. Available on Amazon.
  2. When my old Dr.Marehorror topic came up from my old topic results, I decided that it was time I made a Dr.Marehorror parody song cover. This song takes place sometime after the film "Dr.Horrible's sing-along blog," just after the Master died. So, in short I want singers for Dr.Marehorror and the Master. Update: I will no longer need music composers or songwriters, since I know these roles are hard to get and the song might take longer to make. (I only have two more days left till school.) Note that any voice I choose for Dr.Marehorror won't be canon in this song. However I do want her voice higher than in this animation I made: As for the singers, these are the rules: High quality mic: Little or no background noise. Files must be sent in mp3 format. If any of you win auditions, or if any of you get picked as a different role we will talk about this in pm. There will be a voice example of the Master below. I think you get the idea. Anyway, good luck! The Master Voice Example.mp3
  3. After appearing in the Slice of Life episodes, and given the cannon name Muffin. Has Derpy evolved into a minor MLP Character, instead of a background character.
  4. Hi Dr Whooves fans, while I'm sitting behind the computer screen bored with nothing to write why not give me some ideas for my upcoming audio play Mare and the Master's TARDIS Adventures? Don't let them be too spoilery though, give me two sentences and make sure that your idea is at least PG rated and original. I might find something else to do eventually but meh, I know I won't get answers right away. :/ No silly or off-topic suggestions thanks. Maybe I might accept some fanfiction ideas for Mare and the Master.
  5. Hi everyone, today I plan on making an animated youtube channel trailer for me. I will probably do the rest like draw full bodies of ponies and then put them all in animations, but I will need some help with this if some of the animators are free to do this. I will be needing something that looks like this (I will be using all of these characters, but the Doctor will look different): And I will also be needing the Master for this as well, you can find both references of the two time lords here: Also my main oc Mare will be in this trailer too, here is a reference for her: I will be needing the trailer finished pretty soon this week. Once you're finished with the animation, pm me and I will give you my email so that you can send it over there. I will give you credit for doing the eyes in the trailer. File must be in an avi format that is compatible for Windows Movie Maker. If possible can someone please do a cyberpony looking at the audience with glowing eyes and a Dalek animation saying "Exterminate?" Sorry if this sounds much but you don't have to do it xD This is a bonus request. Goodluck!
  6. Hi, I am going to begin Mare and the Master's TARDIS Adventures very soon (a new audio play I'm releasing on my second youtube channel that you'll find on my main one similar to this username.) I seriously need experienced audio editors who have enough time on their hands on a daily basis, I know this sounds impossible but I want this concept to be my final decision for an audio play. This audio play is based on another perceptive from my old audio series Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel which will be stopped soon after the next two upcoming episodes, so I'll probably need audio editors for that too. That series starred the Doctor and Lyra, but now this new series will star the Master and his new companion Mare. And I will need digital and experienced artists, which is off topic but oh well.
  7. Hi I need a co-writer for my new dr whooves audio play who can share their epic ideas for some episodes of my series and I have a skype so if you have one too and an email PM me your info if you wish to join. Please do not comment on this topic if you are not interested.
  8. Hi I can't really change the title unfortunately, but I decided to cancel the animation idea I had in mind earlier. Anyway, I'd be interested to see an animatic of a parody song I have in mind sung by Burning Star called Poor Unfortunate souls, once I have the cover done I'll send it to this topic so that you can listen to it. Can someone please do an animatic of that song parody, if they have the free time.
  9. Just like the title says, could somepony please explain the plot line of Dr Who? I know there are a lot of seasons and a lot of Doctors, but I just need some basic understanding before I jump into the show. Thanks!
  10. so... this is the doctor, enjoy it!
  11. This is a pic that I was asked to draw on my deviantArt page. Hope you guys like:)
  12. Well, here's something I drew. Sorry if it looks a little weird, but I drew this a while back.
  13. Prize art made for Xarti on DA for winning leader's pick in a past art contest for the group Samurai---7. They requested a Dr Hooves and Daring Do Halloween theme. I imagine Dr Hooves is facepalming over Daring Do's disregard for her costume's modesty. Can you imagine if someone wearing a skirt lifted their leg that way?
  14. I've just begun watching Dr.who and I am wondering whether to simply watch new episodes as they arrive, to watch all of the newest season or to continue watching S5 and continue from there.
  15. Hai everypony. Not sure if this is the right section - not quite sure where direct MLP Forums talk should go, so I assumed here. Anyways, I found this awesome website which lets you see websites in the past! Here, linky: - that will take you to the 19th of October, 2011. Also, if you want you can look at it at a different point in time...*/ So, have a browse - find some interesting stuff. Sadly though, some stuff isn't indexed, so some pages might look a little screwed up, and some pages aren't indexed either - it's also a tad slow, but hey, atleast it's something. I managed to find @@Apple Bloom - one of the long term admins, Be sure to share what you find.
  16. Some blindbag, putty, paint and plasticard fun! Am quite a fan of the Dr Whooves Adventures audio series, so thought this would be appropriate to make for the 50th anniversary of Dr Who tonight!
  17. I've finished the Silence Pony! I brought a couple with me to Fiesta Equestria and several people asked if I could paint them like Slenderman/Slendermane so I did. Coming up soon should be even more Dr. Who pony sculpts! :
  18. these are some mlp background ponies that i recently drew... i don't like them but maybe you will! if you wanna ask me stuff go to my page on here or my Tumblr enjoy
  19. So I was thinking about season 3 a little and I just thought about a cool episode idea. (sorry if this idea has been posted already) So I was thinking an episode where the mane 6 go away on a trip and a monster attacks Ponyville. Since the mane 6 are away 6 other ponies have to defeat the monster. They are the other mane 6 (Derpy, Dr. whooves, Lyra, Bon Bon, Octavia, and Dj pon3). This way all the background ponies get an episode.