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Found 9 results

  1. What exactly is going on with dragons in the FIM universe? First, how do dragons age and grow? Are their aging and growing even concurrent with each other? As we saw in Secret of My Excess, dragons can grow significantly in size simply by amassing hoards of stuff, so growth doesn't seem to necessarily have anything to do with age. Dragons do seem to live for a long time, though, as the dragon from Dragonshy was about to take a hundred-year nap. I suppose it would make some sense if dragons grow exclusively by hoarding. Spike grew so quickly because he's surrounded only by ponies, who can't do a whole lot to stop him, but in the Dragon Lands, it would be much, much harder for dragons to amass sizable hoards, what with all the other dragons stealing from them to grow their own hoards. But does that mean that dragons don't grow in size due to age whatsoever? Do they even age at all? Second, where the balls were all the dragons during Gauntlet of Fire???? There appeared to be dozens, if not hundreds, of full-grown, enormous dragons taking part in the dragon migration, but the only dragons who answered the Dragon Lord's summons were "teenage" dragons, and not even all that many of them. So what happened to all the dragons? Do they live somewhere other than Equestria? After all, the Dragon Lord did address the "dragons of Equestria," not all dragons necessarily. Does the Dragon Lord only have authority over Equestrian dragons? Was there some catastrophic event that wiped out most of the dragons? Did Tirek, perhaps, destroy them in the brief time he held all the magical power? Are the full-grown dragons simply too lazy to answer the summons? Were they napping? Did they just not want to leave their hoards? What's going on??
  2. It's the holidays, and you know what that means! ... ... ... PRESENTS! And what a better present is there than to live in the present, aside from living in the past or dying? ... ... ... Reviewing a Fluttershy episode! Now, back in the day, this episode was the Black Friday episode of MLP. You didn't get any discounts, but you did get a pack of smokes. No, no, not those kind of smokes, these kind of smokes: Oh, goodness! Talk about your Black Friday! (LOL MOAR LAUGH TRACKS) Now that I've enticed your attention, let's see if I can keep it for 45 more seconds as we embark on our review of "Dragonshy." This a spoilers review, so if you haven't seen this episode, you have time to turn around and click away right now as we speak. - - - - That was the nicest way I've warned anyone about impending spoilers on this blog..... - - No, no, no, stop it, we can't have that, even if it is the holiday season. Quick, quote one of my nastiest spoiler warnings from a previous review! That'll do! So, we open this episode with the smoke I've previously displayed, emanating from a mountaintop that's not a volcano. Fluttershy, upon being the first to see this, tries to warn the townsfolk. However, the town doesn't have time for Fluttershy's shit and decide to ignore her and choke to death. Luckily, the great and powerful Twilight Sparkle is there to warn the town officially because she's loud. She finds that the smokes coming from a hibernating dragon, and designates a plan that involves climbing to the top of the mountain and telling the dragon to.......well........fuck off. Autobots, Starscream is up to his old tricks again. Transform, and roll out! Of course, Fluttershy is a very important player in this plan. Her expertise would help get the dragon to kindly move out of the cave on the mountain to cease suffocating Ponyville. However, as we all know, Fluttershy is shy, and as such she is scared shitless about this mission. This provides a wacky challenge for our heroes to face as they embark on their quest to save Ponyville from lung cancer! Aw, hell naw, ain't no draggn eatin' me! I is gaw'n' prepared! Draggins can't bite throo fl0aties 'n'a' halmett! Fluttershy tried to back out at the last minute, but Twilight Sparkle bitch-slapped her. And off they went to the mountaintops! There, they faced many a challenge! Many a challenge indeed, such as a dragon's roar! Holy smokes, that's terrifying! It makes me want to quit the mission altogether. But our brave heroes made it past that obstacle and moved on to a new major roadblock: climbing the mountain! It took so long for them (Fluttershy) to overcome this that Pinkie Pie beat Rarity at 35 consecutive games of tic-tac-toe! "Sheesh, Rarity! You suck at this!" "I know...suck something else if you wanted..." But at long last, they climbed (part of) the mighty mountain and proceeded to their next challenge: Jumping over a HUGE canyon!!! NO! DON'T DO IT FLUTTERSHY! You're going to die! NO! DON'T NOOOOOOOOOOOO! ... ... ... ... ... Then a real challenge is presented. An avalanche occurs and the ponies have to take a different route than they'd originally planned. Also, their lives were endangered, but who cares about that? I mean, with as much time it's taking for Fluttershy to complete simple tasks, everyone in Ponyville could need an electronic larynx at this point. At last, the ponies arrive at the cave and attempt to awaken the dragon. Fluttershy is too scared to go in as she finally admits, because, you know, nobody else could figure that out (except for Rainbow, she's for once smart here), and the others find other means of getting rid of the dragon. After failed attempts from Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash does the logical thing... Remember how I said Rainbow was smart? Well... This obviously pisses the dragon right the fuck off, and it starts to rampage and ravage the other five ponies. When her friends are in danger, it's now up to Fluttershy to tell that dragon who's boss. And she does. She tells him right off. She says, "How dare you! Listen here, mister! I'm just about done with your bullshit, okay? You may have sharp teeth, but that doesn't mean I can't kick your scaly little ass! Screw with my friends one more time and I'll go full apeshit on you. You got that?" After the dragon whines about Rainbow kicking him, Fluttershy says "I'm very sorry for that, but I'm 'bout ready to do you up ten times worse if y'all don't get the FUCK off this mountain!" That face could make Hitler crumble to his knees. And so the dragon leaves, only 10 ponies in the village got lung cancer, and the day was saved thanks to Fluttershy's immense bravery! And that was "Dragonshy." ... Well, that was a relief from "Boast Busters." I've got to say, that one was pretty good. Fluttershy shows that she will put aside her fears and her worries for the sake of her friends and for the good of the town. Not a bad premise and not a bad story, making for not a bad episode. There's not much else to say other than, well done. I wouldn't pick this as one of my favorite episodes 'nor as one I'd try to avoid. It's just a good episode. Overall, I'll give "Dragonshy" an 8/10. Odd that I can't go any deeper into the episode, but that's probably because it's a pretty straightforward story, so trying to pick it a part is a very difficult process unless you praise this episode as your lord and savior. Very well, then, I did like it nonetheless. The holiday seasons are a time of giving, even though you could really do this at any point in the year if you wanted to. And in the spirit of the season of giving, I notice that up to this point, I haven't given a 10/10 to any episode I've reviewed on this blog. Hopefully, that will soon change. What's the next episode? Hmmmph. Well, I suppose I'll be eagerly counting the days 'till Friday.
  3. Hello everypony! A long while back I made a post here about a new song I was starting ( 1.5 years later, it's finally finished!!! I'm so glad I was able to make it a pony song to give back to the community! I would love if y'all would give it a listen! Any feedback is welcomed. Version with Audio Clips - Music Only Version - Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy!
  4. Note: For the collection of other "Pick a Flaw" episode threads, head over to the "Pick a Flaw" blog portal (which'll be updated periodically) or check the list at the bottom of the OP. Dragonshy marks the first Fluttershy-centric (and self-contained adventure) episode in the series, and it's heralded as one of the earliest favorites in the entire series fr Fluttershy's development, the action, and strong moral being shown in the story. Moreover, this is Meghan McCarthy's first published episode of the series. Of course, no episode is perfect, and I compiled a list of complaints that I read when reviewing Dragonshy. Those who know about these threads, you know how they work. To those coming to one of these threads for the first time, pick ONE of the possible flaws above and explain why it bothers you the most (even if it's just a smidgen). If it's not any of the options, click "other" and explain why. Be warned: "Other" does NOT stand for "this episode is (mostly) flawless." These threads don't mean this person dislikes the story. Season 1: Friendship Is Magic, Parts 1 & 2 The Ticket Master Applebuck Season Griffon the Brush Off Boast Busters Dragonshy Look Before You Sleep Bridle Gossip (coming soon) Owl's Well that Ends Well Season 2: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Putting Your Hoof Down Dragon Quest Season 4: Simple Ways Filli Vanilli Twilight Time It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezies Somepony to Watch Over Me Maud Pie For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Leap of Faith Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 Trade Ya! Inspiration Manifestation Equestria Games Twilight's Kingdom
  5. ----------RULES---------- Rules are simple! You will make a sentence using the letter descending letter of the pony above you and responding to theirs! Example: Pinkie_Pie: A cat is Rarity's pet. Rainbow_Dash: By the way, why does she like cats? Fluttershy: Cat are pretty cute, I think. As you see; once you get to Z you start over with a new subject related to MLP:FIM! Letters are as follows: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z I will start you off... Anyone know why Fluttershy is so, ya know shy?
  6. I apologize in advance for any and all eventual typos. Fluttershy calls upon to great effect. "Dragonshy" Written by Meghan McCarthy Okay, maybe that last Sad Tennant was a bit overly ominous. No, I don't think "Dragonshy" is as bad as "Boast Busters". It's not even bad. It's actually quite decent, offering a glimpse into the more adventure-oriented series Lauren Faust originally intended before later seasons move more towards slice of life with fantasy elements. Some people find the idea of the Mane Six being Celestia's task force that she calls in for these situations a bit unappealing, though I do enjoy how "professional" they all act about it. This ain't no G1, where the characters just kind of stumbled around until the problem was solved; these ladies know what they have to do, and they're gonna do it. Just look at that gearing-up montage (which I cannot find on Youtube, but can assure you that it's further proof that Rarity is amazing). In fact, overall I just enjoy how straightforward the plot is. No friendship problems or anything of the sort today, just a dragon on his lonely mountain. The best thing the episode has going for it is the humor, and how well it's weaved throughout the narrative without feeling out of place or intrusive on the task at hand. Don't get me wrong, I like random chunks of funny as much as the next guy, but good comic relief works within the story and feels like a proper response. It's difference between The Avengers, where the humor comes from the characters' reactions to each other and add to a deeper understanding of their psyche, and Bayformers, where the comedy needlessly derails the story at every turn and does nothing but annoy. Pinkie Pie doing whatever it is Pinkie Pie does and Rarity trying to persuade the dragon to give her gems are strange solutions to the problems, but they feel natural given the characters and don't interrupt anything; it's part of the climax, as opposed to being a separate scene or quick detours into insanity. In fact, that whole scene is as basic as an example of effective character writing can get: through your wildly varying characters at a random problem and figure out how they would respond. It's fun to watch, needless to say. It's not Joss Whedon or anything, but good writing is good writing. Animation is also getting noticeably more complex and expressive. I mean, this face...'s perfect. So yeah, a good amount of things to like here and it all adds up to an enjoyable episode. Unfortunate, all that legitimate goodness has to be paired with the debut of Fluttercoward. The cuteness of this moment is doing battle with the annoyance its context places in my soul. I think I have a cold now. Don't know how often it's been said by me, but I've never really enjoyed Fluttershy's more lily-livered instances. No, I don't care how "adorable" they are. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the mere fact that she's fearful; after all, the measure of a true hero is not how fearless they are, but rather what fears they are willing to face to do the right thing and all that jazz, and while it's a bit of a backwards character development, what with the pilot showing her intense interest in baby dragons and her ability to stay calm and collected in the face of a violent manticore attack, but I guess I can deal with a fear of dragons if it's done well. But it isn't done well. In fact, I find it to be quite mishandled. The episode goes way too far with Flutter's fear and turns her into a difficult, bordering-on-incompetent milksop. She rises to the challenge, to be sure, but at every turn beforehand, her behavior just causes more and more problems for the rest of the group. I can't feel sympathy for a character who mere presence irritates and impedes the progress of every other character in the episode. And that wouldn't be so bad if that was part of the lesson, like Fluttershy's fear has less to do with the dragon itself and more with not being able to do anything effective or meaningful (which is actually the idea they run with in my all time favorite episode, but that comes much later). But nope, she's just scared of the dragon and has absolutely no self control, because that's cute, right? I get it, the moral of the story is to not underestimate your friends, but to be honest, I wouldn't really blame Dash for assuming Flutters would be of no help is this was all I had to go by. Not to mention that specific wording seems makes the whole "afraid of dragons" thing feel disconnected from the eventual moral. Surely there could have been better way of doing this? Like, Fluttershy goes because she chose to go, but is afraid she won't be of any help, which isn't helped when she thinks she's become a burden (but she wouldn't be the direct cause of problems, rather she has a harder time getting around them than the others), so she leaves near the end to make it easier for the others, but she decides to go back up because those are her friends and she needs to be there for them (as opposed to hiding behind the rock). See, I fixed it. That's all just a personal problem I have, and I know most probably don't have too much of an issue with this characterization, but that's my two bits. Otherwise, it's a nice little adventure story. I actually think it becomes a bit better if you imagine this as the beginning of Dash's arc regarding her relationship with Flutters (disrespect into genuine friendship). Overall, not too shabby, besides that really annoying thing. 7/10
  7. -Quickly made banner A beautiful game, and an awesome series. Has it been ponified before? eeyup. Is Fluttershy dragonborn? Of course. Has this been done before before? eeyup, but to the extent of my knowledge, it hasn't been animated yet, and that's where I come in. Reversalx here, and just throwing my WIP out there (thought this might have been animated before), so that i can let the world know what i will be working on for the next while. This will also be a chance for me to learn new skills, and animate better. I ain't the best, but taking on a project like this will help me get off my lazy flank and do something productive. This will basically be a full Trailer of the Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim, ponified and animated, although some features of the original trailer may be modified. Will be posting various completions of it, of my choice, until (you know) COMPLETION. Do i need help animation-wise? not really, but it is appreciated (will complete it even with no help anyways). From animators to artists, anybody thinking they might be able to contribute, please present yourselves.. Though i DO need a couple voice actors, manely for Fluttershy (gotta have that FUS ROH YAY, or something along those lines), and an epic voice to do the voice-over, originally done by (pretty sure)Max Von Sydow(originally Esbern) for the trailer. The voice does not have to be sage-like or male, just an awesome, fitting, story-telling voice. If interested, Give in a comment or email me at- Thanks for Reading, leave comments, questions, ideas, or suggestions below. Criticism is appreciated. *UPDATE 1* Alduin's wall, finished(not really). Will probably a lot add more to it later(like making the carvings stand out more, add fire, etc ), i just wanted to move onto something else, this took me longer than it should have XD (NOTE- the quality was reduced, fore filesize reasons.)
  8. Well it seems that our great overlord has become crazy. We all told him, "Don't do so much work!". Yet he continued and we now have a shocking photo of him since his insanity has overtaken him. All joking aside, this is a vector of Feld0's OC with a crazy expression similar to Twilight Sparkle's expression in the episode, "Lesson Zero". This vector was based on a drawing by XraYZPony. You can find the original sketch, here. This took awhile to complete, as this was my first real vector from scratch. I know it isn't that good, but I did it to the best of my current ability. http://dragonshyart....ector-314324575
  9. Post your OC's to bein one of my last projects. If you wish to post an OC please follow these rules: Make sure it is a vector or has no background. (No drawings) If you wish to post please have at least talked to me at some point on the forums. No characters from the show (I know, I know, sometimes people don't understand though) Have your post count at least over "Blank Flank" Thank you, I appreciate it.