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Found 169 results

  1. Hey y'all! I'm here to post some artworks and see what kindo of AWESOME artwork you guys are up to! Here's some of my artworks!
  2. Just a couple of Steven Universe and other related stuff drawings I've done in the past days.
  3. Here is a drawing of Pixel from LazyTown. And of course it's in the non-pony category. Dagnabbit, I forgot to draw the hands.
  4. Hello everypony, ​I have been planning on doing this for a while, but just didn't have the time and resources (I wanted to draw responses too. So with my camera I'll be able to draw quick doodles for some of your awesome questions. I'll try to draw as many as I can for you guys. I'll also use images from the internet if some drawings take too much time. (Once I finally get a graphics tablet, this will look much better :3) So feel free to ask your Princess any question (and feel free to ask my alter-egos too) So with that said and done... EDIT: If I missed your question due to answering a few at a time, If I don't look through and find it, don't be shy to let me know. Also my camera has been broken, so I haven't been using my own drawings for that reason alone. Pleas keep in mind this is a Ask thread, so keep the spammy random rp to a minimum please. I can't run 40 different rps in one thread, it gets too confusing. ALSO, this is not a place you can spam your randomness, there is a thread for that. So keep random spam and idle banter out please. This is an ASK thread. UPDATE: Just so you ponies know, I do allow Molestia to answer some of your questions. While that is for comedic effect, it may get sexual. If you at all feel uncomfortable with it, just remember it isn't serious, and shouldn't be taken seriously. Content may be NSFW but it wont ever steep into clopping material.
  5. Here's how it works. The person above you will name someone, such as a character from MLP:FiM or a celebrity or whatnot, and you have to open an image editing program (preferably MS Paint) and draw said character in ten seconds or less and then post the image. Then you request what the next user will draw and so on. To start this off, I challenge the user below me to draw... *Drum roll* Twilight Sparkle!
  6. Announcements: We are officially up and running! Please take a moment to skim through the rules before posting. What is this? This is a thread where artists of all different levels, skills, and art forms can come together to exchange art of the mlp world. Everyone who posts will receive art, as long as they are able to give art in return. How does it work? - Take a claim on the above member's character (your official agreement to draw their character) - Post a reference of the character you want someone to draw - Draw the character of the member above you [WITHIN 15 days of posting] - Update your progress on the completion of a character - Post the final product of your art on your last post - Repeat the process once done with your part of the trade Claiming Form (MUST USE): I Am Claiming the Character Above Me! Art Progress: (ex- sketching, coloring, detailing, finished, etc.) Finished Art: (enter your finished piece here) Rules: (optional – usage rights, off site, selling/trading, etc.) Ref: (the character you want drawn here) Basic Info: (optional – name, gender, species, personality, etc.) Preferences: (optional – forms of art, poses, transparent background, etc.) Other: (optional) - Use the form to claim - Only characters related to the MLP Universe will be accepted (includes Equestria Girls) - Please do not ask for art of MLP/EG canon characters - Draw the character directly above you and provide a legible, easy to interpret, reference for the next person under you to draw. - You must FINISH your art from a previous claim before posting again. - 15 days is the maximum time given to users to complete their art (unless an extension is given under certain circumstances.) - ONLY claim art if you are capable of drawing the character - You must OWN the character you are posting for art of; Requesting gift art is okay. - Sloppy sketches will not be accepted. - Nearly all types/forms of art are accepted in this exchange, as long as time, effort, and detail are put into every piece. - Use of pony bases are allowed if... The base artist gives permission for your use of base You properly color and detail the base with obvious effort You get the okay from the character’s owner - Art must be of reasonable quality, as determined by thread staff, in comparison to what you are capable of. - All art is free. - Feel free to PM the owner of the character you are drawing once completed. - Have questions please contact me! Temporary Bans: If you do not finish your art in 15 days, you will be PM'd by me and given a TWO DAY extension to finish your art. After that, you will be banned without further warning until your art is completed by you or someone who does it in your place. Bans: NONE! Let it stay that way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Am Claiming the Character Above Me! (I'll randomly draw someone's character on this site! Art Progress: Planning Finished Art: (WIP) Rules: Please give me credit and feel free to use it anywhere. Ref: Basic Info: Valeska/ Female/ Earth Pony Preferences: I'll take whatever you can give me. Other: Thank you so much!
  7. iv been drawing more recently, and i decided to share a few pics with y'all. a piece for me and sonicdashie axton, one of ice blizzard's oc's skyla, an oc of corona de amadas's tyra, by unicorncob. and my ponysona. i messed up his tail, in this one, and couldnt fix it due to not having an eraser. XD no doubt ill be doing some more work in the future. ill be sure to post them here
  8. I'm offering to sketch OCs (colored or uncolored at my discretion) in exchange for your posts in the Rainbow Dash Fan Club. That's all I'm asking. Go post in the RDFC (something decent, for goodness sake), link me to your post and a preexisting reference of your OC (MUST have a reference), and I'll get to the sketch as soon as I can. One drawing per post, and (tentatively) one drawing per member. And if you wanna be a pal and continue to post in the RDFC, all the better. Heads up: I post everything I draw to dA first, but I'll obviously put in the description that it isn't MY OC that I've drawn.
  9. Not Doing Hurtful Things To Your Waifu Chart *Evil Nightmares* Talking to Him Making Eye Contact Petting Him Complimenting Him Saying You Love Him Saying You Want To Get Married Evil Nightmares OC: Chart Base: So, I'm sure you guys have a lot of questions as to why i drew and posted this..... and i'm not going to answer any of them
  10. Yo, my name is Evil Nightmares. I like murder, gruesome slaughter, and (on occasion) lungs.... eating them, that is. Also flesh and eyes, but that's a whole different can of worms....... Also worms.... ASK ME SHIT!
  11. Hi! This is my frist time posting on Visual Fan art~ I just wanted to share a few drawings I have made~ Of moon butt and others. I hope you like them~
  12. Hello!! I will show you my work! Some are commissions and others are drawings of my Oc: Sunset Rock. I hope you like them and if you have any questions you can send a message.
  13. Hello! So yeah. That's the first time I'm actually posting something about me on this website. Some of you may know me from somewhere else. (Maybe Russia, God knows why the Russians like me!) But anyway. I've been doing pony art for two years or so. I ask for nothing in return, although a watch on DeviantArt is always appreciated. It helps me to reach more people, and make their artworks come true. I'm always available for a good chat, or advice. I work with PhotoShop CS6, Paint Tool SAI for lines, and also traditional art. So yeah, that's it. Here's some of my stuff; the artworks are not in chronological order. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Alright, sorry for the long thread. And my apologies if I messed up with the rules somehow, I'm new here guys. I won't post my entire gallery, of course. I tried to link each artwork to its own page, but it was taking too long to get all the links and it didn't worked. Sorry for that too. But feel free to check my page on if you wish. Everything is there. The best regards! - Pedro Hander
  14. A while back, a friend gave me the idea of depicting the ponies as kiwi birds. I have since kiwi-fied the following: Kiwi Dash Shadowbolt Kiwi Dash Kiwi Dash and Scootskiwi Rarikiwi, Pinkiwi, and Kwilight Kiwimena Kiwijack Kiwishy Princess Kiwestia Nightmare Rarikiwi Kiwi Bon Bon
  15. I know im gonna be harked at for this, but, how do i post some of my artwork. I have some drawings of some OC's i had and some other random OC drawings and some mini-comics i wanted to post here. anyone here know how i can do that?
  16. Hello dear art-lovers, Art is what actually got me into MLP, because there are so many great artists out there who create stunning pieces. Being in love with drawing myself, it was no surprise I had to get into pony-fanarts as well. :') And I LOVE drawing ponies. I don't know why, maybe it's because the anatomy is easier than that of a human or maybe it's because you can choose all these great vibrant colors, but it's just so much fun to me! I thought I might as well share some of my stuff in here, because why not I guess. These are pictures I drew all the way back when I started watching the show in 2012/13: Applejack: My (old) ponysona/OC: Pinkie and Dashie in summertime (I was SOOO proud of this one at the time ) These are some of the more recent pictures of mine : Quickly drawn Twi Chibi: A pixelart of Flutters and Dashie trying to wrap up decorations: (I finished part of this on my laptop in a bus. It was... Interesting XP) A portrait of everyone's favorite princess of the night (also my current avatar ) ... aand a commission for someone on dA (maybe you're on here, too? If so.. Hi! )
  17. I started a project for myself as a practice exercise and I've made this thread as a way to spread the idea, perhaps also to inspire other artists to get involved with me here. Every day, I intend to fill one page with mlp fan artwork. Be it OC's or canon characters, anything mlp related goes. I will post updates less frequently here, as I want to use this to showcase the best of what I produce. I have completely filled my book, and will be posting coloured versions of some of my line art now. For those interested in following my daily updates, you can check me out at You can also follow me on! Here's what I have so far. (I need to shake less when I take pictures.) If you want to suggest ideas to me for future days, I welcome you to do so in the comments on my DA for each daily post I upload. Please keep in mind that I won't be doing OC requests, simply because I would be swamped with requests if I did. However canon characters I will do. If you would like to participate in the daily channel, feel free to post your progress here in the comments! I hope to see some great fan art in here.
  18. I have drawn from time to time, and I've decided that I'll Put a little more effort into it. So I'll just copy some pictures from other people with pencil, and post them here. I've already drawn one a few days ago: has Fluttershy in it. :3
  19. Well, I haven't posted art for awhile, and I drew a lot of drawings:) Oh, I forgot one more, this one is a digital sketch:)
  20. Hi, I'm Green Bolt and I will be showing off my works.
  21. A pony drawing of the CMC. This is actually the first drawing I used Photoshop for. I don't know about you, but I feel MS Paint is a underused medium for art work. Which is just what I used to line and color. Its surprisingly easy! Anyways this drawing was delayed because I simple forgot about it. I should really finish my art more. You can see more of my art in my DA Gallery A little feedback would be nice...
  22. This is my first ever made MLP drawing. I am a bit nood at drawing, but it's looks cool in my opinion. It took 3-4 days to draw. Please enjoy