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Found 16 results

  1. Well... I should give credit to everyone who has done it for me... But there are so many of them laziness hahaha, so do not be mad at me. ;-; If you want to see the credits of each drawing, here's my google+ fanarts collection: There are many drawings and as the MLP Furums limits to only 25 drawings per postagen, I will go posting the others in the comments (well is what I hope to do hahaha) But first of all, see this mosaic that joins all the drawings X3
  2. I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but it's about art, so I put it here anyway. So I've been looking through human pictures of the mane six, and in each one I have realized something...Rainbow Dash always, and I mean ALWAYS, is depicted as being flat chested. Now I know because she's athletic they're "suppose" to be smaller, but I have never pictured her as being flat. Average, yes. But not with nothing there. Am I the only one who thinks Rainbow is drawn with too flat of a chest? (Or am I the only freak here) Now I'm not talking R34. I'm talking about just your average drawings of them just hanging out or of just RD herself.
  3. I drew this apple Jack really quick. I want to know your opinion of it, do you think its good or bad. I would like to hear what others think than just me because it might not look as good as i think it does. Thankyou guys. From Ambrosia. PS. MLP is awesome.
  4. Here is another of my old half fast drawing of my slightly older version of Sketch Board and his daughter Melody. My name was Rock Ebony then I switch to Sketch Board if ya'll were wondering.
  5. Answers will be a mix of text and illustrations.
  6. Hello eveypony I'm getting better with my artwork here's my own My Little pony FIM characters artwork enjoy !
  7. YAY! First hand-drawn pony! Well, really I suppose it's probably like the fifth... but the others are a disgrace to ponydom. XD Still trying to find a name for him... and I am still working on the designs of his mane and tail. Not to mention trying to find a fitting cutie mark as well. Another thing, I'm planning to make him a unicorn as well... but I'll explain that farther below. I'm also planning for him to also have a golf hat/bunnet with headphones overtop: Anyway, I'll start with his personality... He acts a little crazy at times. Not Pinkie crazy, but likes to think that he's crazy... thus making him crazy? Anyway, he is very similar to me in which my anxiety is brought out of the equation. Very much like me when I'm on the internet. He has a deep caring for other ponies, probably a whole lot more care than he does for himself. He feels like he wants to change the world, but doesn't know where to start... he can do a lot of things, and he knows that. Music is a thing he's getting into, he's been told he's a good writer, but the largest thing of everything must have to be his passion for seeking the mysteries of the universe. He looks out there, and wonders if there is anything else to life rather than living it day by day. He looks out there, and wonders what the meaning of life is... besides "42." Although, a downside from his intellect is having other ponies not understand him... he beats himself up over this, but tries to remain calm and keep his mind in focus. Socially, he didn't have too many friends as he grew up. Partially because of how different he was from other ponies. I'm planning to have his cutie mark be... something not so specific, but rather having a very expanded meaning. Here are some of my ideas that I have in mind for his cutie mark, if anyone has something to add to this, please feel free to help. - Something to do with a key (not because he works selling keys, but rather because of his personal experience he's had with his first pony friend... who recently passed away. It has a metaphorical meaning of understanding who he means to the world, that he has a passion for finding out a reason... to find a key.) Oh ya, I'm planning to also have him be a unicorn... but he's not exactly like any other unicorn. He likes to be different from other ponies, and therefor he's always coming up with very... strange spells. They don't usually work, but sometimes he finds a new spell here and there that is quite fascinating. He does this a lot in his free time, and doesn't really tell other ponies about it... partially because he thinks they wouldn't care anyway. Last thing, I'm trying to decide what colors to use on him. Colors that come to mind are red and blue, but I don't quite know for sure. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please comment on what you think of my OC so far. I'd really appreciate it too if you also give ideas for the colors, cutie mark, ect...
  8. I finally got a Scanner as the name implies. I've been forced to rely on a crappy camera phone to upload drawings so they never ended up looking too good. I've always wanted to use a scanner to upload my work so by Luna's might. That's what I'm going to do!
  9. (Feedback! Pleaaaaaaaase!) [Guys. This is the Ska/Punk character. I only mentioned jazz here once and Ska/Punk about 42 times.] Alright, MLP Forums! I have embarked on a daring quest in the name of our glorious leader, @Feld0, to design a pony for each and every single genre in the website! Currently, there are about 36 genres, and I know there will be more, but I shall carry on through the- Okay, I can't keep this up anymore. The thing is, I'm designing mascots for the website. One for each genre. I know the website isn't complete, and it sure as hay does not have ALL of the musical genres listed, but I'm going to design an OC for each one. Here is the first one I have made, for Ska/Punk, one of my favorite genres: The cutie mark for the character is a trumpet, because horn instruments are the only things that separate Ska from Punk, and the trumpet is a commonly used instrument in Ska. I've talked to some friends about the OC, and some of them seem to think that he also has some jazzy elements to him, so I need YOU, that's right, YOU, random citizen to provide me with commentary, suggestions, any feedback! When Ray has time for it, and has finished a few more OC's for the website, he'll apply some changes to the Ska/Punk character. Your suggestion might affect the outcome of this OC, which will be a part of the website! Anyhow, I'm done being a used car salesman. But, seriously, please give me feedback. I'll love you forever.* *maybe a little more than that...
  10. I got bored, and did a (poor) sketch of me, in anime form. xD I hope you guys like it. ^^ (i know I look terrible :c) ~Luna
  11. * Edited topic title because I will be posting my other work here too since the images doesn't show up in my gallery for some reason :S MY 1ST PONY. (Remake of Vicke's OC) MY 2ND PONY. (It's no character, I just made someting) MY 3RD PONY. This one was made out of ShadowBolt's OC drawing Used Programs: Paint.NET Macromedia Flash Oh I almost forgot, this is all made with a mouse. A PIC MADE AT SCHOOL MY VERY FIRST DRAWN PONY EVER
  12. Ok, I've found that we have a lot of roller coaster fans on this forum, so I want to try to do a Roller coaster design contest. It can be in any form. RCT Drawn No Limits Ultimate Ride Scream Machine Roller coaster factory ANYTHING ELSE Applications will be judged on, thrill looks overall layout So lets see who can design the greatest roller coaster. Applicants; 1TheBronyHeart 2coastercrutchfield 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  13. I decided to have another go at drawing a picture that had previously defeated me, i'm still not entirely pleased with it but it beats my last attempt at it anyway. Here is what i attempted to draw: And here is my drawing: I'm still trying to draw something good enough to use as an avatar, i've seen 3 other people using the same avatar as me so far :/ EDIT: Added a sad Fluttershy picture too, scroll down for it.
  14. - Tell me what you think of it.
  15. So I figured than since I am not gifted in art I would ask my sister (She is.) this is what she came up with my pony now named 'Virus Tix'. There will be more to come from her, she might even be joining our ranks. She is currently at work with another 'Virus and Dashie' :3. Her deviantart Comments from the artist(my sister): Hey! ^.^ This is my first attempt at drawing anything MLP. Since it wasn't horrible I hope you don't criticize the horrible quality our scanner has something against MLP and my camera has something against bad lighting in houses. ~~~~By that she just means we have to keep lights low because its 5:30 am. ~~~ Hope to see some great comments. :3.
  16. Scootaloo Apple Bloom Working on Sweetie Belle!