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Found 84 results

  1. I just want to know how many have what is called lucid dreaming, or being able to control your dreams. I have had very few in my life, and it start when you realize you are dreaming, and you take control of said dream. The ones I have had are always very vivid, and sometime I wake in a sweat, but all in all I love lucid dreaming. Its one part of sleep that I hope happens everynight, but sadly they most never do so let me know about yours.
  2. The Weird Dream I Had Last Night There was a party. It was at school, but it wasn’t our school. The room was open with stark white chairs in rows. The walls were grey with green and blue dots on them that were different sizes. On the other side of the room, there was a flight of stairs going down. Next to the chair there was a door leading to other rooms. The room was filled with people in my grade. The party was being supervised by a substitute teacher, yet they weren’t paying much attention to anything going on. Mr. Simpson then walked past the area and went down the stairs. He was oblivious too. At the time, I was sitting in one of the chairs. One of the Henry brothers came up to me and whispered something in my ear. I can’t remember what he said now. Then, I walked through the door that was next to all of the chairs and found myself in a cabin hallway. It was slightly long with doors on either side. Each door was a dark brown wood, with a darker brown frame. There was another set of stairs, going up this time, and on the other side of the stairs was an open space. It held a large grey couch and brown beanbags. There were some older boys playing on an Xbox. I turned away and walked down the hallway. At one of the very last doors, I stopped and went in. Inside I found an area that looked like a small church but on the side of the pews was a small child's table and chairs. Some kids in my writing class were sitting there playing on their DSs. This included Micah, Caden, Brayden, and Jacob. I walked over to them and sat down on one of the small chairs. When I sat, everyone except Brayden got up and left. Then I got up and left. Out in the hallway, I went upstairs. This took me to the main level of my house. A couple of my good friends were there, but I can’t name them. Their faces were familiar yet so different. When I looked down at myself, I realized that I was wearing bright, neon pink underwear under really see through white shorts. I started freaking out and told my friends I needed to go change. All of a sudden I had some black shorts in my hand. Then, I ran downstairs, passing the guys playing Xbox, and to the very last door in the hallway. When I got there, there was a bunch of older girls in line. I shoved past them and ran into the bathroom. The inside of the bathroom was like a public restroom. There was blue-ish-green stalls and toilet paper all over the floor. Every stall was empty. A few girls were in front of the mirror and visibly drunk. I went into the last stall to try and change but before I could, the bathroom turned into a car. All the girls that were in the bathroom at the time were inside the car with me. Through the car window, I could see the police arriving and shooting kids inside other cars. When one got to our car, he opened the drivers side door and found a boy my age sitting there. The cop pulled him out of the car saying, “You don’t belong here,” to the boy. I tried shouting after him that neither did I, but he did not hear me. A few minutes later, but what seemed like forever, the cop came back to the car. He looked inside the backseat window with his pistol raised. Then, he spotted me. He opened the door, dragged me out, and mumbled some words I didn’t catch. The cop dragged me by my shoulder towards an old red, blue, and white bus. It was almost like a skate city bus. The windows were unable to see through or out of though. When the doors opened, he told me, “You’re going in with the athletic ones,” and stepped away. On the bus, there were kids that I knew and some I did not. In the front The back seats were occupied by three girls wearing green and black matching jackets. They all had broken legs. A couple rows up from that, I saw Kaiya sitting all alone. Well, there was people in front and behind her. Just nobody next to her. I walked down the aisle and sat down next to her. More kids started entering the bus. After about two kids came in, my friend Nia walked on the bus. … She had spaghetti on her head… When I asked why, she said someone put it there and she didn’t care to take it off. The bus started moving. We were going down this really steep hill and kept changing lanes. Around halfway down, the bus turned around and started going up the hill. It’s hard to explain, but the roads merged slightly, so that the cars going downhill were now on the right and we were driving on the left hand side. My alarm went off right as we got into a crash.
  3. I am curious as to where everypony would love to live, or move to i.e "your dream location". I would, and have always wanted to live in europe somewhere like England, or Denmark, and the like. So share with me your dream location.
  4. As a student and an american there are a lot of things that I wish I could have but, sadly do not have the budget to realistically justify getting. I also think that things that people want can often tell an interesting bit about themselves. So, I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys wish you could have but, for whatever reason cannot have. I'll start. I wish I could have one of these limited addition chairs @.@ but, for almost 3k it's out of my budget.
  5. HEre's how the dream went. It started with Sunset Shimmer falling behind on her grades, and she begins to panic. Under my avatar Danged Spell, I volunteer to tutor her in getting another A and redeeming herself in the eyes of the teachers at school. But one day on the big test, something goes wrong and Sunset turns into her Demon form for no reason. She even struggles to get control. Twilight and her friends were able to break her loose. But the school board demands that Sunset Shimmer be expelled, unless the Principal were to lose her job. This causes Sunset to return back to Equestria in tears. As the Twilight of Earth and the others ponder a world without Sunset, I learn who was behind it: Cozy Glow: Super Intendent Neighsay's daughter and student of Canterlot High. I try to help her, but she loses control and fires some sort of magical beam right at Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, turning them into Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon. They go at each other like hate was in their eyes. Without a second thought, Earth's Twilight contacted Sunset and convinced her to return to save the Principals. Meanwhile, I try to comfort Cozy Glow and get her to stop attacking other uncontrollably. When Sunset returns, she is overpowered by both corrupted principals, with the students and teachers of both Canterlot High and Crystal Prep getting battered down. It takes Sunset and her friends all their magic to save both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna from their nightmares. But as everyone celebrated, Super Intendent Neighsay came by, furious by the damage both Celestia and Luna did, and even more furious that Students and Teachers of both Canterlot High and Crystal prep got involved. By his and the School Board's orders, every student(Including myself) of Canterlot High and Crystal Prep were expelled from the school system, every facility member fired, and both schools were shut down. I called out the Super Intendent and even pointed to the neglect he caused his daughter, even going as far as to expel her, who apparently is ashamed at her father. But Neighsay turned the other cheek as if he had lost his will to love. With both schools shut down, magic is now completely unchecked.
  6. I got this idea from the new episode. What would you do if you had a dream, one night and then out of nowhere Princess Luna came in and did some stuff (maybe help you deal with a problem like she did with Scootaloo and now Sweetie Belle) How would you react,What would happen next in the dream?
  7. alright people we all dream of what we'd do if we were rich but we all probably dream of that one car that haunts our dreams and makes us drool over it what's your dream car? mine is the beautiful 1967 chevy impalla made popular by the amazing supernatural series When I was originally writing the show I wanted to give the guys an American muscle car. My first choice was a '65 Mustang. My neighbour said it has to be a '67 Impala, because you can put a body in the trunk. He says, 'You want a car that, when people stop next to it at the lights, they lock their doors.' – Eric Kripke
  8. *In a dream. But please, don't let the shameless false advertising in the title stop me from sharing this totally loony story with you. It's so ridiculous I have to type it out before going back to sleep, or I'll forget it or stop believing I ever had it. It also must be related in full detail, making it a bit too long for the "What Are Your Dreams" thread but ideal for a blog, so here it is. I was over at a relative's house. My aunt and uncle's place , to be precise. It looked exactly like my grandparent's, at least on the inside, but different outside. So for whatever reason, they were having someone staying over with them for a night or so: THE POPE. Yes. Pope Benedict XVI is my aunt and uncle's houseguest. I don't know why, but he is. So as my dream went, the relatives were all gone doing whatever it is they do, and I was still there. Well, I thought, I'm not religious at all. In fact, I left Catholicism long ago because my private school sucked and I was tired of hitting intellectual brick walls everywhere I turned. But if you had an opportunity to see and talk to the Pope in person at your aunt's house, would you pass it up? So I go downstairs to the guest room he was staying in (the same one I once used after moving out of my parents' and before I got an apartment). And there he is, standing in the doorway in full regalia. He looks just like he does on TV, except a little bigger and somehow more...not sure how to say it. There's just something faintly sinister about him. (Or maybe I always thought that. Look at his picture. You can't tell me this man is not evil.) Naturally I'm a little nervous. I figure you're supposed to bow or something, so I do just to get on his good side. "Er, Your Eminence...I'm sorry for disturbing you, but may I ask you one question?" "Why, certainly, sonny," the Pope says kindly. "I'm sure you hear this all the time," I say carefully as he discards his outer robe and seats himself casually on the carpet. "But...what's it like being the Pope?" "I'll tell you," he replies, "But first you have to come over here and sit on my knee." "Um...okay." Gee, that's weird. I'm a grown man and he wants me to sit on his lap? But I go over and do it anyway, since it's a dream and you kind of have to go where your mind takes you. I never could manage that lucid dreaming stuff...but it would have come in handy here, because as soon as I'm sitting on his knee, the Holy Father does something very bizarre... He makes a pass at me. I don't remember what he says, just that it's gross and I get the hell off his knee. This is even more uncomfortable to write about than it is to read, folks. "Hold on," the Pope says, and now he's looking more sinister and crazy with each passing second. "Don't you want an answer to your question?!" And he reaches behind the bed and pulls out a speargun. Like the kind you would use against big fish in the water or something. Except there are no fish around, only me, and this innocent scenario is taking a highly unwelcome turn into dark comedy. Laughing crazily, His Unholiness fires. The first spear misses me and splinters the closet door I'm standing next to. "What the f*** is wrong with you?!" I scream as he fires the second spear into the ceiling above me. I'm standing like 15 feet away, so he must not be a very good shot, but I have to get away from him just the same. The third shot goes into the wall where I was standing; I'm already racing up the stairs and into the living room. I run out the front door and lock it behind me. I know no one in my family will believe this, but as I run, I realize there's one thing I have to do, even if I have no idea why. The Pope isn't athletic enough to pursue me, but he's still in there and still dangerous. I quickly find a friend of my cousin's and get a spare set of keys off him. "What do you need them for?" he asks. "I can't tell you. You'd never believe it," I answer. I run back to the house, unlock the front door, eye the living room to make sure no homicidal religious leaders are waiting for me...and I sneak out their big flat-screen TV. At that point, my dog started whining and the dream ended. Yep. So THIS horrible near-death experience is the first dream that I remember in months, and I will never be able to see Pope Benedict in the paper or on television again without thinking of it. Hallelujah. I never would've had a dream like this about Pius IX or John XXIII...they just don't make Popes like they used to. "I have as much authority as the Pope...I just don't have as many people who believe it." --George Carlin, 1937-2008
  9. Searched and didn't find any threads about this so I decided to make one myself. I have never tried or found a way to lucid dream during my life so far, but am very curious about it. Haven't tried it mostly because I have this small fear that I would go insane or mentally ruin myself. But have anypony on this forum lucid dreamt before? And if so, what did it feel like and how did things go? And if not, do you know how to lucid dream but just haven't tried it for yourself? Also, what is everyponys opinion on it? If you have any interesting facts or rumors about lucid dreaming then don't hesitate to post it
  10. so what would bee your dream and what would you like about it? me it's making music and movies for my own studio witch the name of it would be vision wave media.
  11. So what's your dream? Mine is this: I would love to live in northern Florida, or somewhere in Kentucky or Georgia, out in the country on a really big piece of land, with horses, a nice two story house, a Dodge Ram with a horse trailer, a blue Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, and I would love to be an equine vet. If I ever get to horse riding lessons, I'll probably stick with riding horses and become a professional, maybe even compete in the Olympics. OR I would love to be a NASCAR driver. I only recently discovered how I'm addicted to fast speeds and racing go karts, and I would race 24/7 if I could. So, yeah, maybe being a NASCAR driver would also be something that suits me well.
  12. Has any of you ever had a dream about a possible MLP episode, and if you have, did it come true, or come close enough to true? Now I had some dreams that were kinda-sorta similar to what has happened on the show later on, but not exactly the same. But perhaps some of you out there might've had a dream that actually happened on the show very similar to yours! Or maybe just a quick vision of a scene or something that happened in MLP that ACTUALLY happened in the show! So if you remember a dream or a vision that you had of MLP that came at least close to true, I'd like to know it!
  13. So here's a question for you, how did you learn how to draw? Did you practice over the years? Over a single, seemingly endless night? Or did you pick up a pencil, doodle a bit and discover a hidden talent? Maybe you just have an eye for that sort of thing? Whatever it was, I wasn't a part of it. To be very honest, I am a terrible artist. Complete wannabe who can draw a rough circle in a matter of thirty minutes. Just imagine how it long it would've taken for me to draw my first pony. Yeah, unpleasant memories, at least, it was. All that changed about four months ago when I awoke with the brightest amount of inspiration. Talent comes in all different forms and introduces all kinds of ideas. Me? You'll probably be calling me a talentless hack after this. I learned to draw in a dream. No joke. Really. I went to bed, lay my head on a pillow, closed my eyes, and before I knew it, I was watching a mental tutorial on how to draw Applejack's badonkadonk. Not kidding about that. I was really taught how to draw AJ's tooshie from a dream. What an adventure. Anyway, the next morning, I stared at a wall, dazed in confusion, got ready for school, and once I arrived, I pulled out a pencil and drew exactly what I saw in the dream. Boy, it was glorious. I had to go over it with ink, but it was probably both the best and worst thing I'd ever concocted. Of course, I had to keep it on the down-low considering teachers these days don't exactly tolerate exposed rumps in class. What a trip. Lesson of today goes out to all the students who started out their new year: Pay attention in class and don't follow the happy trail anywhere else but home. -RealityPublishing
  14. Say, each of the Mane 6, Derpy Hooves, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, or Lyra Heartstrings, were given some abilities to enter into dreams and control them to their own liking, either to entertain or torment the dreamer for their own purposes. If they could do so, what would a dream, or a nightmare, controlled by each of these eleven ponies be like, and what would it involve? Also, would you like to share some ways to survive their sorts of dreams or nightmares? EDIT: Including Lyra for the fun of it.
  15. It was a dark room. Or, rather, darkness surrounded me; the figures at its center were easily visible. There was a man - older than myself - speaking. Addressing me. Asking questions. I was standing back to back with another man. I had the impression of him; of who - or what - he was. Either I couldn't see his face or didn't want to; though I felt strongly that his "face" would be bare and skeletal. The talking man inquired, "Who is this?" Despite my initial feelings, I experienced a sense of relief or of comfort, and I responded without hesitation. "This is my friend, and I will meet him someday." I met death in a dream.
  16. I posted this on my Facebook page, and then I decided that more people should have access to this madness. This seems way too long for my profile feed, so I decided to give the blog system a try. Not sure if this is an appropriate application, but here's how my status update went: I had the strangest dream last night. I woke to find myself staring up at the stars, and two people, apparently in another dimension, were arguing about the time period I was in based on the location of the stars. There was some mention made of Rome, but eventually they realized that I was in Japan about a thousand years ago. Apparently there was a zombie war which nobody knew about in modern times because almost every Japanese person was wiped out and they decided to be quiet about it. I got up and saw a knight in armor with a sword looking into the distance with horror, and I heard the screams of someone getting their head sawn off by a chainsaw sword about a foot wide and eight feet long. The knight ran off, and the monster with the chainsaw sword called in to his boss using some sort of communication device, and then ran in pursuit of the knight. But then his boss showed up, another monster riding a spindly, four legged creature, wielding some sort of lance, and the first monster dropped to the ground in fear and let him pass. The first monster then got up and used his communication device again. My vision went bright, and suddenly I was in a helicopter somewhere in modern day America, sitting next to two people who I knew were members of SHIELD. One was the knight who fled from the monster with the chainsaw sword. He wore his old garments, minus the armor, and there was a long blood stain passing down his back from his left shoulder and towards his center. He dismissed it with a passing remark. The other person was missing the left half of his face. What was there was a concave depression, as though his face had been pressed inward, and it was dark purple in color, with several silver, circular protrusions in the side near the middle of his face. I knew that other people who looked at him didn't see half a face, but a full, normal one, and never had reason to suspect anything. I also knew that his special talent was charisma - he could get anything out of anyone, and get them to do anything, just by having a conversation with them. I then found myself walking towards a small house in a suburban neighborhood, my two companions walking ahead of me, and then I woke up. There was more to the dream before all that, actually. First I was in a pizza restaurant with my parents. I had my laptop and headphones with me, and I was watching the livestream of the first episodes of the new season of a certain show (so now I don't need to watch them, apparently). After they were done, I boarded the bus which took me to the train station in Camden. I was drinking and fell asleep in my seat, but groggily woke up just as the bus was pulling into the station. Then I boarded the train. As the train traveled across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from Philly into Camden (I'm aware of the discontinuity, but it's a dream), I saw a man riding his bike on the tracks like an idiot. He steered out of the way as we approached. Then I was in a dark house with five friends, and we suddenly found ourselves having to defeat a monster with the magic of friendship. That's all I'll say about that. Suddenly I was in the same house, but my friends were gone, a lot of strangers were milling noisily about, and I had a cooler with some beer and soda. I proceeded to drink all of the beer, and then I felt bad about it. I walked through the door where the monster had been and found myself in a small grocery store. All of the items on the left side of the store were geared towards Easter celebrations, and people were crowding around that section. I continued through the door opposite the one I had entered, and found myself in a narrow corridor with strange food vending machines. Most of them were open so that one could reach in and take what they wanted, but that would be stealing. Two of the machines stuck out for me. One had empanadas for $6.34. I thought that price was insane. I continued down the corridor, only to spin myself suddenly around because I realized I had passed a walnut vending machine. I exclaimed, "Oo, walnuts!" and nearly felled a girl who had been walking just behind me. I apologized and moved to the walnut vending machine. It was ridiculously overpriced, too. I continued through the rest of the corridor. I emerged in a sort of massive flea market. Not wishing to miss out on anything, I willed myself to obtain super speed and skated around the market incredibly fast. I then decided it would be quicker if I could jump super high as well, so I did. It got kind of out of hand. After browsing and not buying anything (finally, something true in real life, too), I lay down on the steps of some sort of ancient, ruined temple, and fell asleep. It was on those steps that I woke up to find myself staring upwards at the stars.
  17. I don't know why this happens. Is it a message? Is it a sign of something such as destiny? It is starting to confuse me. I dream of my job EVERY single night, not the same actions of what I do in the dream, but the job itself. For example let's say that I am a janitor (no I am not). One night I will dream of mopping the school floor. Second night I will dream that my mop turned into a living wooden stick that is trying to talk to me. Third night I will dream that I am out drinking with my friends and someone approaches me and yells at me to mop the floor in the bar. This has been going on since the first week I started my job, which was a year ago. What about you? I heard that is normal to occur in somebody, but I see my case a bit extreme, every single night for a year now..... Share your theory if you want to, this sounds silly anyways...
  18. Something I drew real quick. This is what I imagine one of her dreams would be like.
  19. A collection of 4 games that might just have the weirdest stuff on the internet. There've been tons of Let's Play on this. I really can't explain what is it about but apparently, some people took their entire time just to make this disturbing yet interesting stuff.
  20. The game is simple, you just have to state what will the pony above you dream about...
  21. ​Spoiler Alert/Warning! Do not continue if you haven't seen the newest episode, 'Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep', but continue on if you don't care about spoilers! In the newest episode of the time of this thread, Princess Luna creates a shared dream for the citizens of Ponyville, due to a mistake on Pinkie Pie's end. A few minutes later, after a short speech by the mane 6, the citizens of Ponyville use the fact that they're in a dream to help fight The Tantibus. My question to you is, If you were in the shared dream, what would you become/do to stop The Tantibus?
  22. I had this dream recently that really confused me, I pondered about and still am about the meaning behind it. It's a dream about me and one of my cousins, me and her were driving for awhile and chatting, the car stopped for no reason and shut off completely. We got our phones out for the flashlight and investigated the car for why it shut off and when we couldn't figure it out we decided to just walk. (we were driving on a road in the middle of some foresty/woods place). We walked in the forest/woods with our really bright phone lights, like a little illumination in the forest going with us. I could remember lots of forest noises like rustling, owls, howling,ect and the dream abruptly ended as I heard rapid leaf rustling nearby. What dream did you have that was rather odd and confused you? Post! (and/or help others decipher or tell them what they think the dream meant!)
  23. If the Tantabus entered your dream (or your OC's dream) what kind of nightmare would it become? And the same for the shared dream, what would you or your OC become? Like big mac becoming a princess, or Lyra and Bonbon become connected.
  24. So, last night, I've had a strange dream. I wonder what it means. So I was going up endless stairs, eager to meet Sombra. The spiralling stairs were dark and dank. There were other people in the staicase too. Well, when I finally reached the top, I was in a closed off rectangular park. In the middle of the park was a nice one story yellow-orange brick building. The scenery was pleasant; there were flowers, benches, small trees, hedges, etc. Other people were there, having picnics. I was waiting eagerly for Sombra to arrive. I explored the place a bit. Finally, Sombra arrived from a gate in the corner. He was pretty large, his back was at least a foot higher than the top of my head. As he came in the gate, I celebrated him. He walked, and I followed him.
  25. So, I had a pretty weird dream not too long ago. I was in my town's public library, and I walked in to find this black cop just sitting next to an exit. I found my girlfriend, who told me that she had cheated on my with a random guy, a black cop, and a magician. Extremely confused(By my own head, no less) I asked if we were still going out. I woke up at this point, but I was wondering why I wasn't at my town's library. So, tell me abut your weird dreams! If it beats mine, well done. That's all I can say. Also, am I insane?