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Found 9 results

  1. What do you guys typically dream about? Usually, I dream about one of three things: 1. Running away and hiding 2. My family yelling at me and punishing me despite having that rarely happen in real life 3. Failing something school related
  2. Come on everypony, you must've had at least one MLP related dream in your life so far! I had more than 10 dreams related to MLP since a year ago and even more during my entire lifetime, and I remember all of them. Some of them were even lucid even though I am terrible at purposely-lucid dreaming. This one was the longest and my most favorite, happened in Spring 2014.; I was in some sort of a school, everything looked completely cartoon-ish just like in the show. It was the end of a school day and it was a snowy winter afternoon. Me and some other random ponies were having a snowball fight in the school yard when I accidentally threw a snowball in Spitfire's mane. She got mad p*ssed at me and was looking forward to beat me up. I got frightened of her and apologized like 100 times. She got in a kinda happy laughing mode suddenly, shaked the snowball off her head and asked me to go and fly with her, which I accepted immediately. We were flying around for some time until nightfall. Suddenly I started losing altitude and couldn't keep up with her, it felt like I was in slow-mode while she was going on just normally. When I fell down to the ground I was laying down there for a short time under the night, after what I woke up. Aaaaaand as usually after every MLP dream being vanished, I made a complete massacre in my bed because I was fuming-angry and sad to the fact that it's actually not real. Even today I wish and believe with my whole heart that those dreams are actually some sort of a sign.
  3. I had this dream recently that really confused me, I pondered about and still am about the meaning behind it. It's a dream about me and one of my cousins, me and her were driving for awhile and chatting, the car stopped for no reason and shut off completely. We got our phones out for the flashlight and investigated the car for why it shut off and when we couldn't figure it out we decided to just walk. (we were driving on a road in the middle of some foresty/woods place). We walked in the forest/woods with our really bright phone lights, like a little illumination in the forest going with us. I could remember lots of forest noises like rustling, owls, howling,ect and the dream abruptly ended as I heard rapid leaf rustling nearby. What dream did you have that was rather odd and confused you? Post! (and/or help others decipher or tell them what they think the dream meant!)
  4. Just wondering because I want to go to equestria by doing this. I've never lucid dreamed before, but it looks fun.
  5. Iv'e been working on a dream journal for a while now. I don't have dreams all the time, but when i do they are far too interesting to forget, so i write them down. Here's one from a few days ago: Bought an Xbox after a friend badgered me to it. Plugged it in to an HD monitor, 2 of my closest friends and 2 people I should know but I don’t, and some guy who i don't really like came over so we can watch Lord of the rings (I don't even know why - i'm not THAT big of a fan of that movie trilogy lol). That last guy started interrupting the whole thing right in the middle, and without hesitation we each grabbed him by the limbs and immediately tossed him out of the apartment, lol. Do you guys have any weird dreams that you vividly remember?
  6. So. As we all know we are all fans of the show. Many of us love it sooo much that we want to be in that world where the colorful pastel ponies prance. But we are all stopped by one thing. The screen. I have been thinking of a way to bypass that physical barrier. By taking it into the dream world. I have done some test runs here and there but nothing prolonged. The idea is before falling into the different stages of sleep you play mlp episodes or whatever that deal with the mlp world. I set up my phone playing mlp episodes on daily motion. I have had some dreams that dealt with what went on in the epidodes. Such as the episode may the best pet win. I had a dream where i was a pegasus racing RD down the street. So i am asking if you guys want to try this and report back if anything happens. It would be a cool study.
  7. *Okay, first off I really don't know where should I post this either it was here or the Debate Pit but I don't want it to be all... 'debate-y'. And, Hello! Almost forgot about that one. So, while I was away for a whole week on a school field trip and living high up in the mountains in a village doing the everyday villager stuff like farming carrots, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, and so forth. And in the third night, me and four other friends gather together and we suddenly discussed about lucid dreaming thus I've found out that one of my friends was a lucid dreamer and so it hit me to compare my notes with his about his understanding on lucid dreaming. Almost all I've know and experienced while experimenting on lucid dreaming was the same. So is it actually possible or is it just a bad case of suggestion?
  8. My name is Scootaloo. I am a pegasus. I am a pegasus who will never fly. These are the opening words of my new fanfic I am writing. The fanfic is situated around Scootaloo. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I will say it will be sad. At least I think it will be sad. We shall see what happens. The Canterlot School of Higher Learning will be continued when ever I get more inspiration to write more of it, which may be awhile. The New Sparkle Empire will also be updated when I get some inspiration to finish writing it. I might even restart this one over as I have new plans for it. I will probably not be writing to much however as in two weeks now I will be participating in the NaNoWrMo, which will most likely take much of my time. I will most likely write a blog about that later so just wait for that if you want to learn more about it. Thank you for taking the time of reading this. See you all around the forums. -Shadow Stalker
  9. I was in a video game store about to buy some rare video games for a waaaaay more cheaper price than eBay, but the store clerk just took the games away from me NOT selling them! I then looked over at the Super Famicom (Japan) games, and saw that they looked awesome to buy. Then I woke up, disappointed it was just a dream...