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Found 83 results

  1. I had a dream where I was watching an episode of MLP and it was about Thorax moving in with Fluttershy. There was no romantic aspect at all, they were just roommates and Fluttershy was introducing Thorax to her animals and she said something like "and this is Mr. Sprinkles. He likes to suck on rocks." and Thorax was like, "I used to do that all the time when I was a larva." XD
  2. Since we all sleep, we encounter dreams once in a while - or a lot for some people. As some segments of a dream are usually forgotten after 10+ minutes of waking up, what do you remember from the dream you had last night? It can just be little bits or the full experience. Good dream, bad dream, lucid dream, anything. Just don't state anything that could be classed as NSFW. I would tell mine, but bedtime is coming up, and I've lost the whole thing 14 hours later.
  3. What do you guys typically dream about? Usually, I dream about one of three things: 1. Running away and hiding 2. My family yelling at me and punishing me despite having that rarely happen in real life 3. Failing something school related
  4. Say if you was a Human In Equestria, teleported there somehow, living in Ponyville, accepted, blah blah blah. So if canon Luna saw your romantic dream about her? I think I would stutter awkwardly seeing her seeing my dreams and would probably tell her to politely to get out of my head. I'm not sure how she would react, if she would tell to stop dreaming about her, be flattered and say it's Ok (but not pursue a relationship with me), or actually return said feelings. Canon wise? I hope she at least doesn't hurt me for having these feelings for her and tells nopony. If she returned those feelings, I'd have to somehow been able to charm her with my nerdy powers, or she's a rapid My Little Human fan in said parallel universe. XD
  5. I did once. All I remember is that Luna was there and she looked as though she was made of stardust. When I tried to feel her fur, my hand just passed through her and she just stood there smiling. She didn't say anything, but I do remember saying "It's alright, just having you here is good enough!" That's all I remember.
  6. Hi everypony, i want to share a story that truly take me to Equestria in a pony form: "For many years i developed what you call a Lucid Dream (a dream were you full control every aspect of it creating characters with the parameters you like) and when i discovered MLP: FIM i wanted to try it in Equestria in a pony form that i create, after a few tries finally i lay down on my bed i began to counting and when i reach 600 seconds i truly was there in Ponyville, even if all enviroment was technically the same happy coloured a can feel the texture of the ground and walls because my mind says so, i remember visiting Pinkie Pie, my mind was telling me that she was hiperactive and happy so Pinkie was telling me things in HER style, things like "hello! You are new here? where are you from? and many other things i can't remember because she was talking so fast, i touch her face, it was like touching a puppy, she was warm. soft like marshmallow and smell like baked cake, she watched me confused and then i retired ashamed, i saw other ponies my mind was creating but the houses looked the same with some minor changes, i was happy like never before, i wanted to cry of happiness, i was sure that if a want to have a crush with everypony i'm gonna get it but i'ts not time yet i have plains for Fleur de lis or Luna" seriously guys i invite you to try lucid dreams and see for yourself, i promise you that you won't regret it! i'ts a indescriptible sensation, you are truly in Equestria and now i'm thinking... if all MLP universe cames from an idea of someone's mind... i can trully say that, after the last three weeks of lucid dreams, that Equestria truly exist in the realm of dreams, dreams are real because they have an effect on us (something that isn't real in every realm can't harm us if we create horrible things on your mind they exist there in the moment that we are affected by them, of course, we can get rid of them if we want) i really want to know your opinion guys because if we bronies (a.k.a The Chosen Ones) can master lucid dreams we can even have shared dreams
  7. Hello, I was wondering if any of you lot have dreamt about the show? I have, and I'll share mine. I once dreamt that I was watching an episode in which Zecora was pregnant and the father was some other zebra but we never got to meet him. And I was wondering what Zecora would be like as a mother. I had another dream in which Mum and I were watching an episode that began with Zecora sleeping under a tree and sleep-talking about three characters named Olivia, Baby Olivia, and Jake and I thought that was odd as her sleep-talking didn't rhyme. This dream was not exactly about MLP, but it was mentioned and a little boy in the dream said "Remember that episode where Zecora really needed a wee and then Pinkie Pie wanted to play a prank on Zecora?" and I was like "There's no such episode" (P.S. If there was, what would that episode be like?) In another dream I had, Zecora was angry and not speaking. :/ And in another dream I had, I found out that Princess Luna and an unnamed prince were actually the parents of Applejack, Big Mac and Apple Bloom, and I was, like, talking to the ponies and I said "Hey, Apple Bloom, if your parents are a unicorn and an Alicorn, why are you all Earth ponies?" and she just said "Genetics are weird". Also, Luna in the dream was all serious and kept saying "c'est la vie" like it was her catchphrase or something. So, have you dreamt about the show and if you have, what was the dream like? P.S. I don't know why I seem to dream about Zecora all the time.
  8. Alright, well I'll get things started here. If I could do anything I would probably eradicate disease across the entire universe forever.
  9. I think I have mentioned this in multiple posts, forgive me if you already know, I have been expiriencing a number of dreams mainly based on Luna. Every time I have this particular dream, me and Luna are in a field under a tree, watching the night sky and talking. For some reason or another, I can remember everything we talk about (They are personal matters that I'd rather not discus. Not dirty, mind you :3) and our talks help me through the crap in life at times. I'm also getting in to Lucid dreaming, for those who don't know, it's a dream where you know you're dreaming and can manipulate it to your will. (Google it up if you want to try it ) During the times I have been sucsessful at it, I have been able to turn it into sort of a Ponyville type thing, with ponies everywhere. Through all my expiriences in dream exploring, I would like to know of your dream stories or whatever.
  10. I am curious as to where everypony would love to live, or move to i.e "your dream location". I would, and have always wanted to live in europe somewhere like England, or Denmark, and the like. So share with me your dream location.
  11. What are your hopes and dreams? I'm sure the rest of us would be glad to listen and high five you on your dreams! My dream is to live a happy life with my other half, to own a nice house of our own in a rural area away from people, with a nice garden. I also dream of finding my place in life as a wonderful butler, gardener, or tea maker. :3
  12. This happened to me a few years ago. This is what I wrote down. It was so strange yet, so real. Last night I had one of those dreams where you know your dreaming and can control everything. I think they call them "Lucid Dreams". Anyway, this lucid dream was different from the ones I've had for some time. Instead of controlling everything, I could only control what I said and where I walked. The dream started where I was walking down the hallway of a house I've never seen before. I could tell by the design of the walls and knick-knacks that this house was much nicer than the one I'm currently living in. I remember spotting a picture on the right wall with a black picture frame but, I was walking so fast I only caught a glimpse of it. I remember where I was going and why. I heard a girl humming a familiar tune from the other room and rushed down the hall to investigate. Everything went blank. Next thing I knew I was sitting down staring at my knees. "Am I dreaming" I remember saying. I lifted my left arm and slapped it. I felt no pain, that's when I KNEW I was dreaming. I looked up and realized I was in the house bathroom. Everything looked hazy and foggy like a sauna. I heard the same humming from my left and saw the bathtub. I quickly crawled over and yanked the black shower curtains open. There in the tub was a girl looking around my age, laying in gross, root beer colored water. Her dirty-blonde hair was cut to the point where she looked like a boy. I gasped and said "Oh my gosh! Are you ok"? Before she could answer, I scooped her out of the tub and rapped her in a towel. I sat back down on the floor, cradling her tightly to keep her safe. I had a strong feeling that someone put that poor girl in the bathroom on purpose. "Whats your name"? I asked softly. This is whats pissing me off... I CAN'T REMEMBER HER NAME! I do remember it started with the letter "B" and sounded like "bara" but, that's it. The way she spoke her name... she sounded exhausted and sad...that's where the dream ended. I woke up the next morning wondering what the hell just went through my mind! I lifted my left arm and slapped it once again. It hurt, so I definitely wasn't dreaming anymore. As I lay there in bed, I couldn't help but feel sad for waking up. I wanted to help that girl but, too late now. I also couldn't help but feel connected to her like we could feel each other’s pain, as if we were the same. If I ever see that girl again... I'm going to ask her name.
  13. So for the past 3 or 4 days i haven't been having dreams, is this bad and will i have actually have dreams again?
  14. Has there been a fantasy that you always wished to experience in the land of dreams that just hasn't come to be, well talk about them here.
  15. I've been through a lot of painful relationships, and each time I always had a positive outlook. Hoping that one day I could settle down. I didn't like the concept of taking it day by day, but I realized it was because I was tired of the uncertain. Now I'm single and feel that there truly isn't someone out there who will accept me completely. I have such high dreams of getting married (and staying married), having kids, and so forth... For some reason though, I'm beginning to feel that... THAT kind of life wasn't meant to be for me. Is there truly such a thing as a soul mate?
  16. I dream nightmares a LOT. Since I was a kid I've been dreaming horrible nightmares constantly and I cannot get rid of them. No matter who I ask, I always get different answers for why I might have them and I've tried reading about how to make them go away but I can't find anything that helps much. Dream catchers work to an extent, but I would still like to have more solutions on my hoof. Do you often have nightmares? Anyone with the same on-going problem as me? Do any of you know how to get rid of nightmares? I know it depends on what is causing them, but I just need some general advice from a wider perspective. Lemme know if you got something.
  17. We know this wonderful forum's numbers are pushing up to 20000, but that's got me wondering... How many (or what percentage) of those members still come onto the site regularly? By which I mean, at least 2 or 3 times a month at the lowest? Discuss.
  18. I just want to know how many have what is called lucid dreaming, or being able to control your dreams. I have had very few in my life, and it start when you realize you are dreaming, and you take control of said dream. The ones I have had are always very vivid, and sometime I wake in a sweat, but all in all I love lucid dreaming. Its one part of sleep that I hope happens everynight, but sadly they most never do so let me know about yours.
  19. So this is just a simple question, answer at your own discretion, and also don't post wet dreams plz XD Last night I dreamt that I had 35$ and that I was going to buy some alchohol. But I didn't spend anything, or buy any alchohol. So I just walked around and started hanging out with my friends. then I woke up.
  20. I remember having Sleep Paralysis when I was younger, no scary dreams, just unable to move. Although once I had my head in the pillow when that was happening and I almost could not breathe. I also have a friend that once had a bout of it where he saw Slender Man just flying around in his room. She said it was more funny then anything else. Ether way, do you have any problems with it? Or any stories maybe?
  21. I had one only last night about some little friendly mouse (no clue why ) that liked to climb around on my body. I don't remember too much about it, but at one point, he fell and landed on his back with the cutest shocked look on his face... but he got so happy when I started tickling him then~ ...this is kinda embarrassing to talk about... Have you had any cute moments in your dreams?
  22. How old are were you when your first memory/memories took place. Thinking back to those moments, what do they evoke in you now.
  23. Phasereale

    Weird Dreams

    So, i remember having this one weird dream a very long time ago when I was in high school at the time. So this dream took place in a high school. It's not the same one I went to before, because I totally figured it out later on in the dream. I all I know is that me and my best buddy was walking and talking while we are heading to the same math class, but all of a sudden. We see zoo keepers down the hall. Releasing 2 tigers that are on leashes and letting them chase and catch students who are late to class. Their were only a few students in the halls at the time. So, after we both saw this. we sprint down the halls to our math class as fast and quick as a rabbit. We got to our math class safely, but I released when I got in and took a seat that it was Geometry, instead of basic math. To be honest, I don't know geometry at a high level. So, I just hung out in the class room. Until the time went by super quickly for our 90 minute classes. The bell has rung at last for us to go to our next class. When we got out of the class room. From all of a sudden and weird reason. My friend turned into a female, I mean 100% female. After, my friend turned into a female. A guy from our class, turned around and went walked back to us. He then, looked at my friend and gave me a weird smile and asked me "What's your name?". I thought at first he was going to flirt with my friend. So, I told him "My name is josh". That's not my real name and I basically lied to the guy in order to protect my friend from a random guy awkwardly flirting with him. After that awkward moment we had right their. All 3 of us, went our separate ways to get to our next classes before any of the 2 tigers get us. A tiger did manage to try to sneak up and pounce me, but I saw him before he could perform his attack. Me and the tiger ran a few good feet from we spotted each other. Until I turned my head to see if he was catching up and to my surprise. The tiger pounced on me and pinned me to the ground and tried to bite me, but I used my left arm in the nick of time to block the bite with. I also released that the tigers were just playing, because I somehow didn't bleed from my left arm or got hurt. One of the zoo keeper's came around the corner in order to get the tiger off of me and let it assist the 2nd tiger down the hall. Going in a different direction and turning right to get another student while the zoo keeper's chase after them. I also released this is not our high school we go to, because we are in a African safari area. Well, Ladies and Gentlecolts! I hope you enjoyed this story I told! Have a nice day or night! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more stories I submit! I would really love that if you do follow!
  24. Star Dreams is a pony unique to MLP gen 4, Friendship is Magic. She is a light pink unicorn filly with pink, teal, and purple mane and tail. She doesn't have her cutie mark. Star Dreams made her first appearance in Friendship is Magic toyline, in the 2012 playset "Sweet Slumbers with Applejack and Star Dreams". Her second appearance was in the "Cutie Mark Crusaders and Friends" Collection, in 2013. Her third and most recent appearance was in 2014, when she decided to show in the FiM Rainbow Power Bath Spa Set, with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately, she has never been seen in the animated series, in spite of her many shared appearrances with half of the mane 6, and the CMC in the official toyline. But though she seems to shy away from the series, she has gotten bits of fanart from her admirers. Fanfics: Fanart: And since we know so little about her, the speculation train is taking pasengers! (personally, I like to think little Star Dreams may be related to a Sunset Shimmer, and could harbor a fascination for best princess, Luna. Perhaps even having a friendly rivalry with Pipsqueak for her affections)
  25. What is the strangest dream you have had? Mine is I was setting up a tent at some sort of market, then the British insurance dog 'Churchill' comes out of nowhere and tells me TV advert mascots need help. We jumped in a TV and I saw the MnM brothers, the Android robot and more. There were these red things leaking through the screen and trying to attack us, so we fought them. Then I woke up, and when I woke up I shouted 'What the hell?'