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Found 3 results

  1. Sometimes, I get bored when my boyto- I mean, my very esteemed friend mister Klopp isn't around. And on such moments, I draw random things. Some out of curiosity as to what they'd look like. So I decided to draw an Equestria Girls version of my OC, Artsy Dreamscapes, after seeing that the ACTUAL art style for the movie isn't horribad and actually quite appealing. I can't say yet whether or not I'm a fan of the entire THING, but I sure do like me that style. So for my own amusement, I made this. It amuses me because Artsy Dreamscapes is actually based off of my real life self (AKA, a human) in design. So I'm basically recursing back to where she began, but in a different way. It was a bit more difficult to draw than to design. (As I already had a design for human Artsy. ) Because this human art style is kind of completely different from how I normally draw humans. None the less, it was fun. And very enlightening. Please note this a work in progress sketch, and as such, houses a few flaws and various doodleydoos that will be fixed when it is very eventually colored. Such as the cat on the bottom. I will be fixing that extensively in Photoshop.
  2. I don't usually like to post unfinished work, but I was just frustrated after trying to sketch something in a drawing I was attempting to revise, and suddenly started doodling out of frustration. (Yes, I doodle when I'm frustrated about another piece of art instead of just throwing the notebook out of the window like most normal people do.) The doodle actually turned out pretty cool, and I sketched out a strictly what-if (which is not canonical in any way) if my OC, Artsy Dreamscapes, was an Alicorn Princess. I might color it and clean it up later. And maybe even just lop off the wings, length in her legs, change her eyes, and make her a Princess in unicorn form in addition to that to match my name for a later avatar. (I'd have both an alicorn and unicorn version of course) Sorry for some dirtiness of the picture:
  3. Hey, you guys know that OC in my avatar? Yeah, this is her. My ponysona with a clear reference of cutie mark. Also me as a pony. And when I say it's me, oh, it's me. Oh and also, here's a bonus... in a Princess outfit because of my new name: