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Found 29 results

  1. Rarity's, Pinkie's, Twilight's, AJ's, Fluttershy's, or RB's? I found it very hard to decide... I gotta say either Rarity's or RB's. Fluttershy's was also really pretty.
  2. Eventually someone had to create a fan club for this and I guess that would be me! It's similar to the already existing swimsuit ponies fan club exept it's centred around dresses! Rules: Humanoid anthro ponies in dresses are perfectly okay and promoted. Don't post anything that is considered too suggestive. Please have fun and I'll start with this one I came across on Google images! Now Luna can you please put away your games and post some more pics here for us! NOTE: I would be crediting the images I post here but because the images I'm posting have been sitting around in a "favourite pony art" folder on my PC for a few months now I just can't remember who made thease images! Anyways any artwork I post here are owned by their respective owners and I'm just re-posting them here. But I'll mention it if any artwork I post here belong to me!
  3. All of these are commissions I've done in the past. #1- Original character reference sheet #2 and 3- MLP/Gundam 00 crossover. Making gundam armor fit pony bodies is rather difficult, but I managed! #4- Some Equestria Girls stuff. All the outfits are my design (except Rarity's). This one was rather fun; super0girly and all that (note: the Twi-Twilight here is "Sci-Twi")
  4. --- The finished piece may be viewed here: --- So while I wait for my flashdrive to finish a picture, I'd thought I'd get some practice in and vector an out of character drawing of my OC. After somewhat finishing it, I thought I could use this as practice to shade too, so that's what I've begun to do. It's not perfect, but any practice is good practice.
  5. So one day I didn't have my flash drive, so I couldn't work on what I normally work on. Because of this, and me being bored, I started this picture and have just finished it. Maybe this'll be her gala dress, I don't know. It's nice though.
  6. Which ones were better? I like some of the Hearth's Warming dresses, but I think the Gala dresses are better. What do you guys think?
  7. What are your favorite Dresses she been wearing =)? =)=)=)=)=)? You can vote many =)
  8. so without great words i will show you my newest picture im verry happy to show you and please rate im and give you comments if you enjoy it soooo here is the link Thanks 4 reading Comment or all what you do
  9. I made a animation about that dress that keeps popping up everywhere on the interwebs
  10. Here's two drawing's of Rarity in a dress I made this morning. Tell me what you think of them :^)This is the pencil sketch of the top image.This one is another drawing of rarity in a dress.
  11. List all the fictional characters you have dressed up or cosplayed as. And yes, that includes dressing up for Halloween and cosplaying at conventions or other events. Also, tell where did you dress up/cosplay at. I can only remember a few fictional characters I've dressed up as but I have yet to cosplay at a convention or other special event where cosplay is common. So, here it goes: - Max from Where The Wild Things Are: I dressed up as him when I was a toddler in the late 90's living in Daly City during Halloween. - Sherlock Holmes: At a Halloween party hosted by a high school classmate. - Indiana Jones: Again at a Halloween party but hosted by a high schooler in a different grade as me.
  12. I currently don't have time to finish this, so I thought I would upload it now. Tess (A nickname) found his uniform missing and was forced to wear a mare's one, which suited him because of his feminine appearance. The death stare is because his brother is laughing at him. The guy next to him is his boss, slowly encouraging him onto the main floor.
  13. Hello everypony! this time for my 7 ocs project i have made my own oc! that's right guys! here is Volt! field engineer! my ponysona! as usual picture and animated gif with steps!!!
  14. Hi everypony, for my 7 ocs project i have just ended Polaris! i pick a random background since it doesn't really matter here, i ned the oc for the complete drawn, but provide me one (or ask me how you want me to drawn it) and i'll do it friend! as usual, art + gif with esecution
  15. This is my first dress design and I think I plan on doing more of these as well. This took forever to make but I think it looks nice for an amateur hobby artist such as myself. I hope you like it as much as I do~
  16. Because, with every adorable pony, there is a dress that can drastically increase the amount of adorableness. May I have some feedback?
  17. Hey everypony! So I came across this doll making site where it allows you to create your own doll based on MLP, Monster High, Steampunk, and things like that. I'm gonna share all the Mane 6 and the Princesses on this thread so you guys can download them and use them for your avatars and stuff like that. So enjoy! First up are Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Luna.
  18. I mean, I get that she's from a society that isn't that far past the early 20th century, most of the time. But why can't Twi just get away with a shirt and pants? Plus, I'd imagine her Cutie Would have to be on her new body, and there's no way they're showing her thigh. Best place would be a shirt. Just saying.
  19. So, I decided to draw my OC, Art Streak, a gala dress. It's my first attempt drawing a pony in a dress. Please don't just brohoof. It makes me sad.
  20. Celestia's: I like how it turned out. Wish I could've figured out how to make parts of it look metallic. Luna's: It took me forever to get the colors right on this one. Apparently dark blue doesn't really like the other colors very much. I'm happy with the final product though. UPDATE: Next up is a Coronation Dress for Cadence. I GO!
  21. I'm going to a Bronycon in June. The day event and the Evening Gala. The Gala requires formal attire and my friends and I are stumped on what to wear. Formal and representing My Little Pony, we ask for your help and suggestions on what we can wear to the Gala. Thank youu c:
  22. I didn't get very good feedback on my last human Rarity drawing, and that made me feel disappointed, but I've come to the conclusion that I LOVE my human Rarity because she looks HUMAN to me and not a cartoon. So I'm going to hurt your eyes again with my human Rarity and attack Beat Shock and his drawing of Rarity in a "sparkly" dress, with THIS dress which is very fashionable. she made the dress herself and she's attending a fashion event, so she's posing for the cameras on the red carpet. link to his thread: link to my human Rarity in a bikini:
  23. So I was going through Tumblr when I came across this I have never seen gala cosplays/dresses and I thought this was awesome! She even pulled it off without it looking awkward or tacky! So I was wondering if you guys had some other pictures of gala cosplayers. Please share them!
  24. Here is a couple drawings of Rainbow Dash a decided to draw: Here's a picture of Rainbow in her Gala dress: Hope you guys like the drawings! Took a long time to color them, that's for sure. EDIT: Aaagh! Couldn't upload the other one, so I'll try later today.
  25. Somewhat of a follow up for my previous Lady Applejack Had a ton of fun designing AJ's dress, so I thought I'd give her little sister one too Upped my image size, which was way too small (and kind of stupid of me) when I worked on Applejack But I didn't change my brushes with it to get the same result as the smaller scale so it looks a little rougher. And I kind of... rushed this out, but that's what I'm so used to do . I've become a lot less about 30+ hour work (like full blown illustrations, rather things (concepts) I can do within a day. So Applebloom took me around 6 hours. ... so my other true self showed its face once again. (because this style is similar to my older non-MLP works on deviantart) Not entirely satisfied with the outcome, but most of it should have be done in base line art I ran through it because I thought I took too long Though Maybe I'm just not looking at it with fresh enough eyes DA Link Fancy Applebloom