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Found 16 results

  1. I hate bottled water so much. It makes me want to puke and just taste nyehyeyheyhehyehyeh bleh. On the other and I think water from a sink taste amazing. It has much more flavor and has much more of a pure feeling to it.
  2. Title. I'm actually a homosapien, so I call it soda.
  3. So the title say it all, what's your favorite beverage? It can be anything, as long as it's drinkable For me, it's Coke all the way!
  4. We all like food, we need food and such and some of us have our "comfort" food that we want when stressed or sad or in any reasons for times! So just wondering is your guys and gals? Mines crackers and hummus or frosted flakes and milk!
  5. This topic is about the worst thing you have ever tasted, on purpose or otherwise. worst food: asparagus just ewwww worst drink: buttermilk.
  6. What soda do you drink a lot. For me, it depends on my mood, some days I'll drink coke, other days I'll drink mountain dew.
  7. My older bro just informed me that he mixed up Cranberry juice, orange juice, and apple cider and drank it. To me this sounds nasty (he didn't like it btw. Though he does occasionally make stuff by mixing chocolate syrup, honey, milk, orange juice, etc and likes it), so i got wondering. What type of strange concoctions do you ponies drink?
  8. Hey there! So I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts with French Vanilla, Cream, and Extra Extra Sugar. I normally only get coffee on the rare occasion that I need to be pulling an all nighter and tonight was one of those nights! How do you prefer your Coffee or Tea? Is it homebrewed? or do you go to a Starbucks,Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Etc.. to get it? How often do you drink coffee?
  9. If some asks you "Would you like a tea or coffee?" which one do you normally choose? I personally go for coffee
  10. Hello, everypony! I wish to know your favorite suicide combinations! For those of you who are uneducated or in case I was taught the wrong name, a suicide is when you mix drinks together to create something unholy and beautiful at the same time. I don't care how many drinks it takes to get to your favorite suicide, I. Want. To. KNOW.
  11. So I've been at university for 2 terms now and i have been clubbing about 5 times in this period. The first 4 times i really enjoyed it but the 5th time i didn't really like it at all, especially looking back at the night now. So i was wonder, do you guys like to go clubbing? If so then why? is it the people, the music or the place that makes in fun? If not then why not? and what do you do instead?
  12. Hello and welcome to the "Your Favorite..." game!.. It's not really a game, but still, it's quite a fun method to get to know each other and maybe even discuss about our interests!.. Yay, so exciting!.. Anyhow, you basically have to fill the gaps (not necessarily all of them) with your favorite things (check the example below). Also, you can rate the above poster's (or anyone's) chart while you are at it! NOTE: it is advised to pick your second favorite cartoon if MLP:FiM is your favorite (that means that you should not add MLP:FiM into the "cartoon" field... unless you REALLY want to). Here is the template you have to use: Here is an example (my favorites (yes, I edited it... the first one was "meh")): Alright, let's get this party started! (I can see this easily dying out in a day, or being deleted/moved by a mod) EDIT: If you are lazy you can always do a text version of this, like Red Diamond (of course, I'd be nice if you posted an image.)
  13. I have tried recently: Woodchuck Amber, Strongbow, Ciderboys, Angry Orchard, & Redds Apple Ale My absolute favorite being Woodchuck Amber I'd say Woodchuck Amber, Angry Orchard, Strongbow & Ciderboys are my favorites so far. Redds Apple Ale was okay not the best honestly but it is cheaper I believe. So yeah if you like hard cider what would be your favorites?
  14. Anyway what is your favourite drink? Mine is Pepsi and Orange Juice.
  15. So me and my friends started experimenting with some cocktail recipes while on vacation. My personal favorites were: Cuba Libre (Coca-cola, lime, rum) White russian (Vodka, Coffee Liquor. cream) Any specific ones you guys like to drink?
  16. Pretty simple -- if something happens, you will drink (no, you don't have to actually do this. It's just for expression). For example: Every time one person complains about alicorn Twilight, I will drink.