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Found 4 results

  1. If you don't know what Amazon Prime Air is. It's basically a drone service for delivering packages. Here are my thoughts on this drone delivery service. I believe that it's completely impractical, and I have several criticisms, why I don't think this idea will take off. The first is weather it's not always going to sunshine, and rainbows. If their are high winds, or a heavy downpour, relying on a toy to fly your nick knacks to your door. Dose not sound very effective. My second criticism is cost. Maintaining a fleet of drones sounds expensive. You have to recharge them, repair them, and clean them. All of this would add up, making using a drone service more expensive, than just having some one deliver your package to your house. My third problem with this idea, is people. I don't trust people not to screw with these drones. Wether they shoot at them with a gun, or jam the guidance system, and cause them to crash. Some people are already willing to shine lasers into the cockpits of Jet Planes. There's no telling what some idiot would do to a drone. Any way that's my rant why drones delivering your package, is a terrible idea. What do you think? Is drone delivery the way of the future, or is it a pointless gimmick.
  2. Flew a Drone for the first time!
  3. From what I'm seeing in today's world drones are now becoming a bigger part of our lives. We see them being used by civilians, military's and companies. How they're used can range from filming footage that could otherwise only be obtained through means of Air Craft to being used in real time war to kill or gather information for greater understanding. My question to you is, is it worth our time to invest further into? And should we commit more roles in life such as flying planes with civilians on board to a drone pilot? New technologies are being developed everyday, wither it's good for us or not is up to us. We must be the ones that decide what is okay and when to draw the line. I'm talking about Drones now but could we accept that one day a human could be 80% machine? Or could we accept creating new life in a Lab from chemicals? These are questions for another time when it's more prevalent in our societies. Thank you for reading.
  4. Hey, everypony! I was wondering if anypony is going to the Aerial Grand Prix today. The Prix is on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. Come on down! I won't be racing, but I'll be spectating. (Psst! RC people! FliteTest and Charpu will be down there!)