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Found 6 results

  1. Create a two-word phrase using one of the words from the previous poster and replacing the other word with your own. (Cannot be compound words, like: basketball, football, bookshelf, Applejack, etc). Example: First poster: problem child; Second poster: child care; Third poster: day care. Let's start: Party hard.
  2. So here's a little practice of my own, and a bit of a hypothetical for you. Say you have a dresser in your house with a very easily removed drawer in it that is rather lightweight & roughly a foot by two feet. What are your most valuable possessions that you put in it in the rare chance you need to grab only one thing on your way out in case of a fire or any other sudden urge to duck out the window? That's why the emphasis is on a small drawer. Because naturally anyone would want to bring their family member or the family pet. (unless its a REAL small dog) This way, what you take with you is limited to knickknacks, like say, a jewelry box, that stuffed toy you can't sleep without or any other baubles that would hit you the hardest when you think about them being left behind & burnt. And yes, guns are also an acceptable answer. I can fully appreciate the love a man may have for his trusty revolver! Lol! Me? I have my Gameboy and a few of its related games, (because a few of those characters are as real to me as leaving a family member behind in a burning building) a pewter dragon bracelet, my passport, and my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card. (Yes! I know! I'm a massive nerd! So she's cute, so sue me!)
  3. In just about every single episode of FIM, there is one of those moments where somthing happens and there's this big depressive part. I call this, the "vertical drop". Here is my list of the Top 5 "vertical drops of MLP #3 Futtershy crying from "Hurricane Fluttershy" I always get this feeling of compassion whenever someone cries in MLP. Fluttershy was severly humiliated by the other Pegasus and Fluttershy is a very sensitive pony. #2 Twilight grays out from "The Return of Harmony" This one was hard to get through. I almost cried myself. It seemed like then and there is was all over and that Discord had won. I think that the creators of MLP were awesome at making the vertical drops of episodes. and finally #1 The Big Betrayal from "A Canterlot wedding" Honestly, this one tugged at my heart the most. Twilight, the main pony, the one who started it all, has one of the saddest moments in this episode. It was all a misunderstanding but she thought it wrong and sadly paid one of the biggest prices ever. She lost all her friends, her brother, even her loyal mentor Princess Celestia walked off. No one was there for her. It was all her fault. It was a simple misunderstanding that turned into the biggest betrayal in MLP history. What do you think. Are these the top 3 "vertical drops" of MLP: FIM
  4. I know in my last entry I said I was going to tough out the semester, but I did the math. To keep my B in Advanced Business statistics, I need a 76.4 on the final exam To raise my C to a B in Marketing Strategy, I need to score a 124.2 on the final exam I finally told my parents I had a C in grad school. It really went over better than I thought it would. I did make my mom promise not to destroy me, though. Instead of being angry with me (like she has done in the past), she instead offered some insight into my situation, which she was correct about. Then she offered suggestions about what I should do going forward. It really was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. Really, it feels so much better now that I don't have to lie to them about my grades anymore. She helped me make a few decisions: 1. The first thing we decided was that quitting school would not be a smart decision. I do have room to grow with my degree, but I shouldn't plan on getting much further than I currently am if I don't keep pursuing my education. I am comfortable now, but if I were to marry and end up with a family...I'm more financially stable than I have ever been, but I am in no way ready to support a family. 2. We decided was that I should look into a Master of Accounting (MAcc) instead of Business Administration (MBA) because the MAcc would fit my interests much better. So I got on my computer and looked into it. I did find a university that offered an MAcc program. It offers two Becker CPA review courses (which are invaluable to aspiring CPA's), both of which you can use as two of the four electives you need to graduate as well as having a heavy focus on accounting. It is a 30 hour program that has maybe 6 hours of courses that aren't accounting so I really want to check that out before quitting school. 3. Neither of my current classes are listed on their schedule. I can't even use them as electives. So instead of finishing the semester and taking what I have, it'd be best to just drop (which I did today). I've checked in with my financial aid providers. I will owe my student loans back (obviously) but I do not have to pay back any grant money. All the loan money is intact so all they have to do is ask for it and I'll hand it all over in a lumpsum. I even have enough to cover interest. That puts me in an excellent financial situation as far as dropping out of grad school is concerned. 4. I should contact an adviser at the new school. Now I'm probably not going to get in for the spring semester, but that's okay. If I can't get in until August 2015, I can live with that. It'd probably be better anyway. 5. I'm I need to find a counselor. I had already decided upon this before talking to my parents. It's also why I think enrolling for August would be better. It would give me more time to sort things out with myself and get out of this rut. I don't wear sadness well. I guess the thing my mom told me that stuck with me was this: "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it." Well, I guess she's right. For now it is nice to finally not have school for a little while. I actually feel really good about my decision to drop out of these classes. Usually when I feel good about something, I know I made the right choice. And I'm ecstatic about that much, despite my depression. I still have a lot of changes to make in my life to get better but I'll take it a step at a time. I don't expect an overnight turnaround. I haven't been reading self-help books or anything. I just know what I need to do to get where I want to be. I will need help along the way, though. My first objective is to clean everything and reorganize. Let's hope this goes well. [insert "determined" emoticon here] Eh..that'll do lol
  5. Made myself a midnight pony drawing. She is dubbed Rain Drop the Meteorologist I'm getting better with my shading, but now I just need to get better at drawing ponies in a pose that's not the standard profile position :/
  6. It seems like every episode of MLP is like a movie to me. I see a movie like a roller coaster. Here's what I mean It starts out normal. First the episode centers around a certain pony. Take Fluttershy for instance. In Hurricane Fluttershy, we see that the pegasus must perform a feat that involves flying in circles, which causes a water spout that refills the rain factory. We see that Fluttershy is a weak flyer. The coaster is still in the station. She is humiliated and teased. She then goes through training. The coaster leaves the station and starts the incline. Fluttershy gets stronger. At the peak of the incline, Fluttershy is at her strongest. Now comes what I like to call "the round turn". This is basically a lead-in to the vertical drop. This was the test to see if Fluttershy's wind power was strong enough. Unfortunately, it was still pretty weak. Discouraged and humiliated once again, Fluttershy runs off crying to where her animals live. The "vertical drop" has just occoured. This is the most depressing part of the episode, as we see Fluttershy, crying to no end. Her animals continually try to cheer her up. Then, her badger reminds her of the story. This is the "resolution ride". This is where all of the crazy stuff occurs. A "final incline" or a "final drop" can end it all. Fluttershy decides to try the feat. She struggles. As she continues, she hears the humiliating voices of the other pegasus continually echoing in her mind. But, somthing snaps in her! She deflects all of this and gets a huge burst of energy and manages to add the last bit of wind power needed to send the water into the rain factory! The episode ended on the biggest incline for Fluttershy, as she was crowned Rainbow-Dash's best flyer. So what do you think? From reading this, are MLP episodes like movies. I say yes. Other cartoons use this technique but they do it a more subtly.