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Found 23 results

  1. I'm looking for other musicians to do some collaborating with. It can be pony related, but it doesn't have to be either. I myself am mainly a drummer, but I am well versed at a few other instruments and have a good background in music as a whole. I invite anyone who may be interested to reply to this with any ideas that come to mind. It's been quite some time since I have been able to collaborate with other musicians, so this is something I am very excited about. I hope to hear from you all. Cheers.
  2. So recently I've been having thoughts on turning my bedroom into a home recording studio. And I've been doing research for the things I would need, and i realized that it is pretty Possible to do this! Because I have a pretty decent sized bedroom. I'm able to fit my drum kit in there And all I need would be a mic kit, some acoustic panels (to control the sound of the drums) and mic interface. because I already have the drum kit, my laptop and recording software. I've already imaged it to see if I could pull it off. And I can barely do it, my only concern is keeping the wires from the mics out of the way. This will be really cool! I can record drum tracks for people seeking for drums for there music and probably make a little bit of money. And I can record for bronies who make music Too!
  3. This is me covering one of my favorite Korn songs Enjoy! Artist: Korn Album: Life is Peachy Track: 03 - Swallow Genre - Nu Metal
  4. Hey guys, I just recently did a cover of The L-Train's 25 minute song "Moonrise" Not exactly sure where to post this it is!
  5. So tonight I got to record my second ever drum track for my church's worship album I also had a great drum lesson from the studio runner. Who also plays in a band. Glad to be making great progress in drumming Wish I could show pictures, but I didn't take any
  6. I absolutely love this song, and I adore this movie. and I really hope I did this song some justice. What do you guys think?
  7. I'd really like to help anyone out who needs a rhythm track to any song project you're working on, i'm offering this for free of course, as i'm by far no professional, but instead would like to use this as an opportunity to get some recording and writing experience under my belt. PM me if you think you may need a rhythmic bass track or even some percussion.
  8. Edit: Stuff removed because of reasons. Also re-did the music but I can't share it here yet.
  9. Since there's a thread for the discussion of military hardware and weaponry, i thought why not add a thread about any sort of musical gear. Post your setup for any instrument, guitars, basses, pedals, amps, effects, pianos, synths, keyboards, drums, percussion, brass, woodwind, whatever!
  10. Hi, I am Alex. I am looking to start a band that is brony related. Only one problem I have found on that path, don't know many brony musicians oops. Anyway, I only have recording equipment capable of recording vocals (and possibly bass) well. I can play guitar and bass so I can help with writing that. Whatever part you're interested in you can send me a link to you playing either as a reply or on Skype (shygotu) Here is a link to my vocals, along with me on bass and acoustic guitar
  11. Hi everyone. Back when I first joined I compose heavy metal music with a Pony theme (some non-pony songs will also be released). It is a solo project, but I am open to collabs. EDIT: I will also be dabbling in some electronic music, so stick around for that. MY FIRST DEMO, ETERNAL NIGHT CLIP FROM NEW SONG, BLACK SWARM
  12. Here is short metal thing I did for trying out how stuff sounds. :3
  13. I'm sure there's someone else out there. Anyone else obsess over gorillaz? They're pretty much all I listen to right now.
  14. This short actually got me into Equestira Girls, I used to hate it, but now, It's kinda good, I finally see what I was missing ahaha! Had to do a cover, what do you guys think? Should I keep making these?
  15. Anyone here a drummer? Interested in drumming? If so post your favorite drummer or inspirational musician/role model Your favorite gear/brand Your favorite genre Or your current setup.
  16. Ever have those songs on an album or made by an artist that you just hate, but love all of the rest of the songs by that person/album. Post your disappointment songs! For me it would be Owner Of a Lonely Heart by Yes. Love Yes, hate that song. P.S I am seeing them next weekend!
  17. I am wondering what is your first song you've ever learned on any instrument that is played in a band. My first ever song, was a song that had no bass in it, it was Seven Nation Army by White stripes. I played it easily, it is just two hits on the A string, one hit on the tenth fret on the A string, one hit on the seven of the A string again, hit once on the fifth fret of the A string, then one hit on the third fret of the A string, and lastly for that part a hit on the second fret of the A sting then rinse and repeat. Then comes some more notes, the third fret of the E string hit that eight times, after that hit the fifth fret of the E string and go back to the beginning. Or you could replace the tenth fret on the A string with the fifth fret of the D string. And that was my first song I learned on my Bass guitar what was yours?
  18. I figured I may as well make my introduction to this site by putting out my easily most popular song. Yeah jazz! Hope you Enjoy it.
  19. So I've been noticing a decreasing number of brony metal songs... which i find very sad because people have so much potential and the stuff thats out right now is so incredible! Basically, im looking for a guitarist, bassist and rhythm guitarist who can take requests and create recordings based on drum tracks (Made by me) or send me tracks to record drums to, Either way works. I have many projects to be made. (covers of original show music, and also original music) Let me know if you are interested! (VERY TECHNICAL STYLE OF PLAYING, much experience needed playing your instrument.)
  20. So i am looking to get with some good musicians to write some brony metal. lemme just tell you some things about me: -I mostly play around 200+ BPM (250-260BPM MAX) -I play very technically. -I am open to others telling me what they want me to play as well as making my own parts to fit in well. -I play ALL styles of metal except powermetal (not really into that). -I can play any time signature (4/4, 5/4, 6/8, 3/4, you name it). -I enjoy breakdowns and melodic guitars and also super heavy stuff, so im good with whatever If you are interested, hit me up with a message! (Also i can send you samples of what i can play if you would like to hear them.) Thanks! Brony on. /)
  21. Ok, I recently saw a video of these people covering a Green Day song, and I was thinking why not do that with brony music, thus the idea appeared. So below is the video that this was based off. So basically it's a band that covers brony music. This can be rock versions of songs like "Love Cheerlee" or a normal cover of "Long way from Equestria". Below is the positions to be filled. So, if you like the idea, and you want to be involved with something why not this? Vocalist: Rhythm/lead guitar: Dusty Soul Rhythm/lead guitar: Bassist: Drums: Keyboard: The 2 guitars play both rhythm and lead. Like for every song one of them gets the solo, if applicable. Also all the songs we will do don't have to be covers, more then likely we'd do some original songs as well.
  22. I feel like this forum need some more cowbell! If you are a percussionist, or like to play drum-set, and any other percussion instruments, this is the place to be! If you have any ideas you want to bounce around, you can do that as well! Just make sure there is not to much fighting please, that would make Pinkie cry. Don't make Pinkie Pie cry!!! Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone! I am a drummer personally, and I wanted to start a thread on drumming! Now, what I'm really looking for here is either personal experiences that have something to do with drumming, or note sheets for songs that you would like to share. Also drumming videos that you like would be cool. So, hit me with your best drumming, drum set, or drumming video, DRUMMING, DRUMMING, DRUMMING!