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Found 13 results

  1. So Saint Patrick's Day was a couple days ago. How did everyone celebrate? I did nothing myself, but I don't know many other Irish people personally who actually care about the holiday, so... Anyway, I drew something to celebrate anyway. Here's a drawing of Lyra and Bon Bon "celebrating". Someone should probably stop Lyra before she hurts herself. Drawn by hand with a 0.3 pencil and colored with colored pencils. Let me know what you think, and as always: friendly criticism is always appreciated!
  2. Well, I'm pretty drunk. To my dad's shame I enjoy the brand Jack Daniels. We're Scottish, and as a people we look down on American drinks. JD and some rums are the only ones I like from the States. I hate American beers, but I also hate the couple of Indian beers I've tried (I do love ale though). But as drunk as I am (I believe I've had seven drams, 4cl of JD with cheap store coke), I'm no a staggering drunk who slurs every word. Unless I'm downing the hard stuff and doing it quickly (only with friends on the rare night out) I can appear sober. It's a gift. Why do I do it? I feel pleasant. It's a warm and relaxing feeling that tends to both calm me, and give me a clarity & focus that I just don't have when I'm sober. This is why I'm writing now. Don't get me wrong, no force in heaven or earth could get me to drive right now or even most of tomorrow. I know that I feel great, but I am still aware that there is a lot of stuff I cannot do right now. I used to avoid Facebook completely when drinking. Now my friends and family love my little stories. I guess the point I'm making is drinking often gets labelled only as a bad thing. Yes, it can be a bad thing and it has destroyed countless lives. But not for everyone. I don't drink as a crutch for example. I don't drink because I "need" to or just because. I drink because I enjoy the feeling and it does feel quite refined to me. I seriously need a smoking room. But ah, I guess I was lying when I said I had a point. I'm drunk and just wanted to write. I don't write with any plan and I really surprise myself with where I'm going. But assuming I didn't make it clear, does this seem like the ramblings of someone who is utterly plastered? I toast my next drink to you my friends!
  3. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Came about when I decided that the usage of that line in a inebriated state was hilarious. This could have been a lot more adult/sexy/disturbing, but I already have a series of obese blimp ponies that I'm runnng. I don't need this on my conscience too. Have a link to the deviantART, if you like. Now would probably be a good time to state that with school happening within 24 hours for me, my art output will not be as consistent over the next few months. But I'll still be as active and productive as I can, soooooo...
  5. Drunk pony in need of music and MLP videos. Music like this is ideal because it is suitably epic for drunken ponies. #Forever drunk
  6. Come together, my friends! Today, shall be the mark of a REVOLUTION!!! Overthrow the bronies! Overthrow the chickens! Let desu ring! LET IT RING!
  7. Sooo... this is a thing that is kinda a 1k pageviews and kinda a 50 watcher special. It also isn't because no ideas. FILE IS ATTACHED SO I CAN USE IT LATER. If you're nice. This is my OC Firebolt. This was quite fun to draw, but it took forever due to stupid hair is stupid. And skeletons are stupid. And now it's 11pm, and I have a major maths test tomorrow, as well as a relgion presentation. :c As said, critique is lovely. Like, I really like it. Because you guys should see what I was drawing about 9 months ago. *shudders* Thanks!
  8. I've been at college for about 6 weeks now. Since I live in the dorms, I have to live with a roommate. His name is Kevin, and he's a pretty nice guy overall, but he's pretty close-minded when it comes to My Little Pony. I don't talk about the show with him, or try to get him to like it. I watch My Little pony on my laptop (with my headphones in, so that Kevin can't hear it), I look at pony art, and post in pony forums. I haven't publicly displayed my love of the show to him...until now. A few weeks ago, I ordered a My Little Pony poster from Ebay. It came in the mail today. The poster is pretty basic. It's a 22x26 print of a smiling Rarity, with a purple and black background. I hung it up over my desk, and thought nothing of it. A little while later, my roommate walks into the room. He sets down his backpack, then looks at the poster. He stares at it for a few seconds, and says nothing. His phone starts to ring. He answers it. I can't hear the voice on the other end of the line, but I hear my roommate say, "Yeah. it's still on for tonight. You can come over whenever, I guess..." I see him cast a worried glance at the poster. "Uh, yeah, sure. Bye." He hangs up the phone. I ask him: "So you're having friends over tonight?" "Yeah..." "Ok." Later that night, his friends come over. I had to go to my lab class that evening, so I wasn't there while his friends were in our dorm room. When I get back, my roommate's face is red, and he looks angry. (I think he might've been a little drunk too, so if his actions seem extreme, I think that's partly why) "What's up?" I say. He points to my poster. "'re just gonna shove it in my face now, is that it?" "Does it bother you or something?" "Hell yeah, it does! It's a f****** pony!" "You didn't have a problem with it earlier today..." "Who WOULDN'T have a problem with it?? It's a f****** eyesore!!" I shake my head in disbelief. "Look...I know you're upset right now, let's not make a big deal about this. Maybe we should get some rest and--" "F*** REST! Take it down, dude! It's freaking embarrassing!" "I'm not taking it down, I paid 25 bucks for it! Look..did your friends make fun of you about it or something? Just tell them it's mine. And besides, there's no reason for people to laugh at it, it's just a tv show I like." My roommate shakes his head and begins to laugh under his breath. "What?" I say. "No reason for people to laugh at it? C'mon, dude. You know it's wrong. Admit it. It's for little girls, and you don't want to admit it. I can see that." "I--" "Shhhhhhhhh...c'mon. I'll forget the whole thing, if you take it down right now. We can put this behind us, and--" "Oh my God, dude...are you seriously...are you f****** kidding me right now? Are you really flipping out about something this trivial, this stupid, this-- "SHUT UP!!" Kevin yelled. "That's it. I'm done. I'm leaving. F*** you." I said as I slipped out the door. "Fine! Get outta here!" Kevin yelled as I left. When I came back later that night, Kevin was gone. I found my poster ripped to shreds on the ground. I am SO angry at him right now. He had NO right to do that! I waited a long time for that poster, and he destroyed it! I have no idea what to do. I am really, really disturbed by his reaction to my pony poster. I know he was probably drunk, but I don't know if I can continue to live with a guy that will have that extreme of a reaction to pony-related stuff. Do you think I should file a complaint to the dorm supervisor and switch roommates, or do you think I should talk to Kevin about it first? He seemed like a nice enough guy before this happened. Update: He came into our room a few minutes ago, and apologized to me. He said that the main reason he got so upset is that his friends said that they couldn't be friends with a guy who associated so closely with a "gay fag". He tried to explain that it wasn't his fault, and that he didn't choose me as his roommate, but they wouldn't listen. I told him that those didn't sound like very good friends to me, but he said he didn't want to talk about it anymore, and then he went to sleep. I didn't bring up the money, because he seemed tired and upset
  9. The people of Las Vegas are a unique breed with many interesting points of view ...especially when they are drunk! Not sure how many of you have seen this but judging from its comparably small amount of views, my guess is that not many of you have. SO HERE IT IS! FROM ACRacebest IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA, MY LITTLE VEGAS!
  10. Hey everypony, I'm Scootaloo's Dad, Johnny. Ask me any question, and I'll answer as honestly as possible (Because honestly, I'm drunk) So go ahead ask away. Also hit me a question on my Tumblr *Fixed* page!
  11. So. I'm minding my business watching youtube at 12AM.. Normal. When all of a sudden. I hear a noise outside and my cat freaks out and runs growling at the door. So I investigate. Look outside. Nothing special.. nothing there. so I worry about the cat. because she (even now at 2:24AM) is still being very paranoid about the door.. My grandfather came home around 2. and said Our mailbox has met its demise.. Yup. Some crazy fool has run into our mailbox.. Left a big tire mark in the dirt. and a tire trail off into the night... Also took out the neighbors mailbox since it was on the same post as ours. After grampa cleaned up the mailbox from all over the yard and piled it back in 1 spot.. This picture was all I could get.. Since it was dark. I couldn't see anything. My phone was dieing and after this picture it disabled my flash.. and I didn't want to end up getting attacked/run over like the poor mailbox.. So. When you hear a noise at night.. Make sure to check on your beloved mailbox friend.. For he/she may be dead... But bring a weapon.. In case it turns out to be a burglar trying to steal your mailbox stash in the basement!
  12. Uh oh Ryan mistakes beer for a soda silly Ryan :3 Random peron: who forgot to lock the beer cooller Ryan: *hic*
  13. I was recently watching random episodes of mlp, when I stumbled upon this: Now tell me that isn't strange. It kinda reminds me of Brian who soaps away all his troubles with wine. Why is it on a kids show? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that so many male teenagers and adults have taken a liking to the show. What do you guys think?