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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. Hey there! Its been a while, huh? As you may know, I've recently been off MLPF for a few months. I guess anypony who wants to know deserves an explanation as to why I've been gone. The thing is...I don't really know. See, a few months ago (like, late last fall/early last winter) I used to be so into this forum that I would sneak on in science class and reply to my RPs. And then suddenly, it all just stopped. I became the type of member who would log in every month to briefly glance over their 500 notificatins. It was really weird. I have some vague theories as to why I just suddenly left, and the most logical answer is because I don't watch MLP much anymore. The reason for this however is SUPER weird. See, when I watch MLP, I get this strang feeling. The best I can describe it is a mixture of happiness and sadness. I REALLY don't know why I feel this. Maybe its because of how perfect Equestria can be, while Earth is a pretty shitty place and Equestria most likely doesn't exist, and if it does, we'll never find it? Man, that sounded weird. Point is, MLP makes me feel strange (in a good and bad way), but maybe I'll tie myself down and watch season 5 soon. As for my real life problems, I doubt those are really the reason for my accidental hiatus from MLPF. I have too much time on my hands, as anyone who's my friend on steam probably knows. I play too much TF2. I don't have a job yet, I'm not even in school right now, sooo...yeah. Honestly, it could be me getting lazy or bored, but this is a pretty exciting place, so it may not be the latter. I can be pretty lazy, and it sucks. Also, I assure you I didn't leave because I had a bad experience or anything. It's not you, its me! Now, for the question you've all been waiting for: Am I coming back? And, once again, I don't know. I'm going to high school in a month, so I WILL be busy then. I think it really depends if something on MLPF catches my attention, like an RP, and whether or not I let my laziness control me or not. We'll see, my Ducklings! Anyways, thanks for reading this! If you're my friend, I'm sorry for disappearing, and if you're not...send me a friend request. Also, blame my iPod for any typos, since I wrote this on that. Keep on quacking, Ducks! <3
  2. Swick (ded)

    See, Ducks Don't Grow Cacti!

    It's been a few weeks since my last blog, so I decided 'soup with it, I need some more popcorn.' ...Nah, I'm kidding. I decided to write a new blog post because I know you guys love 'em and stuff. Though I do want popcorn now... SO! Here's how my blog posts that are centered on updates(like this one) will usually go: Random Introduction Updates on things that don't really matter, but I feel like including anyway Discorded Again updates Art stuff updates Musical stuffs updates Programming stuffs updates Any other stuffs I may has left out Random Conclusion Pretty sad, huh? I organize my blog posts... Wow. So, the Updates on things that don't really matter, but I feel like including anyway!(I definitely didn't copy and paste that from above... ) Well, I just became a Parasprite, and I wubs my wittle winged ball with eyes that just hovers below my avatar. ....... Actually, I think that's it for this section. Nothing interesting going on here... Discorded Again is making slow progress. I haven't been working on it much. Like, at all. I haven't opened it in a week, but that's just because I lost my flash drive. But I found it, and now I'm gonna finish up Chapter Four(I think...?) I remember it's about 80 or so percent finished, so I'll get to work on dat. As for Art Stuffs, I do have a couple wallpapers I've made, if you ponies wanna see dem. They're at the bottom of the page. I hope. I'd really appreciate some feedback on those because, ya know, they're kinda crappy toaster waffles. Moosics! Kinda like Elkics, but different! (Geddit? Cuz Moose and Elk are.. alike. But different. Wat.) Okay, on topic, I'm currently making a song named Pegasus Wings that sounds pretty cool so far, and it'll probably be finished in a day or two. Hopefully tomorrow, because it's my best song so far and I really want to finish it. Just ignore the fact that all my other songs suck anyway, so it may not be that impressive. *sad face* Programming Stuffs. Zip here. Zilch. Zero. Alliteration, see? Sort of. Eh, not really. But yeah, I'm still learning Actionscript 3, so if anypony has some experience in that, it'd be nice to get some tips. Honestly, why would you even read this far? Do you how many other productive things you could've been doing instead of reading this? It's not like you're going to gain anything out of reading about apple cider. Leave. Now. Leave before I grab that wooden chair and