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Found 8 results

  1. Spike had alot of good solo episodes for season 6, but he hasn't had alot of episodes in the series where he shares an episode with another main character. He did share alot of episodes with Twilight and Rarity respectively, and also one episode with AJ, and one with Discord and Big Mac! The latter was really an awesome one! Now how about if he shares episodes with other characters he hasn't had an episode with yet? There's Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Starlight, and the CMCs. I know he doesn't have many common interests to some of them, but it wouldn't hurt seeing them happen anyway to see how it plays out! Let's say Spike has one solo episode next season and two shared episodes. What might he share those episodes with? I know half of you are gonna say Rarity and Starlight! But I could be wrong! :3 Me, I think he should have one with Fluttershy next season, and one with Starlight. Fluttershy, because of their interaction in the beginning of the series, I wanna see their friendship with a little more detail, and possibly why Fluttershy has such a fascination with baby dragons, but is afraid of bigger ones. And Starlight, because mainly how they interacted in the Crystalling, I wanna see their friendship explored a bit as well!
  2. So...did this thing tonight... This is the first time I've ever shared a cover of a piece by TSO. Critique is wanted.
  3. So, at my school, there's a concert where people can sing on their own or in groups and sing whatever they want and a friend of mine and me wanted to sing a duet but we can't find any good female only duets. I'm mostly looking for songs from musicals. Any ideas?
  4. This song was performed at Russian Brony Convention in Moscow on 3 May 2014. We invited cosplay actors to accompany the song. What do you think?
  5. The Flim Flam songs. The song where Rainbow Dash goes on a magical adventure to bring home a yellow-striped bat. The wedding song that Cadence sings in tandem with a giant lump of Swiss cheese. If there's anything they have in common, it's probably that you like them. I'm pretty sure not all of these songs should technically be termed as duets (heck, one of them's even dubbed as an Aria in the title), but eh, inverted commas have gotta have some use, right? Ingram has of course crapped some pretty sweet melodies out of his musical hole to go with the vocals, but lyrically, songs with two primary vocalists -- whether they're singing in jolly agreement (The Flim Flam Brothers and to some extent Find a Pet) or in contention with one another (Bats! and This Day Aria) -- never seem to go astray. Personally I think it's related to how the characters' thoughts can complement each other so powerfully and intensely with the right lyrics, particularly when the singers are busy taking a dump on each other's points of view. And no disrespect to the brilliant solo/crowd songs, of course (Smile Song, Art of the Dress, etc.). Except the Failure/Success song. The Failure/Success song can go choke on Spike's own terrible singing. This is obviously based on general fandom consensus; not everyone's gonna like all the duet songs, but for the most part they're very well-liked. Any thoughts?
  6. I've recently had the inspiration to create music, or make covers of songs, particularly brony music, of course. However, I've not a clue about copyright laws or anything like that, and I'm not sure how to make covers of songs without getting into trouble. I know that for any song, I'm not likely to get caught because YouTube is such a wide community and thousands if people make covers of songs. But I'm talking about brony music. I really want to make covers of songs, mostly by EileMontyVA (she's my favourite), but I don't know what to do, and I don't want to be hated for copying songs! Do I just ask the Youtubers if I can make a cover? Also, how to I get a backing track for the song? Would the Youtubers provide that to? Songs I'd like to cover within the brony YouTube community are: -Double Rainboom by EileMonty and PKEmi -Home by Jeff Burgess feat, EileMonty and Memjo -I Am Octavia by EileMonty -Lost in the Moon by The Living Tombstone, WoodenToaster and Rina-Chan -Anthropology by AwkwardMarina ...there's loads more. So how can I do this? I'd really appreciate your help! I'd also really love to get famous just like EileMonty and do duets with her and stuff... But ya know, not gonna happen
  7. I have always wanted to witness Octavia playing in a Fan Musical, preferably in a duet. I was thinking about the newest episode of My Little Pony, and remembered this gal right here. I'm going to call her Appletavia. How awesome would it be to have Octavia and Appletavia play in a certain Fan Musical? SOMEPONY, ANYPONY. DO. THIS. NAO!!
  8. I wrote this as a Dialog for Octavia in the image, "Sad Octavia", by"]~shadow-rhapsody[/url] You can find the Image above"]HERE[/url] Since I wrote this as a dialog for Octavia, I tried phrase it to match her accent and speaking style. So, make sure you read this in Octavia's accent so that it rhymes and flows correctly. For those of you who don't know Octavia's accent and speaking style; She talks in an old English accent (kind of like someone from England would have) She also likes to use sophisticated (Smart) words. My dear Vinyl, who could have foreseen my dear friend, how long has it been It seems an eternity, since I've seen your face so leaving the train, I had a quick pace I went to our house, nopony was there I peered inside, but found it was bare I wondered then, what could have occurred you leaving town, just seemed so absurd I searched high, and ever so low wondering still, where did you go I asked around, nopony talked with sad faces, away they walked I didn't Know, I wondered why what had I said, to make them cry Suddenly I heard, a tune I knew I heard it before, while I lived with you I saw a glimmer, a spark of hope at the top, of the grassy slope It came from there, without a doubt the song I heard, the town throughout The sound you played, it beckoned to me I followed it gladly, filled with glee But as I reached, the top of this hill my happiness had, all but it's fill Sadness now came, in roaring seas and weeping now, I fell to my knees For at the top, where your music would boom I found you sleeping, in your musical tomb Kneeling here, for you I cry still I wonder, How, when, and why Now as your song, comes to a close it stops for a moment, then again it goes It made me realize, with the hint of a grin you're alive in my heart, and the music therein It matters not, What, Why, or when but rather this moment, and what's done within So I'll stand now, stand by your side the reach of our friendship, death cannot divide I'll pull out my cello, we'll play a duet the likes of which, none have heard yet You with your beat, and me with my string together we'll make, this sad world sing We'll take their song, so sorry and sad we'll take it now, and make it glad We'll fill it full, with a happy cheer we'll show the world, there's nothing to fear We'll play together, just you and I a final duet, as a lasting goodbye Goodbye to your body, but not your soul it survives through my heart, keeping it whole Now I'm not sad, I cannot lie I'm just so happy, that now I cry For Deep down, inside I know through my music, your soul will flow I play for you now, and with you forever when next I'm alone, shall be never For together we are, our music now one with taut strings, and records spun. I have a bit of mixed feelings about this poem, as in I like it and hate it at the same time. But, I think it's just the fact that it doesn't seen to flow right if you don't read it in Octavia's accent. Maybe it's that I had to change my writing style for this piece. Or maybe it's just all the big words I had to use. Either way, Let me know what you think... _____________________________________ Note to all I have the required permissions to post this image here If you wish to post this image somewhere you must get permission from"]~shadow-rhapsody[/url] Otherwise you could get into trouble for copyright infringement