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Found 8 results

  1. Hy its me again, Dune Gosbil ! ...and its time to reveal even more of my dark internet past today As ive said in the first part, i got bored by posting in the little inactive Forums on Forencity so i began to find bigger and more active sites. Because of my search for Videogame helping posts i found after a little search, a very big media Forum called Forumla. I had registered me right away and was so excited to finally post with other people. But after my terrible first experience with posting i made very much things wrong.A lot of things wrong. Chapter 1 - Every beginning is hard. My first name on Forumla was " Z.F. NO NAME " ( sry if this sounds familiar to you ) and was standing for " Zukünftiger Firma NO NAME " which means in english : Future Company No Name.Because i wanted to call my posts and drawing production like this...for some reason... I have chosen the name Z. F. No Name since No Name was already created. Well the first thing i did wrong was by mistake. I was trying to help people with horror game problems, but i hadnt really found that much treads about my videogames so i just answered what ive found. By doing that, i have reanimated very old topics that was made years ago, so in much cases my answer didnt made a sense at all. By that time many Users had asked me, why im response to undead topics and that i should stop that, because it annoyed people for some reason and was counted as post counter spamming. The Second thing i made wrong, was my first self created tread. Ive made a Video Game tread about Battle Arena Toshinden and posted it in the tech category...which was wrong of course Also the title said : Collest Game Ever, and it didnt even include the game title.Better yet, even in the post itself i have forgotten to mention the game and ive only posted what a surprise that game was and that ive found it better than most other games. My first response ive ever got was this : " Wow, you made everything wrong what you possibly could...i think you deserve an award! " Of course since i was a kid i got butthurt and commented back that this was my first post and that he should shut up since the game was very good, this time apologizing that ive forgot to mention the title. Of couse i didnt get that ive posted in the wrong category after all.So he commented back and told me even more, what a little kid i was and that i just should delete my posts.I just got more angry and started a comment chain with him.At some point he deleted all his posts so that it seems that i was talking to myself, a mod came to the tread and i got my first warning and my first warning points. But it didnt stop there.After that i had mentioned the Game in a Tekken 4 tread and said that Tekken looks terrible and the controls for the first game was just garbage and to difficult and said that i would prefer Battle Arena Toshinden 4 more, since in the first Battle Arena Toshinden the characters moved much faster and it was easier to play. Of course i made everything wrong again First the tread was about Tekken 4 not Tekken 1 and second, i have said that Battle Arena Toshinden for the ps1 was way better than Tekken 4 and third, i had said that Tekken 4 was shit.So, alot of people got angry at me... Users and Mods. And it got worse. I just thought that every Mod and user was against me and in my opinion back that day, their were just rude and arrogant.So i was talking some...well not so nice things.. and posted in the general talk tread.So to make it short, many people if not almost all hated me or disliked me and i got popular as a troll.Also i was muted for a few months... Of course i didnt read the rules and didnt care and simply created a second account : " Creature of the Night " also known in some Forums simply as " C.O.T.N. " ( again, im terribly sorry if the names sounds familiar ) In the next few days i even got more of a troll without noticing it.First i continued to reanimate old treads and post many foren games since i was bored. If i didnt get a answer back in one day, i had posted a second post, which was forbidden of course since it was double posting.I didnt now it was forbidden since in the market place it was allowed to push treads. To get attention i posted many answers in other forengame treads like the " what was your last drink? " and continued posting " drinking Cola " or " still drinking cola " or " wow what a surprise, i did it again! " .I guess i dont have to say that my posts were not a good thing... I got in the Chats very late at night and since most of the users were older and adults they sometimes talked about things like sex or other adult jokes which i as a kid found strange and disgusting. I even tried to report them and was telling them that they should stop. Their explained that i was only a kid and would understand it later if i would getting older.I found that this was just an insult that i might become also disgusting and continued by telling them to stop ruining the chat. By that time i had surpisingly made some friends because of my Video Game advices and the helping and that a few people liked my foren games. But that was also the time i got muted again, got alot of private mails which said not so nice things about me and almost half the stuff team from Forumla had me on their list. But after all, that was it for this post. What will happen on the next post: Both my muted accounts got back to life, the creating of more accounts and my sister joins the Forum, double fun! But some users bullied her so i got angry and a really big war was coming to the forum... Thanks for reading trough that novel ( and sry for terrible english ) Keep in mind i was a kid back then, and wasnt very smart... or nice... ( picture made by tootootaloo on deviant art called Derpy Hooves Vector : )
  2. So after having looked at a WHOLE bunch of pony stuff from alternate universe ideals like *Fallout Equestria *Pony Star Wars *Pony Star Trek. *The Trotting dead. - It struck me that there was one thing that I had not seen anyone do... Dune... I mean it seams like such a no braine.. Because you know... a huge portion of star wars is actually a dune rip off. (But I still love both so much) ... Well and a lot of Captain harlcok too.. Damn it now i'm thinking about Pony Lijiverse. ____________ So anyways. Anyone have ideals thoughs so on about Pony Dune? ____________ I mean some of it wrights itself... Twilight is Paul... Celestia Jessica. (Maybe Shadom.. no no.. that could be Cadence) Queen Cheese legs gets to be the Baron Vladamir... Work in Spice being some kind of firendship drug. So on so on... ________________________ As a side note about Pony star wars.
  3. Hello, this time in my Blog i just wanted to show you guys, my most well known Videos for my old youtubechannel, before i lost the password...there not amazing, but...dont know, maybe the one or another finds them interesting of some sort. I start the first part with my two most clicked videos..the reason why i dont put more on it, is simply because, only two Videos shows direct in the post while the other links just stay normal links Kid vs Kat Tribute - JQ Wake Up ( this was requested by a youtube user, and at this time, my english wasnt that good, so i didnt understood, what this song was about...i guess its not a so harmless song...but either way, the Video became my most popular Video Ever ) And second my Kid vs Kat Cartoon, which i made because i was a huge fan of the show Kid vs Kat, so i made a short cartoon, with my original KVK Characters and Litli, an oval smiley which was my first self created character ever ! ( beware, terrible german voice acting ahead ) For the english people on this forum...well...dont know, maybe you find the voices funny But since i cant go back to my old channel, im unable to upload an english version, sry ) This time ive used one of my own drawings as an entry image, since this post is somehow promoting my stuff...even though the old channel is dead
  4. Hy Everypony I thought i also could finally start opening an ask Tread in case that someone wants to ask me something. I dont really do this for an Oc, since i think, if someone has questions about the character, that this questions are better asked in an actual rpg. You can try it though I mean the worst thing that could happen with this tread would be, that i dont get any questions at all but since i already have an topic that nobody cared about ( i think ) and countless other times with countless other topics in the german forums, i think i can handle that So, if you want..ask me something
  5. Hy, its me again for another blogpost...because their all loved and read by everyone, so i decided to make a new one...who even cares? But, here is an explanation of why im not talking to people here and why im not watching mlp anymore. All of it started with the bad experience i had in the german bronies forum, they laughed at me for watching the older gens and that alone was a reason why i had nothing to talk about with them. They found my posts in forengames to be gay, they said i should leave and they even killed my rpg characters because they were to annoying. I even then watched G4 but never talked to anyone because of they already bad first impression i had about everyone. And it then also started that i questioned to even watch mlp anymore, and if it was really worth it. Yeah, the show might be cute and entertaining and was a good difference to all the horror stuff i watched but after a while i realized, my father found it strange that i watched it, i would have never the courage to tell anyone anyway that i watched it and the german community was unfriendly. Also it just wasnt going to be my new favorite show. So i just stopped watching because...i felt it was pointless to watch. So i started to watch Dc Stuff just to try something new. It was just a random decision. But i guess my father helped a little by showing me " Men of Steel " which was one of the best movies i ever watched EVER But after a while i also realized that they wasnt really a Forum for Dc Comics. Most of these Forums were just about about the Comics, which i never read and also dont plan too since they are simply to many and that a lot of these Dc Fans didnt know or care that much about the really old stuff and shows. ( kinda like bronies with the older generations Also the Dc Comics Forums just look plain ugly : Not only is the color choice plain terrible and uninteresting, also these forums are about comics in general and WAY to BIG for me to even think about to join They just look confusing I feel like i would get lost..also, as i said : I DONT EVEN READ THE DAMN COMICS!!! I cant even find a section for adaptions , and even if i do..there are simply not that many topics, because the main part of Dc Comics you guessed, COMICS! So what am i supposed to do? After the disaster that was, i thought about joining an english site because i just missed the cute pony icons that looked so inviting and friendly. And so i joined Mlp Forums and i actually have quiet fun here.And i also have a surprising amount of friends..dont even know why, but im damn happy about it So now of course im still thinking to rewatch mlp and watch further, but then again...i had a pause from a year or more and watched a lot of dc stuff that i really liked that i have a hard time by deciding what im supposed to do Should i give up Dc Comics, something im really interested in to watch only to watch again something which will probably never going to be my favorite series anyway just for the sake of talking to people? Or should i stay with Dc Comics, which i really like, which has an community which i cant talk to, because i dont have the slightest interest to join any of these boring sites and no interest of reading the comics...EVER! Either way, i end up in either watching something which im not interested in anymore or end up in a fandom which i cant talk to because of this stupid comics and the way to big, extremely confusing and boring sites And then there is of course all these other problems like stil have no job, so that i cant do anything anyway. Anyway, here is the short version of this post : IM BORED AS F***!!!! AND HAVE ABSOLUT NO IDEA WHAT TO DO IN MY LIFE!!!! AAAAAAAAARRGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then again..that are not really problems...i dont even know what is wrong with me...i just need help. Wait, i dont need help, my problems are ridiculous ! What problems are those?My life is great i should be thankful! This arent even real problems...i just dont know is not fun...not at all...and it isnt even because my life is just stupid and have know idea what to do...i never had, i never will. Im just.. im just... I DONT KNOW! I would never feel comfortable in these gigantic comic forums without the pony icons and couldnt really talk to the fans for that long since it goes more about comics. And i also didnt watched that many media so that i only have less to talk about, and with the no job situation, i have a long and difficult time to even catch up on anything. On the other hand im not interested anymore in Mlp.At least not that much. My life isnt necessarily bad, not in the slightest ( except no job, horrible past and depression attacks from time to time ) but i just have no idea what to do with it. Of course i could go out...but what do? I have no idea where to go, what to talk about or anything. I just dont know. Not have the slightest idea about anything.Thats it i guess. Maybe im not even liking Dc Comics as much as i think. Maybe i should just completely do something else...i dont know. That should be my motto from now on : " I dont know " Whats your personality ? " I dont know " How would you describe yourself ? " I dont know " What is even wrong with you ? " I dont know " What do you want to do with your life ? " I dont know " Why do you even post this???????? Honestly? I dont know...
  6. Since im inactive and bored as hell at the moment, and have absolute no idea what to do with my life, i decided to just write a little bit about myself. Not like a introduction or hello post, i will talk about all the weird things i did in my life. Because why not.I saw a few people doing it, ( well kinda..similar.. ) so..maybe someone finds this interesting. Fact 1 : " In my childhood i always was unhappy the way i lived. Sometimes i didnt listen to my parents, or didnt do my homework right or i was just unhappy with the things i played or whatever. It was so terrible, that i often wanted to start my life from new. And with starting my life from new, i mean, pretending i would be born again and i ..well..would begin my life new. I even banged with my head against a wall, because i wanted to forget my past. I began erasing Video Game Files, destroying homework stuff, put all my drawing in the trash. I did this for many years and almost every day. It got so worse, that nowadays i dont remember my childhood that well. I always tried to forget my past and i kinda did. I dont remember some friends i had, if i see old drawings, i dont remember drawing them or if my parents tell me something about our holidays, i just dont remember. Gladly i stopped with that with 17. " Fact 2 : " Im my childhood i talked to things. Like, Plushdolls, Videogames, Lamps, Walls, Trees, Rocks, Air...basically with everything. And my Lamp was my best friend. Im serious, i talked a lot with my bedroom lamp when i was a kid. Every day. " Fact 3 : " I created a Forum on the Internet, in which i talked to myself with multiple accounts. I already talked about that, but what some people not know, is the fact that i even had a chat. And funny conversations that i had with my three personalitys, was even posted on other Forums and everyone thought it was real chats. Well i guess im pretty good then, with talking to myself. " Fact 4 : " I constantly look everywhere. Mostly out of the window. Like every time i get into my room, because im afraid i could miss something, like a UFO or a flying Pony " Fact 5 : " My first love was a Bird. Not a real one, but a Furry like Bird with white wings and blue eyes. I dont know why, because i didnt know anything about furrys and never saw one, but i imagined her. So i guess i was just born being weird. " Fact 6 : " Sometimes, i just dont move at all. When im in a situation in which i feel uncomfortable with, like i dont know what to do at my job, because i dont know to which person i have to talk or something i often just freeze....and do nothing. And then either someone noticed it or really later i try to solve the problem, but often im just doing nothing then. And i get in panic.And its horrible. I hate that " Fact 7 : " Whenever i get into a new school , workplace or whatever, often searching for a place where im alone within the breaks.I feel really REALLY uncomfortable with talking to people. And thats also the reason, why many people dont like me. Because they think i just dislike them, or think that im better than them, which is not true. Actually i do that, because i dont want to annoy anyone. I always feel unwelcome and have just no idea what to talk about. No idea at all. And i mean you can see that, im part of 7 fandoms and registered in over 30 forums. How many do i still use ? One. And in how many forums am i really talking to people? Zero. YAY!!! Thats actually depressing .. " Fact 8 : " I drew a comic as a Kid, where i created a crazy scientist that tried to make the world a better place, by killing all the humans of the world.I drew the comic in my childhood, as i was just bullied by everyone. People mad fun of my haircolor, of my ears, my voice, my name. I got beat up ( many MANY times ) . It was horrible And i needed to let my anger and frustration out. Gladly i realized how horrible this idea was and i ended the comic, with a new Character called Zet, killing the crazy scientist character, like 25 times or so. " And thats kinda im bored again... Sorry if im annoying.
  7. Well, hello. Since im noticed im being a little inactive at the time, because of work and such, i came to the idea to write a blog which will hopefully not be deleted as my older blog on creepypastewiki, who i wrote about my tumblr page as a curse.And my blog entries was about my journey to discover the truths about it.The reason while the Blog was deleted was because : Blogical... i dont even know what that means Well so im starting to post my internetlife a little bit more and maybe someone would find it even interesting All started as i got my first little Laptop, an Acer. The first internetpages i was going was sites about Videogames because that was the only thing i could really talk about.I was searching for Games like Obscure or Silent Hill to help people that had problems with the Puzzles in the games After a little search, i found many Forums that had only one game to talk about but mostly of these sites were empty or inactive for years.I couldnt even register since almost all of the sites, you had to be accepted by an Admin to make posts.And because many sites were dead, it was very difficult. I have posted in some Random Forums short posts about saying hello to people, and posted welcome treads to people or answered them even though the users had registered years before me I never got an answer, so i was sad and bored.In some Forums i have started to spam users with " please come back " posts And i was telling them that they forums were something special and i would really love to talk to them since the big forums had to much users for me. Some answered me back with thanks, that i was still posting in their inactive forums but they said i should better leave and search for a more active and bigger forum and never was a forum really active again. I was even more bored and angry about the fact, that every forum i loved was dead or inactive.So i began to make posts...a lot of posts...i mean really an awful lot of posts And not everyone was really useful I had posted many fakeaccounts, created many discussion treads with me discussion with myself about how shitty some of my other fakeaccounts were or about how shitty the forums were. Many of the Forums was going from zero posts to 120 Posts and 30 treads, all with starring me in self created discussions about self created topics and themes. The site i was using most was Foren-City, since the site was really good to find such inactive little forums. I began to spam immense and was eventually banned at some sites.But since the forums were dead anyway I also got some confusing reactions from some admins about how crazy i was and they asked if i had no life, since i wasnt even really trolling anyone I didnt even cared that much, since it was fun to create posts and write discussion treads. I was even going so far, that i have posted in forums that were privat and had insulted ( well, more spamming than insulting ) other users and trolled them to get banned or to cause as much trouble as possible. But since the sites were pretty dead and lonely i began searching for some bigger and much more active forums...but that is for part 2 ( sry for bad english and keep in mind that i was 11 i think when my internet life started, so i was very young and feel sorry for that today ) ( My entry image was made by masemj on deviant art called nervous fluttershy : )