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Found 9 results

  1. Anything pre- 1985. here's mine:
  2. Alright, so I made a drawing of Celestia, invisioning her as a teenager You can tell, by the length of her horn, the size of her and she has no crown Hope you enjoy (Might make a vector of this one )
  3. This song is about one of my friends wanting to commit suicide (he's fine now) but he was trying to find someone to hold onto, to not shrug it off as a plea for attention. He was looking for that someone he'd love to meet, but no one came. This is his search. Download
  4. You may or may not have seen my 3 Ipod backgrounds I have up, if you want to check them out the links are below this. So since I probably am going to be continuing to make these I decided to make a thread to house all of the new backgrounds, the 3 are going to remain up, but from now on all of them are going to posted in this thread. Now that I've got that out of the way, to get started on this thread have a Derpy background. Completed VVVVVVV The quote is from a song, and yes it's supposed to be a bit blurry. RD- Lyra- Twilight-
  5. Maxos

    Call My Name

    This is my latest single with my best art I have ever done by far. Hopefully you enjoy this video! If you would, please like and subscribe for more videos. I progress better through feedback as well, so don't be afraid to leave a comment below! - Maxos
  6. To celibrate the return of Duty's old Avatar i decided to sketch it, i suck at drawing ponies face on so this actually turned out to take longer than expected.
  7. I was thinking, I should make one of these. Anything you want to know about me, just ask away.
  8. I noticed Spitfire doesn't have that much vocal music, so I wrote one out from the perspective of Dusty. Yeah I'm quite happy how it turned out. I just wanted to post the words here before I actually sang it to see if I could get some critique before I do the final product. ____________________________ I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. Sometimes I wonder... Why it seems even in the pouring rain, your fire keeps burning, It makes it hard to see It makes it hard to see When I see your face It's like heaven staring back at me. I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. A blue streak flies across my brain Wonderbolt life will never be the same When it's you me, me and you, together Flying across the sky. I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. Millions love you, this is true But do they love the real you When something comes along you'll be left in the cold All they see is blue and gold BUT I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. YOu are the fire, yes you are the fire Yes you are the fire... In... My... Mind...
  9. Ok, I've thought about doing this a while ago, but never did so, now I have to say "Why not"? Just ask away! I will use my brain power and try and come up with some honest answers... (and maybe some not so honest answers) So, yeah QUESTIONS! I guess Dusty will be getting in on this too, so if you want to ask him questions you can do that as well. "Yeah, I'll answer your questions..."