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Found 1 result

  1. hello there folks! (Last post of the night I promise). I just wanted to learn your views about ageing in the real world, culture and what you think it will be like growing older. Obviously a big part of the 'crusade for cutie marks' is about the young philly's finding out who they are and what their place is in the world. The older pony's seem to have their lives and careers sorted out, something I'm sure even some 'adults' admire. My dad's generation would shun anything animated calling it 'childish' but I see no good reason why age should dictate what media you should enjoy. I also don't really think the adult world is much fun. You're expected to work, earn money and watch it vanish into thin air. You're normally banned by conversion of enjoying many activity's younger people enjoy. You've got to get up early, do housework, look for jobs, go shipping, wear an uncomfortable suit, sit on trains, eat healthily, stay clean, watch what you say, I dunno.... in short it seems darn dull! of course it's fun to go out clubbing and stuff, (but I hardly ever do), Alcohol's not all that great, it seems many adults need it to suppress all the adult nonsense with alcohol to have some fun, but it's unhealthy and it's not much fun passing out and getting sick. Remember when they installed the helterskelter slides at the Tate modern? Adults loved them! Why aren't there adult play areas? also why is there so much fear and age discrimination? Children are taught to fear adults (especially men), some old people fear teens, it's like we are all rat's in a tiny cage all stressed out and anxious, the groups making up society teased into hating every other groups. Is it just me or do others feel the same way? Also how old are you and what are your views?