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Found 10 results

  1. I've always wondered peoples opinions on this. Personally, I don't fear dying. We all have our time, and I won't fear it when mine comes. Also, I wasn't sure where this topic would go, so I put in general discussion.
  2. What would be your last words? What would you say when you can almost literally see the Death himself knocking at your soul? I know there is a lot of possibilities on how we will meet our demise, but for this thread, let's just limit it to four scenario here *** 1. You are dying of old age. All of your families and your beloved stand around your bed, their attention are yours. You have about ten minutes. 2. You are alone with your soul mate in your house. The ambulance won't arrive in time, five minutes before you meet your creator. 3. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere, no one is around you but a single voice recorder. The gunshot wound on your chest leave you with only one minute. 4. You are surrounded by your enemies in a hospital room. You only have enough time to deliver a single sentence.
  3. Does anyone seem to notice a trend of shrinking shelve space for MLP brand products? Shopping at the local toy stores, the shelve space designated for MLP products seems vastly smaller than it was a year ago, and significantly smaller than it was 2 years ago. Last christmas for example there were giant Playset displays set up all over the area for both EQG and Twilight's castle, and the year before that for alicorn twilight toys. But this year there's barely a tiny portion of the aisles designated for MLP compared to a full aisle 2 years ago. Add on to that the dissapearing MLP section in trendy stores like spencers or hot topic, and the lack of any real big merchandise "push" this year compared to the last two seasons (There was a definite theme and idea they were trying to sell toys of while this year is just random disjointed toys), and it seems like both the stores and hasbro have less faith in pushing MLP. Is this trend the same in other bronies areas?
  4. If you found out that you were going to die, and you had one last day alive, would you do anything pony related? Would you visit any sites, buy any merch, watch any vids or episode, play any of the games, look at any of the fan art or read the stories, draw any fan art or write any stories, or just wear some MLP clothing, etc?
  5. So, I've written quite a bit already but I'm never going to get this done on my own, I have another writer too but he is juggling other work as well. could anypony help me write the script for a project I'm working on? there are 5 sections that need to be written: 1 slice of life 1 slice of life/tragedy 2 action (1 is sci-fi) 1 tragedy I've already had about 5 writers bail on me so if you want to join PLEASE make sure you are willing to follow through. I already have about an hour of it written and I estimate the last part I have to write be an additional half hour or so yeah, I'm expecting those 5 extra sections to add a total of at least half an hour to 45 minutes. I have a synopsis for some guide lines about what happens for each section but you will have to be creative and add some story to it, otherwise I would have just written it myself. I'm considering just scrapping the whole thing because a lack of people who will help me Please help me! I really want to do this but I need help! EDIT: OK I just need one writer to write one part that should be about 5 pages long, might need another writer later on to write a 5-10 page long part if my other writer I currently have doesn't reply in the next couple days. I will also soon be needing people who can take care of areas I know nothing about, I need someone in charge of animation, sound, music, and voice actors (I have some voice actors already). those jobs include finding people, checking on those people, updating me regularly and making sure the job gets done. I just don't have enough time to take care of everything myself. and I know nothing about making movies. I can't offer much in return if not nothing at all.
  6. What do you think are the chances of a heroic character dying? And I mean a permanent death, no cheap revivals. Who do you think is most likely to die? It doesn't have to be one of the Mane Six, any positive pony character will do. In case you're wondering why I'm asking this, I just feel like hearing the opinions of others on this topic.
  7. I read an interesting, and yet sad comic on Deviant Art, which gave me the idea to make this topic. Not only was the comic surrounded by Celestia's time of passing, but with her being the eldest alicorn of the group, it makes me wonder. I know you are thinking "Shota, are you stoopid? If you're immortal you can never die!" Just think about it for a moment. Would you say it could be possible that those with immortality could meet an end, too?
  8. Lately evey cartoon I watch is either boring, stupid or low quality. Or a combination of all three. There are only a handfull of cartoons I'll even watch anymore, its like modern cartoons get worse they go on. Shows like sanjay and craig, regular show, amazing world of gumball. Shows like these are nothing compared to shows like courage the cowardly dog, ed ed and eddy, and powerpuff girls. Does anyone else agree? And if you disagree, tell me why.
  9. Well, since Twilight Sparkle has just become an alicorn and the spin-off called Equestrian Girls Do you think people left the fandom and if so how many Will everything be just fine?
  10. When I was brushing my teeth this morning, I swallowed mouthwash. It said to contact poison control immediatley but my parents and friends are ignoring me. What do? Comfort me or something.