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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone I thought I would start this thread since tinnitus is a fairly common and irritating problem. I myself recently just started having it and it did make me a bit anxious at first but I am learning how to deal with it. What helps me is going outside or doing something I enjoy to help distract me. So my question to everyone is when did your tinnitus start and what helps you to deal with it? I look forward to seeing everyone's answers and I will try to respond as much as I can.
  2. Most other mammals have expressive ears that they can move to show emotion and pick up sound. I've always wished humans had ears like that. I mean, it would look really strange if people could suddenly move their ears, but I'm talking about what if humans evolved to have mobile ears like horses. I love the idea of being able to flatten your ears when angry or upset, or prick them up when happy or excited. I figure it would be voluntary. Like, you wouldn't have to move your ears, so if you don't want others to be able to read your emotions you could remain immobile. But I love the idea of that whole other dimension of expression. Thoughts?
  3. I forgot to post this here. This is an orchestral remix I've been working on for about a month now, off and on.
  4. Apparently somebody by the name of @Amorphous wanted me to add ears to my p0nes. Small, derpy ears, but ears. I made two different versions of a p0ne, one with ears, one without. Ears: No ears: Which one do you think is better for this situation? Am I doing the ears wrong? Maybe. :3 EDIT: The top pic I drew first, then erased the ears and added hair for the second one, so if that impacts judgement I'm sorry. EDIT 2: In my opinion, no ears makes the p0ne more human-like, while the ears show more clearly that he's not human. I guess that's why they're needed apparently. :33333
  5. Hello everyone! I am now the happy owner of a Turtle Beach P11 Earforce!!!!! I am so excited to try it out!!! if you have the same,do you want to tell me your experience? what do you use? (if you have another) I like to hear your reactions greetings Dashner!
  6. I have a feeling this questions already been asked, and if it has, threaten me with a sledgehammer but.... What happens to the human ears of the mane six when they turn into their anthro forms? It would be the weirdest thing ever to have both sets of ears, but its just covered by the hair, but it would also be weird for the ears to disappear and reappear. Because if you think about it, past a human ear, you pretty much have a hole (obviously its more complicated but bear(or bare, whatever) with me)) going to your brain, so that hole would just fill up? Also the pony ears in order to not be simlpy cosmetic would need that "earhole" to run from there to the brain, but the receptors are on the side of the head, and the skull takes up to much of the head for the earholes to make it all the way down their. My science also may not be perfect and this is Realyyyyy sciency for A little girls show.
  7. Humans express their emotions mostly through their face, arm or leg movements. When you think about it, ponies have quite a few ways of demonstrating their emotions through their bodies that we don't have. I've been thinking about this idea ever since I read a story on FIMFiction called 'Moodwings', which I thought was a fantastic and unique story, and I wanted to make a discussion topic, because I personally see lot's of potential. Disclaimer: I'm gonna lay it out there right now that there there's many, many, many examples in the show where these body languages aren't used when they could have been used, are used when they didn't need to be, etc. Being a TV show, there's inconsistencies everywhere, and I'm sure accurate portrayal of something subtle like pony body language is not what the animators are making their priority, 24/7. But even more than that, these explanations are not all there is to this concept, either. I don't pretend to be expert on this. Explaining things like body language is complex to begin with, and there are always exceptions and variables on the individual situation at hand, that result in all kinds of tell-tale body language signs being used or not being used. There's also plenty of examples where body language signs are used for no particularly known reason at all. So take this topic with a grain of salt, and picture it how it would implement in Equestria as a basic concept that tries to explain common emotions and their common body language signs, and nothing more. Thanks :3 BTW: Model is mostly Dashie, cause she's best pony, and cause she has wings, a main part of this explanation. Hogging it to Dash gives ya'll an opportunity to post examples of the other ponies in your own examples of emotion depiction, as well, if you want -- Ears: Unlike humans, whose' ears are next to pointless when it comes to body language seeing as how (most people) can't really move theirs a whole lot for it to make an actual noticeable difference, ponies' ears are very flexible, and we've seen them used numerous times as an indication for mood. Happy ponies, as well as generally content ponies have their ears in an upwards fashion. Sad, unhappy or angry ponies, even ponies in a generally negative mood will often have their ears flattened or pointed a bit downwards. Shock, surprise, nervousness and focus are often examples of when flattened and downwards ears are used, as well, it would seem. As if 'battening down' their ears is some sort of jolt reaction, anxious from nervousness, and also used when a pony is trying their best to concentrate on something difficult at hand, or, just in suspense of something intense or fun. Hooves: Although ponies often use their hooves to express emotion in the air or by placing them against their own bodies, much similar to us humans, they do have natural things they do that humans don't; after all, these are hooves, not hands. Along with ears, hooves are a basic body language all ponies have. Sometimes it's obvious what hooves are being used for, other times, not so much. Perhaps one of the most interesting yet common uses of a front hoof is when one front hoof is picked up over the other three. A pony can be demonstrating excitement, surprise, a friendly greeting, or sign of contentment when talking with friends. They could also be displaying a sense of defense or being taken aback. Some ponies will do it simply because they're confused or baffled. Wings: Pegasi possess wings, an entirely unique way to demonstrate emotion that Earth ponies and Unicorns do not have. For the most part, wings are put away for disuse next to a ponies' body, but they often flare up, even when a pegasus doesn't plan on flying any time soon. Pegasi's wings will fluff up to demonstrate shock, showing passive irritance or fluttering their wings open like how a peacock does it's tail feathers, to show off. Timid ponies may often droop their wings to show shyness or as a generally submissive behavior. They may even do it when they're disturbed, or feel extremely awkward. Other times, their wings may refuse to fluff out when desired, due to fear.
  8. So, today I was feeling random, and I felt like making a blog post. Then I thought I'd tell a random story, and for some reason this came to mind... So if you aren't aware, in games and the such, I typically have this affinity for Elves, normally in games when I can, I am usually playing an Elf if it is possible. For instance, in Skyrim all my characters right now are some variation of Elf. Why exactly do I like Elves though? Well, besides the side of it that I don't really know why, I just do, I have a theory based on some of my own experiences. Back when I was like, 3 or something, idk I was young enough that I don't remember much about it, I mostly know about it from my parents. Anyways, when I was 3(give or take a few years ;p.) I was at my grandmothers house, and I was running around like the little child I was. Then I fell on something(i really don't remember what exactly.) and somehow I ended up chipping my ear. So yeah, apparently according to my parents my ear was kind of pointy since it was chipped after that. Whether that story is entirely true or what, i'm not entirely sure, but I can only assume it is, since i don't really remember it. (Yay for bad memory ;p.) It could've been made up, but regardless, I think it plays into my liking of Elves. Or maybe it doesn't. Who knows, maybe I just like pointy Elf ears for some reason xD. The world may never know.... The reason I thought of this particular story I think, is because I actually got my ear cut while getting my hair cut a few days ago, and I currently have a bandage on it, because it ends up bleeding every time i take it off so far. And my brother said it makes me look like an elf with a bandage on my ear, so yeah ;p. Moral of the story, I like Elves. Hope you enjoyed the story, and if you would like me to think about doing more feel free to let me know. Or if you want me to do something else, I just felt like posting in my blog, since i haven't done so in forever. Or if you totally hate this series, you should tell me to never blog again, ever! Maybe not, idk, anyways, i'm going to stop rambling, see y'all around!
  9. From what scene or ability do the Mane Six/plus Sun-Shimmie get those?
  10. Hello. My name is Agota and I am from Lithuania. I am new in this forum, so I thought I will start from here to show you something. I am a starting artist in crafts, altou I been doing cosplay for 6 years now. So I thought I will make some mlp accessories and share them with you guys, because I recently open my Etsy shop. woohoo!. I though you will like my accessories for cosplay, because I see some nice cosplay progresses in this forum ^^ maybe it even be helpful to someone ^^ So what you guys think? does it looks good? also here is a link to my Etsy, there are more stuff I am just starting artist with things like that, so I will really appreciate your opinions about my work like this ^^
  11. I made this picture in photoshop cs6 when I was bored I hope You Like It!
  12. Pony Ears Origami Tutorial: I hope u enjoy.
  13. This is something I was thinking a lot, what shape are the pony's ears? To me, there are 2 ways to see them, what do you think is the right way? Forward or to the sides?
  14. Okay, so, for those who have read Part I, you would know that I have attempted hypnosis of turning into a pony before. For those who have not, there is a google document and thread going around talking about hypnosis into a pony. I thought I would try it. The first time I tried it, there were some technical and focus issues; the volume wasn't loud enough, the audio was compressed to a pretty low quality, and I wasn't in a ergonomically neutral position, so my trance broke. Now, I have tried it again. Three times actually, for three different things. First and foremost, after dealing with some family stuff yesterday, I scrounged up the time at night to try Fluttershy again. This time, I used the same file, and was in a more neutral position. Basically, it didn't work at all this time. Firstly, even though I jacked up the volume to near max, the compression on the file still made it really difficult to hear exactly what the Fluttershy 3.0 version narrator was saying. So that kinda corrupted my induction and made it harder to focus. Secondly, my cat kept on jumping on and off the bad and sleeping next to me, so that entirely broke my induction before I even got to the hooves part. Bummer. Today, I thought maybe I would try to secure a better understanding of getting inducted into a trance and getting suggestible more easily, so I collected all the important files; suggestibility aid, trance aid, deprogramming, and a helluva lot more pony hypnosis files for Twilight, Rarity, and the old Fluttershy 2.0 since I think it has better audio. First, I tried the perfectly suggestible file. This greatly helped but I did it during the daylight so the effect didn't stick at all; the light would pierce my eyelids and remind me of my conscious self. I did eventually fall into a full trance and then became suggestible but it broke as soon as the file ended because of a volume change from one file to the next. Then, I thought I would try a simpler body-focused hypnosis for Pony Ears. This one was not as well paced as the actual pony files; it jumped way too fast into induction and kept on using the word "trance" which is strange because AFAIK you're not really supposed to use that but once or twice on a person you're inducting, so it made it hard to concentrate. It also like ran straight into the ears transformation much to quickly. Even though I was much more relaxed and suggestible, I just couldn't force my sensory perception to change that fast. I did feel many of the sensations he described like the ears moving up my head and growing fur but they were weak, immediately erased by both the sensation of my headphones on my regular ears and the narrator's suggestion to touch them which would require physical movement, which would of course break the trance if one was not entirely suggestible. I didn't touch them, but my trance broke by the time the file ended anyways and I couldn't even summon the effect on queue again. Disappointment. This time I am going to try the Twilight Sparkle version, because my personality is greatly closer to hers and a horn must be significantly easier than wings to summon. I also have a different narrator for this. But yes, these experiences were not as promising as before. I may end up trying to use another bed or lay on the floor or something, because I need to find a way to get completely into the trance like I did last time and my current situation isn't cutting it. Some of the narrations on these files are kind of weak, too. Even though I'm a complete novice I just feel that they go way too fast for a good, solid induction to happen. I might end up looping the intros to the files myself in an audio program to make it significantly longer so I can have more time to be suggestible. All in all, it's a worthwhile experience if you're interested, but it sure is a pain in the ass to get everything in working order, and it takes a ton of concentration, focus, and a good environment to really get anything interesting in terms of effects. So wish me luck in the Twilight Sparkle induction. I hope this one works better than Fluttershy.
  15. So i recently posted this pic and some may recognize it. I hate the ears and horn on it.. chinky fabric ones are.. loose and unreliable.... SOOO i ordered some of the awesomeness that the horns/ears from Yayahan's store on Etsy (pro cosplayer thats done some spectacular MLP cosplay too. She makes a rather good rarity... Already had some of her light blue ears and wings, so it seemed best to go back for more anywho.... Cut the hood off and removed the horn, still need to remove the ears and find a way to position the ears and hold it all together. but this is it so far Going to make the hood detachable by adding in a zipper, but right now.. do what I can... also need to find someone with a sewing machine, or find some money to get one of my own... My hand stitching... BLOWS... heh. Had to touch up the sweater since the cheap way it was designed had the cover linked right into both the arms and zipper halves... Whats the verdict? corny, cool, or insane? In other news.. wish i had a better head to work with.. its a bit funky with it cocked to the side as such...