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Found 50 results

  1. There is no Humans in their world, yet some fans think there once was. If Equestria is Earth, or as in the fanon name Equis, wouldn't that mean the Human race is extinct? I have seen this a common fanon theory. Perhaps our fears of nuclear war did happen, thus the Human race became extinct. At any rate MLP FIM Pony archaeologists finding the remains of Humanity would be a dream come true. If fanon Human loving Lyra Heartstrings is an archaeologist, she would probably cry seeing the bones of Humans, and may want to find a way to resurrect (in fan fiction/multiverse it can happen) our race. All this leads to another question, where the hell did all the magic come into existence? The only logical answer as nonsensically silly as it sounds that literally magic leaked into our universe from another universe through a portal or something. Thus the sapient Ponies were created along with all the other sapient races by some sort of God. Also the our sun and moon is affected by the magic. Back to Human, if we did not destroy ourselves and the Pony archaeologists found an AI like Vigil from Mass Effect, that tells the fate of race going on along the lines of this video below. They would be terrified, seeing how even a galactic race could fall.
  2. I was recently looking at a map and trying to work out how many countries I've been to. While I thought 16 was a lot, in the grand scheme of things it's really not. There are so many countries I still want to visit, which brings me onto the second part of my question: what countries would you like to visit? I've been to: Botswana Lesotho South Africa Swaziland Zambia Australia Fiji China Singapore France Germany Ireland Spain Switzerland UK United Arab Emirates But I'd still like to visit nearly twice as many as I already have with the main ones being: New Zealand Russia Japan Sweden Canada USA Jordan
  3. Special Agent Marco Hernandez was leaving for the day when his boss called him to the executive meeting office. When he walked into large room two things are very clear, there is a seven foot tall white alicorn sitting next to Deputy Chief of Staff of the homeland security which is very bad and the chief looked not happy. His boss points to a chair and he takes a seat. “Special Agent Marco Hernandez you have hosted ponies from the Inter-species Cultural Exchange program before and from all reports you’re a good host. Well her majesty Princess Celestia has picked you as her host for her vacation. I want to make it clear this is the most important thing you will do in your career. You’re going to be her body guard and you will do anything she asks and Diplomatic Security and the Texas Rangers will be shadowing you for extra security. Do you have any question agent?” The Deputy Chief of Staff asks him. “No sir. It’s a great honor and I will not let you down Sir.” He says with a look of worrier as it sinks in who that alicorn is. “I know, everyone is watching. Now, go home and take a shower and she will meet you there” the Deputy Chief of Staff said and waves for him to leave fast. He was waiting by the door when the VIP armor sprinter van pulled up and she gets out. She looks around the area, his home and last walks up and stops in front of him making eye contract. “Your highness welcome to my home. Your room is ready and if I had known you were coming I would have cleaned up more. My home and myself are at you service.” Marco said and gives a deep bow. She uses her magic to make him stand up and walks pass him into the living room and then look back at him. Marco unsure of what to do or say just go inside locking the front door behind him and go stands beside her. “I got you a gift” she said and pulls a pink backpack with the sun emblem from her saddle bag “it’s a forever back pack, you can put as much as you want in it and it will never get full” she said. He takes the pack and she walks off checking out his house. Anime merchandise, weapons, a futon and a cat tree are around 55 inch TV with a gaming setup in the living and other then a large table with 2 cat beds under it in the dining room most of the home is very Spartan. She comes back to where Marco is still standing at attention and starts staring him down. “Uh… I am very sorry your highness about my home smelling like metal, male, and cat and the mess but , I did not get time to clean up. Are you disappointed or upset because I can...” she cuts him off by laughing at his nervousness and smiles at his confusion. “I am thousands of years old! I know what a young male room looks like and your home is cleaner then my sister’s room. Now calm down Mr. Special Agent Marco Hernandez, I am here for fun” she said with a kind smile. “Ok your majesty…” she holds her hoof up cutting him off. “Don’t call me that, ever pony always so scary of me. Just call me celess, that what discord calls me.” She said. “Ok celess what do you want to do on your vacation?” he ask. “Well to start I want to see what you humans call a mall, shoot some firearms and maybe see a movie. Oh yeah, I also want to play some video games too.” She said with lots of excitement in her voice. “Ok, I have to make some calls and feed my cats, is there anything else you need to night?” he said. “No, I am going too retried to my room. I will see you in the morning” she said. He gives her a bow as she walks away and she smiles as two cats run pass her. Princess Celestia was first up at sun up and she found Marco asleep on the futon shirtless and a gaming headset on. She thought it was funny seeing anyone like that but then she sees the deep scars on his chest from a timber wolf attack. She touches his chest very softly with her hoof and feels his surprising soft scars tissue. She was about to sit down next to him when he wakes up. “Good morning your majesty, I mean celess. I forgot you get up with the sun. Let me get dress, make you breakfast and we can start this day of fun we’re going to have.” He said seemly uncaring about why she was touching him. As he starts make her breakfast still shirtless she keep giving a sad look and he smiles back at her as his cats run into the kitchen. “I see you see my scars. When I first started, all they give us were 9mm rifles or shotguns. Well I took a 9mm rifle and they don’t work well on a wolf made out of wood and I got maul. You ponies have good health care because I only got these cool scars from it. But don’t be sad, humans get injured all the time and it’s no big deal” he said setting her food out. She ate still upset about what happen to him and then they both go to get dress. When she came back to the living room dress like a wonder bolt Marco is in full tactical armor at the table with all kinds of guns covering it. She shakes her head looking at him “No, this is not going to work. I want low profile.” He stands to face her “you highness it’s my JOB to protect you and I need my gear and guns in case someone tries to attack you. If you were to get shot it on all of us” he said crossing his arms in defiance. She smiles at his defiance stance “look I understand you have a job to do but there is nothing a human could carry that will harm an alicorn. I am on vacation and I wanted to feel like I am just a normal pony having a good time with her human friend. Now please go change and if you don’t know what to wear, dress like if this was a date.” She said. He go changed and comes back wearing a kawaii kitty hat, Springfield armory XD winter jacket, tactical dress pants, and air Jordan’s. “I hope this is ok? I am still carrying my plain clothes cop gear.” He said. She walks around him checking him out and give a nod of approval. Outside the sprinter van is waiting for them with an undercover Security team. Marco starts going to the van when Princess Celestia stops him. “On earth humans ride horse; well I am horse so ride me.” She gives him a shy look as everyone looks at her. “I always wanted to feel want it like to have a human ride me and I dressed for it. If you worried you will fall off, my magic will keep you on. Spike rides on twilight sparkle all the time and he never falls off but if you don’t want to do it I understand” she said turning red with embarrassment. “No it's problem but how do I get up there?” he said looking at her back. Princess Celestia just picks him up with her magic and sits him on her back like he weights nothing. He gets a good hold around her neck and after testing her wings a few times she jumps into the air and takes off like a jet. She didn’t lie, even flying at somewhere close to two hundred mile per hour he didn’t fall off. When they landed at the mall, Marco had to sit down to keep from getting sick. “For future reference humans can’t take high speeds like that. Try flying about as fast as a bird please” he said with his down between his legs. After a few minutes he got up and showed her what a mall is. Most of the stores were equestrian accommodating and other then a few people taking pictures of Celestia walking with him, she was having loads of fun. She tries on everything and made Marco try on cloths at just about every store and bought him all the cloths that she said “looks cute on you”. They were talking to a group of school children when a group of earth ponies started making a scene when they saw there Princess. As more people and ponies started coming over there, the Security team moves in clearing the crowd and Marco takes Celestia to a private restaurant for lunch. The Black Flame is one of the best Asian themed restaurants in the area and is one of the few VIP and equestrian accommodating restaurant. When they walked in, there was a table ready for them and DHS agents were all over the restaurant. Marco was forced to remove his jacket and when they sat down and started ordering their food Celestia took a good look at his gear. “I hate it when that happens. You know I can’t just go shopping without that happening. Anyways” she said and moveing to sit right next to him “Tell me more about yourself Marco. Do you have girlfriend, tell me about your job and gear?” He turns off his radio and gives her his full attention “Well I am 3rd generation tex mex, single, loves anime, guns and gameing. I have worked for the DHS Office of Inter-species Cultural Exchange for eight years and my job is mostly like a social worker for the ponies and host families in the Inter-species Cultural Exchange program and some cop work. DHS Office of Inter-species Cultural Exchange makes us buy most of our own gear from an approved list and I carry a Springfield armory XD as my duty gun in a desantis speed scabbard holster. The Office of Inter-species Cultural Exchange is the easiest law enforcement job to get but hard to keep what with the six months deployments to your world we have. ” He said. This was not the answer she was looking for but,she drops it. When the food came she made Marco feed her and blushed when he said “he always wanted to hand feed a pretty girl”. After they also had a big dessert, Celestia flies them home at a slower speed as it starts to snow. When they got in Celestia just lays down on the floor tired. “celess are you ok?” Marco asks worried. “I am, I am just not used to both walking and flying that much.” She said. “Well go take a bath and I will give you a massage and before you said no, I had to give Ms. Rarity one every day she was living here.” He said. She got up and did what he said and when she got out of her bath he was set up and waiting. She lies down on her bed and he climbs on her back and starts working the neck muscles before moving to her wings and back. Having fingers Marco could use varying pressure and she had never felt anything like that before. After finishing with all the muscles groups he stops and sits down before her. “I am now going to work on your hoofs and that might be a little ticklish. If you want me stop, just say so” he said picking up a front hoof. It felt heavenly as he massage the very soft hoof pads and when he finished, she felt more relaxed then she had ever been. “Well celess I see you’re feeling better and it’s late and we have a big day tomorrow so, good night.” He said pick up everything to leave. “Uh, wait. It not right you have to sleep out there on that futon. There is lots of room in my bed so why not sleep here?” She asks him. “Princess Celestia you’re larger then me and royalty. I don’t want to break any bones or rules” he said in his cop voice. He was about to walk out when she stops him with her magic. “Please, I am scared of all odd sounds on this world and.” She starts crying and looks away from him “I will not harm you!” He walks up to her and kisses her on the cheek and she looks him in the eye. “Let me shower and put on my pajamas” he said in a very soft voice. When he comes back he is wearing anime rabbit pajamas and she laughs and clears out a spot next to her. He lies down and she puts her wing over him like a blanket. She has a smell like happiness and was as warm as space heater and he fell asleep quickly next to her. She pulled him closer and just watches him sleep all night. In the morning they both woke up very refreshed and ready for a day of shooting. Celestia made her happy face pancakes for both of them as Marco checked his phone. It was all over the news that Princess Celestia was in town and keeping a low profile was pointless now. “Ok, celess because everyone know you’re here I am going to wear my uniform. We are going to a gun show/ machine gun shoot and it’s going to be VERY loud and so are you going to be ok?” Marco asks. “I am going to fine as longs as your there and yes I have ear plugs.” She says feeding him some pancake. They finish eating and both go get dressed and met back in the living room. Princess Celestia was dressed as a bolt again with saddle bags and Marco is wearing his uniformed DHS police uniform with his new pink forever backpack. “I have to get my AR and ammo” his said. She follows him to a room in the hall way with a reinforced door and inside is more weapons then even her royal armory had. Under the Inter-species Cultural Exchange program the government would pay to make your home more equestrian accommodating and Marco had used some of the funds to make himself a gun room. There are large gun safes with a jackalope sitting on one, natural disasters preparedness supplies, ammo cans, guns on hooks on the walls, and hunting gear cover the room. He loads up ammo and puts one of the AR-15 on and they roll out. Because it was now an official trip now, they had police motorcade to the gun show. When they arrived Princess Celestia was taken aback by all state, local and federal police agencies there. “Are all these people here to protect me?” she says. “No celess, it’s always like this because of all the weapons that are here.” Marco said and opens the door for her. Inside there is thousands of people and all kinds of things for sale. Princess Celestia takes her time looking at everything and talking too many of the people in attendant there which was hard having a heavily armed Security detail around her. Princess Celestia buys some war memorabilia, weapons and some hats for herself and a finely made gladius for Marco. “You humans sure like weapons” she says checking out a table of blades. “Wait till we go to the range and you see what some of this stuff does” Marco says with a smile. After some more talking and shopping they head outside to the range for the machine gun shoot. They had waited for Princess Celestia to check out the machine guns and talk to their owners before starting the shooting. There are machine guns, cannons, flame throwers and all things that go boom on the firing line and everyone wanted the Princess to try theirs out. Most of the guns on the line were dealer guns with a few guns that were privately owned. Princess Celestia had just got done firing a mini gun, when she see some of the gun posters springfield armory is handing out. On the poster Marco is surrounded by attacking ponies and he is pointing an AR-15 at them with the caption “when you’re under attack, you need a saint.” She looks around and more than a few people are give her the most hateful looks she has ever seen and she understands some things now about what humans think of ponies. “Special Agent Marco I would like to go home” she yells at him over the shooting. The team clears a path for her and they go back to the sprinter van and Marco gives her a worried look. “Is everything ok celess?” he asks but she does not answer and he drops it. After they both had taken a shower, Celestia told Marco to come to her in her room. “I have something to ask you. Do you hate me and ponies?” she asks him. Marco sits down on one of the many bean bag chairs in the room and she sits down facing him. “Your majesty let me tell you about hate. I am American Mexican and people have told me to go back to to Mexico my hold life and I always wanted to be a cop. When I was 18 I try to be but they told me that don’t hire “you people” and I took a job as a security guard. When you open the DHS Office of Inter-species Cultural Exchange, I got my chance to be a cop. I was in full DHS uniform working when the shootings in Dallas happen and still those cops saw an armed brown man not a fellow officer. You are the reason my dreams have come true so hate you? I love you and I want our two species to be friends. The only pony I hate is Trixie because she turned me into a girl for a week.” He said. “Well what about this” Celestia says and show him the poster. “When I was a security guard I carried a Springfield armory XD and when I started work for DHS I E-mailed the company looking for a deal on gear and they said if I become there spokesman I would get free guns and stuff. I told them about the Canterlot wedding battle and they did not know what a changing looked like so, they made them unicorns in their ads. I asked them to change it.” He says. She still gives him a look like she does not believe him and he stands up. “Do you really think after what happen last night that I hate you? You’re the warmest,most loving, and kindest female I have ever met and I feel at peace around. I am going to make some food and you can eat when you’re ready” his said and get up to leave. When Celestia came to eat she found a full table of meat free Mexican food and Marco watching cartoons. She ate and watching him and when she was done, she sat down next him. “I have been watching you for a long time. When all you humans came to our world, I had Luna check your dreams and twilight make a report on you people. You were one of the few that liked us and it’s why I chose you as my host. When I met you I thought this was just a job to you but you really want to make it work. When your serious you have the same look shining armor has and well…..Yes, I felt something last night. Do you want to be my special sun pony? It would really help our species.” She says in a nervous voice. Marco looked at her with the same nervous look she had and said “ok”. “May I kiss you” she asks and he nodes and she move in to kiss him. Because she was taller than him, she knocked him over with her nose and he fell over laughing and a Padparadscha Sapphire neckless come popping out from under his shirt. “What is that?” she asks looking down at him. “I was doing some research for twilight in the dragon lands and she gave me this stone as a flame shield. It also works somewhat on magic.” He said. As she leans in for a closer look, he kisses her and they both smile. They spent the rest of the night with Celestia telling him her life story. The next day Celestia wanted to see some movies and they stayed at home spending the day wrapped up in a blanket together watching romantic comedies. Later she wanted to see something new and pick out an anime called GATE and he tried to get her to not watch it but she really wanted to. After watching it she asked him in a playful voice “is that what you humans have planned for my world?” “No, that was just made up… its fiction. I don’t think they would but I don’t deal with...” she stops his talking with a hoof pressed to his lips. “I was just messing with you!” she says laughing at him. He rolls his eyes and gets up to get a drink and when he comeback she is looking at a photo by the TV. “Who is this girl, your sister?” she asks. “That is me, Trixie is always testing her magic on me and well I was a girl for a week.” He says like it no big deal. “I so sorry that happen to you but you make a very attractive woman.” She said putting the down the photo. “It’s not a big deal, I kind of liked it and I think I look like a Hispanic snow white.” He said. Both of his cats are watching them and she tries to pet them but they run off. “What their story?” she asks him. “Well let me get them and I will tell you.” Marco gets both cats and sits back down across from Celestia and the cats lie down in his lap loving his attention. “The black and white Persian name is nyamsus and she is named after a cat from an anime and I have had her since I was a security guard. When I got my XD, the gun store owner daughter cat had kittens and he gave me a discount for taking one. This cat and I have been on lots of adventures and I taught her how to swim and walk on a harness. She likes my little shadow and I guess I am like her mom.” He said tickling the cat. “The black tabby is name XD cat just like my gun and her story not so nice, last year I was coming home from work when I saw a man setting a cat on fire. Well I stopped him and after local PD showed up I took her to the vet. Most of fur was gone because she was on fire and she was very bad off but, I nurse her back to health. It took her a long time for her to trust people again but she loves me. When I do my deployments my cats come with me and in it’s the reason why fluttershy let me live with her when I am deployed.” He said. “I can’t believe someone would do that! Is that why your cats don’t like me?” she asks with a look of disbelieve. “Humans are not like ponies, we can be very evil. But the reason they don’t like you is when derpy stayed with me and she was rough with my cat. If you want them to like you just feed them and they will love you” he said and get up. “It’s almost seven and my COD team should be online, do you want be my player two? “He asks. “Yeah, but I don’t know how to play.” She answers back. “That ok, I will teach you.” He said and sits a headset and controller out for her. She was a fast learner and in no time she was pwn noobs like pro. The next few days were just gameing and after playing 30 hours straight, they both needed some sun and so they walked around the neighborhood. It was nice walking in the fresh snow and him telling her about neighbors. “The government owns most of the homes around here and so there are a lot of ponies and DHS agents living here, in fact that why I could afford a home here because they keep the home prices low.” He said proudly. They spent a long time walking and talking to the neighbors and when they got back home , Marco smiles and ask her “do you want to do something fun?” “Yeah what is it” she answers. “Well there is this big anime rave party I was going to but you came. If you want, we could go. It will be almost pinkie pie level of fun just 20% less crazy.” He says. She did not know want an anime party was and so he show her videos on his phone of them and she really wanted to go. “So it’s like a costume party but I don’t have anything to wear” she says sadly. “I am a cosplayer and I have many sisters, tell me what you want and I can make it” he says with pride. After brain storming it, she wanted to have a couple theme he came up with something that she both liked and he could make in the two days before the party. He got it done a few hours before the party started and when they came into the party even his friends were impressed by his skills. They both were dressed as characters from the anime gates with Celestia as Rory Mercury and Marco as Yoji itami. Her costume was very detailed like the anime and contrasted well with her white coat and Marco Japanese self-defense forces uniform accurate but for the holster with real gun. DJ pony 4 was playing and they spent the night dancing, talking people from all over the US, and listening to some of the best EDM from 2 worlds. When the party ended at 2am they all went to waffle house to get something to eat. “So, Princess Celestia what do you think of the earth so far?” Marco asks as there group sits down to eat. “I think the earth is a really great place and that saying something because I have been so many places. I think I will come back here a lot more!” she says. After they got home and cleaned up she asked to talk to him. “You know I told twilight I was always waiting on some mail but, what I was really waiting on was a male. I really like you but I don’t want my sister to get upset that I have a stallion before her” she said. “Oh that no problem, I can date both of you if that ok with you” he says like it no big deal. “Wait, you do that on earth?” she asks in disbelief. “Well some people in other parts of this world do and it can be done with the right group. If a man has lots of love then he can share the love with more than one female. Beside, I get along with every pony and I don’t want Luna to feel left out, she needs the love” he says. Celestia nods to herself at this idea and kisses him on the fore head. They both get into bed and Princess Celestia watches him sleep. Twilight had told her humans were hairless ape and after looking at the history of this world she really did not think she would like them but some of them seem to be very open mined then others. She had pick Marco over the other two agents because Luna told her a funny story about how he almost dated ember. No pony would try that but he did. Maybe this human had what it takes to be king. Sometime Later nightmare night Princess Celestia came into her room to wake-up Marco and just stop to watch him sleep. As most nights he slept shirtless and on his chest right over his heart were there sun and moon cutie marks. She loved just watching him sleep but they had things do and so she jumps onto the bed attacking his sleep chest with kisses. He woke up and playful fought with her before getting up to get ready. “Are you sure this will only last one night?” he asks backing away from her. She nods and points her horn at him and does the spell. She looks up at her work and he was a girl again wearing a red Princess dress. He looks at his self in a mirror and he looks just like Hispanic snow white. “Well what do you think” he asks turning in a circle in front of her. “You may be able to deal with being a girl but can you deal with…” she transforms “with day breaker! The scarier, hotter and 120% cooler Celestia.” She says with that evil voice he like. He looks her over and then kisses her on a very ticklish spot making her laugh very hard “I know how to deal with bad princess” he says and kissing her more. “Ok, ok, stop. You’re still on duty and we have some young ponies waiting on us” she says laughing and trying to push him away. He stops and walks away to get his candy bag and gun. As the is putting his Springfield armory XD-S into a leg holster under his dress he asks “the 3 of us have been dating for 8 months now and well my family, people at work, other ponies and myself would like to know where this is going?” she looks at him like and fool and answers back “My sister and I have talked it over and you’re going to marry us both and become king, were did you think this was going?”. “What?? I am just a commoner and how is that even possible? “He said a man in shock. “Well why do you think we knighted you “Sir Marco Hernandez of the sun and moon” and we put our marks of protection on you? Those marks mark you as ours and as long as we live you will live.” She says. “No I mean you’re an alicon and I am human.” He says. “Oh that, well you remember all those test I had done on you? Well because magic been used on you so many times and the timber wolf attack there is magic in your body. In fact twilight says your closer to a unicorn then human. So you can marry us.” She says happily. He just stood there taking all that in looking dumbfound it. “Don’t worry about it we will get married and you will make a great king. Now come along now my knight we have discord and kids waiting on us to take them to get some candy and this is the first time both sisters will have a fun nightmare night.” She says and starts walking off. Marco thought to himself “I am living in a real life anime whatever, pony or human it's all good. King Marco, I like that” and catches up to her. .
  4. Some people still believe the earth is flat. I know it's total bullshit, but what is your opinion on the matter, and what do you think of people who still believe this?
  5. Note: So... I AM A SCIENSTIST..... No really. I got a university degree in "General Science" Then a Masters in Geography. Then a PhD in Geology. So I'm literally a student of science in general with a focus in Earth Science. And like most people with a heavy focus in a academic area, I have some times get a little OCD when it comes to watching something and trying to apply "My rules" to it. --------- So this came up when I was watching a few episodes of MLP:FIM. I had a Epiphany.... The sun in My little pony CANT behave like our own star Sol.... So let's asses a few things. -------- #1: Yes, It is totally possible that none of the following numbered points are true, it is possible that this is a VERY Abstract world. But then the world would not really operate in other ways that we see it does. #2: The natural laws of Eqestria are at least formally similar if not close to our own. That is to say... Gravity is caused by mass, motion causes inertia so on and so on. #3: It IS possible that the sun is much smaller then our sun and that Eqestria is much closer. But the sun does shed light that grows plants. And it does give of heat. So it is most likely a star. It also would need to be very close if its not stationary for the scaling to work, close enough that it would most likely wonk up the planet/moon/sun orbital model. --------- So because of this I came to the conclusion that the following is the best explanation for the way that Cosmology works in FIM. #1: The sun is in fact stationary in FIM. #2: Eqestria itself is naturally tidal locked. (With one side facing the sun and another way all the time) #3: The moon is more or less a normal moon. - With all this in place that would mean that Luna does in point move the moon. And that Celestia actually uses her power to rotate the planet, not move the sun. This is actually pretty accurate with what we know in the show also. Because she is never stated to move the sun, she's stated to 'raise the sun' and sun rise in our own world is simply earth rotating.... -At one point Unicorns in general raised the sun with there magic. So Celestia moves the planet so that more then just a thin strip of the surface area is habitable. - Now the biggest issue with this is that if you just rotate the planet all of the sudden it would throw everything in one direction, but we do see if the show a few times that the sun does not just go up and stay there until its moved back down. Lesson Zero (Not the best example) does show that the sun moves in a arc over the surface of the world. We also see sun dials from time to time, something that would not work if the sun did not move in a arc. ------- So next point to be made. -The rotation of the planet done by Celestia is pretty gentle. Its actually more possible that she simple uses her magic a little bit every day to KEEP the planet rotating at a constant or close to constant rate. And that without doing so it would eventually become tidal locked again. - A quick side note. - Looking at the art map of the show... I really have to wonder how BIG the land known as Eqestria is. Not mind you the planet. (Which is unnamed) I know a good number of fans want to call it Equis. But I don't like that.. It's basically pooping on all non-equine creatures in the show. The map is clearly not to scale. -If it is mind you, Ponyville is larger then Canterlot, is the same size as the entire every free forest. And it should take as long to get to appaloosa is walking across ponyville three times. So all that in mind, we can figure out roughly now far apart some things are in the show based on how long it takes to get to / from some places by train. The train is clearly a steam engine, so 45-65mph is about as fast as it will be doing. I would say on the lower end. It takes less then a day (Maybe a hour or so) To get to ghastly gouge. It takes a overnight trip to get to appalousa. You can take a to Mainhattan and back again in one day... This all seams kind of... Inconsistent.. And it clearly is. But you know what else takes about the same amount of time to get around? The UK or France.... If I had to guess Eqestria is about the size and dimensions of France... It would also be totally possible to have the different areas that are on the map in a area that size accounting for elevation.
  6. So if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I feel that most people I come across in life all have a desired place to be. Some are actually perfectly happy where they are and others feel like they'd belong better else where. Have you ever felt like you were born into the wrong country? How do you view some other countries of which you perceive to be your perfection on Earth? The United States of America People often get very surprised as to just how nice Americans really are. A huge part of America is starting to become non-cash based, as in you simply scan something with you card and it pays for it. Compared to most other countries, the American food appetite is huge, all food compared to other places is bigger. India Most people think of India and think about huge overpopulated slum dog millionaire like areas. But India has some magnificent bungalows with BMWs and Mercs parked in the crowded streets. India also has a surprisingly huge variety of vegetarian menu options, even at their mc donalds. Nigeria It may not be the most popular destination for travel but it attracts A LOT of businesses from all over. They get a lot of leisure travellers who come for its booming economic benefits and spicy food obsession. The traffic is worse than London and Los Angeles.
  7. Do you think we'll ever see a human in the Pony realm? Do the ponies recall travelling to become Equestria Girls? I haven't seen those so can't comment. Many other animals appear in their world so perhaps humans will crop up... Thoughts? :-D
  8. Hey everypony! Not many of you know me, but I used to be cR Spitfire. I left the fandom a while ago, but now I'm back! And I'm also back to making photoshop art. So right now I'm working on a project of making a map of the entire world... in pony puns. Countries and cities that are mentioned in the show (like Saddle Arabia, or Vanhoover) are added, while most of the world is made up of puns I've come up with. This project is roughly 20% complete, and I have yet to fill the world up with city puns. If you guys like it, make sure to leave a brohoof! Also, feel free to add me, as I don't have many friends on here. (P.S, Russia is obviously made into a parody of the Soviet Union, and a lot of the Balkan countries in Europe have been merged together (because they're so small it's practically impossible to put text in them.)
  9. I've been following about on SpaceX's progress to a proper mission to start a planned trip and possible colony. They make a prediction as early as 2022! Incredible! I do surely hope that humanity will be able to begin proper space travel within our solar system within our lifetimes! And from the progress so far with their re-entry and landing boosters it looks promising. Though the cost at first flight is a bit... yeah. $10 mil is... well it is what it is. But I do understand as to why. The first of its type ever. Civillians heading to a one way colonization plan. And perhaps over the years as their success continues and the colony plans go well perhaps the cost will be reduced even to more affordable levels. What's your opinion on the topic? Like space travel? Excited for Mars? SPACE SHIP!??
  10. Well looking at the numbers of the Energy and Environment, it dose not look to good for good old earth well in the long run
  11. What if scenarios: Most nations are either neutral or have friendly relations with Equestria through the portal connecting our two universes together. However, one nation decide to invade Equestria to plunder it for resources and what not. They see the ponies as not being under the Geneva Conventions and therefore gives them the right to slaughter them without mercy or pity. Since they are not humans, that means they can kill them freely. How many would support the invasion of Equestria? Not only that but killing all the ponies and these humans wish to colonize Equestria. Would there be a massive outcry against this? Or would the vast majority of humanity support the xenocide of the entire pony race? Or would most other human nations armies mobilize to defend Equestria from them?
  12. I actually don't remember going there as much as Brazil, it was very long ago. My uncle was doing much more financially well than my Dad and he offered to help take us on a trip. I do remember the pigeons in the square of Venice and the gondola rides as my cousins and I looked out at the people walking by on the cobblestone streets. I remember the hollowed remains of the great Coliseum in Rome, the center stage exposed and crumbling sadly. Also sadly, I don't remember as much of this trip as I was very young. I do plan on going back one of these days though. In summation though, having now an Italian American as a mentor, I can say that I love Italy. As what was once the crowning jewel of Europe and still has places where it shines, its people are jovial and festive and willing to share what they know to a willing ear. I love them and their country.
  13. So this is another little project I've decided to undertake occasionally. I'll recount a country I've visited and why I love it. Starting off with Brazil. So my younger brother at the time, had his leg injured and spent the whole trip in a cast. Sad but I establish that now to give what happens later context. We started our journey in Manaus, a small hotel that even had a zoo inside of it. A small one, but it was great nevertheless to actually be close enough to give a monkey a leaf to eat without the zoo guards here barking at you. Not much happened in Manaus besides that but that's because we had to get to the boat that would take us down the Amazon River. The boat had smaller boats being towed behind it, and had great fish to serve. There was one day on the river where we fished for piranha. Blase, my aforementioned brother, actually got his rod caught in the tree and when he shook it, spider came raining down on all of us. We had a good laugh especially since if our Mom was there, she probably would have jumped into the water. We saw caiman's, sloths, a house boat, and even the elusive river dolphin. We made landfall in beautiful Rio de Janeiro and that's where things got really interesting. There were sand sculptures and two of them right next to each other. One was of a man and woman in the throes of passion and the other was of the last supper. My Mom asked our guide how something so austere and something so primal could co-exist like that. He said, "oh you know, we got problems but in the end," he pointed to Christ the Redeemer atop corcovado, "He sees everything." Speaking of which, we took a cable car up to the very foot of the statue and gazed at the city below. It was a beautiful sight. It was Easter when we went, so we obviously went to mass. It was there that, though we had basically carried a limp brother through most of the trip, but a kindly old woman prayed with us for Blase's health and kissed him on both the cast and forehead. There are more little highlights to the trip, actually vine swinging in the rainforest, wearing some carnival jaguar outfits, but the ultimate point I'm trying to make is that I love Brazil. I love its life, and its people. I would gladly call any who call such a place home, my friend.
  14. (I feel like there's already a thread on this, but I couldn't find one when I searched for it ) Sorry if there's already one. ;p ______________ So which pony race is your favourite? My personal favourite is the pegasi.
  15. Would ponies struggle to stand up in our universe? Consider that our universe may have different laws of physics. And the gravity on Earth could be stronger than it is on Equestria. Also the size and weight of their heads could be a real problem. If a pony somehow managed to stand up, I bet they would be on very shaky legs and may even need a human to support them. Unicorns could possibly help find a spell that allows them to walk on Earth as if they were on Equestria. But I think all the Earth ponies and Pegasi would need a nice human to push them around on a wheelchair. I could just imagine Rainbow Dash being angry over the fact she can't fly on Earth and needs to use a wheelchair to get around.
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    So I made this Vector of Apple Jack...yah...
  17. Sorry, the title was meant to be "A rundown of all of the PONY races". (Kinda didn't realize that until after I'd posted the thread.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First up, sorry if I put this is in the incorrect section (thread mod, please move it if it needs it). Second, sorry if someone else already made a thread about this exact topic (and someone please send me a link if there is). Third, the reason for this thread. So, after about 2 years of watching the show, getting sucked into it and the comics, my muses finally got me to sit down and write a fanfic. However, not far into it I realized that I really didn't know the pony race's abilities that well. Sure, I know the basics, like everyone else. Earth pony (has magic that) makes stuff grow. Unicorns have (clearly seen) magic that makes stuff move. Pegasus have wings and can fly. So, what I'm looking for here is a rundown, with pictures to back up what's been stated, about what each race's abilities are. (It's easy to state what their abilities are, but I prefer to see an actual picture of it as the act in action.) I read over on the earth pony biased (or something like that) thread about such traits as earth ponies having tremendous strength (makes me wonder how so after seeing AJ, Big Mac, and Pinkie Pie's sister Maude at work), and that they, and zebra too, can use their tail like an appendage too in order to grip things. The thing is, my goal here is to get together a single post that lists ALL of these traits so, in the future, when someone else (like me who's not a super die hard fan of the show and doesn't know every tiny detail of every aspect of it) is wanting to write a fic and get the details correct on all of their (currently known) traits, they'll have someplace they can go to in order to find all of the details needed. ...well... that... and I'm honestly curious about just what traits they all have. (Mind you, yes I know we can do whatever we want in fanfics, but still, I'm a bit of a stickler for getting details right. It'd just bother the dickens outta me if I had any doubts that I got something wrong.) * * * * * So, for those of you who are die hard knowledgable about the series and knows all of these traits, (especially any that aren't listed) please feel free to share. It'd be appreciated! <3 Please and thank you in advance! * * * * * The categories are (since, for my limited little view, they do seem to be different) Alicorn - (Main) Princess Status (i.e. Celestia and Luna) Control planetary bodies (I figure that since, to date, we only have the 2 to base our information from, that will be the best for information purposes.) Princess Alicorn Abilities by Princess : Celestia - Can raise the sun Luna - Can raise the moon Can enter dreams/nightmares to offer guidance, clarity, and comfort (But how? When someone has a nightmare, does it set off some sort of mental alarm for the princess? Does it happen for EVERY pony that has a nightmare, or only certain types of nightmares?) Alicorn - (Lesser) Princess Status (i.e. Candace and Twilight) Unicorn *Uses magic to move items (though this makes me wonder. As seen above, though Luna's special skill is only for raising the moon, she is raising the sun, and clearly Celestia must've been raising the moon all the years her sister was trapped on the moon, right? Can the same hold true for all unicorns? Just because their special skill is for working with 1 particular object, that they can move / manipulate any object?) And just how powerful is a typical unicorn's power? We see when Rarity was getting her cutie mark, that, thanks to RainbowDash's rainboom, her horn ticked on and actually dragged Rarity all the way to a huge rock that was full of gems. Pegasus Can Fly Can control the weather Clouds are solid ground for them to walk/run/live on Earth *Great Strength (Not entirely certain if we can use Maud has a good example of strength, seeing as she threw a huge boulder which outrighed shocked RainbowDash. If all earth ponies could do this, and RainbowDash had seen others doing it, she wouldn't have been so shocked, right? As well as her literally drilling into a boulder to save Pinkie Pie's life. And, I'd think, that if Pinkie was able to do this on her own, she would've just drilled right through the rock herself as it was bearing down on her. ... right?) *Also falling under the 'strength' category, can we use RainbowDash and Rarity as valid examples of their entire race strength-wise, or would this be unfair? Because RainbowDash had difficulty carrying -more like dragging- a rock *candy* necklace Whereas, in other episodes, we've seen Rarity carrying a huge BOULDER -more than once- on her back and even PinkiePie lifting up a boulder *then again, I guess it's a bit unfair to use PinkiePie as any sort of standard. Not with all of the 4th wall breaking she consistently does* Can grasp items with their tail (I've read this. I don't recall where it's been shown. Can someone screencap it for me?) Have inherent and subtly seen magic that helps plants grow Zebra ~~~~~~~~~~~ And last but not least, just idle curiousity here. Are the ponies, at least somewhat, telepathic? The reason I ask this is because (is it just me??) it kinda seems like a LOT of ponies names match their role in life. This isn't a 100% the same for everyone, but still. (Yes, yes, yes, I know, the names have to sorta match the pony's role just for toy marketing purposes, but still. Not taking that into account, when they name their offspring, on some unconscious level are they telepathic and give their kids names that'll match their, eventual, special skill in life?)
  18. If real life had a "mane six" so to speak, who would they be? (Not cartoon Earth =P) ... Please don't say Justin Bieber.
  19. I wonder. So let's try to get to the bottom of this, together. To start off, though, we have to take a look at what we already know about alicorns; or rather, natural alicorns, meaning Celestia and Luna, the originals. According to the Journal of the Two Sisters, several important factors of alicorns/ Celestia and Luna are mentioned. 1: It's heavily implied that the royal sisters were born alicorns, and that other alicorns existed in their time. This is found pretty early on in the journal, where it states (Luna's journal entry): “Oh forget it. I was going to try to write in the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE, which Celestia and I learned when we were fillies. The Alicorns thought it was an important part of our education...” and “”see, when we ran and flew in the hills of Canterlot, we'd pretend we were princesses...” 2: Born alicorns don't require ascension to princesshood through a feat of exhibiting and understanding of magic. Neither Luna nor Celestia were given princess status for any grand accomplishment that turned them into an alicorn, like Twilight, but simply for already being an alicorn, who never ascended from a “lesser” race of pony. Referencing the Journal of the Two Sisters, it states “They knew that Alicorns stood for everything Equestria was founded upon: love, harmony, and friendship. And because Alicorns are a combination of Pegasi, Unicorn, and Earth ponies, they believed that we could represent the citizens of Equestria in an unbiased they asked us to be their princesses.” Now that we can get a sense of how Natural Born Alicorns work and ascent to royal status, what about 'lesser' ponies who can become Alicorns? How can earth, unicorn, and pegasus ponies become alicorns, and get title of princess? To start, I think it's best we simply assume that Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasus share a similar ancestor race- that being – you guessed it, Alicorns. Alicorns, as stated previously, are a race all their own; and have perfect understanding and are representations of 'peace'. Friendship, love, and harmony. It's difficult to imagine any pony race existing before the alicorns, who likely made the world a very pleasant place to live, when they were more prevalent (something along the lines of Garden of Eden, I'd assume) But the “master race” that Alicorns were eventually likely branched off into 3 separate races that they represented- Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth ponies- through the generations. And while those 'lesser' ponies weren't a combination of the 3 races, like the Alicorns, they all still carried their ancestral Alicorn genes. I feel this is a proper assumption that the MLP series itself hints at. Take for example, Mr and Mrs Cake- two Earth ponies, giving birth to a filly who's a unicorn, and a colt who's a pegasus. Easily explained with Alicorn ancestral genes in their DNA. Now, as for a unicorn, earth, or pegasi pony transforming into an alicorn- let me just state- CELESTIA/ LUNA ARE NOT the ones who transform other ponies into alicorns. Because there seems to be a common misconception that they do, when this is not actually the case. (carefully observing “Magical Mystery Cure” one can see that Celestia's horn never glows in Twi's transformation scene, but rather, it's a magical energy that comes out of Twilight, envelops, and transforms her) First, taking a look at Cadance. In the book “Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell”, it tells of Cadance's transformation to alicorn and the accomplishment that triggered it. “As a baby pegasus Cadance was found in the woods by earth Ponies, who took her into their village. When she grew up, she reversed a love-stealing spell cast by a pony named Prismia.” Prismia wore a magic-enhancing necklace that amplified her evil and jealousy, but when Cadance confronted her, the necklace amplified Cadance's love. Once Prismia changed her horrible ways, Cadance was surrounded by magical energy and transported to a strange place where she met Celestia, who adopted her as her royal niece. Since the Alicorns, according to the Journal of the Two sisters- represent Friendship, love, and harmony, I suspect that in order for a non-Alicorn pony to transform into one, they have to accomplish a task that proves that they understand and have mastered those three attributes. This was possible for Cadance, who already had the utmost understanding of Love, given it was her special talent and what her cutie mark represented. She had fought for and brought about harmony against Prismia, and understanding of Friendship was a given, seeing as how love is just a higher form of it. Once all three elements are realized and mastered in a pony, then it must react with or trigger the dormant Alicorn gene in a pony that does, and transforms them. This was also seen in Twilight, who also accomplished/ understood the magic of friendship (enough to discover that its its own unique kind of magic, even, and above simple Alicorn/ earth/ unicorn/ or pegasus magic), was a champion of harmony (along with her friends), and also mastered/ understood love (in the form of loving her friends). At least, that's my understanding of it. But what does everyone else think about how non-alicorn ponies become alicorns?
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    A sketch of Luna I did while she was on the moon
  21. There was a 4.2 Earthquake in Michigan today and for us that like BIG .... ... but all that happen was a plastic chair fell over and small damage. So did any other pony fell that ? PS : I know other places in the USA get them but in Michigan we have not gotten an earthquake like that in like that in .......FOREVER !!! ( well when I was very young there was a big one in 1999 I know cuz I got scared and knocked over my Lego village back when they sold the medieval sets and I was like 4 when it happen )
  22. What do you think Earth would look like politically, ethnically, etc. if it were based on the MLPFIM universe? For me, I imagine it would look something like this (to be update as we know more about MLPFIM universe). The borders of Equestria, I imagine, would originally be roughly that of the Roman Empire and over centuries would have expanded east to the Ural Mountains, north to Scandinavia and west colonizing at least North America which would have involved annexing much of the territories originally belonging to that of the Buffalos. I'm unsure whether Equestria would have done colonization of Siberia. Equestria would primary consist of ethnic ponies. I imagine the Crystal Empire from the show to more or less be a city-state located in Norway in the present time, but in the past as a Scandinavian empire (light pink representing former territory annexed by Equestria). I thought it made sense for the Crystal Empire to be Scandinavian because it has been said in the show that it was located in the Frozen North; the capital of Norway, Oslo, is relatively close to a mountain range. I thought of the possibility of the Crystal Empire being of Russian origin, but that would mean that the Empire would have had to have been located near the Ural Mountains which is the transition point from Europe to Asia. The territory of Saddle Arabia I imagine would include that of the Middle East and North Africa and consisting primarily of ethnic Horses. This is somewhat based off of the territories of past Islamic Empires such as the Abbasid Caliphate and Ottoman Empire. The territory in Central Asia I imagine would be the home of the Changelings or [former] Changeling Empire. I thought it would make sense for them to be of that origin on Earth because of their horde characteristics; this is how the Mongols were described in history. So their territory would roughly be that of the Mongolian Empire; whether it would be united or divided in the show is unknown. Territory of the Zebras are present in south-eastern Africa which is based on the locations zebras live/have lived in. The territory of the Buffalos was chosen based on their actual living location (at least what it used to be) in North America. From the conflicts between ponies and Buffalos, some their territories would have already been annexed by Equestria (territorial loss represented by light brown). The Dragon territories are spread throughout the world mostly in volcanic regions. Because of vast geographical separation, I imagine the ethnicities of dragons to vary. Aspects not covered as of yet: -Origin of Griffins -Origin of Centaurs -Origin of Minotaurs -Origin of Sea Serpents -Origin of Mules (or possibly no origin due to horse/pony and donkey hybrid) -Origin of Donkeys -Origin of Goats (are they sentient..?) -East and South Asia -West and Central Africa -South America -Oceania Thoughts? Agree or disagree?
  23. After watching this video you start to realize how small we are compared to everything else. How can people say we are alone in the universe.
  24. You are informed that they are doing a cultural exchange with earth and ponyville and this is a one time offer you can either go to ponyville and spend a month there or you can become a host family and be able to show one of the mane 6 around your home town for a month but you can not do both. what do you do.