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Found 11 results

  1. I love the MLP IDW comics. Especially everything done by Andy Price. Besides having really great and fun art, he adds the most hilarious sidenotes. Was reading the "Reflections" story, when I noticed a little 4th wall breakage... "If you're reading this, you may be over thinking this comic book..." ANDY PRICE. YOU ARE AMAZING LOOOOL
  2. Remember that mysterious inscription Sunburst found on one of the stones in Ponehenge in Season 7 finale? Well, I've just cracked it It is written in a runic alphabet called Elder Futhark: and it says: Nice one, DHX, you trolls
  3. Two days ago, Sega released Sonic Mania digitally for the Switch, PS4, and XBox1. (The PC version's delayed till 8/29). But the manual's already posted. The focus is on Page 3 below: Focus on the Motobug at the far right underneath Heavy Rider. The Sonic Mania Team (consisted of The Taxman, Stealth, and many others, many of them former Sonic fangame hackers from Sonic Retro) named him Jimmy and gave him identical move sets in honor of Polygon Jim, a Sonic fangame hacker who passed away in 2013. Jimmy was most known for creating a fan-hack of Motobug in Sonic 1. It might be my all-time favorite Easter Egg in any Sonic game. Excellent tribute, guys! ^^
  4. Not sure if you've all seen this before, but I found it scarcely mentioned. I was re-watching one of my favorite episodes (S05E09) When I thought I saw something interesting appear. After using my incredible video editing skills to hit the play/pause button really fast an even number of times, I found this image: I found it exactly 15 minutes and 49 seconds in, And I'm pretty sure it only lasts one frame. I don't really know what to think of it.
  5. Now, I don't know if this kind of post has been made before, but I think it would be fun to see how many different easter eggs from other shows/movies and similar media that has been used in the FiM show What I've seen, it's been references to Have you guys found any other references?
  6. To those who weren't observant enough when watching yesterday's new episode Pinkie Apple Pie, like myself, to notice this before I saw it on tumblr: See it? Let's take a closer look: Boy howdy, there's all sorts of easter eggs this season, isn't there? INTERNET CULTURE EVERYWHERE.
  7. So, what has been the first easter egg you've managed to discover by yourself in any game? Mine was the Gant Bridge message of GTA SA, you know, the one which says "There are no Easter Eggs up here, go away"
  8. I noticed something in the movie "Rainbow Rocks". In one scene, Vinyl Scratch is walking across the background, jamming to some music (never takes her headphones off). But if you listen closely, you can hear the music she's listening to. It's actually the song "Music to my Ears". Yes, the same song that was in the Hasbro short by the same title.
  9. - Sleepless in Ponyville In Sleepless in Ponyville, when Luna appears in the second dream, many things are similar to a scene in Sharkboy and Lavagirl (that, of course, i can't remember.), such as the music. I have watched that movie about 8 million times when i was little, so i was instantly like "Hey... This is familiar..." Also i have no idea how to post videos, if one of you could help me out and tell me, i would appreciate it.
  10. well this one is straight forward. basically what is your favourite mlp Easter egg in any form of media ie: movies, tv shows, video games etc. as for me my favourite is in hetalia beautiful world when japan, germany and italy are talking about interviewing all the clubs germany mentions that they'll go to all the clubs even the one with the little pony show.
  11. So I just wanted to make a thread where we could share and discuss the little things we discover while watching MLP. First of all. I was sure they always said everypony, anypony and such in the show. But now I just heard RD saying anybody in season 1 episode 3. Is that a oopsie or have I just missed all the other places where they doesnt use pony instead? Secondly I heard Rarity talking about Prince Blue Blood, and saying he is the nephew of Princess Celestia. So that just made me wonder about the family relations in the "Celestia" family, and how they're all connected? Is Prince Blue Blood really her nephew? And why is he "just" a unicorn then? If he is Celestias nephew, then he must also be Lunas nephew, because I seriously doubt he is her son. So who is the missing brother or sister to Celestia and Luna?