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Found 7 results

  1. I searched up for a thread like this but nothing came up, so sorry if there I already a thread like this. For me, it's really hard at the moment to make friends on here. It's not easy as I thought it would be. Outside the internet I make friends easily, but here, it's just so hard and... Ugh!! Anyways, how bout you guys?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my computer's motherboard and CPU. Some old stuff says I need to remove drivers before I upgrade. Windows 10 related stuff says they made it easier which is promising but I need an affirmation if this is true. For example if I upgrade the parts that I want and move the old stuff in like hard drives; I should not lose anything?
  3. Hello Everyone! I am currently working on a youtube channel to make my own Pony animations. While I am working on my first video, I decided to make a tutorial to show people how to make there own! Here is the video: If you find the video hard to follow, here is how to do it written down: Link To Pony Creator: CODES TO USE IN PONY CREATOR: 1: 000005000352336000018325006026013000344000000000 2: 000316355007348359010340006010288000354000000000 3: 000316355026348359007354006001284001357000000000 4: 000300356032003348010346025351260034343000000000 5: 000333356032003348010341025351256089322000000000 6: 000341351024003348008346025347292064337000000000 7: 000344354016013348356351027342315057348000000000 8: 000350358008302348017351350355309057349000000000 9: 000358000000302357017015352345333057332000000000 10: 000008358348302002018343009349349049328000000000 11: 000321358359334356018342005010000017339000000000 Full Tutorial: Step 1: Go to Pony Creator (link above) Step 2: Create the pony you want to animate Step 3: Paste the first code found above in the "pose" section under "advanced" (at the bottom) of the pony creator game. Then save the image in a new folder. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for ever single code. Step 5: Move all Frames saved into a video editing software. Step 6: Make each frame move approximately 4 pixels (I find this to work best) in one direction. Then your done ================================================================ Post any questions in the comments
  4. i just recently got my ps4 and i was kind of happy about it but i run into the same problem that i have with every game i seem to play now. i have a really hard time with them and it makes me get so upset very often to the point where i start to dislike myself and feel useless becaue when i reach out everypony tells me to 'git gud' instead of offering advice and i that makes me feel 10x worse and feel like i waste my money on any game i get. some games push me so far over the edge i start to hurt myself because i cant beat the stupid game. so my question is what are some games that somepony as awful as me could possibly enjoy on ps4 that are easy? not everypony is jesus at videogames i just dont want it to feel like a waste. it can be any genre of game.
  5. I'm not talking about premise or anything. Some games with seemingly very stupid premises can be great games. What I mean is that are games, nowadays, too dumbed down? I see a lot of videos online of people claiming that certain features in games really dumb them down and are unnecessary. For example, Mike Matei's video on the white tanooki suit in Super Mario 3D World: Or Egoraptor's vid on Mega Man X, highlighting how annoying it is to have instructions pop up every two seconds: Mike's vid, I agreed with in the beginning. I know nothing about the game, so I thought that it would cheapen the accomplishments of gamers who didn't use the white tanooki suit. Until someone informed me that you get an accomplishment of some sort by not using it. That sorta put things in perspective for me, and I suppose in that case I don't really care? However, I totally agree with Egoraptor's video. It's annoying to be bombarded with instructional messages when you're just trying to enjoy a game that you've played a dozen times before. Additionally, in writing, filmmaking, things like these, we're always told "Don't tell; show." Somehow, someone neglected to tell this to some game designers. I do think that it's appropriate for some games to give this kind of instruction. However, I was recently playing Ocarina of Time, and for every little thing, when you're just trying to get through, stupid Navi stops you to tell you what you already know is going to happen. Isn't that annoying? My own example for this is the Exp. Share from Pokémon X/Y. Yes, there were other games that had Exp. Share. My personal experience with this item was in gen 1, where having Exp. Share on your Pokémon was so ineffective, it wasn't even worth using. I believe, if I recall, it splits all your experience evenly. So if you beat one guy gives you 120 exp, and you have 6 guys in your party, they all get 20 exp. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that was how it worked, which is why I never bothered with it. It's useless. In X/Y, however, your battling Pokémon receives the same amount it would have otherwise and for those who don't battle, they receive 50% each. But it's not just that. You also get the item right off the bat, one of the first items in the whole game and it automatically turns on for you. Like, if you don't wanna do that, you can turn it off, and I've heard it's more effective for EV training if it's off, but if you're just going through the game, why would you turn it off? However, this results in quickly over-powered Pokémon and nothing's challenging for you after, like, the first gym. I guess it's good if you're playing for story and you don't like grinding, but it also makes things far to easy, I believe. Do you think that games are becoming too easy and dumbed-down for kids? I'm kinda divided on this. First, I do think that some games (though not all) are too easy. That said, I can't decide where I fall on this argument. On the one hand, the old, crotchety grandpa in me wants to say "Kids these days don't know nothin' about nothin'. Them with their white tanooki suit bullshit. Back in my day, we actually had to work to get through our games!" However, at the same time, who am I to tell someone how to enjoy their game? If that makes it fun for a younger kid, should I really judge the maker? They made a kid happy and the ease at which they made it through their game doesn't really affect me at all. Plus, for the most part, you don't ever have to take the easy way out in these game. Most of these features are just options for those who feel the need to use them. So what skin is it off my nose if that's what someone wants to do? So, yeah, I really can't decide. I'm on the fence. What do you guys think, though?
  6. hello. have you ever wanted to have a plushie without paying £100/$100 than this simple tutorial will show you it is quick and easy first draw/print out these templates and this one than follow the instructions hope this helps