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Found 15 results

  1. A pretty random question, but i felt like making a thread for it. So pretty straightforward simple question, how fast do you eat? Are you a slow eater? Your always near the last to finish eating and people either steal your food while your trying to finish, or rush you? Or do you eat fast and people wonder how all your food is gone in such a small time? Does it depend on the situation? Do you consider yourself of average eating speed? I personally am a kinda slow eater, i normally take my sweet time, unless I have like no time. But generally i'm last to finish, and people are rushing me to finish ;p. Partly i eat slow because I don't wanna choke but yeah. I can eat fast I guess, depending, but not normally. So what about y'all?
  2. Are you fine with eating bread crust? Some people don't like it, though I've never minded eating it. Have you changed your mind about eating it as you've gotten older?
  3. Favorite Restaurant? MacDonald's! XD JK JK No it would be this buffet call Hometown Buffet somewhere in NY. Best buffet ever XD
  4. Do you have a balanced diet? I know I do; I eat very healthy. The last time I even touched junk food was almost 3 years ago. Now, all I can eat is fruits, veggies, super foods and ETC. I also drink healthy, too. I either drink water or fresh blended fruit. Soda's pretty nasty, and not just because it's unhealthy. But honestly, I don't JUST eat healthy because I want to stay fit, I eat healthy because junk food doesn't taste very good IMO. Soda makes my teeth feel weird and food with too much sugar makes my throat tingly (for some odd reason). Not to mention that junk food gives you pimples, cavities, and it generally slows you down.
  5. Well I've just eaten a whole pack of Snack a jacks And I really can't help but eat alot of certian foods sometimes. So guys, what foods do you have weaknesses to? What food do you eat that once you've started you can't stop? Mine would be snack a jacks, doritos, grapes and most definetly Skittles! Thanks Frosty Flurry~<3
  6. OK, I found this pretty fascinating, and an easy to repeat social experiment for pretty much anyone willing to give it a try. Eating in front of a mirror makes food taste better. Or so say scientists in a recent study. Now I know a lot of us probably either eat alone, or in front of some computer or media device, but for the sake of it, maybe try dining in front of a mirror next time? Considering we are all friendless wanderers who hide from the sun... (oh wait.. that is just me. Although I bet it is some of you to... you know who you are! ) I figured this would be something any of us are able to do and share our results. I am not so sure I would be so easy to fool in that way, but heck if it makes dinner more tasty, I am game to try it a couple of times. I would be very interested to hear the results of anyone else giving it a try. Remember you would probably need to do it a couple of times with different types of foods to get a valid survey. I am also open to any opinions and thoughts upon it as well. I figure I will mess around with it for a week and see how it goes. Too bad i already ate a bit earlier... otherwise I could start now.
  7. (A sequel to my Doctor Twilight story. After i was totally cured from my Tummyache and i got the okay from Twilight to stay up from my bed, i stood up and my back gave out a light pop. Twilight took very good care of me and now i was hungry for some real food. I immediatly called for my local burger place, which made the best burgers in town. After 30 minutes, they stood at the door and i took my food. I was already trying to grab one of the burgers, but Twilight literally came out of nowhere, screaming "MINE" and digging deep into those Burgers. I wanted to say something, but the way she was eating them and the way she smiled at me with her messy face was just too adorable and i can not be mad at her. I love you Twily. <3
  8. For me it was about 6 median pizzas. I was starving What about you guys?
  9. Bananas can be SFW as well! Anyway, this is a character of mine, whose name is Darling, eating, as the title implies, her favorite fruit. Not much else to it.
  10. What is your favorite place to eat at and food to eat? Mine is going to lizards thicket on tuesday and getting fried chicken livers. During the week i live on fast food though i know its bad for me just don't have the time to be that picky about what i eat.
  11. Anyone here in Washington or Seattle area know where I can get some Takoyaki? I moved here from New York and I miss the pizza and takoyaki. Help please???
  12. For those who don't know, Skyline Chili is a Cincinnati-style chili, meaning that it is more of a sauce-like consistency, made with certain seasonings (not really spicy) and is usually not served by itself. It is most commonly served as a layered 3-way with noodles, chili, and cheese or as a cheese coney (a hot dog in a bun with chili and cheese on top), although it may be served with burritos, potatoes, etc. Obviously, Skyline Chili locations spread out from Cincinnati, with locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and (for some reason unknown to me) Florida. My parents come from Cincinnati, and consequently, my family has always liked Skyline Chili. We have a tradition to make it at home or eat it at the restaurant at least once a week, which I have continued doing since moving out. When my family goes to the restaurant, I usually share a 3-way and a chili bean mix burrito with one of my siblings. Is anyone else here from OH/KY/IN/FL and a fan of Skyline Chili? If so, how often do you have it and what do you usually order/make?
  13. Yesterday, I was eating Pad Thai with a fork, and thought about how much I preferred kuàizi (Chipsticks) over Western cutlery for Oriental dishes. So, I was just wondering what most people prefer to use when eating.
  14. this is the continuation of this:
  15. I was wondering, what's everypony's eating habits? Do you eat three meals a day on a regular basis, have certain days where you skip eating at certain normal eating times, etc.? I usually (during the week) eat breakfast, lunch at 1:00 PM, and supper at around 6:00 PM. On weekends, however, i usually skip breakfast and eat a much later lunch at around 3:00 PM. Supper is still around 6:00 though.