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Found 31 results

  1. WARNING! SPOILERS OF s9e26 "The Last Problem" AHEAD! Hey guys! I edited the 1st scene from "The Last Problem" to have
  2. @Jeric @PathfinderCS @DDR @Lavo This seems to me like something you might have to throw at IPS but I dunno. Yesterday I was wasting some time in front of my computer and uploaded a pic for some reason or another, and I had a look at the editing options when a tooltip let me know that I could "double-click/tap" the image to access them. Lovely that they incorporated that with v4. A few minutes ago I was wasting a bit of company time by uploading a picture to this thread from my phone and found that I couldn't access the editing options. Given the use of the word "tap" in the tooltip I figured that I should be able to do so. Tried uploading/editing another one to a status update as a test, but got the same results. The image becomes selected but no editing options will appear. I'm on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1 and I'm using Safari, for whatever that's worth.
  3. Edit the image the user above you posts. I WILL NOT TOLERATE FOUL-NESS! This is a child-friendly game, after all I'm up first eh? uhhhhhhhh. OOH! I got it!
  4. Nothing much to say really. If you have an idea for some music video containing many stuff and some of them somewhat edited like for a fan trailer or something similar where you need interconnection from many clips, or sound effects or subtitles or any of that, I think I can do most of it. Just tell me what you want me to get done and I will do it in my free time and send you the video via PM. I don't ask for anything in return, I'm just bored and enjoy doing this. Here are some samples I made:
  5. The meme has been going across Youtube for some time now. Why not be do a edit on it
  6. I think there should be a way to edit your status update. Because alot of the time you can mess up on a status and then have to repost the entire status, which can get annoying to you, and others who get the notification that you posted a status.
  7. If somepony subscribes to a thread that you post in, does s/he get a new notification every time you edit your post? Or does s/he only get notified if you make a new post? Thanks. Edited for testing.
  8. I have a little suggestion about post edits. I am not sure whether I think it is a good idea to implement it or not but I thought I would share my thoughts to see what you think: Whenever a user edits one of their posts, everyone who has given this post a brohoof (a like) will be given a notification. Pros: If a user likes a post and the author makes major changes or additions to it, this user will not be aware that the changes has been made. There is a possibility that one of the people who liked this post may not agree with the statements made in the edited post. Adding this feature allows users to read through the changes and decide whether they still wish to "brohoof" the post or if they want to "un-brohoof" it. When someone creates a thread where he/she/it wants information or suggestions about something, the user who gives the "best" reply with the most detailed or relevant information is usually given a brohoof. In most of the times, the OP will then be satisfied with the answer and never return to the thread again unless more people post. This is very common among new members or in the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section since the thread usually is locked shortly after the question has been answered. If the person who gave this detailed answer wants to edit their post for various reasons (additional information, important things for OP to be aware of, etc.), rarely anyone will notice. With this feature, OP will receive the (hopefully) useful additional information. In the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section, posts has to be approved by a staff member in order to be visible for other users. Once your post has been approved, you can edit it however you want without the need of approval. I certainly doubt this would ever happen, but hypothetically you could make a proper reply just to gain approval and then turn it to a bunch of bullshit which can hurt OP if you so wish to. With this suggestion, a few modifications can be made to notify the staff members that a post that they approved has been edited. You can turn these notifications off if you want to. Cons: Giving users a notification for every edit can also be a bad thing. Sometimes there are people who make a lot of minor changes to their posts every now and then because of spelling errors. This would give the brohoofing members a shit load of notifications from the same post. This feature could lead to thread-revive spamming. Since this feature will not only apply to recent posts but to ALL posts you have ever given a brohoof to, the feature can be exploited to give attention towards older posts. Even if this is unintentional, there is a bit of a problem with this. "Want more comments on the drawing you made? Well edit your post and add like one character just to give everyone a notification and you got yourself some free advertising." See what I mean? I think this feature would be an obvious addition if there was a way to set a minimum amount of characters that is needed to be changed before people are given a notification so you don't say "hey everyone, look at my edited post" when you just want to fix some embarrassing spelling mistakes. Also, it would be great if there was a way to make the system ignore posts that are older than... let's say 5 months in order to prevent thread revival. So what are your opinions on this suggestion? Is it a good or bad idea? Do you think it should be added? And to the staff-techies: Yes, this feature is available for free download here:
  9. Hello, everypony! I'm looking for some skilled editors for Frying Pan Studios. GeekySonic an editor. He is great at what he does but, we do need more editors so we can get more done at once. If you think you have the skill needed, then message me and I will give you a test!
  10. Sometimes I make a little spelling mistake when I post to a profile feed, so an Edit button could be nice, it could be next to the Delete button.
  11. I am back! With a new Ponified shooter box art! Some of you may remember my past work with these. It is essentially tradition for me to do these when the yearly shooter games are revealed and now, I have finished applying the entire mane 6 to their own box arts! This time it is of course Applejack, being on the cover for Black Ops 3. I remember when I did one of my first edits nearly 3 years ago and it was for Black Ops 2...Memories! Anyways, here it be: For reference, here is what the original looks like: Ironically I was quite tired when I started this one and I was tired when finishing it.
  12. I'm working on vastly (I think) Improving this drawing of my fursona c: Here's what I have so far c: vvv If the images don't show up, please tell me. Any form of comment would be nice. Is this post glitched? Can anyone see it
  13. Okay, so I am having issues changing my current signature photo to a different one. (I drew the picture). - I uploaded the new picture to (a 600x100 picture because I know that's the size limit). - I copied and pasted the link into the box that shows up after you click on the little photo icon. - After I do that, my picture doesn't show up. It just appears as a tiny icon of a photo. - And when I try to hit "save changes", it brings me to "Oops! Something went wrong!" I have tried repeating the process to no avail. (I have tried using the website and using the links that it provided). (I have tried using the variety of links each site provided afte uploading the image).
  14. WELCOME TO MY FREE ART COMMISSIONS THREAD In this thread, I'll be accepting Any art commissions, up to 10 until they are all completed The reason I am doing them for free, is because I simply want to get back into the swing of things! So any art requests, or any O.C pictures you want me to Photo edit, I can do definitely all the way from: Cell Shading, Realism, Detailed, and Back Ground. I will not charge for any higher detail, Everything is free! (for now). Feel free to P.M me and We'll chat! send me the picture you want done or message me what you want and I'll try to do it the best I can! Giving you a time when it should be done too, at least. Here's some art I've done in the past before (note, I have gotten much more experienced, some pictures are older than others, but all of them are older none the less but this is the general idea, many were test ideas): (Made this one too large of a file-size so I couldn't make the hair any better on accident, photo too big) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That one was more of an edit with older software Note these are all old Old edits and with the new ones, they should be just a bit better! I do have more photos but these are the ones I would like to post the most P.M me and take care!
  15. Woah, it has nearly been another year. So this means that the next Call of Duty is soon upon us. Gotta say, I am excited for this one. What better way to celebrate that than Ponifying the box art? This time, it is the always cute but sometimes aggro pony, Fluttershy! I am going down the list. :3 I really like how this turned out and I know there are some that really like these too. I hope you all like it. If I get any inspiration or random ideas to add I may update this, it is fine for now though. Here are the other box art edits I have made in the past:
  16. Well, yeah. I'm not allowing usage of it yet, as i plan on making an entire thread on free to use pony phone bgs (kinda like Kyoshi's sig thing). EDIT: Made a couple more.
  17. My second mix! Please check it out, I need some feedback, suggestions, anything would help Enjoy!
  18. I've been wondering this for some time now. What exactly is the purpose of the editing note you get when/if you have to edit a post anyways? I mean, it seems rather superfluous to me. Plus, with me being generally kinda OCD when it comes to small details, the little note at the bottom tends to bug me sometimes. Not all the time, but eh, sometimes it gives me the whole "your writing's not good compared to most other people's posts on here so therefore, you will be labeled :comeatus: " kind of vibe. I don't necessarily think exactly that, but for when and if I want to correct the simplest and littlest error in a post that I make, simply because I like making my writing look nice, I find it annoying that for one little error that I wanted to fix up, I get tagged with this seeming pointless note that just seems to be of little to no value to me or anyone else. I think that for editing it would be easier and a harmless nice change, especially for those of us who can't help but get all riled up over little details, if we would simply not get that editor's note whenever we want to edit a post and fix up a few errors. So I'm just wondering, what you do guys think? EDIT: See what I mean? lol
  19. I'd like to ask a couple of questions 1) How can I put an image in About Me. Sometimes when I enter the URL it crashes, is there any way to put pictures in About Me from your computer? 2) How can I put an image under spoiler? I tried but the text I write usually turns into a bunch of mish mash and there's only a link under the spoiler, not the image. Eh, I am a noobie
  20. War is hell, but friendship is magic. After pony-ing up Call of Duty twice, I thought, 'Why not the other shooter cash cow?' so here we are, Battlefilly 4. This one was really fun to do and I look forward to doing more. Hope you all like it!
  21. Hello guys I just went back to Repix with complete tools in my inventory. I was hoping to make some art if I still know how to use it properly. Before After So yeah I was looking pictures of nature in a good manner. So here it is.
  22. Hey guys! when I was typing a long status, then tap enter. I actually realized I had several typos on it. So I get near the status update but there is only "delete" I said WHAT!!!!!. So I was really disappointing even if you wrote a very long status. So there should be an "edit" button to the status, a good way to fix typos. Please also apply to status comments
  23. Since my Rainbow Ops 2 was apparently quite popular and I really enjoyed making that, I thought, Ghosts, it is your turn! So here is the first version of Call of Duty: Ghosties! I say first version because I may do further edits to this, when the inspiration comes.
  24. Hey EveryPony, So im pretty techie and can create signatures and stuff but I cant find where to edit the signature within my account? Do I have to wait intill I posted so many posts??? Or how do I make my own signature in here? Thanks
  25. I had a day to spare this morning so I figured I'd draw Scootaloo (as you do). Drew Scootaloo, without much effort at all. The drawing turned out OK and I was bored so then I opened up Paint.NET. This is a product of what I've been working on today... It's not much and the lines are pretty awkward but I'm not great at using graphics softwares.