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Found 17 results

  1. Here I'm going to post a few works I've done. There's only one for now, but I'll keep on adding more once they're done. This is a drawing of Starlight glimmer.
  2. (Looked, didn't see a club for this) Welcome to The Rainbooms Fan Club, a place to celebrate joy and friendship through music! I'm surprised there isn't already a club for this, considering that out of every possible fan club that could exist for anything in the G4 universe, this one makes the most logical sense from a realistic perspective. I.e. The Rainbooms are an actual band, and bands are the exact kind of thing for which there are fan clubs irl. I love The Rainbooms. I think that some of the best songs in the entire G4 universe are those by The Rainbooms, and I think that that makes it especially cool and meaningful, since they're a real band that performs the songs (as opposed to spontaneous musicals where the characters wouldn't really know the words, and there wouldn't be any music in reality.) I just love watching them play. I love music, and I've always wished I could be a singer/musician in real life, but I haven't a musical cell in my body, and I can't sing to save my life. But I've always thought that being in a band with friends that you really love would be one of the most fulfilling pursuits in life. I love the actual Rainboom songs, but I often like to listen to other pieces and imagine that the Rainbooms are performing them. I dunno, maybe it sounds weird. I put on some of my favorite songs (ones that seem like something they could do with their instruments. So no brass and woodwind.) and then I just close my eyes, or look at pictures of The Rainbooms, and imagine the girls playing each part. Here's a couple of my favorite songs to do that with. Have a listen whilst looking at the pictures. Well, when I put on the song that I had in mind ( Stupid youtube. It totally woulda blown your freakin mind, too.) it just makes me feel.... y'know, this is gonna sound so silly, but it makes me feel, like, a soul-fulfilling joy... it's like... to paraphrase Autumn Blaze's speech: The way each note resonates, like it all just came alive the moment you heard it, and you realize that maybe the songs are listening to you, too, thinking the same thing, that we are a part of the Everything, that maybe there's just one thing, and we are all it. Not to mention that there are few things as sexy as a female electric guitarist!
  3. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? This EQG thing. ...what? Oh, no, not the actual franchise. No, I happen to be a big Equestria Girls fan. Didn't used to be, but now I love it. In fact, I denounced it pretty heavily in the beginning, so....I'm a big fat hypocrite, and I don't care. Twilight cracked horn and I don't care. I love Equestria Girls to pieces. So sue me. What grinds my gears is literally the abbreviation EQG. Why the "Q"? So, this is probably just an OCPD thing (which I have), but it seems to me that the abbreviation should be two letters. Two words, so two letters, right? Why does Q come along for the ride? I have always abbreviated it EG. Equestria. Girls. E. G. Makes sense to me. But it seems like the majority go with EQG. It bugs me. You don't abbreviate My Little Pony to MLIP, or MLPO, do you? You don't abbreviate Friendship is Magic to FRIM, do you? You don't abbreviate The Next Generation to TNEG, or Game of Thrones to GAOT. So what gives?! It's not just Equestria Girls, either. This tendency happens any time there is a Q. The letter Q just gets sucked into abbreviations. Why is Q so special? Who the hell does Q think it is?! Where does Q get off?! Well you know what I say? F*CK Q. That's what I say.
  4. So, I'm a little curious about this. First of all, like what FIM species become humans is rather curious. Cuz, like ponies become Humans, but sirens become humans too. yet Dragon's become Dogs? Granted, it fit Spike's roll better for him to become a dog vs a human (since it'd be a bit harder for him to be a sidekick but still.) But what about other creatures? Would any of them become humans or other animals? And if the Student 6 made an appearance in EG... would THEY be all humans? (even though Cynder's a dragon... but her ROLE would make her a human like her friends.)
  5. In this game, all songs are in list of "Endangered". The purpose of the game is to put one song from list "Endangered" to list "Saved". Last song witch stay in list "endangered" will be eliminated from the game. After that, all songs from "Saved" will be moved back to "Endangered", and over and over, until we get winner song. You can save only one song in day for one season/movie/etc... (saved list will be one for each season, movie etc..., later, all winner songs from this list will compete in this game, until we get ultimate best MLP song!) P.S I recommend you to copy-paste list from last post with list posted in this topic. But if you can't, because you are in phone or something, just post a comment with one song from Endangered list and I will make a update post. Title will be updated according to season/movie that is saved So, let's start with season one: Saved: Endangered: - Laughter Song - Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song - The Ticket Song - Hop Skip and Jump song - Evil Enchantress song -Winter Wrap Up -Cupcake Song -Art of the Dress -Hush Now Lullaby -Cutie Mark Crusaders Song -You Got to Share, You Got to Care -So Many Wonders -Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram -At the Gala -I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala -Pony Pokey Removed:
  6. Hi everypony! I've created this fan club for the appreciation of the Mane 8! Now that all of the girls have been made into EG form, I thought it only fitting to see what art and love there is out there for them! If you're confused, the mane 8 consist of our mane 6 girls, with the addition of Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer. Seeing as they both have pretty big roles in their respective shows, and have been in a cross over (Mirror Magic) I really love the idea of bringing them together! Don't you? Let's see the artwork and the love! (Image saved and shared from another fanclub) (Kudos to whomever's this is because I love it!)
  7. Hey guys this is my first chat *squee* I'm so excited! This is just a place to discuss Equestria Girls 5! It has been confirmed. Here's some conversation sparkers What do you think the title will be? Do you think the Dazzlings will come back? Do you think we will see human Sunset or Starlight Glimmer? What do you think the characters name's will be (apart from the main ones)? Do you think it will be musical, dancing, sports, or if you have another idea write it. Give me a plot line for EG 5 Make up a song for EG 5 Write some theories! Hope you guys enjoy my first discussion!
  8. It's incredibly late but, I noticed the lesson for the "Town of sameness" episode contradicts one of the lessons from the EG1. First, twilight questions why everyone is sorted into groups, and as we know, the movie had that "Cafeteria Song. Not too bad a song. But one of the lines was "To know I'm just like you and you're just like me" A good moral, except a season an episode airs which the whole point of is that we are all different and that's a good thing. And then in the NEXT movie,the dazzlings say "We don't have to be one in the same thing" And that is the moral of "The town of Sameness' Basically the movie suggests an opinion that is wrong Then that wrong opinion is right Then that right opinion in wrong again. This may seem like a stupid thread but.. Can someone just explain?
  9. (2 notes: 1 is that I searched but didn't know exactly how to word it so I don't know if this exists. 2 not sure if this belongs here or in the eg area considering it is discussing both) What would your reaction be if they started adding in Equestria Girls episodes as part of the main series? I would like it because I have become pretty intrigued about the going ons in Canterlot High.
  10. yep, awesome forum banner and it went along well with my background.
  11. I'm excited , are you ? , post down below your opinion now !!!
  12. I'mma shoot straight here--I never saw EG. I didn't like the idea of it. It didn't appeal to me. But I've seen the mirror scene from the first one, y'know, because I live and breathe. So, why wasn't Twilight naked on the other side? Why would the mirror spawn a cute little school girl outfit? Now, this isn't a sexual thing. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that, but for once, this actually isn't a sexual thing. She really should have been naked, and then walked around like it was nothing. I mean, think about it--why wouldn't she do that? She'd figure it out pretty quickly, though, and maybe some kindly person would help. But I know what you're thinking: there's no way they could actually do that. I mean, it's a kid's cartoon, after all! I will direct your attention to this: Checkmate.
  13. Like I said before: I don't want G4 to end. I rather have G4 to live forever as the current generation like The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park. I mean why not split G4 into different categories like G4.1 or G4.2 for example and use the same art style like they did it in the show and the Equestria Girls movies too. Plus I'm hoping they would announce the future of MLP:FiM...I'm hoping that they could announce a CMC spinoff series, BUT this could be awesome! If they do that, I might be a showrunner and end up working with Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen at DHX Media Vancouver, that would be 200% super cool. BUT the only way for Hasbro and DHX to create more G4 content is to expand its staff by forming a new studio focusing on more MLP G4/EG content. The new studio (a would-be joint venture between Hasbro and DHX Vancouver) would have Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles locations like Trey Parker and Matt Stone did with South Park. It would be SUPER cool if they hire JanAnimations...that would work REAL GOOD! The new studio would be called "My Little Studio" The point is: SunsetMaster really liked that idea on establishing a studio focusing on future G4 content. Come on Hasbro and DHX, do it!!! G4.0 = Main series and 2017 movie G4.1 = Equestria Girls series G4.2 = CMC spinoff series (MAYBE, shares no relation to the main show, with Season 5, the castle too and Button Mash!) G4.3 = Comic Book Series (from IDW Comics) G4.4 = Book Series by G.M Berrow
  14. Official Petition link and support here ||| ||| V ------------------------------------------ Hey guys I'm Jeramiah! I have Created a petition that (if enough people support it) will be given to Hasbro as a pull for how many people want a Television show of MLP: EG. I think this would be great and any supporters are greatly appriciated. But... why I am a fan of the show myself, I'm also a member of a couple large fan groups of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I had Recently asked them on their opinion of a Television series spun off of the movies "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" and "My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks" I have had very large amounts of positive feed back on the subject and I feel that this would be a very popular show amongst most the fans that I know. By supporting this petition you would be asking Hasbro to create this idea. My ideas that I would hope to bring to Hasbro would be a similar idea of the original series. Rather than having twilight be the main character it would be Sunset Shimmer. I feel it would be a great way to flesh out Sunset Shimmers concept and give good story to what is going on in the alternate universe that it takes place in. They would make friends, solve conflicts and maybe even have a minor amount of cross overs with the Friendship is Magic series. Still not sure? Here are some quick reasons! More Story and Character build Continuation of the Cliff Hanger from Rainbow Rocks Pleasing More Sides of the Fandom We All Need a Little Bit More Friendship So what do I mean? The show would focus on Sunset Shimmers problems with fitting in after the difficulties she caused. It would be also largely focused on how Equestrian magic effected the world (and possibly how it will) It could bring new story to- what happened to the Sirens after their defeat, Sunset Shimmers background and her influences that lead her to attacking Equestria High, and even explaining what the human twilight is doing about the appearance of the pony twilight. I would even love to see what the characters life is like outside of the high school in the similar, but so much different and modern world of Equestria. If you finished Rainbow Rocks, Good. If not I suggest you just skip this paragraph for it might spoil the show. If you were one of the people who waited tell the end of the first set of credits you would remember the scene of twilight investigating the happenings at EHS (Equestria High School) if you missed it then here you go- Well this could be a great influence on the story of the series. It could actually incorporate twilight as a character (mabey not the main character) This would even be a great started pilot for the episode! She could meet up with the others and learn about what has truly happened at EHS. This way we all can still have our Adorkable little friend! While some may be apposed to the idea, a very large portion of the fandom loved these movies, in fact I don't know a Brony or Pegi-sister, personally, who didn't. This could not only be a great money asset to Hasbro, with merchandise popularity etc. but this could also simply please most of the fandom. Doing this could attract the more "Barbie Orientated" fans (because the movies defiantly did) and fan base would increase drastically. My little cousin Kierstan had kind of watched the show but had never really gotten any of the merchandise, but as soon as Equestria Girls was announced she went and bought all of the barbies within a week. Thank You! I would like to real quick thank all of the supporters of this idea and also the whole fandom, whether apposed to the concept or not, because you guys are the ones who make this possible and you guys are the ones who helped My Little Pony get to the point its at. Bro-hoof it and stay cool -Jeramiah
  15. Go ahead pony peeps! Ask me anything, I will get back to you as soon as I can! *munches on taco* Don't be a stranger!
  16. techno915

    Derpy Mystery

    a few questions about Derpy being in the movie. if you do respond, please do so with the appropriate number so that it's not as confusing. 1. what is in the letter (in case you can't tell) that she is so happy about? 2. where is Doctor Whooves? i was kinda expecting to see him once i saw her. my hypotheses: 1. i say that it is either a coupon for a discount on muffins or it is a letter that a shy Doctor Whooves sent asking her to the Fall Formal 2. i guess maybe he was out of frame or sick or something. i don't like they "just forgot" him. as a Whoofian, i am saddened by this idea. (whoofian = brony + whovian. i made it. i think.) your thoughts on these?
  17. Concept originally made by Super Bash Bros SBB64 and Sky Chaser. I decided to join the bandwagon since I have nothing else to do. Ratings: Great, Good, Okay, Passable, Mediocre Season 1: Friendship is Magic, pt 1- Okay Friendship is Magic, pt 2- Okay The Ticket Master- Good Applebuck Season- Good Griffon The Brush Off- Great Boast Busters- Okay Dragonshy- Great Look Before You Sleep- Great Bridle Gossip- Good Swarm of The Century- Good Winter Wrap Up- Great Call of the Cutie- Okay Fall Weather Friends- Good Suited for Success- Great Feeling Pinkie Keen- Passable Sonic Rainboom- Great Stare Master- Good The Show Stoppers- Okay A Dog and Pony Show- Great Green Isn't Your Color- Okay Over a Barrel- Passable A Bird in the Hoof- Okay The Cutie Mark Chronicles- Good Owl's Well That Ends Well- Mediocre Party of One- Great The Best Night Ever- Good Overall- Good Recap: The introduction, while it felt rushed, was a fairly decent 2-parter pilot. This season has plenty of memorable moments and good songs. Still isn't holy grail the fandom praise it to be, though. Season 2: Return of Harmony, pt 1- Great Return of Harmony, pt 2- Great Lesson Zero- Passable Luna Eclipsed- Okay Sisterhooves Social- Great The Cutie Pox- Passable May the Best Pet Win!- Okay The Mysterious Mare Do Well- Mediocre Sweet and Elite- Great Secret of My Excess- Mediocre Hearth's Warming Eve- Great Family Appreciation Day- Great Baby Cakes- Good The Last Roundup- Okay The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- Good Read It and Weep- Good Hearts and Hooves Day- Passable A Friend in Deed- Meiocre Putting Your Hoof Down- Good It's About Time- Good Dragon Quest- Mediocre Hurricane Fluttershy- Okay Ponyville Confidential- Mediocre MMMystery on the Friendship Express- Okay A Canterlot Wedding, pt 1- Good A Canterlot Wedding, pt 2- Great Overall- Okay Recap: I wouldn't say that Season 2 was terrible, but I will say that it's, thus far, my least favorite season. It does has some good episodes, the songs were even better, and both the 2-parter premiere and 2-parter finale were awesome, but I'm just not a huge fan of Season 2. Season 3: The Crystal Empire, pt 1- Good The Crystal Empire, pt 2- Okay Too Many Pinkie Pies- Great One Bad Apple- Mediocre Magic Duel- Great Sleepless in Ponyville- Good Wonderbolt Academy- Great Apple Family Reunion- Okay Spike at Your Service- Mediocre Keep Calm and Flutter On- Okay Just for Sidekicks- Mediocre Games Ponies Play- Good Magical Mystery Cure- Good Overall- Good Recap: While Season 3 was short, but I've still found it enjoyable, nonetheless. It wasn't as terrible as people say it was, though I will admit that King Sombra was a disappointment and that there were a couple of episodes I didn't like. But overall, Season 3 is a fairly good season with as much memorable moments as it predecessors. Equestria Girls- Good Well, back to waiting for Season 4 premiere. But first: Still better than 98% of creepypastas.