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Found 5 results

  1. Fun speculation time! Back in the Season 4 opener, Zecora made a potion that required Alicorn Magic to make it work. That potion allowed Twilight to see past events first-hoof to help her understand why the Everfree was growing out of control. So, what would happen if Spike drank what was left of it? Would he be able to see how his egg ended up in Equestria? Who his biological parents were? It's not clear from the episode whether the potion only shows the past history of alicorns (since it seemed like it only focused on scenes involving the princesses) or for that matter whether only alicorns could use the potion. However, if the potion instead grants a vision to the user based on what they want (or need) to see, perhaps it would indeed work for Spike to finally answer that long-standing question as to why he was orphaned? FWIW, the only reason I'm thinking about this is from a dream I had this morning involving me watching the S9 premiere. As usual, my subconscious is more creative than my waking self:
  2. Say, we host a cooking contest, in which the Two Twilight Sparkles and Sunset Shimmer got invited to attend. Each contestant may cook any dish, but it has to involve at least something and eggs, eggplants, and bacon. Which of the three do you think will win this contest, and what kind of dish do you think she will create? And would you, or the other two, enjoy the winning dish? Thank you.
  3. Anyone Have a Account? i'd love to see your dragons. here are mine: <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> (dragons or eggs, all is welcome.) and i don't know if i am breaking the rules or not, but hey, i tried.
  4. With Origins only recently coming out with yet another easter egg song, I've been thinking about which ones I enjoyed the most. It doesn't matter if you don't like Call of Duty, the songs that were made for zombies are fantastic. I'm not even the biggest zombies fan myself. So I went on YouTube and listened to all of the easter egg songs that we've gotten over time. (A good place to find them is Kevin Sherwood's channel: It used to be hands down 'Beauty of Annihilation' from Der Reise, but right now I'm seriously leaning towards 'Abracadavre' from Ascension. Now I'm not saying that the one in Origins (Archangel) is sub-par... its actually brilliant. I just like some of the others more. Now, obviously, I'm posting this on the forums to hear YOUR opinion!
  5. The fourth installment in the Zelda franchise, Link's Awakening DX is actually the remake of the original Link's Awakening which was released for the original Gameboy. The DX version was released in 1998 for the Gameboy Color and was well-received by critics and gamers everywhere. It is actually the first game in the series released for a handheld console. With this in mind, let us start this epic review. Story: The game takes place on Koholint Island. While Link was out adventuring in the seas, a terrible storm rolled in and shipwrecked Link onto this island. He soon learns that the only way to return back to Hyrule is to collect the 8 Siren instruments which will awaken the mighty Wind Fish on the island. Once the Wind Fish awakens, he will be able to return back to his hometown. This is actually the first game in the series to take place somewhere other than Hyrule. Gameplay: Link's Awakening focuses on the same basic gameplay as previous games in the series, excluding The Adventure of Link. It is shown from a 3/4 top down perspective and focuses on strong RPG elements and storyline. Your main weapon is a sword and it is used all throughout the game to attack enemies. The game also includes various puzzles which can sometimes be a real challenge. These puzzles often involve other tools, weapons, and exploration. You'll need to use your head in order to get anywhere in this game. Link fighting "Master Stalfos", a mini-boss found in one of the game's dungeons. Good/Bad? - The game is certainly quite lengthy and provides many hours of challenging puzzles, fighting, and exploration. It is a great game in my opinion. Worth the Price? - The game isn't sold in stores anymore. You can however get it as a download on your 3DS for $6.99, which for me is a bargain. Final Score: It all comes down to the final score which is: 9.5. I hope you enjoyed this review of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX and check back for more reviews coming soon.